10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of March 2021


March 2021 was no slouch in the video game news department - especially if we talk about the really crazy stuff. From cheating crime rings to video game preservation efforts, we have a lot to break down.
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#10 soranews24.com/2021/03/01/man-arrested-for-sending-37-death-threats-to-square-enix-because-he-couldnt-win-at-a-game/


  • Danny Playzz
    Danny Playzz2 timmar sedan

    If gameranx are saying they don't shout rude threats when raging is a lie... play fifa ultimate team that shit got me raging

  • Jonathan Jack Goodman
    Jonathan Jack Goodman15 timmar sedan

    When I was a teenager I really wanted to fistfight anyone involved with designing the final level of Radiata Stories. I hate that final maze so much I still wouldn't mind three rounds in a ring if offered. But to actually threaten the devs would be more than a little crazy. You gotta chill out that gamer rage dude.

  • Mernky 356
    Mernky 35615 timmar sedan

    That kid new exactly what he was doing 13 year olds are smart enough to know what they are doing

    ELYTZDag sedan

    Marketing strategies are predatory in gaming and trickery and misinformation is used to get kids to spend money that can’t be refunded thanks to terms of conditions and policy’s that no adult yet child would care to read or understand.

  • Ceil Yurie
    Ceil YurieDag sedan

    #4 is old news to literally every gamer. GPUs have been none existent for literally almost a year now, thansk to gpu mining and the pandemic

  • Jessi Valdes
    Jessi ValdesDag sedan

    76 million in cheats?? If it’s that much? Why tf was it so easy for them to find? 😂😂😂

  • Matthew Lopez
    Matthew LopezDag sedan

    Toast needs a billboard in gta

  • Tuvstarr
    TuvstarrDag sedan

    LOL at chinese du take it hard on cheaters, they do not give a damn shiet about gold farmers in wow or multiboxers that screw up gameplay in world of warcraft. so shut the hell up with them being hard on cheaters. I remember in old vanilla classic that is now retail it was reportable if you did play on more than one account per user. I do not know if that was true but many players did not dare to get a second account at all for a damn long time.

  • Seven Lexar
    Seven LexarDag sedan

    I may hate gta with a passion (and also just really dislike rockstar tbh) but I applaud them for not just incorporating that fix, but giving the dude money. Good form, Rockstar.

  • Bram Tom
    Bram TomDag sedan

    WHO GIVES THERE CREDITCARD TO A 13 year old.. you make the purchase with them :p and definitly dont give them the security code for the card loooll.. own fault tbh :p

  • Life in A Day
    Life in A Day2 dagar sedan


  • PurePhoenix
    PurePhoenix2 dagar sedan

    Tencent and the Chinese government only intervened because in multiplayer PC gaming like Warzone, 9 out of 10 cheaters were Chinese or Korean. They didn't make the arrest to stop cheaters, they did it "to save face". Chinese cheating has been a problem for decades. It just didn't become a meme before we had 150 player multi-region games.

  • StruggleWolf
    StruggleWolf2 dagar sedan

    Toast thank you man we needed that

  • Boss Fight Beater
    Boss Fight Beater2 dagar sedan

    *My guy is on like prestige 888 after that many days of grind!*

  • Micky T
    Micky T3 dagar sedan

    Well, if there's a drop on number of "hacks" going on in a the game after hearing this news, it explains alot.

  • loloelias reyes
    loloelias reyes3 dagar sedan

    me i just emulator and add cheat code for casual gaming easy dont worry

  • Benjamin Petersen
    Benjamin Petersen3 dagar sedan

    I know this is totally unrelated to the story. But I did not expect to see a picture of Den Nye Lillebæltsbro (The New Little Belt Bridge) in a Gameranx video 😂. At least I'm fairly certain that is the bridge at 9:39. Other than that great video as always Falcon 😀

  • Lahayed
    Lahayed4 dagar sedan

    If its true then I might just start playing gta again xd

  • joe Doe
    joe Doe4 dagar sedan

    I hope one day I can make one of these stories

  • Rayne Bloodshed
    Rayne Bloodshed4 dagar sedan

    That Fallout 4 settlement would definitely run at 10-20fps

  • GreenGiant
    GreenGiant4 dagar sedan

    11:03 use foot to kick ball so football.. how about american football or should i say handegg?

  • Yanniek Versteeg
    Yanniek Versteeg4 dagar sedan

    THANK YOU toast

  • BiGG X01
    BiGG X015 dagar sedan

    Cant fix stupid.

  • Odio
    Odio5 dagar sedan

    Not like predatory microtransactions? Quit supporting them with you money, or as Todd Howard said about porting Skyrim everywhere possible, we'll quit doing it, when people quit paying us. Also when it comes to intentionally making a video game grindy just so you spend more money you might want to stop and think about it: your paying money *not* to play the game. How about we cut out the middleman, and just not by your exploitative game in the first place?

  • Nick MaGrick
    Nick MaGrick5 dagar sedan

    I liked the comparison to how much your time is worth vs how much they give you in a game. They intentionally waste it to justify arbitrary prices on things they could give away for free with no extra cost to them.

  • Ahzek Ahriman
    Ahzek Ahriman5 dagar sedan

    Ths last one is pretty much the CCP in a nutshell though. Here's the thing: China steals so much technology from other countries (Japan's rail system, tech from the US and S. Korea) that it's just irony that they then go and police others for questionable, but perhaps not illegal, behaviour. Modifying an item and then reselling that mod can be classified as someone buying the mod and not the game itself (labor costs). Cheating sucks, but with newer AAA games being MTX riddled hell holes I can't really blame any working person to want to play ALL of their game and not just 2% of it. Since these cheaters were Chinese they were able to crack down on it, but make no mistake: China is NOT a force for good nor your friend.

  • Electircblu Knight
    Electircblu Knight5 dagar sedan

    I'm about to start writing cheats

  • trautsj
    trautsj5 dagar sedan

    I fundamentally disagree with basically everything Tencent and China do, but sending people to jail who cheat in games is something I can get behind lol

  • sasuke of the sharingan
    sasuke of the sharingan5 dagar sedan

    I was wondering how i was getting so lucky when loading gta. Explains alot :D

  • Ian Christopher
    Ian Christopher5 dagar sedan

    Wow, cheaters suck but uhhh cheating in a video game does not equate to jail time in my book.

  • moe
    moe5 dagar sedan

    Final Fantasy will never be the same. The game is a waste of time and a joke . Woe is the video game. I suggest you waste your money on a slot machine at least you got a chance to win you some of your money back. instead of FAKE ITEMS...

  • FallenShadowz YT
    FallenShadowz YT6 dagar sedan

    Wait till they realize you don’t get 1,500 coins per game it’s more like 500. Gotta love EA :)

  • Chris 112
    Chris 1126 dagar sedan

    Here's a juxtaposition for you: that dude's Fallout 4 settlement palace compared to his actual home. I'm sure it's striking.

  • grim old gamer
    grim old gamer6 dagar sedan

    The guy who did the fifa math was off.isn't it about 800 coins per match? 1,500 if you have a 10x game boost or something

    xKISS KISSx6 dagar sedan

    Lol, $1400 in 3 days, we got hit with almost $6000 in under an hour. No refund. Sony played me like yo-yo. My son will never be playing fortnite again.

  • Total_llorT
    Total_llorT6 dagar sedan

    That fallout 4 settlement kinda sucks for being made over the course of a year... Why is this news?

  • MI6
    MI66 dagar sedan

    Falcon spitting sick bars that I wasn't expecting

  • Mirage Uchiha
    Mirage Uchiha7 dagar sedan

    7:33 WandaVision, Wa-WandaVision! 🎶

  • sol666
    sol6667 dagar sedan

    That last one is very ironic. A government is so concerned that a major game publishing Corporation came crying to them about someone making money off their games through sales of services directly to gamers, yet the government couldn't care less about these game publishing corporations making money by swindling underage teens with imaginary points and in game item slot machines or loot boxes as they are called in games, and they put no limits to how much they can spend (literally not caring where these kids come up with the money whether from stealing parents credit card or carjacking). Literally treating children like adults when when they are making transactions for imaginary items with real money. So if civilians file legal legitimate complaints against game publishers for predatory practices against minors the government disregards it but when a major corporation makes the same claim against civilians, the government deploys the entire police force? Does that make sense?

  • Prestige Gamer
    Prestige Gamer7 dagar sedan

    I'm still shoked 😮 $40m ? !!!? I can't imagine it could pass $30k . Pikachu face :o

  • Micah Foley
    Micah Foley7 dagar sedan

    Rockstar games stuff aways seem sort of short of quality of life stuff. I'm not surprised they let a user fix a really obvious problem with one of their games and then paid him like a freaking intern. Seriously, how much would they pay an outside specialist to come in and fix a game like that? A hundred grand? More?

  • RexaKnight
    RexaKnight7 dagar sedan

    Really?? Cheats in a MOBILE game!! Thats just sad.... like honestly pitful, for one cheats in a mobile game. Its a mobile game theyre the shittier version of the console and pc version, no point in having cheats for them...

  • Nicholas Rey
    Nicholas Rey7 dagar sedan

    I came to the comments with the intent to roast. Instead I’ve decided to raise a toast... to falcon. Host with the Ok I can’t do this anymore.

  • FaZe PoZeR
    FaZe PoZeR7 dagar sedan

    12:50 That's 76 million dollars for the Chinese government. I'm not surprised at all

  • aussie ty
    aussie ty8 dagar sedan

    76 million.... I think people need to take a few losses instead of spending that much money lol

  • Moem x
    Moem x8 dagar sedan

    Can you do a video on weird and totally whacked achievements?

  • A-10 Warthog
    A-10 Warthog8 dagar sedan

    Lmao when he was talking about ten cent i a get a PUBG mobile notification

  • CJ Slammer
    CJ Slammer8 dagar sedan

    Imagine if that first dood played dark souls

  • jonathan richard
    jonathan richard8 dagar sedan

    I miss the gamesharks looool

  • I'm A Pioneer
    I'm A Pioneer8 dagar sedan

    Surprised you guys didn't mention InfernoPlus making "Halo but its Dark Souls"

  • Demogorgon47
    Demogorgon478 dagar sedan

    Wow. Just another reason why people despise China. Even their anti-cheat operations are totalitarian!

  • Demogorgon47
    Demogorgon478 dagar sedan

    Thank you toast! The teeth pulling of a load screen was one of the main reasons I stopped playing GTA:Online! That and the freakin' flying motorbikes -_-

  • Brozilla
    Brozilla8 dagar sedan

    To this day the Ultimate Team Crowd will be a mystery to me, out of all the modes, why that. Why that, when you could be using the actual players in matches. Or even going back to when said players didnt cost cash. The ol games are still fun. Or even more why not find ways to cheat that engine.

  • Brozilla
    Brozilla8 dagar sedan

    Hmmmm. Man I really dont like the trendy multiplayer stuff. I avoid it like the Plague. Thats my opinion, I want games for enjoyment not to be tryharding, thats what grinding is for.

  • that1guy
    that1guy8 dagar sedan


  • IcyLucario
    IcyLucario9 dagar sedan

    The ironic thing is that Tencent out of all companies helped doing something good.

  • Fiddleronthecube
    Fiddleronthecube9 dagar sedan

    I'm chiming in: the 13 year old thought that he could lie about not knowing about the charges so she would pay for them. Guess again, brat! Consider that he asked his grandmother. His parents most likely told him to stuff it.

  • MonsTer KiLL 07
    MonsTer KiLL 079 dagar sedan

    tencent caugth the sellers of cheats because they want that money for them!

  • kyle rockwell
    kyle rockwell9 dagar sedan

    kid was 13 he knew

  • sorryiblewyourmind1
    sorryiblewyourmind19 dagar sedan

    I see a lot of people criticising the kid who racked up $1400 on his Grandma's card. Maybe we should be judging the scum sucking companies that are preying on vulnerable people, rather than, y'know, a literal child.

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x9 dagar sedan

    now that a lot of money .. all from cheating in a digital game.

  • Ratus
    Ratus9 dagar sedan

    I disagree with you one one thing. That statement about how the BOY would be happy for microtransaction content that cost $1400. No he also lost because he is not getting a Christmas present from grandma. The only winner is the scummy companies who still don't put limits to how much people can spend on microtransactions.

  • Caê Almeida
    Caê Almeida9 dagar sedan

    Good content man

  • Deon Kleinhans
    Deon Kleinhans9 dagar sedan

    Took me too long to search for a comment about the FIFA dream team, that's a real problem. We need to talk more about this.

  • MyNameIsGhost
    MyNameIsGhost9 dagar sedan

    I LOVE HOW DRAMATIC Falcon is at 7:48

  • Dat LoveStank
    Dat LoveStank9 dagar sedan

    #1 i wondered why my butt quit bleeding when i played call of duty tks tncent n China where do i sign up to help blu-ball mod service providers?

  • Mike Zglinski
    Mike Zglinski9 dagar sedan

    I yelled at my friend that I would eat his fucking limbs.

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump9 dagar sedan

    That fallout 4 settlement builder is nothing special, the only thing that makes it weird is the fact that he took a year to do so; I got better looking settlements (yes, multiple) than that, i did NOT use any mods so everything i needed to build was done without any "unlimited resource" mods or stuff like that and it took a couple of months. Honestly gameranx guys if you're interested at all, hit me up and i'll set up a stream (or just make a video) on my other youtube account

  • Evil Monkey66666
    Evil Monkey666669 dagar sedan


  • Yukim Nomoto
    Yukim Nomoto10 dagar sedan

    People watch live TV in their cars in Japan Falcon what would you say to that

  • Josh Spontak
    Josh Spontak10 dagar sedan

    How much time did that first guy do

  • Johnny Silverhand
    Johnny Silverhand10 dagar sedan

    That satanic number was no mistake since EA is EVIL.

  • Stoner Guy
    Stoner Guy10 dagar sedan

    Ting* Ting* Ting* (clinking on glass) A toast to Toastcx! You just saved nearly every gamer in the world some time! 10k seems like a lot at first, then you remember it's Rockstar and you think that Toast deserves a bit more. But after a bit of consideration, I sincerely hope Rockstar offers him/her a job. Getting a job at Rockstar could potentially be a dream job for someone who took the personal time to figure out a loading optimization. Their aren't many people out their that talented enough to ever figure that out. So again, A Toast to Toast!

  • Jermaine Eghan
    Jermaine Eghan10 dagar sedan

    Soon as I hear Falcon's voice I just throw a like on it after I listen, I'm glad I did.

  • Delfo Casaroto Neto
    Delfo Casaroto Neto10 dagar sedan

    Nazare's meme hahaha

  • Hairy Sparrow
    Hairy Sparrow10 dagar sedan

    Ok, let's all step back and take a breather for a moment, and admit that the only reason Tencent and the CCP busted those cheaters was that they weren't getting a cut of the profits.

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade10 dagar sedan

    That kid was probably playing Fifa...

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J10 dagar sedan

    $5/hr is better than Rockstar. If you do a gameplay-time-to-just-buying-in-game-currency conversion for GTA Online, you're pulling down less than $4/hr if you're VERY GOOD AT THE GAME AND ROLL WITH A CREW. If you're going solo, and thus can't consistently win crew missions, your earnings plummet.

  • dolebiscuit
    dolebiscuit10 dagar sedan

    FIFA whales are insane. I've seen a guy spend over $2400 on a FIFA game. It's nuts. It's a soccer game, no less. It's virtual people kicking a virtual ball into a virtual net. Like damn man, you could have bought SO many games with that $2400. And I get that people like what they like, but I just don't see the return on investment there.

  • Sam Turner
    Sam Turner10 dagar sedan

    The microtransactions cost too much. They need to tone it TF down. WAY down. Like for example, Marvel Strike Force for the mobile. The game is a bare bones little turn based strategy game. With n64 / playstation era level of graphics that look pretty sharp on a tiny screen But they sell characters for 24.99 (that's 10x more than MOBA games for PC that have an way higher production costs) for a low rank version and 48.99 for a higher rank version. They sell packs of low rank teams for like 80 pounds. They have crystals (aka purple shit, every mobile has a doodad currency like this) that you can buy for real money starting at 99. The prices ramp up all the way to over a hundred pound and there is NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY PURCHASES YOU CAN MAKE!! The purple shit cost of things in game increases by double every 3-4 times you buy something, which means you end up having to spend likely TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS to unlock everything. In a game with mechanics and graphics akin to games on the fucking n64. The practice of microtransactions needs to be looked at thoroughly! And with more restrictions in place!

  • yousof karimi
    yousof karimi11 dagar sedan

    9:04 Good ole tech?

  • Nile Dæmons
    Nile Dæmons11 dagar sedan

    How are sports games still a thing?

  • Jethro Mazhande [L4CE]
    Jethro Mazhande [L4CE]11 dagar sedan

    Damn Falcon got bars

  • SirB3ast
    SirB3ast11 dagar sedan

    Criminal Cheating Empire, holy fuk LOL

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar11 dagar sedan

    I am pretty satisfied from number 1. Because I was a huge fan of Overwatch until it became frustrating for me that now you can't really distinguish between cheaters and ones who are really good in game (smurfs). And it's sad to see that no matter how much you report about these cheaters. What the most "Blizzard" will do is just ban them for some time and then they are back to their stuff again which is ....... more cheating. That made me quit the game totally.

  • AriettaTheWild17
    AriettaTheWild1711 dagar sedan

    In Stardew Valley you can turn your kids into doves without even having to get divorced nor get the approval of your spouse.

  • JOhn doe
    JOhn doe11 dagar sedan

    The modern lycra spatially include because tractor astonishingly fence down a light activity. sore, pink organ

  • FraZz J
    FraZz J11 dagar sedan

    Parents who give kids credit cards got some dumb kids....

  • Dave Carsley
    Dave Carsley11 dagar sedan

    Man, people like the guys running that cheating operation are unforgivably stupid! If you're going to do something like that, once you've made about $10M and you still have your freedom... IT'S. TIME. TO. QUIT! They probably could have folded up shop and walked into the sunset with $10M each and gotten away with it. But no, they decided to make a cheat bot that maxed out their stupid stat, and now they're in jail and have $0.

  • jackson baker
    jackson baker11 dagar sedan

    Toast IDK if you are going to read this but thank you for fixing that load time.

  • Fortunato Samuel
    Fortunato Samuel11 dagar sedan

    The simple act of landing a child your credit card is just stupid😂😂 parents nowadays ask for it, like is just common sense, the same way you don't land a stranger your credit card you don't do it with childrens, cuz they don't know the value of money, why people keep making that mistake is beyond me

  • Redhead TaTToo
    Redhead TaTToo11 dagar sedan

    China arresting people for cheating in video games, don't you mean make them disappear forever

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod11 dagar sedan

    Minimum wage should be $0.00 I should be able to work for whatever price I want. Companies can go out of business for not paying enough.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price11 dagar sedan

    Adults that give kids credit cards get what I call “financial natural selection”

  • FredRated1967
    FredRated196711 dagar sedan

    If I were that kid's grandma, I'd be selling every electronic device he owns to recoup that $1400. In addition to that little shit to doing a ton of chores.

  • ryanakahuss
    ryanakahuss11 dagar sedan

    Its ironic that Tencent will probably come out of this looking like "the goods guys", when in reality, they're just pissed they arent getting a cut from the cheat devs, lmao

  • MeNaMeLogAn.
    MeNaMeLogAn.11 dagar sedan

    I'm just thinking about how funny it'd be to witness someone getting arrested for cheating in video games.

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez11 dagar sedan

    "in a post that was not design to boast. Toast" my boi falcon out here spitting fire bars 🔥

  • Shingeon Ranger
    Shingeon Ranger11 dagar sedan

    In the future, you'll be playing video games to eradicate all the bacterias, cancer, and diseases that are harming your body...

  • HEXAGON Gaming
    HEXAGON Gaming11 dagar sedan

    The math for FIFA was done by EA years ago