10 IGNORED Horror Games That Sent Shivers Down Our Spine


We love talking horror games, so today we're diving into 10 games that deserve more love. What horror games do you love? Let us know!
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#10. Visage
Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release date: October 30, 2020

#9. The Thing
Platform : PC PS2 XBOX ONE
Release date: August 20, 2002

#8. Soma
Platform : PC OS X PS4 Xbox One Linux
Release date: 22 September 2015

#7. Haunting Ground
Platform : PS2
Release date: May 10, 2005

#6. Among The Sleep
Platform : PC OS X PS4 Xbox One Linux Switch
Release date: May 29, 2014

#5. The Suffering
Platform : Xbox PS2 PC
Release date: March 8, 2004

#4. Siren
Platform : PS2
Release date: April 20, 2004

#3. Lone Survivor
Platform : PC OS X Linux PS3 PS Vita PS4 Wii U Swtich
Release date: 27 March 2012

#2. When The Darkness Comes
Platform : PC
Release date: March 01, 2019

#1. Condemned: Criminal Origins
Platform : PC Xbox 360
Release date: November 22, 2005


  • Jose Belmonte
    Jose Belmonte9 timmar sedan

    Rule of Rose!!!

  • Barry Black
    Barry BlackDag sedan

    Maybe not ignored but Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice.

  • Killer Watchdog
    Killer WatchdogDag sedan

    Anyone else sad obscure wasn't on the list?

  • v4nka7a
    v4nka7a2 dagar sedan

    Cry of fear?

    LARGEFARVA3 dagar sedan

    soma was amazing

  • Zelda Of Hyrule
    Zelda Of Hyrule4 dagar sedan

    Defenseless Horror games are soooo boring to me. Run hide Run hide Run hide Run hide Run hide. ZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz 1:18 OMG!! my Brothers played this game when I was young. really freaked me out. 3:44 Yes!! :D

  • Game Genies
    Game Genies4 dagar sedan

    Mario Is Missing is an underrated horror game. It's not so much the story, but more the half impossible gameplay.

  • Jade Nind
    Jade Nind6 dagar sedan

    Aww man Haunting Ground....never did go back and complete that game - freaked me out too much xD Hewie though....best boy

  • Erich Schiller
    Erich Schiller7 dagar sedan

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Best Lovecraftian horror game ever made.

  • LucisZ39
    LucisZ398 dagar sedan

    Visage is one of the few games who took the style of P.T. and you know actually released. Though I didn't know this till this video. The first chapter got a lot of attention, then the second chapter was released a year-ish later to less attention. And there are apparently 2 more chapters that released last Halloween to what seems like no attention. Maybe it just took too long for a full release

  • bunkah 96
    bunkah 969 dagar sedan

    @gameranx i just wanted to say i love you guys. keep doing you and uploading videos you rock :D

  • Slytune
    Slytune9 dagar sedan

    Visage is king right now

  • Edward Chopuryan
    Edward Chopuryan9 dagar sedan

    "Games were too dark in mid 2000s" :) I'd say games are too soft nowadays lol

  • Caius En
    Caius En9 dagar sedan

    Good boy Hewie, He make a small appearance in Resident Evil 4.

  • Auron Silverburgh VGM
    Auron Silverburgh VGM10 dagar sedan

    Visage is absoloutely brilliant. I dont even need Silent Hills anymore.

  • BlubberyChenG
    BlubberyChenG10 dagar sedan

    Soma was such a good game and i loved the Ending

  • Anas Ansari
    Anas Ansari11 dagar sedan

    I did not enjoy soma at all absolutely boring pile of shit and was expecting amnesia rebirth to be good but what a let down anyways too bad condemned bloodlines isn't available on pc cause i played the 1st game and it was awesome

  • HadesX
    HadesX11 dagar sedan

    What happened to Condemned 3??

  • LowkeySigma
    LowkeySigma12 dagar sedan

    I started visage and didn’t complete it yet lol it’s a great game so far

  • Ponchbelly Warpig
    Ponchbelly Warpig12 dagar sedan

    Visage is great

  • matt stanger
    matt stanger12 dagar sedan

    I remember The Suffering. That was an awesome game.

  • AydarBMSTU
    AydarBMSTU12 dagar sedan

    Hmmm, didn't know SOMA is ignored)

  • E Nikata
    E Nikata13 dagar sedan

    For me I would say Clive Barker's Undying. The first third of that game is just straight up scary. The latter third is a bit meh though in all honesty but it's still a really good game.

  • ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂13 dagar sedan

    i only played the thing from this list back many years ago

  • Engrish_ _Kuma
    Engrish_ _Kuma13 dagar sedan

    Im glad among the sleep made the list bc i seen it when i was a junior in highschool and it had me shooketh

  • Jack Vaughan
    Jack Vaughan13 dagar sedan

    Obscure Anyone

  • Juliette Stingray
    Juliette Stingray13 dagar sedan

    I actually went to the prison that inspired The Suffering. It's a pretty fucked up place. Not like I was an inmate, it's closed down now. It's just open for tours.

  • Alon Fizi
    Alon Fizi13 dagar sedan

    Every once in a while i remember the condemned. Really underrated game

  • Michael Freerksen
    Michael Freerksen14 dagar sedan

    It was a mix of horror and many other things but GET EVEN is literally one of the best games I've ever played that made a tiny splash and I never hear about it anymore. It desperately needs more love for the the many ambitious things it did so well. Not that old, either, and still looks great.

  • David Ludwig
    David Ludwig14 dagar sedan

    Soma is amazing. Visage is creepy af. Great games.

  • Solar Wind
    Solar Wind14 dagar sedan

    I'm glad Lone Survivor made the list

  • NickMortuus
    NickMortuus15 dagar sedan

    really dope bro, keep it up!

  • T-REV's Taste Tube
    T-REV's Taste Tube15 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know if I can play black ops cold war and wz on my ps5 while keeping it installed and playing on my ps4 as well jw cuz I take my ps4 to work but dont want to bring my ps5 back and forth to work and risk dropping it or something

  • Risky
    Risky15 dagar sedan

    also Condemned 2 Bloodshot still is the one for me game is creepy

  • Risky
    Risky15 dagar sedan

    8:53 he gets like hit in the back or chest hahaha you ok?

  • Jonathan Kilbourn
    Jonathan Kilbourn15 dagar sedan

    Glad to see SOMA on this list. I played through it several times. It's a game that really hits you in the feels and that was unexpected.

  • TheIronAntelope
    TheIronAntelope15 dagar sedan


  • This Is Just A Talk Show
    This Is Just A Talk Show15 dagar sedan

    Whay about fear i never hegar about tgat series anymore

  • VukiSuzuki _
    VukiSuzuki _16 dagar sedan

    10:39 i thought that was pornograpny in the wall.

  • EternalGaming786
    EternalGaming78616 dagar sedan

    Not many people know this game It's an PS2 Title named: Rule of Roses. ^-^

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith16 dagar sedan

    I actually had The Thing as a kid but I was too scared to play more than 10 minutes

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey17 dagar sedan

    9/11 made the rest of the decade dark and gritty

  • John Salad
    John Salad17 dagar sedan

    home sweet home maybe?

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger17 dagar sedan

    note really a horror game, but i recommend 'Detention'

  • letstalkstuff
    letstalkstuff18 dagar sedan

    I’m kind of surprised “cry of fear” didn’t make the list. I know it was huge back in the day but I never hear anyone mention it today and it was an amazing game.

  • The Mirror's Child
    The Mirror's Child18 dagar sedan

    Dark wood is a severely underrated survival horror game. It deserves more attention.

  • Raizqoh VanDo
    Raizqoh VanDo18 dagar sedan

    Fahrenheit on Xbox and Xbox 360

  • Ori Noco
    Ori Noco18 dagar sedan

    We need a suffering 3 !!!

  • Krokodeilakias
    Krokodeilakias18 dagar sedan

    F.E.A.R. of course......

  • Enraged Saxophone
    Enraged Saxophone18 dagar sedan

    Golden Light is a really good and relatively new horror game that has some very interesting concepts you guys should totally check out!

  • Mephisto
    Mephisto18 dagar sedan

    i always consider Condemned is a thriller game, not horror

  • NicoGsus Gsus
    NicoGsus Gsus18 dagar sedan

    For me Forbidden Siren and The Rule of Rose are my forever favourite games. So creative and tell you a story

  • Paul Cagna
    Paul Cagna18 dagar sedan

    Soma is a certified winner. Starts a big weird, but it quickly turns into a twisted and satisfying story.

  • Ash Barnes
    Ash Barnes18 dagar sedan

    Somebody needs to reboot and remake The Thing, that game with today's video game power would be incredible. One of my favourite PS2 games of all time that I still own today

  • babblebabble
    babblebabble19 dagar sedan

    So surprised Condemned makes to the top here. It's really an underrated game from Monolith. They also made "Blood" which is also a horror FPS back in 1997 or 8. That is a great game too. Too bad its sequel were console exclusive. But it's playable in Xenia almost 60 fps constant. But you can't play with MKB ofc...

    BYZANTIUMN \\19 dagar sedan

    the suffering is litttttt scared the crap out of me as a youngin

  • Andrew24427
    Andrew2442719 dagar sedan

    Fuck yeah the suffering. I would love to see this game get remade.

  • Viktor_V/-\ughn* Da_Vaudville*_villaiN••
    Viktor_V/-\ughn* Da_Vaudville*_villaiN••19 dagar sedan

    The thing was good until the invisible boss fight in the courtyard that I had no idea how to beat....and the suffering was the shizz

  • Ethan Schend
    Ethan Schend19 dagar sedan

    the thing!!! true sequel?!!

  • BethDeth77
    BethDeth7719 dagar sedan

    I have called Haunting Ground the "what it's like to be female sim" since I played, but didnt complete it back in the day and said "oh hell no....I live this enough." Every man should play this. Not to be mean to them just so the ones that dont understand the big deal with their "flirting" finally do.

  • shadowrosegx
    shadowrosegx19 dagar sedan

    What about Fatal Frame? it feels like ever since nintendo acquired the rights to the series everyone has forgotten Fatal Frame even existed.

  • Joshua Trujillo
    Joshua Trujillo19 dagar sedan

    The reason I don’t know those older games was because I was like 6

  • Plastram
    Plastram19 dagar sedan

    Resident Evil: Revelations is the most underrated of the serie

  • it's always wolf
    it's always wolf19 dagar sedan

    11:00 btw this game free

  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather19 dagar sedan

    Alien Isolation didn't get enough love when it first came out. It really deserves a sequel

  • MrSkullhead0
    MrSkullhead019 dagar sedan

    Soma gave me a heartache because I was so scared at one point. The end monsters are no joke

  • ManiacMonkboon
    ManiacMonkboon19 dagar sedan

    Where's Rule of 🌹?

  • Willam Jolly
    Willam Jolly20 dagar sedan

    I forgot about The Suffering. Thanks for reminding me about it. I will have to see if I can hunt down a copy.

  • Zaid
    Zaid20 dagar sedan

    3:38 that music.. is it from hunting ground ?

  • overlord seniukas
    overlord seniukas20 dagar sedan

    you should put in next list dreadout,obscure and neverending nightmares

  • Mehedi Hasan Sizan
    Mehedi Hasan Sizan20 dagar sedan

    Criminal origin is a masterpiece and deserves a remaster asap.

  • leo black
    leo black20 dagar sedan

    Where's detention ? I loved that game

  • njmfff
    njmfff20 dagar sedan

    I would add Alan's Wake, it's probably more known then rest of these games, but it's still kinda forgotten gem. SOMA had terrific story, it had some really cool philosophical and existential ideas, but I found gameplay super boring. PS. Believe it or not, few days ago I found Suffering on my CDs, hard copy, and I thought of installing it and see if it can run on modern PCs. Heck, I even have that expansion pack I think. I think there's also GOG version?

  • free4fire
    free4fire20 dagar sedan

    I wouldn't really call these "ignored games", after all I'm hardly a horror fan and even I know most of them.

  • timothy fain
    timothy fain20 dagar sedan

    I was waiting for condemned the whole time 😂 but has anyone else played obscure? I havent met many people who have so it sometimes feels like a fever dream

  • Max Levin
    Max Levin20 dagar sedan

    Someone else liked the game adaptation of The Thing? Am I DREAMING I'm browsing SEblack?

  • sharkyonaleash
    sharkyonaleash20 dagar sedan

    Was hoping to see Darkwood. Loved that game and how atmospherical it was

  • Michel Brand
    Michel Brand20 dagar sedan

    If you like The Thing, check out Martian Gothic. It's awesome.

  • Michel Brand

    Michel Brand

    20 dagar sedan

    Among the Sleep also fucked me over.

  • Kilosmindset
    Kilosmindset20 dagar sedan

    tired of that guy in the ad telling me to install honey lmao

  • The One
    The One20 dagar sedan

    Soma is #1 on my list. I couldn't stop thinking about the Ending for weeks!

  • skat26
    skat2621 dag sedan

    They need to remaster some of these

  • Dion John
    Dion John21 dag sedan

    The thing was such a fun game. Still trying to find a working copy for my ps2 xD

  • GeeMan Gaming
    GeeMan Gaming21 dag sedan

    Finally, someone acknowledged Condemned. Bruh that games was the shit.

  • Zakxura
    Zakxura21 dag sedan

    the ring was based in washington state USA. the grudge was based in Japan

  • Diplo D
    Diplo D21 dag sedan

    Silent hill 4 The room. Fear effect 1 and 2.

  • Landon Grier
    Landon Grier21 dag sedan

    The excorsist vr is truly terrifying 👀

  • Tiffany De Goya
    Tiffany De Goya21 dag sedan

    Holy shit I completely forgot about THE THING! I still have the game lol, never made it pass the first hour b/c my characters got too scared 😂

  • theBRANDOProductions
    theBRANDOProductions21 dag sedan

    Corpse Party

  • James Machuta
    James Machuta21 dag sedan

    The Obscure games and Rule of Rose need to be on this list. In Haunting Ground there are only 4 enemies total (last one transforms)

  • Helric K
    Helric K21 dag sedan

    ah the thing

  • Beach Creature
    Beach Creature21 dag sedan

    Omg the entire video I was just thinking to myself. “Condemned has to be on the list” and then bam number 1 baby. These games scared the Hell outta me lol Well done 👍🏽 solid list

  • Analog Two
    Analog Two21 dag sedan

    Make a part two and mention “ Clive Bakers Jehricho “ please .

  • Basque _999
    Basque _99921 dag sedan

    Darkwood definitely deserved to be on this list.

  • JoE Stuff
    JoE Stuff21 dag sedan

    I still have my PS2 and OG Xbox copies of The Suffering 1 and 2. I went and bought them on PC too just in case my physical copies succumb to wear and tear.

  • AJT
    AJT21 dag sedan

    Need more horror games that aren't walking sims or run and hide games. Games like Silent Hill.

  • XxMeme5terxX
    XxMeme5terxX21 dag sedan

    You forgot 7 mysteries stories where its use to get popular then vanish no one talks about it.

  • Zachary DeZeeuw
    Zachary DeZeeuw22 dagar sedan

    A game called OXYNFREE.

  • Marlena Beyer
    Marlena Beyer22 dagar sedan

    Nightmare House 2 >.

  • ELEMENTJONx216 Elemental-Gaming
    ELEMENTJONx216 Elemental-Gaming22 dagar sedan

    New drinking game take a shot every time he says straight up

  • PotionBoi
    PotionBoi22 dagar sedan

    I hope in the next list about underappreciated games they mention Yomawari: A Night Alone. That game was a completely new experience. We can always rely on Japanese horror