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  • Matt Blank
    Matt Blank17 timmar sedan

    At least it is on Game Pass. Probably won't play it much but I can try it for free!!

  • Rylecx 2.0
    Rylecx 2.017 timmar sedan

    A property based on story telling with no story... ok. A game with no story having no AI in 2021 with boring mechanics and a repetitive loop? Yeah this is already a lock for worst game of the year

  • SmartGoku
    SmartGoku17 timmar sedan

    but that driving episode is funny though. well at least to me.

  • PixelMC
    PixelMC17 timmar sedan

    another failed game

  • anthony lopez
    anthony lopez17 timmar sedan

    Damn I was hoping this was a revisit to the ps1/ps2 game

  • The Philosophy Club
    The Philosophy Club17 timmar sedan

    These games look trash

  • W.Jackson Birchfield
    W.Jackson Birchfield17 timmar sedan

    game definitely has some issues but i've been enjoying it, I haven't personally had any gripes with the combat but the AI is definitely janky at times especially if you play as the archer. My biggest complaint is latency when playing co-op.

  • TrillPaint
    TrillPaint17 timmar sedan

    Check out lets game it out on youtube. dude pushes the limits of every game he plays its hilarious

  • Tyrel McAllister
    Tyrel McAllister17 timmar sedan

    Wizards of the coast game with no playable Wizard. No thanks.

  • Gaz Gaz
    Gaz Gaz17 timmar sedan

    I usually buy a few single player games every year, but this year I haven't bought one except SaGa Frontier cause that game rox :) but this game shit and it is sad that developers of everyone releasing garbage.

  • Benozkleenex
    Benozkleenex17 timmar sedan

    I Canada it is also 39.99 so for us it is similar to the 29.99US price point or below.

  • Seagrams Fetzner
    Seagrams Fetzner17 timmar sedan

    They're not even trying anymore. Gamers are losing centipede.

  • Awkward Llama
    Awkward Llama17 timmar sedan

    Yikes, when a game based off a series of books has a “light” story

  • Cody Mcneill
    Cody Mcneill17 timmar sedan

    Bru did you do some finger painting with your face? -thumbnail

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 190017 timmar sedan

    I encountered the smoke monster and thought it was some new enemy type like the ninja assassins in just cause 2

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader17 timmar sedan

    It looks a lot like the new Assassins Creed games

  • Trap Chico
    Trap Chico17 timmar sedan

    You can enter over 150+ buildings with interior no loading

  • zam wild
    zam wild17 timmar sedan

    This looks like a mobile game.

  • M2O
    M2O17 timmar sedan

    So they chose to spend all their money on sponsoring big name streamers instead of making a good game, seems like a logical choice.

  • Dylan Courtade
    Dylan Courtade17 timmar sedan

    TY for saving me $40

  • Dwaine Lee
    Dwaine Lee17 timmar sedan

    Stun locked out of a heavy strike 1 frame before it lands by goblin farts, super annoying!

  • Oyacomova
    Oyacomova17 timmar sedan

    If my human warrior doesn’t have an option to have sex with the enemies or bosses, I’m not buying it.

  • Mason Rosenbaum
    Mason Rosenbaum17 timmar sedan

    Starfield aka the GPU Killer

  • Wade Epperson
    Wade Epperson17 timmar sedan

    The boom bow has been back numerous times though nerfed I believe

  • justin stewardson
    justin stewardson17 timmar sedan

    The most annoying people with mic’s are the ones that echo…

  • TheVaan
    TheVaan17 timmar sedan

    These have been a common trend in the gaming industry lately. I’m not even surprised nor do I expect anything good anymore

  • Gamer Guru
    Gamer Guru17 timmar sedan

    I legit wanted to love this game but it's absolutely mind numbing how clunky and dated the gameplay feels there's a good game lost in old formats

  • Luminarise
    Luminarise17 timmar sedan

    It is sad that this game is how it is. I been on the Legend of Drizzt saga and currently halfway into the whole legend.

  • Trey2Da
    Trey2Da17 timmar sedan

    Game Pass baby! Won't cost me anything additional to try it! And if it sucks??? It's as simple as uninstalling and moving on with my day!

  • didntwakeup
    didntwakeup17 timmar sedan

    i wish d & d games werent always a shit show it seems like every release is a disaster and the game is never good we'll see with this one idk.

  • bryce mantell
    bryce mantell17 timmar sedan

    Well if u have an Xbox its on the game pass

  • Wade Epperson
    Wade Epperson17 timmar sedan

    I haven't owned an Xbox since the 360 first came out but I found out these Xbox buttons accidentally bumping buttons setting down my pro controller. Started fiddling with it more some of the shortcuts are useful

  • Brian Perrine
    Brian Perrine17 timmar sedan

    Thank GOD it's on Game Pass!!! No money wasted here! 🤣 But I am still sad for it because I had hopes...

  • Predatorian 234
    Predatorian 23417 timmar sedan

    The Assassins Creed rock thing reminds me of Stephen King short story called N.

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P17 timmar sedan

    I really wanted to believe in this game but... Its boring, enemy's just stand their, and the movement is crap

  • The Butcher
    The Butcher17 timmar sedan

    It's kinda like Vermintide, only instead of being awesome, it's shit!

  • TheAlexZorba
    TheAlexZorba17 timmar sedan

    Game pass is a beautiful thing

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee17 timmar sedan

    Stop doing that IGN Greg voice

  • Nicholas Lopez
    Nicholas Lopez17 timmar sedan

    Playing AC: Valhalla on the Series S now and wow! You can tell the difference from the Xbox One X.

  • JetBlackStand
    JetBlackStand17 timmar sedan

    Ks is situational, like if the team mate that downed the enemy also got downed and you can see that downed enemy has self revive you actually had no choice to ks and make sure the team mate survived

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T17 timmar sedan

    Pissed we never got patriots… instead we got a first person counter strike moba labeled siege…

  • Donovan Harbuck
    Donovan Harbuck17 timmar sedan

    Am I crazy or does jakes voice sound a few pitches higher than normal?

  • warpig
    warpig17 timmar sedan

    What other beat em up do you recommend? Have you tried Prophets of Rage 4? I mean streets of rage 4

  • A Bell
    A Bell17 timmar sedan

    "Could use a little more time in the oven." This is the new standard thxs to mindless consumerism. Hurry up and pre-order for that exclusive digital junk... Why would a corporation fix their broken game when the vast majority of sales come from pre-orders and regardless of how many times gamers get burned, they'll pre-order the next half baked hype train.

  • James White
    James White17 timmar sedan

    What's a multiplayer? *Ultima 9 what's a paladin joke*

  • Lady Malora
    Lady Malora17 timmar sedan

    I'm in my mid 50s. I tried to bring my mother into my gaming world (I tried when PONG came out, I tried when the ATARI came out, I tried when PC gaming started...). She placed her hands over her ears, and ran from the room screaming "LALALALALA" (which always confused me, since she saw the value in playing board games, but never video games...). Some people just don't want to be a part of our gaming world... ;)

  • Matthew Stoddard
    Matthew Stoddard17 timmar sedan

    The gameplay looks so uninspired and boring, I'm not sure I'd spend $2 on this. Either they'll fix it or abandon it. I suspect the latter.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson17 timmar sedan

    "you kind of find yourself attacking and depleting their health bar" did someone tell him what a video game is?

  • Jaysin
    Jaysin17 timmar sedan

    It's on game pass. I am playing it on series x. I agree with you 100%. I would be pissed if I payed for this.

  • Tevya Smolka
    Tevya Smolka17 timmar sedan

    that's a shame because this game had potential but they botched it.

  • Ardessalore
    Ardessalore17 timmar sedan

    i got the combo achievements on the training dummies in the Cairn. I didn't know it would count towards progress!

  • SteddiFLo
    SteddiFLo17 timmar sedan

    Sound like that second option. These developers was focused on Microsoft bag got putting in gamepass instead of making sure it work like promise.

  • lurkerrekrul
    lurkerrekrul17 timmar sedan

    I didn't crash the entire system, but I've attempted to play Unreal II on two different systems and the things is just an endless crash-fest. It crashes at random during levels, it crashes when loading quicksaves, it crashes loading levels. Was this game playtested at all? It wasn't a game, but I had a demo of PowerDVD erase the contents of My Documents. Early on, before I knew better, I would let programs save in My Documents, mostly because they seemed to be obsessed with saving there and it was a pain in the ass to change the save directory every single time. Anyway, I installed a demo version of PowerDVD, didn't like it and uninstalled it. It asked if I wanted to keep the settings, I told it no and it erased everything in My Documents. Not sent it to the recycle bin, erased. At the time, I didn't have any software to recover deleted files, nor did I have a second drive to recover them to, even if I had such software. I tried it again just to confirm and it erased everything again. I sent an angry email to the makers of PowerDVD and of course they denied that THEIR program could have possibly caused this. I told them that I tried it a second time just to make sure and it was definitely PowerDVD. They remained unconvinced... Red Faction - When I ran this on my old system, it had the weirdest bug I've ever seen. After about a minute, the system would stop responding to the keyboard and the mouse buttons. I could still move the pointer or pan the view (in the game), but I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't even switch to the desktop or call up Task Manager. It was as if the keyboard was unplugged and the mouse button disconnected. I'd have to reboot at that point.

  • legozilla2797
    legozilla279717 timmar sedan

    1:30 "It's always time for battle--" *shows image of ork* Me: Nah ladz, iz always time for WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matteus Coste
    Matteus Coste17 timmar sedan

    Let's hope people actually watched this before they bought🙏🙏

  • Jason Bonilla
    Jason Bonilla17 timmar sedan

    I just the PS5 with the 3D Pulse headset. I really like it. Very good accessory.

  • Soul Hook
    Soul Hook17 timmar sedan

    Played it on release with friends and randoms. It's clunky af and the loot feels a little too random, but aside from that I've had a blast so far coming up with combos and timing with potions. The VA is great and the cinematics are nice enough for a rewatch. It really FEeEels like you are in a D&D campaign. But I highly recommend playing with friends or equally-minded people, because playing alone is SUPER boring. Also, the music volume is too loud for proper communication through voice chat, so it's either deafening music or forest of crickets.

  • Cannibal Gamer
    Cannibal Gamer17 timmar sedan

    Wish there was a wizard you can play as

  • Takeo S
    Takeo S17 timmar sedan

    Final Fantasy 7 Exclusivity deal is ending in December 10th. This is mentioned in the last Trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integration *Available on pS5 at least sic months earlier than any other format

  • AtakenSmith
    AtakenSmith17 timmar sedan

    Looks disappointing...

  • Jared Tolbert
    Jared Tolbert17 timmar sedan

    I'll just buy the remaster of dark alliance they just released.

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart17 timmar sedan

    It's on game pass if I recall

  • StillNot Ahippie
    StillNot Ahippie17 timmar sedan

    The gandhi thing is actually caused by the bit limit. Where the agression goes from zero to -1. Except bits dont have negative numbers so it changes to the highest one available

  • Todd The Futha Muckin Came Gat
    Todd The Futha Muckin Came Gat17 timmar sedan

    Kingdom Come Deliverance quick summary: Its a true Pen & Paper RPG in video game format. Yep..its truly an amazing game.

  • John Doe
    John Doe17 timmar sedan

    Its shit. Have the balls to say it's shit. None of this sweet summer child "Maybe one day the devs will pour more time and money into this halfbaked mess!". They won't, all corporations are the same. They want as much as they can with as little effort they put in. Don't give them your money on a maybe that will never come.

  • Mason Rosenbaum
    Mason Rosenbaum17 timmar sedan

    R6 extraction looks terrible quit lying as a day 1 siege player and a tom clancy fan since 2007 I can say he'd be rolling in his grave. It's a 60 dollar extraction event

  • SoulStayGray
    SoulStayGray17 timmar sedan

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined 😤

  • dumb ass
    dumb ass17 timmar sedan

    you could also get the double bladed saber on bogano in the abandoned workshop (I think) , if you get it from dathomir it'll show up as a part of cordova's saber. then if you get it from bogano, it shows up as magus's on the workbench

  • Xylex
    Xylex17 timmar sedan

    "Legend of a star" i fuckin hate collecting those 50 star bottle caps

  • Jay Corbett
    Jay Corbett17 timmar sedan

    2021 worst year in games

  • Reptilian Ash
    Reptilian Ash17 timmar sedan

    In my early GTAIV days I shot the wheel of the back tires on a car after popping them both and it sets them on fire and then I got a wanted for the shooting and jumped out as two cop cars were heading straight at me and it exploded in between them soooo cool

  • Joaquin Velasquez
    Joaquin Velasquez17 timmar sedan

    Saw a play through, sorry Jake. This game is bad.

  • Helicopter Rides For Communists
    Helicopter Rides For Communists17 timmar sedan

    Dont buy this trash ass game. Go play it on Game Pass or something for 15 minutes until you realize how shitty it is. Yet another half-assed, half-baked game release. They could have put it into early access and worked on it while taking in player feedback, or they could have delayed it. Instead they hyped the release with an awesome gameplay trailer with an awesome narrator then bent their knees, hunched over, and plopped out a big fat turd.

  • YagirlTee4
    YagirlTee417 timmar sedan

    Skate 3 is better. So..change my mind.

  • J Burdette
    J Burdette17 timmar sedan

    I played for about 10min and quit because of what Jake stated. Combat was terrible for me.

  • Dmitry Burz
    Dmitry Burz17 timmar sedan

    Developers have to return to the roots and make games when it's done, not when it's a deadline... Money ruined potential of the game... :( SAD! ;( Bg:DA on ps2 was OK... BG 2 on PC completed at least 6 times and will return to this game :) Waiting for BG 3 release, for real experience! Tnx for opinion! <3

  • Endslayer 513
    Endslayer 51317 timmar sedan

    “What is monster hunter” Idk the title kind of gives it away

  • Byron
    Byron18 timmar sedan

    So glad i waited. After biomutant, and outriders. Im real skeptical when it comes to looters anymore

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks18 timmar sedan

    Yeah, think I will stick to.Solasta 😉

  • Wade Epperson
    Wade Epperson18 timmar sedan

    Lmao I couldn't remember why 9 9 99 meant anything. That one Experia play phone was awesome as a phone and sometimes for gaming. If the sticks worked at all in more games it might of been fun.