8 MISTAKES You Shouldn't Make While Gaming


Here are some common mistakes you can make while gaming. In our opinion, avoid these things if you want to truly enjoy video games as a hobby.
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  • Piyush Bhamre
    Piyush BhamreDag sedan

    Why ur in garbage box

  • youssef kassabi 2017
    youssef kassabi 2017Dag sedan

    gameranx do you have discord ?

  • J.D
    J.DDag sedan

    So don’t take the game too seriously but don’t goof around in it either. Ok gotchu

  • ScientistCat
    ScientistCatDag sedan

    To the last one: I tried giving the controller to my dad once, he just stood there smirking weirdly. I haven't seen any kind of interest in games from anyone else in my close family. Well, there was one of his colleagues, whose son introduced me to GTA Vice City (I forgot which console, probably PS2 or Xbox). But we haven't talked in years now, and I'm not sure how he's even doing cause I suck at keeping in touch.

  • DaggerOne Mike
    DaggerOne Mike2 dagar sedan

    #4 GG EZ

  • GKCJ45
    GKCJ453 dagar sedan

    Sitting at peace while cut scenes

  • Xikto
    Xikto3 dagar sedan

    I have never ran out of charge on my controller, because i have never used a wireless controller :]

  • White Heart Aspie
    White Heart Aspie4 dagar sedan

    My personal tip: Stock up on healing item in case of boss fights.

  • Jaafar AG
    Jaafar AG4 dagar sedan

    3:12 glad to see thronebreaker made it here. This masterpiece.

  • CSGhost 13
    CSGhost 135 dagar sedan

    9:44 Me whos only contact with my friends is gaming

  • Aric Struthers
    Aric Struthers6 dagar sedan

    most of these are "noo muh feelings" level stuff. I didn't really like this video compared to the others, just my $0.02.

  • longwert
    longwert6 dagar sedan


  • Ioganstone
    Ioganstone6 dagar sedan

    With point no.1 STOP ATTACKING ME

  • Blaze Infernus
    Blaze Infernus7 dagar sedan

    Regarding save files and turning off the system, this was the worst with Skyrim on PS3. It had that massive broken bug related to the size of a save file that made it unplayable, because the save file would get corrupted. And usually it would be corrupted because the game slowed down so much it locked up your PS3, leaving you with no choice but hard reset it, corrupting things even more. It was infuriating.

  • Gray And Grey
    Gray And Grey8 dagar sedan

    Here's my two cents: 1. You _will_ burn out. Hardcore or casual: When that happens, put the controller down and do something else; take a break for a few days. You might even experience a boost on your skills. 2. Videogames aren't everything: There are other things that you can try alongside games, like art, exercise, literature, etc. Don't let your gaming (or anything else for that matter) monopolize your time. Hanging out with friends is another, like the video said. On that matter, games are that -- games; there are other things more important than gaming, also mentioned in the video. 3. Learn to be a graceful winner: You are good and you know it, and the players you defeated know it (begrudgingly or not), but that doesn't mean you have to brag or insult those you beat. That is just gonna get you booted from a lobby or everyone else to gang up on you. And on that note... 4. Learn to lose with dignity: Oh yeah, we're in it to win it. But sometimes we just... don't. It happens -- no shame in it; hell sometimes it can be fun to lose to someone more skilled than you in a game. But then insulting your opponent, making excuses, and being a sore loser, just makes you look worse; and you gain nothing from it.

  • Cipher Gaming South Africa
    Cipher Gaming South Africa8 dagar sedan

    was this supposed to be an video or an gif? ease up on the pics and memes

  • Apeshiit_1
    Apeshiit_19 dagar sedan

    My game crashed while saving and i lost 500 hours of no man sky progress. Havent played since

  • Kristopher Kartchner
    Kristopher Kartchner9 dagar sedan

    I just game with my family!

  • Alex Giannopoulos
    Alex Giannopoulos9 dagar sedan

    Adding work colleagues to your gaming platforms * shakes head *

  • Vedant Chavan
    Vedant Chavan10 dagar sedan

    Giving in to Preorders

  • V1RTUS-_-
    V1RTUS-_-10 dagar sedan

    Letting your non gamer friend play your game Ive had my skyrim profile reset twice because of this

  • smoked buns
    smoked buns11 dagar sedan

    Yo. Thanks for the tips.

  • Foobin Lera
    Foobin Lera11 dagar sedan

    My controller died while I was clutching in apex. I know this second to last rule all too well

  • PSOCrocker
    PSOCrocker11 dagar sedan

    Don't buy a $300-800 videocard for the price of a new car! msrp or gtfo ... dirty scalpers!

  • Mistral
    Mistral11 dagar sedan

    Huh sometimes they kick you out of their circles because not being "pro player" , you got no right to give them advice. dum dum dum every player in the community (even proS )agree with me on the question. so much maturity

  • Jason Beard
    Jason Beard12 dagar sedan

    I do buy cosmetics that I actually like and use in a few games, but I vehemently draw the line at loot-boxes. There's absolutely no excuse for them in any way/shape/form whatsoever. Just don't buy stuff for the hell of it, kids.

  • jeff jefferson
    jeff jefferson13 dagar sedan

    p2p gaems are sht

  • Jason Greenlaw
    Jason Greenlaw13 dagar sedan

    This is why I keep a 6' cord on my TV stand ready to plug in at a moment's notice when I'm settling down for a long session of gaming on my PS4.😁👍I can plug in my controller as soon as I can when the power gets low. 🎮⚠️🔋🔌

  • Caner Bayar
    Caner Bayar13 dagar sedan

    Yes game waits u forever but time is limited

  • Upamanyu Roy A4
    Upamanyu Roy A413 dagar sedan

    *BONUS:* Enjoy gaming, but not too much that you get disowned by your parents. . Btw this is by far the healthiest and most wholesome video on this channel. Great work people 👍

  • Kyle Boshoff
    Kyle Boshoff13 dagar sedan

    Number 6 I have loadshedding no siblings

  • seth telles
    seth telles14 dagar sedan

    I totally bought the sailor outfit for BFV. I'm sorry. :(

  • seth telles

    seth telles

    14 dagar sedan


  • MR.C&A Video911Game
    MR.C&A Video911Game14 dagar sedan

    :D :)

  • Itx MH
    Itx MH14 dagar sedan

    I have never made a single micro transaction

  • Melissa Posada
    Melissa Posada14 dagar sedan

    Taking your KD too seriously in an online shooter takes away from the fun. I enjoy those matches most when I don't pay attention to the scoreboard and I even perform better a lot of the time when I check it after the match.

  • Daniel Dean
    Daniel Dean14 dagar sedan

    Worst commentator ever

  • Phlosen
    Phlosen14 dagar sedan

    No reason to personally attack me like that :)

  • ホニャスチャンネルHonyasu's Channel
    ホニャスチャンネルHonyasu's Channel15 dagar sedan

    6:42 are you gliching? I can't see anything on screen

  • killamike312
    killamike31215 dagar sedan

    People leaving after going down in zombies. Especially when they are host. They ruin the game for everyone

  • Magic Fire
    Magic Fire15 dagar sedan

    Why would I ever give less of my attention to my precious playstation for those other people who live in my house

  • Haute Vitesse Gaming
    Haute Vitesse Gaming15 dagar sedan

    Being toxic and jumping elsewhere from you have been pin-pointed. Apex players who do so, you play awful, suck AF and are jerks.

  • Παναγιώτης Γραμμένος
    Παναγιώτης Γραμμένος15 dagar sedan

    Wow. That didn't have to be a 10 min video for sure...

  • Kurniawan Adhi
    Kurniawan Adhi15 dagar sedan

    Gameranx: dont get hook on microtransaction EA : Dude STFU

  • Kurniawan Adhi
    Kurniawan Adhi15 dagar sedan

    "Its just a game" -Ninja

  • Ki4nik
    Ki4nik15 dagar sedan

    If u rage... leave that poor controller or keyboard alone... smack your desk or something...

  • Bob Ather
    Bob Ather15 dagar sedan

    5 Dose not aplenty to DOOM player

  • Logan Walker
    Logan Walker15 dagar sedan

    that last piece of advice though..... hmmm i aint got friends so i dont care bout that and my family already hates me so i cant lose out on that

  • therealrobC General of the 501st
    therealrobC General of the 501st15 dagar sedan

    Thing we think you shouldn't do while trying to have fun in video games

  • NitroChris11
    NitroChris1115 dagar sedan

    Ok dont troll but. Knifing in gun game is fun. Toxic? Yea. Fun you bet

  • Peter Mobius
    Peter Mobius15 dagar sedan

    Great video and advice. thanks for opening up like that. #1 for the win!!!

  • Liam Sullivan
    Liam Sullivan15 dagar sedan

    FIFA is one of the most annoying games I've played. It's definitely scripted and you can literally be 5 nill up and end up losing 6-5 because the game gives advantages to players who struggle. I definitely won't be buying Fifa 22.

  • Skip2TheEnd
    Skip2TheEnd16 dagar sedan

    “The numbers don’t lie” Was I the only person disappointed their was no photo of Scott Steiner on the video at that part?

  • Eyleen K.
    Eyleen K.16 dagar sedan

    Mistake nr 9: misgendering - thinking everybody is a 'he' like in this video

  • Brinkamania
    Brinkamania16 dagar sedan

    If you drink while gaming use some kind of covered container. Don't shot gun a beer while gaming You don't want to ruin your key board.

  • Game Erica
    Game Erica16 dagar sedan

    Uhhh,,, number 7 is a bit funny to me because when I used to play Overwatch I bought lootboxes every event. I probably spent over 200€ on lootboxes but once I stopped buying them, I've definitely saved a LOT of money

  • Clementine Schälchen
    Clementine Schälchen16 dagar sedan

    So I gotta be expected to stay in a game and be 1 to 100 deal with shit talkers and deal with my mental health issues already daily yeah ok that’s selfish to care for my own body and health yeah alright thanks for that info I should make a 5 year old make me insane and have a breakdown when I don’t choose to be happy but the little bastard will be happy the next game and forget about the last game alright that sounds selfish.

  • Snap
    Snap16 dagar sedan

    This is kinda clickbait vid since there isnt not even one single thing here thats really something thats a mistake and people are not aware of it. Terrible vid dude, thumbs down.

  • Salad Ass
    Salad Ass16 dagar sedan

    This isn’t an accurate list. It should just be titled things that Jake doesn’t like.

  • ItsJustMe
    ItsJustMe16 dagar sedan

    lol Making games is my job, and you STILL shouldn't play your own games while working. Just watch this stuff on youtube while working. That is fine.

  • General Hawkins
    General Hawkins16 dagar sedan

    I brought my girlfriend and my ex for a couch coop This goes two ways 😐

  • Knox Zedlav
    Knox Zedlav16 dagar sedan

    gameranx: dont get hooked on microtransaction me who cant even buy them: am i a joke to u?

  • John Carr
    John Carr16 dagar sedan

    Sorry man, number 3 is untrue. While I agree don't play on your work computer. It's one of the few ways for me to survive my work day some days. So I gotta disagree very strongly with that point.

  • FandolfsGaming
    FandolfsGaming16 dagar sedan

    I'm a game QA tester (in regards to #3) 😂😂😂

  • rapthor666
    rapthor66617 dagar sedan

    0. :Don't get mad at those screaming French or Brazilian kids, rip their throats out ... eh... put em on mute

  • Pavan Maddala
    Pavan Maddala17 dagar sedan

    Wholesome content! 😁

  • coltor smith
    coltor smith17 dagar sedan

    I feel like buying mtg booster boxes is a microtransaction lol

  • FlameVille B.I.C
    FlameVille B.I.C17 dagar sedan

    Do not get HOOKED ON MICROTRANSACTIONS. Pls you casuals!!! Stop buying the microtransactions. (Not talking about cosmetics and stuff) Companies are getting crazy with their loot boxes and seeing how far they can take monetization for a game that's already been paid for

  • Officer Tom
    Officer Tom17 dagar sedan

    It happened to me a few times that my Nintendo 3DS ran out of battery power while playing and I couldn't insert the recharge cable in time. Normally the little lamp on the 3DS shines blue but when the battery power gets low the lamp shines red, and when it starts blinking it means the system will shut off in a few minutes. It also happened on my Nintendo Switch a few times that it ran out of battery power but to my relief the game saved at the point the system shut off and I was able to resume my game normally.

  • Officer Tom
    Officer Tom17 dagar sedan

    I would never turn off my game while saving. I didn't know this was actually an issue.

  • Papa Grounds
    Papa Grounds17 dagar sedan

    #1 In RL when in comp doubles and the other one rage leaves the match in 0-1 and there's still 4 min on the clock 😡

  • HCUhardcoreUnited
    HCUhardcoreUnited17 dagar sedan

    I play a lot of For Honor and don't tea bag or respond to tea baging as it only validates their salt. I felt that. " We're getting a little older here at Gameranx" 9. Asking a friend relentlessly to play a game when you've on more than one occasion have made Crystal clear you aren't interested in that game.

  • Georg F
    Georg F17 dagar sedan

    Oh yeah I love the dying XBox controller with AC Odyssey on PC. The game goes to slideshow mode and repeats the last known input until you replace the batteries. The game can not even be controlled or paused with the keyboard during that ... trip.

  • Jason Reitz
    Jason Reitz17 dagar sedan

    I used to play a fuck ton of dying light. When I got the game, my Ps4 at the time had a hard drive corruption, causing it to shut off at a moments notice. I would just be like "ok" and turn it back on. But every so often, it would shut off in the middle of an auto save. I tried to back up my saves but it was literally impossible for that game. I now have a working Ps4 Slim, and it works wonders in not turning off while I'm saving.

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi17 dagar sedan

    7:44 ahahaha ooooooh thats akward wholly shit

  • Kurayama King
    Kurayama King17 dagar sedan

    >me playing league at work..

  • Yuneko
    Yuneko17 dagar sedan

    These thumbnails are amazing

  • Moem x
    Moem x17 dagar sedan

    Don't get hung up on achievements! Don't read the achievements BEFORE you play the game. I stupidly enough do this occasionally and can't enjoy the game at all, and overthink anything that could possibly give me an achievement. Just press that button a feeew times too many..

  • Jason Valentine
    Jason Valentine17 dagar sedan

    Why yall calling me out with ABC and souls in one point i feel attacked XD (joking) though seriously yeah great advice for not dieing in a boss fight or loosing momentum

  • Tanuj Dhillon
    Tanuj Dhillon17 dagar sedan

    I also created 3 saves for ac Valhalla and then power gone my xbox one just gone off on the last boss battle but I saved myself

  • Michael Davie
    Michael Davie17 dagar sedan

    The last entry is surprisingly relevant to me as recently I decided to take my Switch when visiting family, with the thought maybe my nephew would like to play some Mario kart. Not only did he love playing, but my sister and even my mum ended up playing for hours. Sure, they sucked but it brought us all together and we even reminisced about the N64 Mario kart days. As the member of my family who was always moaned at for spending my adult life still playing video games, it was nice to have some time to bond through them. I should note though, I didn't hold back and won every race I played. It was a nice time but it's still Mario kart damnit!

  • GozzerP
    GozzerP17 dagar sedan

    i corrupted my base block in minecraft like that and it erased weeks of building and i had no backups. I was so close to crying and not played it since

  • sekade
    sekade17 dagar sedan

    i failed grade 9 twice because i was home schooled and just played games all day

  • Shyam Sundar M._シャームスンダル_
    Shyam Sundar M._シャームスンダル_18 dagar sedan

    'If you have people in your life...' 😂

  • Lecode
    Lecode18 dagar sedan

    Nothing but love to the whole team and wtf does falcon the hero look like ; I m sorry I love his voice but I ain’t never seen him 🤔🤔😂😂

  • mason hitt
    mason hitt18 dagar sedan


  • Jesse Hill
    Jesse Hill18 dagar sedan

    My best friend and I hang out over Xbox because we are 160 miles away so I game and spend time at the same time

  • Jesse Hill
    Jesse Hill18 dagar sedan

    Where can I find an AA meeting for gamers with loot box type of addictions, like honestly I started to tell myself buy the $100 bundle at a time because I plan to spend more later buying like I really shouldn’t be spending that much in micro transactions

  • TheAlpha
    TheAlpha18 dagar sedan

    I play games after just logging in to work(work from home btw) till afternoon and concentrate on work from then on.

  • Yesterday Tomorrow
    Yesterday Tomorrow18 dagar sedan

    Number 8 makes me sad because I don't have anyone in my life to spend time with, and when I used to try to share video game experiences with someone I always got ignored :(

  • chef_boi_rz024
    chef_boi_rz02418 dagar sedan

    Insert me who has out over 4k into apex legends.

  • Bill McKinley
    Bill McKinley18 dagar sedan

    My controller died so many times during boss fights and I cant help it but laugh

  • AtomicDudMan
    AtomicDudMan18 dagar sedan

    I am hooked on Sims 4 micro transactions 🥲

  • Token 91
    Token 9118 dagar sedan

    Quitting when the Wraith main doesn't get Wraith.

  • danilo krstic
    danilo krstic18 dagar sedan

    10:18 what's the name of this game

  • Ace Apari
    Ace Apari18 dagar sedan

    Teen years: ps2 died while playing CVX. Save corrupted in the mem card, but other saves were safe. Saving or deleting the corrupted file became unavailable. Formatting was required, but never had tried

  • the killer sandvich
    the killer sandvich18 dagar sedan

    trolling is okay cheaters should be hung from a tree though

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    Raven Playz - Tutorials, Gameplays and more!18 dagar sedan

    Other people: That is the best thumbnail from Gameranx. Me: Is that a Roblox character but with a realistic face?

  • Raven Playz - Tutorials, Gameplays and more!
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    0:16 Expectations. 0:17 Reality. Haircuts.

  • NeonCyberSamurai
    NeonCyberSamurai18 dagar sedan

    that poke pun had me like "lol"

  • Andy Mo
    Andy Mo18 dagar sedan

    Thanks for #1, learn it's more relevant as one gets older. Remind one find a balance in life.