10 GENIUS Shortcuts In Video Games You TOTALLY Missed


Some games have amazing tricks that allow you to skip ahead in crazy ways. Here are our favorite examples.
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  • Jordan
    Jordan8 timmar sedan

    Puts mirrors edge in thumbnail, doesn't even include any mirrors edge footage.

  • UsielX
    UsielX2 dagar sedan

    where is the big blue shortcut in f zero!!

  • Zodiac Beatz
    Zodiac Beatz2 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Falcon in almost every video: SOMETIMES

  • DarkGames
    DarkGames2 dagar sedan

    Literally every campaign in l4d2 has a shortcut at some point or another

  • Majik Messiah
    Majik Messiah2 dagar sedan

    I found the short cut in Mario Cart when I was a kid

  • EnjoyYourTime ItDoesntLastForever
    EnjoyYourTime ItDoesntLastForever4 dagar sedan

    8:55 why the hell did u just say “gliiiiTcHeS” like that

  • Nick MaGrick
    Nick MaGrick5 dagar sedan

    the final boss of FF10 wasn't meant to be hard, it was symbolic of something. The fight before it was supposed to be hard, or the secret bosses. The true end boss serves a different purpose. They also made it so another boss in the game could basically only be defeated this way. It was intentional im sure of it.

  • William Finesse
    William Finesse5 dagar sedan

    A certain speed rummer named

  • Bozo
    Bozo5 dagar sedan

    No Far Cry 4 ? breh

  • Air Force
    Air Force5 dagar sedan

    Short cuts to make the game easy got it😎 well the level anyway.

  • P
    P6 dagar sedan

    where's trackmania 🙄

  • rl.ctg006
    rl.ctg0066 dagar sedan

    i didnt miss it, i just ignored it on purpose

  • Caner Bayar
    Caner Bayar6 dagar sedan

    For 10, Hitman 3 there is no point using shortcut, joy of the game is being invisible and professional.

  • beaawsome 22
    beaawsome 226 dagar sedan

    Fun fact for titan fall 2. For playstation to get the plat trophy you have to be top 10 of the trial

  • Matt Meyer
    Matt Meyer6 dagar sedan

    In sly cooper 3 during the second part of the fight with Genral Tso you can jump behind him and use the shadow spin dispatch and defeat him in 5 seconds or less

  • Dylan Tamblin
    Dylan Tamblin6 dagar sedan

    "Speed rummer"... anyone else hear that (Titanfall 2)

  • Sherman Culliver
    Sherman Culliver6 dagar sedan

    Far cry 4 and 5 both told me to tell you, "hi"!

  • jacob hoar
    jacob hoar6 dagar sedan

    one skip you missed was the mall jump from mirrors edge

  • fantom games 2.0
    fantom games 2.07 dagar sedan

    2:40 it vold help you if you nead amo and other items just knife him and he after 2 hits drops flash bang

  • AvalosTokyo
    AvalosTokyo7 dagar sedan

    Only reason I watched was to see if there was a fast way to get past the thumbnail part of Mirro's Edge. Loved the game but couldn't stand the bulshit hand fighting an armed swat team. Never got to beat the game because i was too busy to keep trying 🥺

  • Drew M
    Drew M7 dagar sedan

    The clue game speedrun is beyond stupid, it's not a strategy it's literally rng getting lucky and first clicking everything.

  • Kristian Lobotka
    Kristian Lobotka7 dagar sedan

    Yo where is it takes two review jake

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon7 dagar sedan

    No Far Cry 4 lol?

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller8 dagar sedan

    You fucking beautiful person; my wife just got me a remaster copy of RE4 for my birthday (ps4 physical copy too!) and i am stuck on the very part that you recommend to do this knife trick on. Thank you!!!

  • Killerofcats
    Killerofcats8 dagar sedan


  • Stefan Cordes
    Stefan Cordes8 dagar sedan

    In darksouls 1 you have many "unknown" exploits aswel.. there are easy jump skips, bosskills from outside the area, 2bell skip sen's fortress, bosses that fall off the area and 4 lord soul skip to go straight to the final boss of the game who you can trivialize with a good parry. Basicly that whole game is like that xD

  • Literally Who
    Literally Who8 dagar sedan

    Yu Yevon isn't really the final boss. It's literally impossible to die. The fight is basically equivalent to when Cloud uses Omnislash on Sephiroth.

  • Mikey McDowell
    Mikey McDowell8 dagar sedan

    Final Fantasy games have always had tricks like that for their final bosses. I remember it taking my brother and I *HOURS* to beat the final boss in VIII. Then, we remembered that he earned every card in the card mini game, and that one card turned into 100 Heroes, which made you invincible for a certain number of turns. Worked on the final boss, beat it in like 45 min.

  • Kenthis15
    Kenthis158 dagar sedan

    Knifing Krauser in RE4 on GameCube was probably the first time I used the internet to solve a video game block.

  • Teeban
    Teeban8 dagar sedan


  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell8 dagar sedan

    Best shortcut in Mario Kart 64 was the Frappe Snowland lap glitch. That was the first one that came to mind before watching this video.

  • that1guy
    that1guy8 dagar sedan


  • Revamped117
    Revamped1178 dagar sedan

    My mud trail in coconut mall better be here (jokes, lol too simple)

  • Ryan Yianakopolos
    Ryan Yianakopolos9 dagar sedan

    Those Titanfall clips are insanity

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan9 dagar sedan

    Wow, I didn't know about any of those shortcuts. On the other hand I don't play shitty games so it's no surprise.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy9 dagar sedan

    I'm currently in the middle of skipping every level of Cyberpunk.

  • James Jordan
    James Jordan9 dagar sedan

    My buddy nailed the Mario Kart 64, Wario track. Jumped back over the wall for a 10 second lap.

  • Olkv3D
    Olkv3D9 dagar sedan

    Sonic Unleashed - The Sonic levels were really cool, it was those danged Wereonic (wheresonic?) ones that janked it all up.

  • Farrier the First
    Farrier the First9 dagar sedan

    I'm proud to say that I finished the Dust City district in Dishonored 2 by just completing the puzzle at the beginning and nothing more :D

  • J Lyvren
    J Lyvren9 dagar sedan

    I remember with Mario Kart 64, you can play multiplayer with one controller but the other 3 "players" are sitting ducks or in my case.... TARGET PRACTICE! 🤣😈🤣

  • Justin LaBoy
    Justin LaBoy9 dagar sedan

    the RE4 trick works best with the speed glitch on

  • RESID3NT 3v1l
    RESID3NT 3v1l9 dagar sedan

    I initially did the Krause with a knife

  • Espurr Jelly
    Espurr Jelly9 dagar sedan

    Choco mountian weather tanko n64 mario cart. All i have to say.

  • Kevin Layne
    Kevin Layne9 dagar sedan

    In the original Tenchu 1 on PS1 there is a tower that you have to ascend to get to the one of the later bosses. Instead of going into the tower from the inside and ascending with stealth, you can use your grappling hook from the outside and ascend to the boss straight away. I haven't played the game in many years, but that stood out to me. Maybe someone else remembers what I am talking about.

  • Carl Cassidy
    Carl Cassidy9 dagar sedan

    I did Krauser in about 5 seconds by doing him in with with RPG as soon as the cut scene ends

  • Skippi Skip Production
    Skippi Skip Production9 dagar sedan

    "A certain speed rummer..."

  • Jonathan Sidwell
    Jonathan Sidwell9 dagar sedan

    Far Cry 4 killing Pagan early game

  • Robbie Greve
    Robbie Greve9 dagar sedan

    Have you ever heard of the Handyskip in Little Big Adventure 2? Look it up!

  • D Pooly
    D Pooly9 dagar sedan

    Hi falcon, It's deadpool

  • Aimiee Aminotsyma Lemieux
    Aimiee Aminotsyma Lemieux10 dagar sedan

    ...after the knife fight cutscene in re4, I thought Krauser was _only_ vulnerable to the knife. (this was in 2005 on GCN)

  • Chris Winchell
    Chris Winchell10 dagar sedan

    With the exception of Dishonored 2 I've never played these games. And yes, I have used that quick deal. There's an achievement called Eureka, so I've only used it once. Fun fact with Dishonored 2: If you get the combination in one of the three possible ways by playing the full Dust District level the Jindosh Riddle for the lock is wrong. It's only right if you try to solve the riddle BEFORE you have the combination. I was bored one day so I tested it.

  • 10cody7
    10cody710 dagar sedan


  • Hylss
    Hylss10 dagar sedan

    Thanks for Deus Ex, never got past the intro level.

  • Tommy
    Tommy10 dagar sedan

    Octane did that and blew his legs off.

  • Promise Omiponle
    Promise Omiponle10 dagar sedan

    Jesus fuckin Christ bruh that sonic unleashed stage took me so many fuckin tries and that’s where the fuckin exit was? Smh just ruined my night💀

  • Matmoo me
    Matmoo me10 dagar sedan

    Kind of dissapointed that you didn't really explain why the speedrun for clue is so fast. The whole point of the game is to figure out who the murderer is. But you can just keep guessing the same person and restarting the game until you make a correct guess right when the game starts.

  • Onaterdem
    Onaterdem10 dagar sedan

    DarkspinesSonic my man!! Probably worth mentioning: There is a speed glitch in Sonic Unleashed (and Sonic Generations, but much weaker there) called M-Speed for 3D and D-Speed for 2D sections, that lets you jump way farther/faster than the game would normally ever let you. That much speed can mess with the game, occasionally teleporting you to later sections of the stage, sometimes crashing your console, or reportedly BRICKING YOUR GAME.

  • ZSchanestruction
    ZSchanestruction10 dagar sedan

    Using mirror's edge as a thumbnail and not even showing a single shortcut from Mirror's Edge is criminal. I watched this video for nothing as I am a HC Mirror's Edge fan. I feel betrayed now :(

  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob10 dagar sedan

    Is this a re-upload?

  • nsperience
    nsperience10 dagar sedan

    Have a good night for everyone watching from old continent ;)

  • Carlos L Martinez
    Carlos L Martinez10 dagar sedan

    yeah Krauser part... I found it when I run out of ammo and said "fuck it" then I was like REALLY XD

  • Nick Llama
    Nick Llama10 dagar sedan

    Yeah, TOTALLY nobody had ever realized you could just use a puzzle key to solve the Dishonored 2 door puzzle...?

  • Gustavo Corral
    Gustavo Corral10 dagar sedan

    Only one I've ever done in my life is the RE4 one but I will admit I did look it up and I was amazed that it worked

  • UndeadCollector
    UndeadCollector10 dagar sedan

    The Mario Kart 64 Wario Stadium Shortcut is WELL known. It was also shown in a Promotinal VHS Tape and close to every MK64 Players is aware of this Jump.

  • LeeLee&Roman Elliott
    LeeLee&Roman Elliott10 dagar sedan

    In the original StarCraft game, you can skip Terran mission seven. You take all of your units, cast defensive matrix on the scv that is carrying the emitter, then run all of your units to the beacon with said scv in the back. The scv should be able to get close enough to trigger the end of the mission. Takes about 30 seconds.

  • Dee Jaay
    Dee Jaay10 dagar sedan

    "genius shortcuts in video games you totally missed" utilizing world class movement options+aim to go through the default course 10 times faster watchmojo'd

  • Merkucjo
    Merkucjo10 dagar sedan

    No MGS3? You are serious?

  • Guzo116
    Guzo11610 dagar sedan

    I brute forced almost every safe in dishonored unless I’d already gotten the code.

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek200010 dagar sedan

    When I heard Titanfall 2 I was about to be raging but by the time I was doing the trophy for 33.6s it was already patched

  • deranged_ gaming
    deranged_ gaming10 dagar sedan

    Donkey kong country stop and go station shortcut, you just walk back in the starting door lol

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho10 dagar sedan

    GENIUS Shortcuts more like GENIUS exploids

  • Karla Boerger
    Karla Boerger10 dagar sedan

    There also rainbow road one too on Mario Kart 64.

  • CpulsiveK
    CpulsiveK10 dagar sedan

    Gotta love falcon😂

  • jack bandit
    jack bandit10 dagar sedan

    you shouldve talked about that stop n go station level in DKC for the snes

  • N68dodgeboy
    N68dodgeboy10 dagar sedan

    The only ones I knew about in this list was "3" and "2"

  • Procyon Lotor
    Procyon Lotor10 dagar sedan

    In GTA Vice City you can beat the final mansion mission in seconds by leaving the office, taking the side tunnel down to the ground floor and sniping the Mafia boss.

  • Ani Perez S
    Ani Perez S10 dagar sedan

    Two Super Mario entries but no Mirror's Edge whatsoever…

  • Mekannatarry
    Mekannatarry10 dagar sedan

    Yu Yevon is a narrative managed final boss, it's the egg yolk inside the shell, so to speak and is meant to be easy lol.

  • Ale Bi

    Ale Bi

    8 dagar sedan

    And if you could defeat Jetch you deserve the ending anyways...

  • PaddyPGaming 23
    PaddyPGaming 2310 dagar sedan

    Does the Mgs3 The End shortcut count too?

  • Taha Ali
    Taha Ali10 dagar sedan

    I think that Gta 4's Elizebeta's coke mission is also worth mentioning. Cuz if you escape with the boat. It totally changes the difficulty.

  • Taha Ali

    Taha Ali

    9 dagar sedan

    @Charlie Foxtrot The snow Storm. At first it seems really really difficult. But there is a channel called gta series videos. He has done it with the easy way

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Charlie Foxtrot

    9 dagar sedan

    I'll have to check that out, I'm playing GTA 4 right now actually. Which mission is that?

  • It's Just Ryan
    It's Just Ryan10 dagar sedan

    He said "a certain speed rummer", then paused for the briefest of moments like he realized what he said, but then decided "ah, fuck it, no second takes!" and kept on going! Lol

  • Tagekumar Paul
    Tagekumar Paul10 dagar sedan

    What about that far cry 4 beginning moment where you end up skipping the whole game?

  • Wadawada Bangbang
    Wadawada Bangbang10 dagar sedan

    Anyone ever one shot the last Assassin Creed 1 final boss? Did it by accident with the hidden blade cause I got really good at counters with it against the templars.

  • ZBlinkZ
    ZBlinkZ10 dagar sedan

    Commenting for reach day 5 challenge help me keep on going :D

  • Saurabh Pathak
    Saurabh Pathak10 dagar sedan

    Explain that thumbnail right now!!!

  • André Riva
    André Riva10 dagar sedan

    Yu Yevon is not a final boss... it is not even possible to loose. It is just there to show you that at its core the thing everybody fears is very weak and petty.

  • Jeremy Higgins
    Jeremy Higgins10 dagar sedan

    The reason Yu Yevon gets zombie status is because of Final Fantasy X's theme. Each of Yuna's guardians, your party members, is supposed to represent a classic FF Job Class. Though it is very possible to turn everyone in gods by exploiting the hell out of the Sphere Grid, if you want to stay with the Job Class theme, you have to play the game without using any Key Sphere above Level 1, thus restricting everyone to abilities that belong to "their Job Class". Reaching Yu Yevon in this state (a bit of challenge) makes Yuna a powerful White Mage (healer), but she has almost no offensive power. Yu Yevon is supposed to be HER big enemy, so she needs to be able to hurt him, thematically. By making him zombie status, she can fight back with Cure spells. As for Phoenix Down (and also Life spells) killing him instantly, that bit is more contentious. It's possible that the developers simply missed an immunity flag when programming Yu Yevon, or it could just be Final Fantasy tradition, as the Ghost Train in FF6 and the boss of the Iifa Tree in FF9 both suffered the same weakness.

  • John -117
    John -11710 dagar sedan

    In gta V you can skip a part of the snow mission, and in farcry 4 you can finish the game in couple minutes.

  • Flict Anime
    Flict Anime10 dagar sedan

    Mind blown🤯

  • Renegade Filmz
    Renegade Filmz10 dagar sedan

    Far cry 4 can be finished if you wait at the table lol.

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto ///10 dagar sedan

    I love the variety of playstyles you can have in Hitman. Explore everything, or just cheese route.

  • Xiiao Bin
    Xiiao Bin10 dagar sedan

    3:00 nice clip behind there

  • Ben Messier
    Ben Messier10 dagar sedan

    In farcry 4 if you wait for the guy in the beginning you can finish way early but it takes like 15 minutes

  • Alvaro Dopazo

    Alvaro Dopazo

    10 dagar sedan

    In Far Cry 5 you can do the same

  • Dominic Sheehy
    Dominic Sheehy10 dagar sedan

    It's faster and catchier to say "ten seconds" than it is to say "a sixth of a minute". Who ever says sixth of a minute? It hurt my ears Mr. Falconi

  • Larsus
    Larsus10 dagar sedan

    3:01 LOL, I don't know if that was on purpose or if you actually were missing the media files in Premiere

  • Bruno Rodríguez
    Bruno Rodríguez11 dagar sedan

    What about Far Cry 4? At the start of the game, if instead of "escaping" from the bad guy, you wait 10-15 minutes idle in the room, he will come back, a few cinematics will play and the game will be over, just like that

  • Sonny Ho
    Sonny Ho11 dagar sedan

    In Bloodborne you can skip right to the woods by getting grabbed by the werewolf while standing in the stair, next to the Iosefka door .

  • Milos Tomic
    Milos Tomic11 dagar sedan

    Track ID plsss that riff is sick!

  • Faraz Mazhar
    Faraz Mazhar11 dagar sedan

    Dust district level I did it without siding with anyone on the first try using the clues. I figured there has to be another way since there is always a hidden non-lethal way of doing it and just spent a bunch of time figuring out that.

  • Ray L
    Ray L11 dagar sedan

    Soeh, at 6:00.... UNIT-CO? Lets talk about that for a second. Playing that game for 20 years, I was sure it was UNATCO.