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  • 109reaper
    109reaper23 timmar sedan

    Troll 2 is a masterpiece tho! they're eating her...and then they're going to eat me... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

  • Laurens Tichelaar
    Laurens Tichelaar23 timmar sedan

    Mafia: Def. Ed. >> Cyberpunk imo, very underrated game

  • Vishesh Saxena
    Vishesh Saxena23 timmar sedan

    Don't you think Alien isolation has one of the best AI system

  • BloodGanGHomie
    BloodGanGHomie23 timmar sedan

    That south park game was fire tho

  • BloodGanGHomie
    BloodGanGHomie23 timmar sedan

    That south park game came out befor gta3...

  • tristin hernandez
    tristin hernandezDag sedan

    All of the final fantasy games

  • Messirve DealWithIt
    Messirve DealWithItDag sedan

    imagine niko comes in GTA4 like some side character


    I wanted it but I couldn't justify paying 60 bucks so waited for a sail than I proceeded to miss the sale where it was only 20 bucks

  • ShintyShinto
    ShintyShintoDag sedan

    10 Highest points you can jump from in video games! #10: *The World Trade Center.*

  • Shootingblankzz
    ShootingblankzzDag sedan

    This is like the only zombie game i havent played, awesome that dowloading for free , ps plus ftw :D

  • Chandrika Amarakoon
    Chandrika AmarakoonDag sedan

    I really didn't know pd2 has a ending

  • Kartik Samadhiya
    Kartik SamadhiyaDag sedan

    Finally we are getting a new fable

  • Gummiphone Instagram
    Gummiphone InstagramDag sedan

    Wtf where is TheLastofUs2!?

  • Lloyd P Parvin
    Lloyd P ParvinDag sedan

    Nintendo got number 6 right

  • Atharva Bhalerao
    Atharva BhaleraoDag sedan

    What about Alien Isolation?

  • Haywood_Floyd
    Haywood_FloydDag sedan

    i love the fact that police chaes were so bad and devs disnt fix it that one dude made a tiny mod that fixes the entire deal even adding police chaes to the matter

  • Viper3220
    Viper3220Dag sedan

    Saints Row 4 was amazing. GTA meets crackdown and was a better crackdown game than crackdown 3

  • itsNes
    itsNesDag sedan

    In RDR2 animals get scared away, by the smell of Arthur. You can see where his smell goes by activating eagle eye. It depends on the wind direction.

  • Jordon Meadows
    Jordon MeadowsDag sedan

    I hear loot boxes and instantly cringe from memories of NFS Payback. At least they somewhat redeemed themselves with no loot boxes in NFS Heat though.

  • Jared Seagull
    Jared SeagullDag sedan

    I don’t need the creed I have the vr one

  • Diamond Kivi
    Diamond KiviDag sedan

    Why do people let their little kids play this game and then flip out?

  • Derdevil Dasq
    Derdevil DasqDag sedan

    Just like FGO, the Gacha system totally hate it and love it at the same time

  • Andrew Hornady
    Andrew HornadyDag sedan

    I sure loved playing Tayleon in shadow of war

  • tootallforyou112
    tootallforyou112Dag sedan

    Another rush job woooooooo

  • Mwika Kalima
    Mwika KalimaDag sedan

    I've never played Narc, but it kinda looks cool 😅 from the footage you've shown anyway😅

  • Daf
    DafDag sedan

    For anyone that likes using their special rounds skill, if you mod in a way that causes your magazine to be replenished, you can basically run that skill for the whole game. I run pyromances and my volcanic rounds never run out. Well, unless I forget to take my finger off the trigger before using my feed the flames to refill my magazine 🤣

  • Aqueelah Du Plessis
    Aqueelah Du PlessisDag sedan

    I hate it

  • Dovacraft
    DovacraftDag sedan

    you can also get the double bladed lightsaber on bogano. after getting the force push go down to the bottom where that bridge is and follow the path until you find a spiral path, go up half way to a door in in that room is a workbench where you can get it from.

  • Jay Racer
    Jay RacerDag sedan

    Is there an inventory weight limit?

  • Ishan Kumar
    Ishan KumarDag sedan

    Confused between this and days gone.Please tell which to buy.

    I AM KONGDag sedan

    There aren’t many zombie when you can play as the zombie. Anyways here are 10 zombie games where you can play as a zombie. Lol

  • HushGames
    HushGamesDag sedan

    my pc was scared just by listening to him say its EARTH! i had to pet it to calm down

  • Rowan Eagle
    Rowan EagleDag sedan


  • Pineapplepizza
    PineapplepizzaDag sedan

    The person who died after getting swatted deserved it. Simple instructions to follow and he can`t do it. If you hear police rushing into your house you better take off all your clothes and lie down with your hands spread out without moving a single inch until the police comes in and cuff you. You don`t argue with them. You don`t take out your pistol. You don`t resist.

  • Pritchard _00
    Pritchard _00Dag sedan

    The gameplay was better in rdr than in rdr2

  • david mullen
    david mullenDag sedan

    lol whats with that guy. throws table big smile on face. arrgh rage quit? dude. I could medal up in a rage quick match. I don't throw things around etc. but if you told me too haha. I would win that bitch

  • Rob Fuller
    Rob FullerDag sedan

    I'll still be waiting on a refund for that horrible of games The Order 1886....that should have been in the top 5

  • Wraith Yoshi DJ
    Wraith Yoshi DJDag sedan

    How do u not do ur research tho? 13 is from a comic book and looks exactly how the comic book looks so yeah

  • Caleb Mccor
    Caleb MccorDag sedan

    1. Helps with my depression and anxiety 2. Helps me think of new ways to improve 3.helps me think as playing a multiplayer game like fortnight when and what tarp or peace control or wher and when to rush as well as thinking out side of the box whether it's rotating to next curcle and so on In conclusion gaming helps with a lot could be tracking your enemy or knowing what your enemy is gonna do next by thinking ahead

  • Cheator Completor
    Cheator CompletorDag sedan

    We all know that "TBA 2021" means its coming in 2022

  • Just Frame Deep
    Just Frame DeepDag sedan

    You forgot to mention all fromsoftware games ?😐

  • Gokul Viswa
    Gokul ViswaDag sedan

    We will see gta 6 with ai 100x better than RDR 2, that's how rockstar works

  • Simon Udd
    Simon UddDag sedan

    I was wearing all black in Rdr 2 and had a big cowboy hat everyone in the camp mocked me for being a sheriff

  • doppelgengar94
    doppelgengar94Dag sedan

    damn gameranks late to the dark mode thing

    THEHELLHOUND456Dag sedan

    God that falcon shit is so cringey.

  • Alicia Shepard
    Alicia ShepardDag sedan

    Long live Steam <3


    I'm stuck on shadow of mordor because I'm bad and keep dying

  • JM HorrorGuy
    JM HorrorGuyDag sedan

    This is my favourite GTA game. I love his dark the story is.

  • X ZOVO
    X ZOVODag sedan

    I am currently playing shadow of mordor and damn the game is awesome. What a coincidence

  • daniel fady
    daniel fadyDag sedan

    is it me or is there no ps4

  • EasternBlack
    EasternBlackDag sedan

    The games that i am most excited is sons of the forest and black 4 blood

  • Sir Jecht
    Sir JechtDag sedan

    TLOU 2 should be on the list

  • Amit Sahgal_10_A
    Amit Sahgal_10_ADag sedan

    Game at 4:30?

  • Sir Jecht
    Sir JechtDag sedan

    MGSV is totally ahead of it's time,

  • Durka Durka
    Durka DurkaDag sedan

    What about last of us 2?

  • Nobody_Here
    Nobody_HereDag sedan

    Tail e on its Talion Tal e yon

  • Chudy Danny
    Chudy DannyDag sedan

    Nemesis system was one of the most awesome game mechanics in video game ever. Hope more games use the system

  • Drago7166
    Drago7166Dag sedan

    Think an honourable mention to the storm troopers in Fallen order on easy difficulty is needed for this. They can’t hit anything just like in the movies. lol

  • Kragma Joan
    Kragma JoanDag sedan

    When i type in new Games i dont expect to find a fucking video that shows games that will be available or pre release early access trash i expected games that are finished and playable coz you see when i type in new games i am searching for something to play not searching for something to fucking play 3 years later when its not a Pre pre pre alpha demo or coming next fucking year.....

  • Morgan Javonillo
    Morgan JavonilloDag sedan

    Three leaf clover (bank heist in gta 4) first time playing the game it took me forever to pass it

  • jasper nieuwland
    jasper nieuwlandDag sedan

    there is a knockoff game i acually liked and still quite like called crime city 3d.

  • Nobody
    NobodyDag sedan

    The Forest has lots of great AI touches. Enemies will bait you into ambushes, do retaliation attacks, seek revenge over fallen comrades, and attack your camp if they know you were poking around in their caves or camps. They patrol regular routes, hunt for you if you run after skirmishes, and will steal from your traps and food caches.

  • luedriver
    luedriverDag sedan

    backwards compatibility is a big deal, it's like selling a console for the entire history of games (in this case xbox) instead of limiting the library to the few games it would have after launch and waiting for any new games that you might be interested in

  • Kill Schwill
    Kill SchwillDag sedan

    Everyone now just tells me I look cold in RDR2. Wish they'd stop breaking the single player game with online updates.

  • Nickolas Kerria
    Nickolas KerriaDag sedan

    Returnal = Anthem + Subnautica

  • Tushar Chauhan
    Tushar ChauhanDag sedan

    Last of us 2 has the best AI in my opinion

  • GeeMan Gaming
    GeeMan GamingDag sedan

    Wow. NARC was a real ball of shit.

  • Sukla Dhar
    Sukla DharDag sedan

    Me with my intel hd : we can try that

  • Frostyyy
    FrostyyyDag sedan

    AI in Rdr2 find its own path .......... AI in cyberpunk is totally scripted to specific path🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kacper Korcyl
    Kacper KorcylDag sedan

    cs go

  • Driel Hijalga
    Driel HijalgaDag sedan

    as an old gamers (since 1995) the scariest game I couldn't finish till this day is: Fatal Frame 2 & Siren. i've played a lot of games (including horror) finished all of it; outlast, amnesia, alien isolation, all the R. evil games but something about those two games that really spook me. specially Fatal Frame. Its like playing the Grudge/the ring. so i'd say top 1 in this list is true

  • Andy Walford
    Andy WalfordDag sedan

    00:57-1:09 purely fake information.

  • Shovon Davis
    Shovon DavisDag sedan

    Remember when you didn't have to pay for anything but the game

  • GeeMan Gaming
    GeeMan GamingDag sedan

    I miss Falcon. This narrator tries too hard.

  • Dylan Hase
    Dylan HaseDag sedan

    Trash game with greedy add ons. Seriously 4 RIFLES!!! The previous games had almost every gun in the base game, that’s in DLC for this one. Scummy. Sniper elite is a great franchise that has become more and more greedy and with this, I’m fearful for just how greedy the next main entry will be.

  • bacon Turbo
    bacon TurboDag sedan

    havent watched the video yet but i swear to god i see cyberscam2077 mentioned i unsubscribe

  • PyroMancer2k
    PyroMancer2kDag sedan

    Unintelligent enemies in games are realistic. Just look at the SEblack videos of people doing stupid stuff.

  • Junior Linares
    Junior LinaresDag sedan

    The forest?

  • Sir Dankenshire
    Sir DankenshireDag sedan

    I think my favorite little feature in RDR2 is when you do a lethal shot on an NPC and how they'll get back up and start either shooting at you or trying to run away before eventually losing to much blood, falling over and bleeding out in front of you.

    ELYTZDag sedan

    Marketing strategies are predatory in gaming and trickery and misinformation is used to get kids to spend money that can’t be refunded thanks to terms of conditions and policy’s that no adult yet child would care to read or understand.