Outriders - Before You Buy


Outriders (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S) is the latest shooter with tons of loot. What makes it different? Let's talk.
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  • Cheeseitsproductions
    CheeseitsproductionsTimme sedan

    I got this game for free with my new laptop and I'm glad I now know a bit about this game looking forward to playing it for myself

  • Dark Scrolls
    Dark Scrolls3 timmar sedan


  • Peyton O'brien
    Peyton O'brien6 timmar sedan

    Seems a LOT like Remnant From Ashes but futuristic

  • Devon Vidler
    Devon Vidler7 timmar sedan

    From the way he explained it, it has that borderlands 3 charm

  • Devon Vidler

    Devon Vidler

    7 timmar sedan

    But it reminds me more of remanent from the ashes

  • Devon Vidler
    Devon Vidler8 timmar sedan

    I mean it’s on game pass so idrc

  • Titchy Sniper
    Titchy Sniper9 timmar sedan

    reminds me of anthem... just without the suits

  • Ververg
    Ververg9 timmar sedan

    ngl, I am really having fun with the game (I always get bored in games that is not mostly action packed) , can't wait to play it again after work.

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare11 timmar sedan

    Me sitting here going: "ITS LIKE DESTINY" lol

  • RJWaring
    RJWaring14 timmar sedan

    Nah I'll give this mess and miss

  • Essa Ali
    Essa Ali15 timmar sedan

    This is basically borderlands in 3rd person

  • nocapchamp 211
    nocapchamp 21115 timmar sedan

    This is pretty much division in outerspace

  • Aus Fever
    Aus Fever16 timmar sedan

    is it like destiny with raid bosses and stuff?

  • Kottonstream
    Kottonstream18 timmar sedan

    Reminds me of gears

  • Nick Milano
    Nick Milano20 timmar sedan

    is there online multiplayer like PvP or no

  • tootallforyou112
    tootallforyou11223 timmar sedan

    Another rush job woooooooo

  • Lillglutas Simracing
    Lillglutas SimracingDag sedan

    Dont buy it, its a broken mess

  • ToM ToMG
    ToM ToMGDag sedan

    Trash game, shooting sound is terrible, graphics is really bad, colours like Fortnite, control like Witcher, and game is so boooring... Not worth it

  • ToM ToMG
    ToM ToMGDag sedan

    NOT WORTH IT... 🙉

  • Jay Colombe
    Jay ColombeDag sedan

    This game isn’t perfect but it is fun as hell and addictive ☺️

  • paradox817
    paradox817Dag sedan

    Deep deep sale

  • Ashes Windchaser
    Ashes WindchaserDag sedan

    Playing as a solo pyromancer on xbox series X, have had no problems since launch and the story has been fun and challenging. Currently lvl 28, World Tier 10 almost 11 of 15.

  • taylor suiter
    taylor suiterDag sedan

    This looks like how Anthem was supposed to be and Division the first one.

  • Seth Linde
    Seth LindeDag sedan

    This is just “the division” in space...

  • nocapchamp 211

    nocapchamp 211

    15 timmar sedan

    Bra I just said the same thing

  • Taco Fingerz
    Taco FingerzDag sedan

    Oh great, another anthem.

  • Marl Osano
    Marl OsanoDag sedan

    face tank is no fun and its like the division 1 and 2

  • Julia, I guess
    Julia, I guessDag sedan

    unrelated but idk where else to ask: does anybody have a recommendation for a single player fps that works on somewhat shitty computers? I've played through far cry 3 and far cry blood dragon too many times now and I need something different but still in that same wheel house. Would really appreceate the help!

  • Nick Knapp
    Nick KnappDag sedan

    Is this game worth the purchase or not at that current price?

  • Laugh Gaming
    Laugh GamingDag sedan

    Gives a nice gears vibe for me

  • crackbaby_
    crackbaby_Dag sedan

    me having anthem flashbacks

  • Black2077
    Black2077Dag sedan

    Thankfully I don’t have to buy it because of gamepass.

  • Will Not
    Will NotDag sedan

    Horrific level design, ability cast earlier or later than the bar tells you it will and several other things that make it unenjoyable at the moment

  • SmallTimeBread
    SmallTimeBreadDag sedan

    When Japan makes a better Gears of War game

  • FamousLinkzTv
    FamousLinkzTvDag sedan


  • Hell Seeker
    Hell Seeker2 dagar sedan

    Prepare for the 60$ dlcs

  • LordTrolldemord
    LordTrolldemord2 dagar sedan

    At 2:30 i was thinking wtf is Quan Chi(Mortal Kombat) doing in this game??

    VINYL SQUAD2 dagar sedan

    Ew, looks like Destiny

  • Max Kepler
    Max Kepler2 dagar sedan

    this looks so bad !!!! 60 bucks. you are out of your mind..........

  • mike
    mike2 dagar sedan

    So it’s gears of war 6

  • Pajama Bottoms & Toast
    Pajama Bottoms & Toast2 dagar sedan

    This gives me Mass Effect multiplayer vibes, that's not a bad thing.

  • Vic M
    Vic M2 dagar sedan

    Im gonna be honest i came here for a review of the game. I passed out tf out after 1 minute 😂 seems like a snooze game

    JUGGER-NOG SODA2 dagar sedan

    I went pyromancer love it’s style

  • Steve Rosati
    Steve Rosati2 dagar sedan

    Is it like destiny where you do missions with friends? Looks a lot like destiny with the quests and character building

  • Jordan Nieves
    Jordan Nieves2 dagar sedan

    Worst best game I ever played lmao

  • BekBobek GAMING
    BekBobek GAMING2 dagar sedan

    So this basically just like csgo then get ability and became valorant but in division genre ?

  • Adam
    Adam3 dagar sedan

    Just started playing this last night. The first online game I played was Gears of War 2 and not to gloat but I was #1 in the world. Not officially, but I was. And I get them vibes from it. These types of upgrading and exploration games have been my go to’s atm.

  • samuel wright
    samuel wright3 dagar sedan

    its just anthyem without flying

  • Midknight
    Midknight3 dagar sedan

    It's not like "anthem" right? I had so much faith in that game and it was garbage.

  • Avi Stryfe
    Avi Stryfe3 dagar sedan

    Not to mention the non existent gear checking system in matchmaking to ensure a decent playing experience....

  • Avi Stryfe
    Avi Stryfe3 dagar sedan

    Its mostly only messy in multi-player...still. after the "fixes".

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith3 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of anthem, no thanks

  • Ty High
    Ty High3 dagar sedan

    Destiny: am I a joke to you?

  • Himey A
    Himey A3 dagar sedan

    Before you buy, wait it’s on game pass...

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis3 dagar sedan

    "Gets way better the more time you put into it" ... Until all your loot and accolades get wiped 100 hours in ... Then it gets worse.

  • Alex Cote

    Alex Cote

    2 dagar sedan

    ? Wht happened

  • Γρηγόρης
    Γρηγόρης3 dagar sedan

    What i must do to see other classes without lossing my progress?

  • Rev ٖ
    Rev ٖ3 dagar sedan

    Looks 100x better than Ubisoft's The Division 1 and 2.. Better concept and storyline.. and WAYYYY better characters and customizations. Night and Day difference

  • Mike Windsum
    Mike Windsum3 dagar sedan

    Third person only!!!! In 2021!!?? No thank you!

  • Benji Bonkers
    Benji Bonkers3 dagar sedan

    If any of you are thinking about buying this game heed my warning. This game is a mix between destiny and gears of war, they left out all of the fun stuff that destiny has, and the combat is lack luster. I’m dissaponted Gameranx is not talking about how none of this gameplay is exciting or interesting. If you have Game pass play on there. It is not worth the full sticker price. I am telling you save your money. This game is incredibly boring, the story is confusing, and not chronological. Would rather play Anthem, atleast that game had some sort of replay-ability, better loot system, and more rewarding combat/explosions/story etc.

  • ajax
    ajax3 dagar sedan

    looks like destiny 3

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews3 dagar sedan

    Don’t usually like these type of games. But the demo sold me. The story was very interesting to me and really heavy. So that alone got me. I really felt like I was there. So I bought the game based off that. Come to find there are problems with the game. However I’m still glad i bought it. Even tho it’s a pain to log in.

  • Paul N.
    Paul N.3 dagar sedan

    Gears 5 left a nasty taste in my mouth from the god awful campaign to the abysmal multiplayer and this gives me PTSD of that experience. I’ll pass on this lol.

  • Alexey Rodriguez
    Alexey Rodriguez3 dagar sedan

    Looks like destiny and that other one.

  • BloodReiter [BLxCR]
    BloodReiter [BLxCR]3 dagar sedan

    GameRanx i been following you for 4 years or more and believe your reviews, but this time you sold me a good game, what i encounter was no servers and know inventory and not being able to play with my character and i cant even refund...

  • silly goose
    silly goose3 dagar sedan

    better than Destiny 2 worse than Warframe

  • Sean O'Donnell
    Sean O'Donnell3 dagar sedan

    Warframe is free lol and plays so much better...but its square enix so...

  • Xbox Gaming
    Xbox Gaming3 dagar sedan

    I'd say there could've been way more potential to this game than how it stands today. It makes fun tho.

  • DIY Art College
    DIY Art College4 dagar sedan

    I don't really understand games like these anymore. What does this game bring to the genre or gaming in general? It has a boring story, flawed systems and everything that isn't broken is just "decent". It's a bad parody of a few other games at best. It feels like an overproduced piece of work that didn't have much of anything at the beginning and then lost even that as the developers trier to streamline every aspect and didn't even try to innovate. Fucking triple A my ass.

  • Dong Nguyen
    Dong Nguyen4 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of ZMR Zombies Monster Robot... but on steroids.

  • The Future
    The Future4 dagar sedan

    Anthem + The Division

  • Jem
    Jem4 dagar sedan

    The game is addictive af. Gameplay feels addictive as destiny

  • Dixie D'amelio

    Dixie D'amelio

    Dag sedan

    @shane lubrano fair enough 👏

  • Jem


    Dag sedan

    @Gary Michael did someone piss on your food? You trolls should get a life

  • shane lubrano

    shane lubrano

    Dag sedan

    @Dixie D'amelio look at your account

  • Dixie D'amelio

    Dixie D'amelio

    Dag sedan

    Why would you want to be addicted to something? Its an unhealthy habit

  • Gary Michael

    Gary Michael

    Dag sedan

    @Blunosedpit - I didn't ask the stupid question. He did little man!

  • Joe Baxter
    Joe Baxter4 dagar sedan

    Looks like the division whats the difference

  • Illaoi Bo
    Illaoi Bo4 dagar sedan

    I played it for like 4 hours straight it was great I just wish the itemization was way more complex and the maps were bigger

  • Krazii VisionZ
    Krazii VisionZ4 dagar sedan

    This seems like one of those "Before You Buy, Another Game.... Maybe you'll like this one" type of games 🤷🏾‍♂️

    WABOY4 dagar sedan


  • Average Channel
    Average Channel4 dagar sedan

    So basically what I got from this video, was download it

  • Joshua Steoger

    Joshua Steoger

    2 dagar sedan

    if ur on pc dont get it, right now at least

  • Deleter 182
    Deleter 1824 dagar sedan

    Thanks won’t buy it on pc nvm

  • MeneLaw
    MeneLaw4 dagar sedan

    I just come by to see it but i dont like it. Looks like fornite MEGAGAY.

  • Marian Helble
    Marian Helble4 dagar sedan

    I can't help but feel like, you have not spent enough time playing this game. There is no way it deserves a positive rating. Sure, the fighting systhem is fun at first, but it gets incredibly repetitive if you spend more time playing. That on top of all the crashes, the shallow story and the stupid buggs were you loose your hud, or the questmarks lead you to random areas and so on etc. After some time it feels only frustrating, repeatetive and draining.

  • Machucando
    Machucando4 dagar sedan

    So this game is just Destiny for all the zoomers that never played Destiny.



    3 dagar sedan

    we played destiny as zoomers bud. alot of us did.

  • Shekelsum Merchant
    Shekelsum Merchant4 dagar sedan

    Games trash

  • Miss Madness
    Miss Madness4 dagar sedan

    *sniff snoff* new destiny?

  • Michael W
    Michael W4 dagar sedan

    The fact you said you were given early access to the game tells me you are pandering to bs

  • Maxwell Wu
    Maxwell Wu4 dagar sedan

    Don't buy it on PC until they fix the dogshit servers. Square also didn't have the decency to make a properly functioning map, you can't see your exact location only the zone you are in. The minimap doesn't even include map boundaries. They went ahead nerfing shit before they even fixed the server. That's how much they care. They published a broken mess and went straight to nerfing expeditions and making it a bigger grindfest for the wrong reasons.

  • SigMa Prime
    SigMa Prime4 dagar sedan

    so its gears of war + destiny? for 80$?

  • SigMa Prime

    SigMa Prime

    3 dagar sedan

    @Nikk i like your definition of free xD but thanks for the info!

  • Nikk


    3 dagar sedan

    It’s free in gamepass

  • Larson Racing.
    Larson Racing.4 dagar sedan

    If it sucks its still better than any fps from the last 10 years. Also nobody sees a resemblance to borderlands but i do atleast

  • Rasheed
    Rasheed4 dagar sedan

    Nomore looter shooters please

  • S Crow
    S Crow5 dagar sedan

    hey just woundring is there a way to transfer game play or character progress from xbox to pc.

  • Michael Howdon
    Michael Howdon5 dagar sedan

    Good review, for me it plays like gears of war with destiny powers. Decent game but not going to blow your socks off or be your new default

  • RoarTalentz
    RoarTalentz5 dagar sedan

    Alot of Tom Clancy The Division similarities

  • Commander's Gaming Channel
    Commander's Gaming Channel5 dagar sedan

    I swear some of you people are pathetic🤦‍♂️ You should not be allowed to make a comment people who bitch about anthem & cyberpunk is not a true gamer you are 100% a non-gamer 🤦‍♂️ and always attacking the game developers when in reality it's not their fault it's the publisher's fault for the missing features you people need to stop attacking game developers because they are only doing what they are told same shit when you have your own job You have to follow whatever your supervisor says and that's exactly what's happening with many game developers But cyberpunk and anthem are actually good games They have improved throughout the months as for this game outriders I'm actually surprised square enix didn't turn this game into a live service game 😲 It's been a long time since I had this much fun by myself and with my trusted friends And I am having the best time on my OG Xbox One I have no stuttering issues 😍 I can tell people can fly adopted the Gears of War gameplay and changed the formula into their own 😍 This game has serious potential to be the best co-op game in a very long time And I will happily support this game But it does have some looting features which I like It is after all a loot and shoot game just like the borderlands series 😍👍

  • Domazet Gaming
    Domazet Gaming5 dagar sedan

    Loving this game haven't had so much fun with a game in a while:)

  • Alain Akiele
    Alain Akiele5 dagar sedan

    If I paid for this game full price I would not like it but for a free game pass game this is a really good pickup

  • John Hilton
    John Hilton5 dagar sedan

    It looks like almost identical mechanics and gameplay to Gears just with some magic

  • Taylor Bain
    Taylor Bain5 dagar sedan

    That’s very true it gets more fun as you go. For sure. I can’t wait until the bosses get hard

  • Kzer 2019
    Kzer 20195 dagar sedan

    I have it since its on the gamepass and I liked it, but I don't think I'm really gonna be playing it since destiny already has me grinding for loot, and I also just got into the yakuza series now that its also on gamepass, but it was really fun for the 4 hours I did play.

  • Andrew Wemyss
    Andrew Wemyss5 dagar sedan

    inspirational choices people can fly used were from straight up; borderlands 1 and 2, gears of war and a splash of destiny. I wish they held lore tags on the equipment. Like expand the story more is very not well written. Hokey lines between some characters they are supposed to have serious tone to them but because they are frequently used lines between writers, they are less effective.

  • Hypster
    Hypster5 dagar sedan

    This review may seem a bit non-commital, however he described the game exactly as it is. If you liked the demo, buy it. If you couldn't get past the stutters, crashes etc, then follow the dev process and buy when they shine it up a bit. There's a diamond under the coal.

  • Adam Thomasson
    Adam Thomasson5 dagar sedan

    I’ve actually really enjoyed this! I’ve seen people compare it to mass effect in a negative way, I have to say I agree- but in the complete opposite way! It’s a fun game, that feels like a game! The writing is surprisingly good too. Far, far better than I thought it was gunna be!

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy5 dagar sedan

    Is it better than Stardew Valley? No, that is my review.

  • Nikk


    3 dagar sedan


  • Leemhuis
    Leemhuis5 dagar sedan

    This game is so much fun. I have never played a looter shooter so it was new for me at the beginning. It’s really addicting. If you have gamepass you should really try it out

  • Xmanegaming27 1

    Xmanegaming27 1

    2 dagar sedan

    @Leemhuis yea I see what you saying

  • Leemhuis


    2 dagar sedan

    @Xmanegaming27 1 it’s not a problem, Xbox way is a subscription. Sony thinks it’s better to work like the ‘normal’ way they’ve been doing it for years. It’s not a problem, it’s just the way how Xbox works nowadays

  • Xmanegaming27 1

    Xmanegaming27 1

    3 dagar sedan

    See that’s the problem you said if you have game pass that means not to pay the 64 dollars for it and PlayStation is the full price but I got both systems and have game pass so I can play it on game pass but it’s kinda crazy when u don’t have to pay much for a game but still have to pay full price on another system something wrong wit that

  • Leo V
    Leo V5 dagar sedan

    This game is a mix of gears of war/destiny/anthem. It has it's bugs and minor flaws but I'm having a lot of fun playing it