10 NEW Shooter Games of 2021 With Over The Top Action


We've been keeping our eye on these crazy action oriented first and third person shooter games releasing this year. What's on your personal list? Let us know!
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#10 Necromunda
Platform : Xbox One XSX|S PS4 PS5 PC
Release Date : June 1, 2021

#9 Exomecha
Platform : PC Xbox One XSX|S
Release Date : TBA 2021

#8 Deathloop
Platform : PC PS5
Release Date : May 21, 2021

#7 Aliens Fireteam
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release Date : Mid 2021

#6 Bright Memory INFINITE
Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One XSX|S
Release Date : TBA 2021

#5 Trepang2
Platform : PC
Release Date : TBA 2021

#4 Severed Steel
Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date : TBA 2021

#3 Second Extinction
Platform : PC Xbox One XSX|S
Release Date : Q2 2021

#2 Dying Light 2
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : 2021

#1 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
Platform : XSX|S PC
Release Date : TBA 2021


  • bcarp3
    bcarp316 timmar sedan

    Bright Memory, ah, the bulletstorm sequel I was looking for

  • Amish Pawar
    Amish Pawar17 timmar sedan

    playback speed 1.5x is just perfect 😅

  • KSR reviews
    KSR reviews18 timmar sedan

    necromunda is look like a bulletstrom damn...so excited

  • Korou Thwdm
    Korou Thwdm2 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds like Shroud

  • Rayan Chehab
    Rayan Chehab3 dagar sedan

    falcon is Californian 100% ... yeaaaa totallyyyyyyy

  • tigerclaw437
    tigerclaw4375 dagar sedan


  • Vodka Slam
    Vodka Slam7 dagar sedan

    Obviously he doesn't know about Outriders lmfao

  • Loso Banks
    Loso Banks10 dagar sedan

    733 name of game

  • KG3
    KG310 dagar sedan

    What's with the audio quality

  • TafTabTah
    TafTabTah11 dagar sedan

    How are you not gonna mention Shadow Warrior 3!?

  • LogicalSchizoid_INTP
    LogicalSchizoid_INTP12 dagar sedan

    So, 2021 is the year of futuristic scifi...oh jeezus...

  • J. 'Chilly' Dawson
    J. 'Chilly' Dawson12 dagar sedan

    *Loud Intro Sounds* me: *turns down volume* *quiet talking* me: seriously? good video, that one aspect aside. but when I started watching other videos, damn my ears

    VOID TOKER13 dagar sedan

    Worried about number 1, looks great but Verminitide is dog shit

  • Nicholas Kelting
    Nicholas Kelting13 dagar sedan

    Ight ima have to buy a ps5 now

  • xdToast
    xdToast13 dagar sedan

    Trepgang 2 is fun

  • Noah Howellstone
    Noah Howellstone13 dagar sedan

    Great voice no bs.

  • Jaiden Correya
    Jaiden Correya13 dagar sedan

    Number 9 looks like a unity rip

  • CMDRm
    CMDRm14 dagar sedan

    Alien and dark tide take my money

  • bioshock 69
    bioshock 6914 dagar sedan

    (Trepang 2) and (severed steel) are so far i like and would play providing there not full of bugs as hell and optimized well so far the demo of trepang 2 is badly buged out but fun to play

  • Clams
    Clams14 dagar sedan

    This guy: it’s like this other thing but completely different.

  • Clams
    Clams14 dagar sedan

    Every time I hear about a new Alien game and it isn’t an Alien Isolation sequel I die a little inside.

  • Owem Smith
    Owem Smith14 dagar sedan

    Number 9 how did you not give no reference to transformers thats what vibe I got

  • Dane Castro
    Dane Castro14 dagar sedan

    shit, shit, basic , shit, meh, what else is new.

  • Joshua Dahnke
    Joshua Dahnke15 dagar sedan

    Exo mechu Play station please

  • - 42 -
    - 42 -16 dagar sedan

    I'm I the only one noticing that Darktide takes place in TURDium?

  • treflippa2
    treflippa216 dagar sedan

    Will there be crossplay? lol

  • Μανόλης Θωμαδάκης
    Μανόλης Θωμαδάκης17 dagar sedan

    How does he see a resemblance between necromunda and Dishonored is over my mind

  • DYH
    DYH17 dagar sedan

    Vermintide sucked ass, I haven't played the others but why do people like warhammer games?

  • giorgi kakhniashvili
    giorgi kakhniashvili18 dagar sedan

    so,, cousin or offspring? theres a big difference

  • S.O.S. Exploration
    S.O.S. Exploration18 dagar sedan

    Love it how you call it a Gamm... That should be the new vocab meta. Thanks 4 the heads up...

  • Thomas V.
    Thomas V.18 dagar sedan

    Making videos for years yet you still can't properly manage your audiolevels. LOWER YOUR INTRO BEEP

  • OverSeer909
    OverSeer90918 dagar sedan

    I’ve been waiting for Dying Light 2 for like 3 years now. I’m pretty sure it was announced the same E3 that Anthem was which was almost 2 or 3 years ago. ☹️

  • Kyle Peacock
    Kyle Peacock18 dagar sedan

    Every game looks great I hope I don’t forget about them

  • Van Darkholme
    Van Darkholme19 dagar sedan

    Not like Chinese games are famous for quality (cough, tencent, cough), but bright memory is Chinese nontheless. Not all things Asian are Japanese… -_-

  • Tomek K
    Tomek K19 dagar sedan

    What about D.U.S.T a super realistic mechanism of fps created by one man.

  • FatherOfMartyr
    FatherOfMartyr19 dagar sedan

    thats not how a pistol works 6:42

  • JoelTRowe
    JoelTRowe19 dagar sedan

    Anyone else noticed Lady Justice? Metallica fans anyone?

  • Noah Humphrey
    Noah Humphrey19 dagar sedan

    Why didn’t they mention halo infinite tho😐

  • Ronny Harvey
    Ronny Harvey19 dagar sedan

    Fix Your Mic It sounds Terrible

  • Gulraiz Hayat
    Gulraiz Hayat19 dagar sedan

    Dying Light was a waste of an entry especially considering it's not even a shooter

    SYGYZY019 dagar sedan

    Exo mecha looks really cool actually, big transformers movies vibes

  • Ignatius E
    Ignatius E20 dagar sedan

    Exomecha looks pretty nuts and weird halo battlefield mix.

  • Ninjhetto NLK3
    Ninjhetto NLK320 dagar sedan

    #10 Warhammer A #01 Warhammer B

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst20 dagar sedan

    Nothing on Shadow warrior 3? come ONNNNNN!

  • the underground empire
    the underground empire20 dagar sedan

    Alot of xbox and pc exclusives this year. Xbox and pc is the future 🤷‍♂️

  • the underground empire
    the underground empire20 dagar sedan

    Please act like you enjoy your job..... At least for the fans😐

  • Evan Briestensky
    Evan Briestensky20 dagar sedan

    No ambient music?

  • Jeff Cade
    Jeff Cade21 dag sedan

    I will say that I will not be playing any of these because of the lack of single player modes. The “only child” syndrome is strong in me, I prefer to play alone. There needs to be more single player games for these new consoles and video cards. Didn’t Sony promise that before the PS5 launch?

  • Carlos Vasquez
    Carlos Vasquez21 dag sedan

    I hate how this £@&&¤+ talks

  • Nizzi Esquad
    Nizzi Esquad21 dag sedan

    Awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎 video 📷📷📷📷📸📸📸📸📸📸

  • Nizzi Esquad
    Nizzi Esquad21 dag sedan

    Awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • TheMetatron333
    TheMetatron33321 dag sedan

    Really how everything is paced, specifically.

  • Seppuku Serpent
    Seppuku Serpent21 dag sedan

    Hello does OUTRIDERS just not exist?

  • Zaubermaus
    Zaubermaus21 dag sedan

    what is up with the audio?

  • Royce Song
    Royce Song21 dag sedan

    All these co-op shooters coming out when we all know everyone is going to be playing Back 4 Blood when it comes out lol

  • Royce Song
    Royce Song21 dag sedan

    Wow looks like XBOX is capitalizing on FPS

  • bizzie captain
    bizzie captain21 dag sedan

    Alien's darktide dying light 2 maybe 2nd extinction the rest do not interest me

  • Stone Cold Steve Awesome
    Stone Cold Steve Awesome21 dag sedan

    I played an $8 version of Bright Memory like a week ago. It was short and wanted you to play through multiple play throughs to get the highest score you can. Is this game releasing another version or something?

  • Vinícius Santana
    Vinícius Santana21 dag sedan

    "i am there for that" -> "im here for it" but make it straight

  • VilkasPilkas
    VilkasPilkas21 dag sedan

    Im gonna download beta Trepang2 look pretty nice 🌹

  • Adrian XenoRay
    Adrian XenoRay21 dag sedan

    if i could get a gpu that isnt atleast double the msrp, i might play some of them :(

  • ZoMa
    ZoMa21 dag sedan

    Its weird to not hear any music

  • ikster19
    ikster1921 dag sedan

    Surprised oitriders is not on this

  • Pavlo Tverdokhlib
    Pavlo Tverdokhlib21 dag sedan

    "Hired Gun" is by the devs of "E.Y.E. : Divine Cybermancy", so "FPS with powers" is their go-to genre. Keeping an eye on that one, for sure.

  • Jonathan Blacker
    Jonathan Blacker21 dag sedan

    Dying Light is on my list, for sure. The rest, i don't know, let's see

  • VullieStire
    VullieStire21 dag sedan

    falcon voice sound differnt

  • Parsa Rezapour
    Parsa Rezapour21 dag sedan


  • Andrew
    Andrew21 dag sedan

    #10 looked like prodeus

  • Viorel Nicolae Strimturean
    Viorel Nicolae Strimturean21 dag sedan

    I want BULLETSTORM 2! 💪

  • Reality
    Reality21 dag sedan


  • Julzius
    Julzius21 dag sedan

    audio changes a lot might want to have a look at that

  • Tostonbred Tostonbred
    Tostonbred Tostonbred21 dag sedan

    The mec game looks like ark

  • Tostonbred Tostonbred

    Tostonbred Tostonbred

    21 dag sedan

    The mec

  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob21 dag sedan

    Did he really tell us to expect something in a cyberpunk game.

  • Satevo
    Satevo21 dag sedan

    Imagine if movies sold us 20 minutes at a time and then held locked in the theater until we paid for he next 20 minutes. We would burn the damn theaters down. If only we could do the same for video games.

  • Geoffreeballin
    Geoffreeballin22 dagar sedan

    Almost all of these look wicked

  • BlackSec_ Hakor
    BlackSec_ Hakor22 dagar sedan

    I don’t know man, exo mecha kind of looks like ark if the trailer for ark was made by Ubisoft.

  • A MMOD
    A MMOD22 dagar sedan


  • Vaisero
    Vaisero22 dagar sedan

    very nice list

  • Sajirou Plays
    Sajirou Plays22 dagar sedan

    I hate how alot of these games are like " you own a ps5? Well good luck playing our game that's not coming out for the Sony Machines because Microsoft paid us good money to hold out on you so you have to buy a xbox even though you don't want to." Look forward to the next Fallout and Elder Scrolls game to F us PS users over.

  • DeathsPit00
    DeathsPit0022 dagar sedan

    Darktide looks sick and I loved Ghostrunner, so I'm definitely interested in Severed Steel.

  • Adam Dominguez
    Adam Dominguez22 dagar sedan

    What’s the move, boys?

  • • Ace •
    • Ace •22 dagar sedan

    I broke my phone watching this video

  • wessam ehab
    wessam ehab22 dagar sedan

    so nothing new just more dishonered game

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics22 dagar sedan

    Have you not seen a master play Dishonored? There is no faster pace, people literally ride that game like a rollercoaster.

  • 8901Guy
    8901Guy22 dagar sedan

    Bright Memory is definitely Japanese Bulletstorm

  • ZX
    ZX22 dagar sedan

    I'm definitely looking forward to *EXOMECHA, Deathloop, Aliens: Fire Time, Second Extinction, and Dying Light 2.* 😎

  • Marcos Rodriguez
    Marcos Rodriguez22 dagar sedan

    A strategy Alien game would be cool I think... 🤔

  • Reptilian Ash
    Reptilian Ash22 dagar sedan

    What do I have to do to work for gameranx video games are my passion

  • bonk
    bonk22 dagar sedan

    I always wanted alien to be co op or multiplayer so I hope they don't mess up

  • Kevin Haynes
    Kevin Haynes22 dagar sedan

    I'm really late to the 40K world, and have only recently bought my first title, 'Space Marine', on Steam. Necromunda and Darktide will definitely be going on my wishlist...

  • LevelSmack.com
    LevelSmack.com22 dagar sedan

    No halo? Wtf

  • Arcanum
    Arcanum22 dagar sedan

    What's wrong with the mic?

  • AddolfHittler
    AddolfHittler22 dagar sedan

    Strong titles. Looks like my next Playstation might be a Xbox series X..

  • Sunshine Hades
    Sunshine Hades22 dagar sedan

    Man that first game looked a bit like titan fall when on foot. Super cool. And my attentive currency is not gonna be spent on a damn robodog.......i already had my heart broken over a virtual dog.....

  • Salami Slices
    Salami Slices22 dagar sedan

    I wonder what games will be like in 10 years

  • the underground empire

    the underground empire

    20 dagar sedan

    Tonnes of DLC, the tutorial is the game that you paid for but then the rest is just add ons. I reckon games are gonna get to the point that only wealthy people are gonna be able to keep up

  • Royal3ra Beats
    Royal3ra Beats22 dagar sedan

    This is going to be a good year

  • Neo Screamo
    Neo Screamo22 dagar sedan

    Another alien slasher... they did it again.. im getting flashbacks.

  • King George
    King George22 dagar sedan

    We're is halo

  • Legend Chad
    Legend Chad22 dagar sedan

    Detroit Become Human that takes place two years after this: .......................................................................

  • standing appa
    standing appa22 dagar sedan

    I wish trepang2 would come to consoles