SuperHero PC Game Mods: The creative modding world works hard to bring us super hero experiences in games that don't include them out of the box. Here are some of our favorites for Iron Man, Hulk, and more!
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1. Ultimate Superman Script mod - GTA 5
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    We had a lot of fun making this one. Thanks for watching it!

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    no problem

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    Which IronMan suit is that ?

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    Spider Butt 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 Also, we need a Homelander mod 👌

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    Where is March top 10 free mobile games?

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    According to the comment section you should have called it GTA V superhero mods. Despite that being inaccurate. Disliked. Unsubbed and reported. Kidding. It’s a great list. If you do a part two, maybe add some from Just Cause?

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    Skyrim mods can fix the draw distances so it looks pretty.

  • Tempered Onyx
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    Super powers in Saint Row 4 (everyone) > "This game sucks! Why would anyone ever want to play a super hero sandbox? Worst game ever!" Super powers in GTA (everyone) ? "Whoa! This is bad ass! RockStar, You need to make this a permanent thing !" Me > Banging head on the wall.

  • Yandere_ 002
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    Qicksilver mod is one of the coolest mod ever he can stop literally everything try it

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    Alternative title: Best GTA 5 Mods

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    Wait what about the ghost rider mod

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    Most of these we're made by julionib

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    Y'know the one thing I am waiting for is when there is such a mod that gives the REAL Crackdown 3 in GTA 5, you know what it is. Its the only thing missing from GTA 5 to be absolutely best game of all time.

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone14 dagar sedan

    THESE MODS THO! 😍 I play Ps4, but I do OWN a Dell desktop computer. Can I get Gta 5 on it? If so, how do I get the Mods? I'm 100% a console player, so I cannot play without a controller in my hands. How do I connect my Ps4 controller to my computer? Also, should I be worried of being permanently banning on Gta 5 for using mods???? These are the questions I must have answered.

  • The Mitch Zone
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    This right here. As a Gamer who is literally obsessed with everything "Superhero" with powers (especially FLYING) in video games. *This is where I'm meant to be.*

  • Michael Henderson
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    I remember combining a bunch of different mods in Fallout 4 that ended up making my guy the Flash, with super speed, bullet time toggle, inertia and all. I've never been able to play that game without it since lol

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    can someone help me i cant figure out how to install mods for gta v! Is it supposed to be hard. I play on steam btw thanks!

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    can i have multiple of these installed to gta at the same time

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    Now we have a more and less proper Superman game, only that is not a Superman game, remember, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, is basically a Superman game, without the obvious Superman powers, but you can fly really fast, and punch really hard, cause a lot of destruction, I love the combat mechanics of this game, the only thing that I hate is the controls, is a very bad PC port in that aspect, because I cant change W, A, D, S into the arrow keys.

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    But there is no mods for consoles ☹

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    Im way late to say this and doubt it will be read buuuuut the fallout 4 mutant mods best feature to me is npcs are at random given the powers as well. So you get to feel like sylar from heroes, searching for mutants to rip their powers from their corpse.

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    Why aren't those 4 the top four?

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    Goku mod

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    What about the Max Payne Kung Fu Mod? Probably my favorite of all time.

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    Someone needs to tell Henry Cavill about the Superman mod. I would love to see how he reacts to it.

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    Great video, even though this guy has the most annoying voice

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    Don’t forget to thank the people who swirled such mods

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    This should be titled - gta mods

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    Every superhero game developer company should hire these moders for their superhero game specially superman games fu***ing love it❤️

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    Is this real?? I mean in irl? Literally

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    Can you talk about the drakengaurd series?

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    Imagine still playing video games on the consoles in 2021.

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    If it wasn’t mostly GTA V, I’d be more interested. I put that game to bed in 2015.

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    GTA 5, a game that contains the better version of other games👌👌👌

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    Was this guy drunk making this?

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    Nice! I love this video so much. But the side effect... All those developer excuses about Superhero games are retrospectively complete BS. Not picking on the developers, as I would never presume to “armchair develop” but these mods prove that such games are very possible. I now want a Flash game... And I may just have to buy GTA5 to get it. Can you link us to how to get some of mods?

  • I Believe In Gaming
    I Believe In Gaming26 dagar sedan

    Aeight, Ima say it. These mods look like shit. No new animations, no adaptive motion animations, no voiced lines, no new enemy types, no world tweaks whatsoever (well, except for supermans sun recharge) no missions or goals, no random crimes, and I'll say it again no new animations. People be sayin these dudes should do professional work be trippin

  • Slaccoon
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    lol you can do almost all of this in Saints Row 4 too but without any mods

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    2:21 "they are intended to meer" lol

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    Remember when Rockstar tried to cancel modding?

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    Now if only Fallout 4 wouldn't crash...

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    Where is batman

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    I wish they would finally make a decent superhero RPG for the modern generation. If not an MMO than at least one with an open world and customizable characters. Its been literally a decade since anyone has done something like that, so your only options are DCUO which came out in 2011 and city of heroes which came out in friggin 2004. And you gotta find some bootleg COH revival server and everything is obviously super jank as you would expect from something from 2004... And all these kickstarters promising to fill that void all the way back since 2015 basically just took the money and ran. Theres obviously a ton of demand for this, people have already paid millions (to con artists who don't know anything about game design, maybe) and the modder community goes nuts for this shit.

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    If I use mods

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    I might even become SEblack famous

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    I love gta5 I’m play it everyday and I can’t wait until gta6 comes out wooo that game is gonna be fire

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    I've not played any of them but ill try em all

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    real world guns in fallout 4 is the best!!

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    he sounds kinda high in this video

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    8:06 You could know nothing about superheroes...... as he edits in a DC character over a Marvel mod. Nice trolling Falcon!

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    now just waiting for scripthookv to update

  • Donovan Gibbons
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    Fisk's Superhero's for Minecraft 1.7.10, I'm still playing this version because of Fisk's and the Dragon Block C mods (Not together obviously) also an honorable mention is the Legends Superheroes mod.

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    Me 'bout to type in: "U forgot theThanos mod" Also me: wait he's a villain.

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    @Major Gear was

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    No, he was a hero.

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    Alternate title: "Top Superhero mods for GTA V and Fallout "

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    Superman is the only GTA 5 super hero mod that seems to have unique character animations

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    Did he really say fuz ra da while talking about skyrim... triggered lol

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    01:45 Arnold Schwarzenegger voice-mod

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    "GTA mods"

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    magneto *CONTROLS/ IS* electromagnetism, you now... one of the four known forces that control everything... most comics and all the movies (apocalypse tried it at least) show only a veeeery small portion of magnetos true power

  • Switch-Kriz
    Switch-Kriz28 dagar sedan

    Magneto would actually fit into the GTA5 Universe, because he's a Super Villain and might actually go on a GTA Rampage, lol. That said, where's my Rogue Game?? They didn't even put her in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3!! She's already lonely and left out and they are just making it worse!! ToT

  • Xenno Borros
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    Mans said Fuzz ro dah.....bruh

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    Don’t forget the ghost rider mod for gta 4 and 5

  • RocLobster
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    Even the flash GTA mod has a better running form than the weird way Ezra Miller runs lol maybe there's a reason for it that I don't know but still it looks goofy as hell

  • RocLobster
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    This channel is great for killing time, like I'm doing right now waiting for Snyder cut to release in 80 minutes for me but who's counting lol

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    I hear superhero's in a video game , i hear prototype .

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    Spider Butt 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 Also, we need a Homelander mod 👌

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    All the gta mods I've seen have absolute shit animations. Hard pass.

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    Sometimes I feel extremely stupid for playing on console... thanks gameranx! XD

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    >magneto >>mind stuff

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    A lot of them just look like saints row 4

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    I am so impressed with the Magneto mod. Now that's a game I didn't know I needed

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    Superman? More like homelander mods

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    This video should’ve been called gta v superhero mods... and that one for fallout and skyrim

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    i want a gta superman mod but with a homelander skin

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    I spent a whole day playing the Flash mod. IMO I thought it was the best one.

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    I would play... If I had a pc

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    I would gladly play them GTA 5 mods if I had them!

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    I'm a console gamer :( Those mods look immensely fun

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    Playstation player's: we have miles morales PC player's: we have gta v

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    What about a dbz gta5 mod???🤔

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    Plants needs the sun to refill their energy Superman needs the sun to refill his energy Conclusion: Superman is a plant

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    Best gaming channel ever 💯💯💯

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    They need to make bosses for these superhero mods. Games too easy with normal game characters.

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    Was gonna ask where's Batman but then I remembered you already have exorbitant amounts of money and can fight well in GTA already! lol

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    The Batman mod for skyrim is pretty cool. Considering that the modder actually made up lore that fits the dark knight into the skyrim world. It's really awesome.

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    I have never played any of these mods but still enjoying this video.

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    Never played it

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    your soy voice is super annoying, it sounds like you're intentionally being lazy

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    Can you do a video about the game : oddworld abe's oddysee and the new Odd world soulstorm. pleas :)

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    The Spider-butt is distracting? *Empathy for hyper-sexualized female characters intensifies*

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    The magneto mod is just playing control

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    It's basically Saint's Row 4.

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    It's sad that the superhero mods here look better than the DC online game's

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    Gameranx the one guy on patreon edition lol, i really wish he made like ivy or catwoman mods for gta 5 might make me download it again

  • Sadman Alavi Seyam
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    And the developers say making a superman game is impossible

  • Retroactive Gamer
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    Is it possible to play the story with the Mod? lmao, I would love to do that shit as superman although it'd be easy, also we NEEEEED a Superman game! That Mod was awesome looking, and the Superman looked great.

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    Holy F’ING F!!!! Fuuuuuuuuu......

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    Is this just a fucking gta/fallout mod list? Really? Was kind of expecting something else.

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    The eagle is clearly drunk.

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    The voice work in this is so terrible, sounds like you are falling asleep and drunk

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    Honestly, the modding community always blows my mind.

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    Honestly magnito and Superman look the coolest