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A new Nintendo Switch Pro rumor, new game reveal events, PSN shutdowns, delays, and more in a week full of gaming news.
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0:00 Nintendo Switch 2
02:37 Microsoft Buying Discord?
04:14 Outriders Cheater Punishment
05:02 Old PSN stores
06:20 Back4Blood Delayed
07:52 Reggie bails on GameStop
08:42 Call of Duty 2021 Leaks
09:00 NEW Trailers
11:15 Half-life Alyx Bioshock Mod

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Switch specs leaked?
Outriders hilarious cheater response:
Old PSN stores
Call of Duty WW2 again:
Reggie bails on GameStop

Rocket League goes mobile
Future Games Show (including Gollum reveal trailer)
Xbox indie event:

Biomutant Combat Trailer
Hood: Outlaws and Legends
Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins
Atomic Heart Photo Mode

2 cool things:
BB 4k
Amazing half life Alyx mod:


  • gameranx
    gameranx19 dagar sedan

    Happy weekend, folks! Hunting monsters this weekend? Let us know! Expect a 'Before You Buy' video soon from Jake.

  • john doe

    john doe

    12 dagar sedan

    needs to be called the Switch-a-roo!

  • Chris Cangelosi

    Chris Cangelosi

    16 dagar sedan

    @svenm sandity you can build your own pc

  • Chris Cangelosi

    Chris Cangelosi

    16 dagar sedan

    "Left 4 blood"?

  • Chris Cangelosi

    Chris Cangelosi

    16 dagar sedan

    Sony is very stupid to shutter the stores when more people are going digital

  • Chris Cangelosi

    Chris Cangelosi

    16 dagar sedan

    @Peeps85 super power number #1 go!

  • Mario neto
    Mario neto21 timme sedan

    How is the watermark?

  • Matt Huck
    Matt HuckDag sedan

    Atomic Heart will come out when Beyond Good and Evil 2 comes out.

  • Wubby Simp
    Wubby SimpDag sedan

    I can’t wait to not be able to buy a Nintendo switch just like the ps5 and Xbox because Nintendo makes limited amounts per shipment, and scalpers charging double or triple the price

  • Noctus
    Noctus2 dagar sedan

    "Super Switchtendo" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ayyaz Choudhury
    Ayyaz Choudhury3 dagar sedan

    I will most definitely get a Super Nintendo SWITCH 2🤗....got my switch in 2016 n still live playing it

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi4 dagar sedan

    Switch U

  • Mr. Vexation
    Mr. Vexation5 dagar sedan

    Hey I bet they could use that ai on cyberpunk 2077

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    Congrats on almost reaching 6.40 Subscribers in the date of April 9th, 2021

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I still need to play half life allyx

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I’m getting it

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait until the golem game

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    It sucks how you have to pay for Express VPN, Or different VPNS

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I need a vita too

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    Outriders looks stupid

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    Why did Xbox Lives name change

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I have an Xbox One/S and a PS4, need a new wii because my wii broke and a new ps2 because a long time ago my ps2 broke, I have a Xbox 360 and a gaming pc

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I need a switch

  • Hypster
    Hypster5 dagar sedan

    It's a co-op game, but ok.

  • Jade Nind
    Jade Nind5 dagar sedan

    I was going to buy a PS Vita this year.....don't think I'll bother now :/

  • jameil snegly
    jameil snegly5 dagar sedan

    The new Nintendo switch system should be called "Switch Up"

  • Tierell Thornton
    Tierell Thornton6 dagar sedan

    Although idk how I'd feel if it was a better copy of the existing switches agian I'm gunna be upset but maybe a switch xl or a "switch" home console would be awsome especially if your existing switch would be a accessory like a ultimate dock

  • SadisticGum
    SadisticGum7 dagar sedan

    Sorry, but as long as you don’t ruin the game for other I don’t see any reason for a penalty for using trainers or cheats. It’s like cheating on borderlands. Nobody would care if I was using a trainer as long as I’m not joining their game to flex on them with my modded stuff. This is why modern games just suck ass.

  • Bananki Games
    Bananki Games8 dagar sedan

    Damn. Sony really cutting not profiting features like playstation communities and the old gen psn store. Wonder why... (apart from saving money ofc)

  • Hetty
    Hetty10 dagar sedan

    MEH i hope the new upgraded switch not just new NVidia chip so that it can use dlss for docked mode. I would like a higher resolution screen and more powerful console all together so a lot more developers can start porting their games and gaming on the go becomes the THING!

  • Ben Marsh2007
    Ben Marsh200712 dagar sedan

    Wheres Falcon

  • ramoan green
    ramoan green12 dagar sedan

    Nintendo switch 2

  • Senor Corbuiser
    Senor Corbuiser12 dagar sedan

    Honestly not interested in any new consoles. Not with their current games anyway. I'll save up for the next upcycle of my pc and mod some of consoles I already own to play their entire library's I could never afford. Should keep me busy for a few years anyway.

  • Ja Y
    Ja Y13 dagar sedan

    For a single player and coop non competitive games. I'll cheat if I want. Who cares as long as you're not screwing over others in multi-player.

  • Bradley Buyer
    Bradley Buyer13 dagar sedan

    MS would buy Discord just to shut it down and use it's tech in Teams.

  • LenMode Gaming
    LenMode Gaming14 dagar sedan

    Switch 2 Electric boogaloo

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto ///14 dagar sedan

    Nintendo Switch The Cooler Switch

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto ///14 dagar sedan

    I always love seeing the creative ways devs get to remind people, it's still a dick move to cheat in online games.

  • SiCK Gaming
    SiCK Gaming14 dagar sedan

    I’d definitely pick up the “Switcher-two”

  • superwonder801
    superwonder80114 dagar sedan

    yo hacked vita is by far the best handheld you need for emulators and backups. just saying.

  • Northowl
    Northowl14 dagar sedan

    You're boring. Falcon is better more efficient and sounds good

  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve14 dagar sedan

    BotW 2 will be packed in with the Switch 2 for the $399 price for a limited time to move consoles.

  • aiden pratt
    aiden pratt14 dagar sedan

    What do you mean by discord going public? Isn’t already public?

  • Juakel hester
    Juakel hester14 dagar sedan

    I play d2 with my time manually set back a few years so i can play solo and its been a few times ive forgot to rest my clock before launching outriders im concerned if that counts as cheating or not if i have to delete my character i dont see myself buying the game after all my time is wasted

  • Jithin Xavier
    Jithin Xavier14 dagar sedan

    Oh my God where is falcon?

  • Armanie Singletary
    Armanie Singletary14 dagar sedan

    bro the swith barely released any good aaa titles i only enjoyed oddysey and fire emblem. Zelda was not Zelda

  • Liam Matrai
    Liam Matrai14 dagar sedan

    would it be funny if you can trade your switch with 200 dollars and get the upgrade

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto ///14 dagar sedan

    Express VPN is "goof-proof". I love that term.

  • Daniel Clay
    Daniel Clay14 dagar sedan

    I am not buying another cod ww2

  • Brux
    Brux15 dagar sedan

    Tried express vpn to watch US netflix here in australia, every server was slow as balls and half the artwork for the shows didn't load, sorry but it may be ok for just standard browsing but if u want to watch any content or download anything, good fucking luck is all im saying lol.

  • Scrufboy!
    Scrufboy!15 dagar sedan

    Need more wall treatment... Done your ceiling yet? corners? You sound like you are actually in my home....

  • Wolfy & Dee's Channel
    Wolfy & Dee's Channel15 dagar sedan

    Awesome dude! Super like!

  • Rax_ xit
    Rax_ xit15 dagar sedan

    I don't even have a switch lol

  • dada dojo
    dada dojo15 dagar sedan

    I like your bread.

  • Otay sewah
    Otay sewah15 dagar sedan

    Most games on the Nintendo switch are cell shaded games, if these companies can get better engines to sharply HD results for more customers and more concerned

  • Kalin
    Kalin15 dagar sedan

    Meh switch, looks at my wife's switch that hasn't been used in months.

  • Markchill2
    Markchill215 dagar sedan

    skype is the worst

  • Jake Volk
    Jake Volk15 dagar sedan

    Can't believe I haven't heard any buzz about Hot Wheels: Unleashed it's the game I'm most excited for this year.

  • WarriorCicada
    WarriorCicada15 dagar sedan

    I would like to try Outriders,but Square Enix doesn't what me to I have tried everything to make an account or recover one because I think I made one a few years ago when FF14 had a free trial also couldn't get the account to work then either so what is up with that how I make an account or can I bypass it I'm on PS4 btw.

  • Simon Jack
    Simon Jack15 dagar sedan

    Well cheaters are still going to cheat regardless because there's no real consequence even with account restrictions with matchmaking they still get to keep the loot that they earned through cheating there's no consequence for them. Not to mention no company bans IP addresses when somebody cheats which means they can make another account and just come back

  • JoE Stuff
    JoE Stuff15 dagar sedan

    I've been waiting to get into the Nintendo ecosystem. I dabbled into the old school stuff, I bought a Gamecube and a WiiU but other than that I haven't dived into the deep end. I love Smash Bros. though, so I guess with the release of the Switch Pro I have a good time to give it a try.

  • Markie P
    Markie P15 dagar sedan

    Switch 2: Electric Boogaloo Somebody had to say it.

  • Markie P
    Markie P15 dagar sedan

    The SwitcherTWO

  • ApEx-Adz
    ApEx-Adz15 dagar sedan

    I still prefer physical .. I like to actually see my physical collection of games

  • Mohammed Nasser
    Mohammed Nasser15 dagar sedan

    Again with the 720p

  • loki focus14
    loki focus1415 dagar sedan

    Aren't you guys sponsored by a shoe company that makes waterproof shoes I would like a link

  • H N
    H N15 dagar sedan

    Keep up the awesome work Gameranx - You guys are Top Gun like Tom Cruise ....PS.....Little Nightmares 2 was Excellent - 10/10

  • william hoover
    william hoover15 dagar sedan

    Before everyone only using xbox gamepass freaks out about outriders not being on gamepass pc give it a few weeks think exclusivity. steam gets a few weeks of selling it to people that are all hyped or have to be the firsts to get something done... they wont announce when it is coming to gamepass pc just for a 100% to sales before it is "free" it only gets to happen once for gamepass and other companies once we know the time span everyone will just wait

  • sieffy91
    sieffy9115 dagar sedan

    Skype does suck pretty bad but Microsoft Teams is actually pretty good. Especially from the VoIP side of things. Not sure what they would really do with discord though 🤷

  • Bing Bong .McBridwell
    Bing Bong .McBridwell15 dagar sedan

    I wonder how nintendo will deal with the impending scalping that will happen?

  • Label07
    Label0715 dagar sedan

    Digital > Physical media. You can always download a game again if it gets corrupted or some other unknown issue occurs. If physical breaks you need to buy another one...the better option should be evident.

  • Manuel85
    Manuel8515 dagar sedan

    FUN FACT; 50:50 = 100%

  • Hyokins
    Hyokins16 dagar sedan

    Payday 2 also does this "cheater branding" doesn't it? I remember seeing people labelled as "CHEATER" in red in the lobby and stuff

  • Yobrodude1
    Yobrodude116 dagar sedan

    Bloodborne at 60 fps will become the new snyder cut

  • Kadeo123321
    Kadeo12332116 dagar sedan

    Why is Cod going back to WWII, the last one nothing but a flop

  • Brandon T
    Brandon T16 dagar sedan

    Why is this the first time in my nearly 29 years of life that I heard the phrase, “goof proof” Always heard “fool proof...”

  • Flecher-Geno Dinelle
    Flecher-Geno Dinelle16 dagar sedan

    Nintendo switch pro or what nintendo will probably do is put a new on the label of the current switch.

  • MistahBroccoli
    MistahBroccoli16 dagar sedan

    Great I just got a monster hunter switch and a new one is on the way

  • Josh Willoughby
    Josh Willoughby16 dagar sedan

    As somebody who still rocks the OG Xbox One, nah. Not gonna get the upgrade

  • Muzi Tshabalala
    Muzi Tshabalala16 dagar sedan

    What kind of cheats exist for outriders?

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    they mean like modders or what ever

  • Zombie Sithblade
    Zombie Sithblade16 dagar sedan

    No Switch, got Nintendo thumbs.

  • Tomi
    Tomi16 dagar sedan

    NOOOOOO, WW2 again ?? Why not Vietnam god dammit. I'll pass.

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    your end up getting it anyways

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    Cold War was Vietnam lol

  • Surfer Dog03
    Surfer Dog0316 dagar sedan

    Did you guys get a new camera?? Jake looks like he has a green screen behind him

  • Juan Serrato
    Juan Serrato16 dagar sedan

    compete with 4k of pc is not possible... to be fair is possible that the next nintendo console can compete with next gen consoles in performance since their performance is poor...

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K16 dagar sedan

    Nnnoooooo....not another call of duty based in ww2 god I’m over it.

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    why lol its the best time line

  • Minnie
    Minnie16 dagar sedan

    Ah yes the nintendo switch play on it for 8 hours straight then never use it for the rest of the week

  • Coalescence
    Coalescence16 dagar sedan

    7:31 was that a Todd Howard reference???

  • TalalioisKewl
    TalalioisKewl16 dagar sedan

    why the yt red is yellow

  • Collin Burton
    Collin Burton16 dagar sedan

    LOL. I just bought a new replacement Switch. Ah well.

  • BriPhi9999
    BriPhi999916 dagar sedan

    I'll definitely jump in on day one and get a Super Switch. When I hear it's gonna have a better screen and a more powerful chipset I get excited! However on the other hand That has me pretty concerned for the battery life of the system. I jumped on the Switch when it first came out so I have the 1st wave of systems battery. The 2nd wave is supposed to have a better battery. I just wana be able to play longer undocked at work and junk.

  • Maverick Youtube
    Maverick Youtube16 dagar sedan

    ''I just will never stop being impressed by the lengths people go, to make cool shit in video games.'' - Jake Baldino, 2021

  • Georg F
    Georg F16 dagar sedan

    If you wan't Discord to stay independent use nitro to give them some money. Discord is not profitable at the moment so they can't do anything but sell out to be frank.

  • Edgar Fuentes
    Edgar Fuentes16 dagar sedan

    Way to encourage and promote cheating. Since you are aware of cheaters maybe separate cheaters from players that want to play the real game. I liked the demo but i will and see how it plays out before i buy..

  • Zman95 Freejucee
    Zman95 Freejucee16 dagar sedan

    Whats a bitcoin tux? Bit coins are just data theyre 1s and 0s.

  • Zman95 Freejucee
    Zman95 Freejucee16 dagar sedan

    U called it outsiders not outriders also fuck you for putting an ad in ur video put it at the end so i can just skip it without having to fast forward

  • Da 2K Sniper
    Da 2K Sniper16 dagar sedan

    They need to give cheaters a giant head in game.

  • Ten Ton Geek
    Ten Ton Geek16 dagar sedan

    I really don't understand Nintendo's appeal. They are constantly pushing garbage console / controller options (IMO) that are always under-spec'd to current graphics capabilities. They are constantly on life support with exclusives recycling, and DRM repurchase requirements. I love Mario and Zelda, but not enough to buy a crap console for only those title when every other game out there that I want runs better, is more stable and has better support on every other console. If Nintendo seriously wants universal appeal / global domination like they had in the 80s and 90s, then they need to get on board with their gear, and open up cross platform capabilities for their digital content buying the same title 4, 5, 6 times is exhausting and I won't do it. Final nail in that coffin for me is the abysmal support for graphics hardware - 1080/720p in a time when we are getting ready to roll into 8k resolution for TVs and even pushing 4k on mobile phones, the Switch is a total embarrassment. The Switch can stick that Joy-Con right up their joy-joy ass!

  • TimeMage88 x
    TimeMage88 x16 dagar sedan

    Microsoft buying Discord would be huge as Sony is taking down their PlayStation communitys and many users are going to Discord.The blockage move if Microsoft could get his!

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    discord is a pc based thing it wont effect Sony at all

  • Znakec
    Znakec16 dagar sedan

    I’ll buy the new switch if the controller drift gets fixed

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude16 dagar sedan

    Call Of Duty is played TF out, and WWII is played TF out. How many games can be made about the same damn war? How much blood can one get from a turnip?

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    different stories, but we dont know what about ww2 it will on

  • Jesyka Rabbit
    Jesyka Rabbit16 dagar sedan

    I'm curious about the Switch and mobile gaming. Nintendo has always cornered the handheld market but if mobile gaming actually gets big then another company like Microsoft, Samsung or Sony will just step in and dominate the market. So even tho I am curious, I'm not gonna buy one

  • hentaidancer
    hentaidancer16 dagar sedan

    That legit sucks that access to the psn store for Ps3 is closing down. Like now I gotta make sure I have everything downloaded before they go... That's just not right that a digital game cost the same as physical but you will lose access to it down the line. And when I do lose access I gotta find a half beaten physical copy or really expensive copy in the 2nd hand market if I ever want to play them

  • Cubbs Moments

    Cubbs Moments

    16 dagar sedan

    you will still be able to download just not buy

  • cobra gameing
    cobra gameing17 dagar sedan

    Man: mentions monster hunter rise Me: Done finished great preordered with a lil palico my mate got a dog fuck yea

  • Zachary Green
    Zachary Green17 dagar sedan

    I was waiting for an updated switch, but that ended up being the lite. I’ve been looking at just buying the original but haven’t because the rumors of a new version. I would invest in a new version.

  • Vesper
    Vesper17 dagar sedan

    Id call the new switch “Switch+” but i think they may go the 3DS route a call it “New Switch”