10 Mysterious Gaming Theories That Almost Fooled Us


Many video games throughout the 80's, 90's and even 2000's had urban legends and myths attached to them. True or not, here are some of our favorite gaming urban legends.
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-Polybius: legendary arcade game that turned out to never have existed
ref: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polybius_(urban_legend)

-Michael Jackson Was involved with the Sonic 3 Soundtrack
ref: michael-jackson.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_3

-Pokemon: Mew under the truck

#7. -Tomb Raider - Nude code
ref: gaming-urban-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Nude_Raider

#6. -GTA: San Andreas - The Sasquatch
ref: gta-myths.fandom.com/wiki/Bigfoot_(GTA_San_Andreas)

#5. -Minecraft - Herobrine
-An early example of the 'creepypasta' internet phenomenon
ref: minecraft.gamepedia.com/Herobrine

#4. Cooking Mama blockchain
ref: www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/cooking-mama-cookstar-controversy-explained/
#3. FF7- reviving Aeris

#2.-Street fighter 2 - Secret Sheng Long boss fight
ref: streetfighter.fandom.com/wiki/Sheng_Long

#1.-The Madden Curse
ref: www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/is-the-madden-cover-curse-still-a-thing-a-look-back-at-20-years-of-nfl-stars-offers-a-verdict/


  • Dexter Blake
    Dexter Blake10 dagar sedan

    Ya'll remember Legend of Dragoon? The myth where you could revive Lavitz with his painting.

  • Techno Mage
    Techno Mage27 dagar sedan

    Oh sure, Michael Jackson was a gamer, yet he didn't realize until last minute that the sound quality of the then current 16 bit systems was lacking for his music...🤦‍♂️ Seems he was a "gamer" in the sense that he played at the arcades a few times.

  • Matt
    Matt29 dagar sedan

    The FF7 Aerith ghost is 100% real. It stands in the flower garden and then flickers away. Perhaps a projection from the lifestream, since the church had a strong connection to it.

  • Jason Hubbard
    Jason HubbardMånad sedan

    Some of these urban legends remind me of the QAnon crowd. Scary.

  • Shadows Inc.
    Shadows Inc.Månad sedan

    Another great one is Ermac from Moral Kombat. A myth that stemmed from an "error macro" code that people mistook for a hidden character, until the team ended up bringing the myth to life with a real character later on.

  • Raymond Stevens Jr
    Raymond Stevens JrMånad sedan

    The talking Tom app way back in elementary and middle school where everybody thought his eyes were cameras and thought it was all cover for a child trafficking ring. Yes that’s what we really thought...

  • Mike Mcmullen
    Mike McmullenMånad sedan

    Polybius sounds exactly like something the cia was doing at that time.

  • moth dude
    moth dudeMånad sedan

    Man there was a kid at my school saying mew was under the truck but wouldn't tell anyone how to get it so we had to give our gameboys to him overnight. To his credit, he did give it back and I did have a mew.. But that f*cker left me on an island with no Pokemon that knew fly or surf (or maybe I just didn't have the hm's) so I got to choose if I got to keep a mew or have a playable game. *shakes fists at the heavens*

  • Jason Greenlaw
    Jason GreenlawMånad sedan

    The closest you get to a nude Lara Croft is in one of the Tomb Raider games. I can't remember which one. You go through a training sequence in Lara's home and when you're swimming in the pool if you get out at a certain part of the pool she will say that she better get out of these wet clothes. It never shows anything though.

  • Bigshoots
    BigshootsMånad sedan

    @gameranx we went over the Madden curse in a stats class I took, and that prof explained it as 'well if you and your team made it onto the cover of a madden game it meant you had a really hot season which set the bar at a level that could not realistically be maintained for longer, essentially they peaked and had to come down one way or another' . Food for thought.

  • DraZ the WiZ
    DraZ the WiZMånad sedan

    Bro I knew about the cheat code when tomb raider 2 came out, and this legend got so much in my head that I remember to actually have used that code and seen Lara naked XD

  • DFX2KX


    Månad sedan

    the best part is that, for the second one, the cheat rumor itself was a plant by the devs. When you use it, she explodes.

  • Joshua Clossick
    Joshua ClossickMånad sedan

    The dark link rumor in zelda lol and the triforce rumor

  • R BAS3L
    R BAS3LMånad sedan

    I think it’s less of a Madden Curse, and more of a NFL curse. Everyone gets injured

  • P1N3apple
    P1N3appleMånad sedan

    I can't believe people really thought you could just input a code to see Lara Croft naked. I only got it to work after glitching thorough a wall in the monastery with the celestial staff (easier said than done).

  • DFX2KX


    Månad sedan

    people have decomplied the texture assets in these games and not found the required textures, to boot. And the few 'cheats' that existed via out-of-bounds go through a wall stuff are mostly texture-related glitches. You could do something similar to the character models in several old FF games (taking the form of having a white or gray solid color replace the body texture), always with horrible implications for your savegames in the process. it was NEVER worth it.

  • Frank Benham
    Frank BenhamMånad sedan

    Similar to the "nude Laura" from Tomb Raider, there were rumors of "Nudalities" (Nude-alities) in Mortal Kombat 3. Fly rumor on winged feet. I never could track down that friend of a friend that actually did it once. Plus it was super hard to do and he probably wouldn't be able to do it again.

  • Moon Wolf
    Moon WolfMånad sedan

    Herobrine myth made me not go into the cave for 2 years, Until I grow out of it

  • Arthur Helfstein Fragoso
    Arthur Helfstein FragosoMånad sedan

    There was a hidden pyramid in the horizon of the desert of Zelda Ocarina of Time, I remember spending time trying to get there.

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin TrusdellMånad sedan

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • 2k22
    2k22Månad sedan

    How about 89's Killswitch??? No one?

  • syi666
    syi666Månad sedan

    how many times are you going to make this video with the same stupid shit in it?

  • JaquanRusselTV
    JaquanRusselTV2 månader sedan

    the zelda ocarina of time unicorn fountain under the ice in zoras domain you could obtain the triforce was a good one lmao

  • 33Dannyb
    33Dannyb2 månader sedan

    MJ not officially having anything to do with the final music in Sonic 3 is BS. I’m 99% convinced it’s why Sonic 3 and Knuckles is never included in compilations and why it’s music is changed in the pc version. Sega fumbled that one as usual.

  • Jack Kenseng
    Jack Kenseng2 månader sedan

    5:32 Oh yes show me those *POLYGONS* baby!

  • Asyraf Rahim
    Asyraf Rahim2 månader sedan

    1:00 anyone know what game in the vid??

  • Moem x
    Moem x2 månader sedan

    Portal 2! Shell's story is an enigma..

  • nick black
    nick black2 månader sedan

    One I loved and when it turned out not to be true just made me sad, The Indoctrination Theory Mass effect 3 they were basically documentaries amazing videos like 6 hours in all the guy was I think clevernoobs Still an amazing watch there are probably uploads available :(

  • Jess Allen
    Jess Allen2 månader sedan

    How about military grade hardware in the PS2. I always enjoyed spreading that one. Lol

  • Lazy_ Deadtube420Gaming
    Lazy_ Deadtube420Gaming2 månader sedan

    I would spend hours looking for Bigfoot in San Andreas

  • Bailey Landis
    Bailey Landis2 månader sedan

    you actually could see Bigfoot in gta if you did the steps right

  • VilkasPilkas
    VilkasPilkas2 månader sedan

    I remember those days when my friends and classmates said it was true and so on, that Herobrine really is the other Myth from San Andreas, I told them it wasn’t true, but they didn’t listen to me stupidly.

  • J Woods
    J Woods2 månader sedan

    Please do another list 😁

  • Marquis
    Marquis2 månader sedan

    I swear I saw the big foot even before hearing about it being in San Andreas.

  • Marquis
    Marquis2 månader sedan

    00:37 - Please dont look up the Mandela-effect. Its the most stupid thing ever and who ever believes in it must be a true egocentric douche.

  • The Viking
    The Viking2 månader sedan

    Sonic the hedgehog game “sonic and knuckles” there was a rumor that you could not get flung up into the air ( when playing as sonic)

  • Veiotic
    Veiotic2 månader sedan

    I love the reference the pop fiction from game trailers. Used to love that show.

  • Ultradragon16


    2 månader sedan

    Wait what was the reference?

  • The Grey Parse
    The Grey Parse2 månader sedan

    Mew wasn't under the truck. It was on the Nugget Bridge north of Cerulean City.

  • NOAH C
    NOAH C2 månader sedan

    Lavender Town Syndrome and the lavender town tower creepypasta 👀

  • Ryan Gloria
    Ryan Gloria2 månader sedan

    Did you forgot 2005 Ray Lewis and the court case.

  • Roy Mustang
    Roy Mustang2 månader sedan

    Wasn't there a rumor that you could get Goku as a playable character in the original super smash Bros game?

  • Declan Harnish
    Declan Harnish2 månader sedan

    Oh shit I thought Herobrine was real

  • Bobby TwoKills
    Bobby TwoKills2 månader sedan

    See i feel like there was a nude lara cheat for TR3 and I uses it but she was nip-less. Am I in the matrix? Is my life a lie?

  • Process Unknown
    Process Unknown2 månader sedan

    Really nothin on mk?

  • Shawn Allen Jordan
    Shawn Allen Jordan2 månader sedan

    Outlast is scary

  • metallo16
    metallo162 månader sedan

    I remember when i was like 10. Everyone was talking about secrets in Mortal Kombat.. Like Sexuality..Finishing moves.. The mysteries in videogames back in the days! That was amazing!

  • Calcifur Gaming
    Calcifur Gaming2 månader sedan

    I believe polybius. Mk ultra was real

  • Esteban Labrador
    Esteban Labrador2 månader sedan

    Do 10 more! This is amazing.

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson2 månader sedan

    Do they study the Madden cover players and teams for accurate gameplay? I wonder if rivals studied THE GAME.

  • GoldenzFTW
    GoldenzFTW2 månader sedan

    Is it just me or did the title and thumbnail get changed?

  • Tamba Time
    Tamba Time2 månader sedan

    Dewante LMAO 😂

  • scott Joseph
    scott Joseph2 månader sedan


  • MindsTouchWorlds
    MindsTouchWorlds2 månader sedan

    I feel like the Madden curse is partly due to the pressure or expectations people have of you. Football is still a team sport, you can't really solo it like Basketball. The odds of your whole team letting you down is greater, or you just getting injured in general in that sport. Maybe? What do you guys think?

  • spesialek
    spesialek2 månader sedan

    The Mandela Effect is a myth. People remember seeing the funeral of Chris Hani (whose stature was arguably equal to that of Mandela in South Africa, although it would seem that he was not that well known abroad). It’s simply a case of mistaken identity, not a “fake memory”.

  • No !

    No !

    2 månader sedan


  • JustAPerson
    JustAPerson2 månader sedan

    Blowing into the cartridges back in the NES days lol

  • The IRS
    The IRS2 månader sedan

    Michael Jackson is my babymama

  • Northstar
    Northstar2 månader sedan

    so the madden one is just true?

  • Andrew Hoskins
    Andrew Hoskins2 månader sedan

    Polybius is 100% real. There are way too many isolated incidents mentioning the exact same scenario. It wasn't just one cabinet in Oregon; these popped up everywhere. It was part of MKULTRA. I wouldn't be surprised if the government did more experiments through video games since then, or even if it was still happening now. But there is literally nothing you can say to convince me Polybius isn't real. The more you research it, the more impossible it is to think it's a hoax. The other things in this video are accurate, from my knowledge. I just had to call out that one mistake you made. Mew being under the truck was a hoax, started on an internet forum. There was no nudity in Tomb Raider, as much as we all wanted it. The Big Foot thing in San Andreas was a mod/prank. Herobrine was a mod skin for Enderman, a creepypasta inspired by Ben Drowned. Reviving Aerith was a planned secret way to get her back into your party, but was canned. One of the devs shared it online, and then people mistranslated it as the secret option being kept in the game. The Madden one always seemed way too coincidental to me. I have no explanation. I don't know shit about Street Fighter, so I won't comment on that one. The mistranslation thing seems likely though, as that also happened with FF7, as I stated. Surprised you didn't mention Ben Drowned or Slenderman.

  • MajorMoron
    MajorMoron2 månader sedan

    Didnt the secret nude lara cheat code make her explode or sth?

  • A L
    A L2 månader sedan

    Resident Evil 2: Use knife only to unlock a secret character =_='.

  • Daveth
    Daveth2 månader sedan


  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith2 månader sedan

    Well, with the Madden curse, the majority of those teams/players actually did either have a bad year or got injured or otherwise.

  • Vicerex
    Vicerex2 månader sedan

    Going along with the Madden Curse, there's a NBA 2K curse. For about a decade now every cover athlete has been traded or signed to a different team than who they were playing for when they signed the cover deal. In fact 2 or 3 times it happened so suddenly after they got on the cover the 2K Devs had to scramble and change the picture of the cover last minute so the player wasn't wearing the wrong teams jersey.

  • Blue Room Slots
    Blue Room Slots2 månader sedan

    The wizard and warriors one looks like Fabio

  • Deiber Garcia
    Deiber Garcia2 månader sedan

    Being able to catch Deoxys in Pokémon ruby/sapphire/emerald

  • Sanghaboy
    Sanghaboy2 månader sedan

    I'm surprised Zelda: Ocarina of Time didn't make the list. I remember hearing rumors about being able to get the Triforce.

  • BeagleBear Gaming
    BeagleBear Gaming2 månader sedan

    Stop making maden to remove the curse

  • Kane Fredericks
    Kane Fredericks2 månader sedan

    You 100% could make Laura Croft naked, it looked terrible and I think you needed a cheat cartridge and not a cheat code, but it was definitely a real thing :/

  • Ants McDougall
    Ants McDougall2 månader sedan

    Holding down and b when catching a pokemon haha

  • weather_ fax3
    weather_ fax32 månader sedan

    Doeant it suck being in school and no one plays pokemon

  • TheGohanMk7
    TheGohanMk72 månader sedan

    Is it true that you can go back into midgard in the Original Final Fantasy 7? You just gotta dig up a key or something at the skull place. Can someone verify this for me?

  • naraicks
    naraicks2 månader sedan

    fun fact, the nude lara code that was going about when i heard about it, was actually the exploding lara code. bit of old school trolling.

  • naraicks


    2 månader sedan

    @Ultradragon16 im sure it was in tomb raider 2 youre right

  • Ultradragon16


    2 månader sedan

    Didn't they put it in a sequel after the code got popular to troll players for trying it

  • Bobby Norton
    Bobby Norton2 månader sedan

    that picture for 2000 madden is actually the PAL version and features Dorsey levens of the packers. the stateside version is a picture of John madden with a faint Barry sanders in the background

  • Captain Mohagen!
    Captain Mohagen!2 månader sedan

    And the chiefs list the super bowl! DUN DUN DUNNNN

  • Yasir Özer
    Yasir Özer2 månader sedan

    Maddie in the "Maddie will you marry me?" dumped the guy for his brother. Press F to pay respect is real this time

  • Centeolt
    Centeolt2 månader sedan

    There was a code in Tomb Raider 2 for naked Lara, but it was a troll that ended up just exploding her

  • Fugeki22
    Fugeki222 månader sedan

    Damn, I was expecting the "You can get Ashbringer through fishing..." or just the Ashbringer hunt to be in there somewhere!

  • Javi TWG
    Javi TWG2 månader sedan

    Not happy that ff7 was spoiled for me :/

  • custom specs
    custom specs2 månader sedan

    I never play mine craft just don’t play not a fan graphic like that.

  • Commanderxcole
    Commanderxcole2 månader sedan

    For the Madden Cleveland Browns cover...I mean it's the Browns. This was the first year they done well in over 20 years.

  • Facing Fear
    Facing Fear2 månader sedan

    what about the mario 64 never ending stairs n the "tricks" you could do, to get to the end of said stairs

  • Facing Fear
    Facing Fear2 månader sedan

    wait wtf ur telling me shazaam isnt real? I watched that so much growing up wtf are u talking about???? WHAT????

  • XiaoLong
    XiaoLong2 månader sedan

    11:00 When you mention Sheng Long I thought of shenron becasue Sheng in chinese means "GOD" Long means Dragon and Shenron chinese dub is pronounced Sheng Long

  • Demonata 35
    Demonata 352 månader sedan

    Rule 34 haha haven’t heard that in a while

  • Toure Evelyn
    Toure Evelyn2 månader sedan

    EA Sports it's in the Sacrifice 😂

  • Toure Evelyn
    Toure Evelyn2 månader sedan

    7:00 is that the original picture of all the Videogame Review Thumbnails?! 🤣

  • Toure Evelyn
    Toure Evelyn2 månader sedan

    That was the Child Trafficking Truck across the water in Pokémon dropping/picking up kids on the docks.

  • Lord Moldybutt
    Lord Moldybutt2 månader sedan

    I can always tell when you set up a comment in a way to get people to comment. Well done sir. You guys heve perfected the perfect video formula. To be fair i like falcon better.

  • Aiden Cadle
    Aiden Cadle2 månader sedan

    I clicked because of Aerith

  • Bottle 12
    Bottle 122 månader sedan

    should change the title to! 10 mysterious gaming theories that fooled Jake Baldino

  • Brohify
    Brohify2 månader sedan

    For some reason this is an ad

  • Nathan Holliday
    Nathan Holliday2 månader sedan

    The Madden curse is real! You just showed all the players affected by it.

  • ZeeNasty
    ZeeNasty2 månader sedan

    Marilyn Manson had his lower ribs removed so he could... wait, nevermind.

  • No !

    No !

    2 månader sedan

    @ZeeNasty You looked androgenous in your PFP. Just for the sake of curiosity.

  • Company of Despair

    Company of Despair

    2 månader sedan

    Hey... Just, uh. Leaving this comment so... Once someone responds, I will be notified. I also want to know why they asked. Or why they called you a 'chick'. I haven't heard anyone call anyone a chick in... Forever. Hail Sithis.

  • ZeeNasty


    2 månader sedan

    @No ! Yes? Why?

  • No !

    No !

    2 månader sedan

    Are you a chick?

  • Julien Daviau
    Julien Daviau2 månader sedan

    I don't know if it fits but the Indoctrination Theory from Mass Effect. Roughly, Shep is being indoctrinated by the end of Mass Effect 3 because he/she is often close to a Reaper. According to this, the only good ending is Destroy and the other two are just Shep getting played by the Reapers, doing what they wanted you to do. I don't think it' true, but a lot of people seems to think it is

  • E-101 Beta
    E-101 Beta2 månader sedan

    Source: Trust me bro.

  • mrnoeggsplease
    mrnoeggsplease2 månader sedan

    Sheng Long was the rumour that became true, with him being retconned into Akuma’s brother, Gouken

  • No !

    No !

    2 månader sedan


  • hollaxpino
    hollaxpino2 månader sedan

    The rumour for me was that you could use Lei’s gun in tekken 2

  • Ultradragon16


    2 månader sedan

    Flash forward to now where you can give characters a gun in customization and use them mid-fight

  • Dark Titan
    Dark Titan2 månader sedan

    Shen Long is a Japanese dragon (think dragonball) and Ryu's special move is also called the dragon punch

  • No !

    No !

    2 månader sedan

    Actually, Shenlong is reconned to being Akuma's brother, Gouken.

  • Monte
    Monte2 månader sedan

    FF7 spoiler wtf

  • No !

    No !

    2 månader sedan

    Not really a spoiler at this point.

  • Taylor Prentice
    Taylor Prentice2 månader sedan

    Ray Lewis couldn’t be stopped by the madden curse

  • Derrick O'Neal
    Derrick O'Neal2 månader sedan

    michael did indeed compose the music for sonic 3. he was taken off the credits because sony stepped in and said no money for you.

  • Ryan Boby
    Ryan Boby2 månader sedan

    The thumbnail was changed