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  • Mike Lewis
    Mike Lewis3 timmar sedan

    Having fun in Destiny 2 at the moment, but it ain't cheap.

  • Alyx
    Alyx3 timmar sedan

    30fps pre renders are poo

  • Aadithya Jayan
    Aadithya Jayan3 timmar sedan

    Saints row 2 - Saints row 3

  • Faris Dizdarevic
    Faris Dizdarevic3 timmar sedan


  • Ramakant Banjare
    Ramakant Banjare3 timmar sedan

    She : Why do you play video games ? Everyone says its bad. Me : People are irrational baby ; )

  • Ádám Ladányi
    Ádám Ladányi3 timmar sedan

    "Could you not spend a day to design something cool?" The writer CLEARLY knows how game or software development works. I mean, you just press some keys and GTA happens, right?

  • dafullclip
    dafullclip3 timmar sedan

    Jae Min Bae whupped his ass anyway. Cool

    POWER,BG3 timmar sedan

    Lol I just buy it’s Already already lol

  • Kartikey Singh
    Kartikey Singh3 timmar sedan

    Where is Cyberbug 2077?

  • Da Potato king
    Da Potato king3 timmar sedan

    While I was trying to just start this video I got the same 2 ads that I couldn’t skip, couldn’t report it for being repetitive, over and over and over again it’s was so annoying

  • Puremindgames
    Puremindgames3 timmar sedan

    It's always nice to see cheaters getting what they deserve.

  • Alexander Neville
    Alexander Neville3 timmar sedan

    Square enix game?

  • thebigguy
    thebigguy3 timmar sedan

    I played 3 around the end but didn't finish, do you guys think I should start from the first game? Is it worth it? Or should I jump to the third right away and finish it this time?

  • Artemis152 OwO
    Artemis152 OwO3 timmar sedan

    Twitch should ban multiplayer cheaters

  • V7X Gaming
    V7X Gaming3 timmar sedan

    All I needed to see was that thumbnail, I don't want ANY GAME except FC6!!!

  • Harry
    Harry3 timmar sedan

    I'm sick of longer and empty world games, I have limited time to play. If it's a story driven game and it takes me more than 30 hours now, I probably won't finish it unless it's an amazing game. There's so many games that I want to play and I just can't. I love the 10-12 hour game as I can finish them rather than leaving them half done and for me.

  • Carlos Canales
    Carlos Canales3 timmar sedan

    Played the shit out of South Park on the 64. Also, I loved ‘Shadow Man’ that game had an awesome voodoo serial killer hunter protagonist and an excellent story it was just kinda hunkered down by clunky controls.

  • Jeffrey Flores
    Jeffrey Flores3 timmar sedan

    If I slogged through re6 for the platinum I will slog through re8 lol

  • Adam Yates
    Adam Yates3 timmar sedan

    Love the Espionage VR bootleg shirt

  • A K
    A K3 timmar sedan

    Y would anyone buy android based consoles... Goddamn that's what phones r for *facepalm*

  • luke rogers
    luke rogers3 timmar sedan

    The good thing about the final fantasy 11 boss is you can pause it... by not attacking since its a “take turns” game

  • GamberoFritto
    GamberoFritto3 timmar sedan

    I can't understand why having constant looting in the new assassin's creed games is bad ?

  • Alexander Neville
    Alexander Neville3 timmar sedan

    Regular crows don't drop meat but they will drop $

  • Katy morgan
    Katy morgan3 timmar sedan

    i wasnt going to buy this spending 60 dollars just with lighting and new skin but now i dont know , i spent 130 dollars years ago for everything and now spending another 60 dollars is leaving a bad taste but it does look good tho

  • Master Wu
    Master Wu3 timmar sedan

    5:35 well that was cool

  • Joseph Bradford
    Joseph Bradford3 timmar sedan

    Bennet Foddy. That's it.

  • JwayneAdams
    JwayneAdams3 timmar sedan

    Gta players who took advantage of a Glitch by the games own makings btw to be reset or banned, a cheat trainer ok i get it, but to ban people who play your game and to something in your gane to get extra money... Wtf

  • JoeDanRob
    JoeDanRob3 timmar sedan

    Oh its the cheaters that ruin GTA online? Not everyone having flying bikes that hunt you down every minute?

  • JamiePlays
    JamiePlays3 timmar sedan

    No ps1 games ran well

  • Mage
    Mage3 timmar sedan

    Micro transactions should be on the list soon.

  • The Lonely CMDR
    The Lonely CMDR3 timmar sedan

    Who the hell makes these thumbnails

  • steven thomas
    steven thomas3 timmar sedan

    runescape almost 6000 days lmao

  • BrotherGrimmy
    BrotherGrimmy3 timmar sedan

    How about that dude that hacked apex that is now facing probable time?

    ANTS INDIA3 timmar sedan

    About Age of Empires 4?

  • Matthew Husocki
    Matthew Husocki3 timmar sedan

    Falcon got maaaaaad on this one. I can't tell you how many times I've seen those mobile game ads on Gameranx videos.

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores3 timmar sedan

    Tell me why i always buy he game first, then watch these.. smh l

  • senseTUBE
    senseTUBE3 timmar sedan

    Breakwaters = conan meets populus ..

  • John Jeffrey Tambanillo
    John Jeffrey Tambanillo4 timmar sedan

    Are these allegations of cheating all on PC? No wonder...

  • CoolCrabs05
    CoolCrabs054 timmar sedan

    The gta one was a glitch with the casino not a cheat 😂

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan4 timmar sedan

    _“Redemption” just sounds so bliss to the ears, it goes to show change doesn't always have to be scary🤧._

  • First Last
    First Last4 timmar sedan

    anyone have the jae min bae link i wanna see that, it sounds so badass

  • Diecast World
    Diecast World4 timmar sedan

    8:36 the good cheater

  • Diecast World
    Diecast World4 timmar sedan

    EA deserves more cheating that's a fukin pay to win game it's just a business of EA not a game

  • Austin Olson
    Austin Olson4 timmar sedan

    Falcon needs an Oscar

  • jes wes
    jes wes4 timmar sedan

    Kenya bridge of spirits and Project athia????

  • irthiza
    irthiza4 timmar sedan

    When we had Agp

  • vhjkcghk
    vhjkcghk4 timmar sedan

    More like crisis mixed with just cause and Titanfall...just saying

  • Dothacker99
    Dothacker994 timmar sedan

    The Fall Guys hacker story is great but not too unique. I've seen plenty of games where folks notice a hacker and everybody stop at nothing to sabotage and eliminate them.

  • Swiftanium R
    Swiftanium R4 timmar sedan

    EA: HATES cheaters Also EA: being greedy.

  • ryan taylor
    ryan taylor4 timmar sedan

    spore promised a lot they didn't deliver on

  • River Lynch
    River Lynch4 timmar sedan

    I actually saw the Destiny cheater Semper cheating live lmao. Was mad funny. What a loser lol

  • senseTUBE
    senseTUBE4 timmar sedan

    i do have to ask this.. are you drunk?

  • TrundleTheGreat
    TrundleTheGreat4 timmar sedan

    This seems like that episode of IASIP "The Gang Recycles Their Trash". Pretty sure I've seen this on this youtube channel before.

  • Lion -O-Ryan
    Lion -O-Ryan4 timmar sedan

    Sonys getting too expensive, makes me wanna switch xbox even though i dislike xbox

  • Trey Randolph
    Trey Randolph4 timmar sedan

    number 1 actually alludes to quite a few things, and its true. you see most cheat makers and other hackers (that is to say those who do it for fun) are morally right in a sense, they dont want people using the software for bad reasons, and its awesome that they think this way. yeah there are bad cheat makers and bad hackers out there (like...hackers who steal data) but like, just be careful is all i can say.

  • M N
    M N4 timmar sedan

    I can't understand which one is the stupidest: who plays fallguys or cheats playing this crappy game

  • Duško's Reef
    Duško's Reef4 timmar sedan

    Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely the biggest disappointment on so many levels!

  • aptsahu2
    aptsahu24 timmar sedan

    Hey can someon tell me the song playing in background when falcon is talking about doom

  • Alen S
    Alen S4 timmar sedan

    The ghost in GTA 5 doesn't actually disappear when you go up to it, it spawns for a short time and I walked right up to and it disappeared a min or so after but when i set the time backwards it reappeared, creepy asf nonetheless

  • Danny Mether
    Danny Mether4 timmar sedan

    As a firm believer in the merit of Hardwire, my controllers don't even have batteries in them.

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan4 timmar sedan

    _I never played datas gone Cause i was recommended by friend to avoid in reference to there experience vs last of us for say it's incomparable storyline._ _I too enjoy open world rpg although there's tedious task i feel the orthodox-ish styled approach introduces more immersion, it feels like the player rather than the protagonist is living the story._ _Moral of the story never take biased game advise , oh and I'm plan on get both games, Last of us 2 & Days gone_

  • #DRW
    #DRW4 timmar sedan

    GTA is The answer to wear all the crowns

  • DePistolero
    DePistolero4 timmar sedan

    I just hope that every cheater ever, gets a random 100kg object fall from the sky on their head!!!

  • EstReaper
    EstReaper4 timmar sedan

    If you played ufc 2 ufc 3 and then 4 in a close time frame the mechanics are way different between games and the movement speed is alot better. Just miss the environmental moves like super man punches off the cage, etc

  • DiscussThings
    DiscussThings4 timmar sedan

    After all these years, one rule still applies: Once you go blue, nothing else will do.

  • 1un4cy
    1un4cy4 timmar sedan

    #1 the cuphead tutorial xD

  • Andrea Del Riva
    Andrea Del Riva4 timmar sedan

    Bring Back ME3 Multiplayer please! Damn!

  • Ameer Hany
    Ameer Hany4 timmar sedan

    Mom: if you don't study you will end up being a garbage man Me:

  • OnlyOneTyping
    OnlyOneTyping4 timmar sedan

    This whole video is Just Whining and whinging.

  • daniel cunningham
    daniel cunningham4 timmar sedan

    Gotta be Wrex for me. I do miss my big krogan buddy

  • OneDarkWarlock69
    OneDarkWarlock694 timmar sedan

    I know I am late for the party, but WTF is Splatterhouse 2010?!

  • kyleplier
    kyleplier4 timmar sedan

    Here's the main problem with the concept of humiliation. One has to be able to feel humility in the first place. And the guy that was on the first part of the video clearly has no humility, conscience, nor honor.

  • Florider_HD
    Florider_HD4 timmar sedan

    whats with all the vampire stuff?

  • Moabdog00
    Moabdog004 timmar sedan

    Number 4 was clearly just Clara on his computer

  • Synical Reign
    Synical Reign4 timmar sedan

    In regards to people dying because they stayed up for 24+ hours. I've done it many times because of work, not sure if it's related to my chest pains or not but it's definately something I'd avoid.

  • Sony Only
    Sony Only4 timmar sedan

    Xbox one should be on this list

  • Moabdog00
    Moabdog004 timmar sedan

    All the cheater videos by script kid are hella satisfying against csgo cheaters.

  • velkoon
    velkoon4 timmar sedan

    0:45 how about don't blatantly glaze over the fact that they talked about spending all the owner's "gold coins (points)", i.e., the police spent the product of the owner's own money against their will? And ADVERTISED IT PUBLICLY, thinking it was FUNNY??? How tone-deaf, immune to the law, and narcissistic do you have to be... I hate cops so much.

  • Mikey McDowell
    Mikey McDowell4 timmar sedan

    I bought it a year ago and finally got around to playing it. I never beat FF7 as a kid because my copy came with a huge scratch in either the second or third disk and my parents didn’t want to buy another copy, but holy hell does this take me back to memories I forgot I had. The second Barret sings the old victory music out loud, I was all smiles. Great game.

  • Jimmy sale
    Jimmy sale4 timmar sedan

    days gone PC before you buy please