10 Video Game AI Partners WE HATED


Sometimes having help in video games is not ideal. Here are some of the worst AI controlled in-game partners EVER.
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  • Rolley Pole
    Rolley Pole4 timmar sedan

    the unit in tabs when you have to protec them

  • Carlos Alcaino
    Carlos Alcaino7 timmar sedan

    What about the constant annoying screaming from Atreus in GoW... Father watch our... Father behind you... Father! Fatheeeer!! I swear to God

  • PrettyTony
    PrettyTony12 timmar sedan

    How about a list of lines you got tired of from either losing the boss fight enough times, or from your partners repeating it too often. For example Dickson in Xenoblade Chronicles yelling “AHM NAWT HOLDIN BACK ANYMOOOORE.” Or the last boss of Kingdom hearts speech due to it being an unskippable cutscene. “Every heart return to darkness!”

  • Zayla
    Zayla20 timmar sedan

    Ellie in the first Last of Us game the AI sucks so fricking much. Sorry not sorry.

  • Final Chapter
    Final ChapterDag sedan

    Hey I’m offended superfly Johnson is the greatest name ever mk other than that yeah I agree with this list

  • James Ryan
    James RyanDag sedan

    every time i watch one of these videos i get flashbanged every transition with that white screen

  • Yang
    YangDag sedan

    I am so happy you added the Handler in this list. “Hey Partner, WE did it!”

  • Mal Grave
    Mal GraveDag sedan

    Now, it's Reyne Time. XD, my ribs

  • Franco Quiroz
    Franco QuirozDag sedan

    Ashley was kind of the worst, but I was really young when I player RE4 and the company was good. Ashley helped me being less scared (I was just a kid)

  • Clara Wolfenstein
    Clara WolfensteinDag sedan

    The fact that u can get a special armor suit to make it impossible for the enemies to pick up Ashley in the first place easies some of her annoyance. At least for me it does. Except for her not being able to climb ladders. I get that she is the president's daughter but seriously how can u not know how to climb a ladder & just expect someone to catch after u jump down

  • Ryan Nobil
    Ryan NobilDag sedan

    I hate ai because they walk slow and if we overtake him he come fast and overtake then walk slow as hell .

  • Chi_squared
    Chi_squaredDag sedan

    Idk about most people, but I thought it was fun/funny watching the Handler flopping around on a Deviljho's back. She never bothered me all that much, but I would 100% take Serious Handler over her permanently, rather than 3 quests in IB.

  • Sbren Sbeve
    Sbren SbeveDag sedan

    I get triggered every time I see or hear anything related to Micha Bell. Fuck. This. Guy.

  • Kris NewTalk
    Kris NewTalk2 dagar sedan

    Sheva Alamar from Resedent evil 5 was also pretty bad.

  • BLAZE1.22
    BLAZE1.222 dagar sedan

    everytime i see a gameranx video like first then watch

  • Ixelhaine
    Ixelhaine2 dagar sedan

    Natalia, dear God Natalia. She didn't just lack survival instincts on par with bad AI, she would actively, near intentionally, run IN FRONT OF YOUR GUN WHILE YOU'RE SHOOTING even if her pathing wouldn't have normally seemed to have needed her to go that way. She just actually wanted to die.

  • Sophia Gabriel
    Sophia Gabriel2 dagar sedan

    That girl from resident evil 5 is the worst

  • christopher lind
    christopher lind2 dagar sedan

    Love the video keep up the great work What about fs19 ai

  • CaptainCardboard
    CaptainCardboard2 dagar sedan

    The pawns from dragon’s dogma “Harpy!!!”

  • Snowflake
    Snowflake2 dagar sedan

    Omg you fucking kidding me, you put annoying fan on the list?? You know, NPC that sole purpose is to BE annoying? That doesn't count lol.

  • THoT GoD
    THoT GoD2 dagar sedan

    Sheva from RE5 should of been here over Ashley, rather have “Leon, help” then some stupid bitch wasting my health sprays and herbs 💀 and they wonder why she vanished from RE canon

  • Dejan Turk
    Dejan Turk2 dagar sedan

    I know someone more annoying... your training partners in ufc four from Hard Difficulty on...

  • Grey Hunter
    Grey Hunter3 dagar sedan

    Are there any AI partners you don't mind tagging along?

  • Arcane King
    Arcane King3 dagar sedan

    I wish the Boetiah quest in Skyrim was in Oblivion just because of the "fan"

  • Jex L
    Jex L3 dagar sedan

    omg npc ai driving SUCKS!

  • NiKE MAN
    NiKE MAN3 dagar sedan

    Ashley isnt that bad if ur uhhh good at the game

  • Levi M
    Levi M3 dagar sedan

    Ashley and Navi are in the same boat for me. Functional, unnecessarily annoying, but still endearing.

  • Darksword The fish
    Darksword The fish3 dagar sedan

    Idea 💡 don’t talk to garby

  • chris creger
    chris creger3 dagar sedan

    I played Halo 2! Yeah they always drive like they’re drunk. It’s really weird

  • CrimsonDX
    CrimsonDX3 dagar sedan

    I really like the Handler from MHW. Her Japanese voice is really cute, and I actually like her personality.

  • iTunes Thief
    iTunes Thief3 dagar sedan

    Paul revere AC3

  • nice1bro
    nice1bro3 dagar sedan


  • Doomkiller04 slayer
    Doomkiller04 slayer4 dagar sedan

    As soon as i heard halo ai driving i got ptdsd flash backs of halo reach kat driveing

  • Genius Pigby
    Genius Pigby4 dagar sedan

    Everytime that ratfcuking Micah called me _Black_ _Lung_ I freaking lost it, I swear

  • André Corazza Miguens
    André Corazza Miguens4 dagar sedan

    I'm just listening while doing the dishes and I'm like "who the heck is Rain from Xenoblade? How dare you mispronounce Reyn???? I'd say more, but "Let's not lose our heads, though"

  • My Rabbit Is Epic
    My Rabbit Is Epic4 dagar sedan

    Now it's Reyn time should become a meme. That voice is so stoopid

  • EnderSteve915 / Central Oklahoma EAS
    EnderSteve915 / Central Oklahoma EAS4 dagar sedan

    Big Smoke from San Andreas was a huge pain on the mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks" because he would barely even shoot at the enemies on the train.

  • Planet Nate Gaming
    Planet Nate Gaming4 dagar sedan

    Skyrim things You accidentaly hit your horse in combat - "Oh dear,oh dear, gorgeous" as you heal it You shout an enemy off a cliff but Lydia gets in the way - "You fucking donkey"

  • kross inuzuka
    kross inuzuka4 dagar sedan

    For me dragons dogma on ps3 my guys would constantly yell (harpy) cuz you literally have to sit them down and tell them to shut up

  • jeremy fincham
    jeremy fincham4 dagar sedan

    Thank you for clarifying, because I thought this would be mostly be a list of bad Fallout companions.

  • jeremy fincham
    jeremy fincham4 dagar sedan

    Resident Evil Ashley ( AKA ) oh yeah that bitch!

  • Scott Norris
    Scott Norris4 dagar sedan

    Most Japanese games have shitty AI teammates

  • dagjish
    dagjish4 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised Trico was not listed

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith4 dagar sedan

    Claptrap 2nd borderlands

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer5 dagar sedan

    Before clicking on this video I just knew the adoring fan would be on here lmao

  • The Random Guy and Co
    The Random Guy and Co5 dagar sedan

    That Xenoblade one is totally weird. Why is that even the on the list.

  • The Random Guy and Co
    The Random Guy and Co5 dagar sedan

    Um no, I f**king love the Handler.

  • AEngel cross
    AEngel cross5 dagar sedan

    Leave Ashley alone

  • Charles Delivuk
    Charles Delivuk5 dagar sedan

    How dare you bad mouth Slippy lol

  • Tyler Houston
    Tyler Houston5 dagar sedan

    The ai "partners" in C&C RA3 campaign, they didn't help AND took your resources for themselves. I literally had to block one once just to win

  • Steve Korzeniewski
    Steve Korzeniewski5 dagar sedan

    HEY ! LISTEN !!! Where is Navi on this list ??

  • Wesley Wakeman
    Wesley Wakeman5 dagar sedan

    I'm just here to check if Johnny Silverhand made the list.

  • Pavel Hughes
    Pavel Hughes5 dagar sedan

    But... i love Reyn :c

  • Robert E.O. Speedwagon
    Robert E.O. Speedwagon5 dagar sedan

    I hate these AI partners more than I hate myself

  • G Trivette
    G Trivette5 dagar sedan

    Literally every GTA character that can die

  • demoonmunkay
    demoonmunkay5 dagar sedan

    Anyone from Fallout. As a sniper it’s infuriating having someone jump infront of your gun when combat starts. As a sniper, even it you’re not in combT and you scope in they will immediately put themselves between you and what ever enemies you’re aiming at.

  • Angel Vega
    Angel Vega5 dagar sedan

    Fucking Ashley in resident evil 4. Hated that women

  • Лин Ксяо Tony
    Лин Ксяо Tony5 dagar sedan

    Lol I thought Arthur was French inhaling in the thumbnail..

  • Justin Trotzuk
    Justin Trotzuk5 dagar sedan

    Sorry but for fallout 4 it's gotta be dogmeat. Always runs into a horde, and needs to be stimmed every 5 seconds. Just a complete liability, at least guys like Preston had a gun lol

  • OstryZ
    OstryZ5 dagar sedan

    Poland adds Wrzód from Gothic

  • Yootoob Suks
    Yootoob Suks6 dagar sedan

    Always love hearing people talk about how much they hate the Adoring Fan, but this entire video was funny to watch.

  • Bob Stevenson
    Bob Stevenson6 dagar sedan

    Wtf i loved fi

  • MonoChronicle
    MonoChronicle6 dagar sedan

    Have you done a list that covered the opposite? You know: "10 AI partners we LOVED"? 'Cause you should.

  • Chino Sparks
    Chino Sparks6 dagar sedan

    Idk why but hearing Falcon say "Fuck Rodney" was like hearing a tracher curse for the first time lol

  • Johnny Peterson
    Johnny Peterson6 dagar sedan

    No Sheva? (re5) lol

  • Ronik Sharma
    Ronik Sharma6 dagar sedan

    I found Sheva in RE5 much more annoying than Ashley in RE4 I remember seeing ammo in the distance, watching Sheva run for it and me going "OH NO YOU DON'T YOU FU-"

  • Feistycat16
    Feistycat166 dagar sedan

    Micah Bell is a character that's made specifically to rub you the wrong way

  • Oneeb Ashraf
    Oneeb Ashraf6 dagar sedan

    Abby from TLOU1, she literally became a playable character in part 2. Annoying AF

  • Kenneth Cunningham
    Kenneth Cunningham6 dagar sedan

    The handler and reyn, deserve to be loved and protected.

  • Black Binder
    Black Binder6 dagar sedan

    Its Reyn time

  • devilish2345
    devilish23456 dagar sedan

    Eh just give her the night armor eventually she too heavy to carry off and they just become easy targets then, no lore leion help

  • Pleasureincontempt
    Pleasureincontempt6 dagar sedan

    You talk like a valley girl. Why do you enunciate every assertion like a question?

  • TFSOul
    TFSOul6 dagar sedan

    Playing through Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time as we speak. I’m about 35 hours in and every time I hear “NOW IT’S REYN TIME” I want to throw my switch across the room and quickly stab my ear drums before I make sure it’s okay. So that, on the off chance the switch is fine, I don’t have to hear it.

  • arzE R
    arzE R6 dagar sedan

    my dude, you totally forgot Gohan and Krillin in the first Dragonball Xenoverse! Specifically in the "Ginyu Sneak Mission". You have to defeat a certain number of Frieza's army without Gohan or Krillin dying, but they are so incapable of self preservation and just completely abandon you by going opposite directions, which forces you to choose who you're baby sitting in that moment. this level was so irritatingly awful i stopped playing the game for years! the worst part is it is pretty close to the beginning of the game DX

  • DaDude
    DaDude6 dagar sedan

    by Azura, BY Azura, BY AZURA!! It’s YOUUUU!!

  • devinbahm
    devinbahm6 dagar sedan

    Where are the pawns from dragons dogma on this list?

  • devinbahm
    devinbahm6 dagar sedan

    I liked the handler.

  • Onie Geist
    Onie Geist6 dagar sedan


  • Jesse Herman
    Jesse Herman6 dagar sedan

    I would put Elize from, "Tales of Xillia" and "Tales of Xillia 2" on here. She says, "Sharing is caring" so many damn times if she's one of your party members that it'd annoy the hell out of most players.

  • nintendians
    nintendians6 dagar sedan

    10. well she just there to follow leon. 7. he's just a dirty ally. 5. just hated when she just get in your way. 3. they drive so crappy.

  • 〈my_name〉
    〈my_name〉6 dagar sedan

    Big Smoke is my top 1😄

    MUSTANG BOYYY6 dagar sedan

    Make part 2

  • UndeadTensei
    UndeadTensei6 dagar sedan

    Sheeva from resi 5, Donald from kingdom hearts, any ai in DBZ xenoverse 2

  • Ioganstone
    Ioganstone6 dagar sedan

    Falcon is so old. Micah was integrated well and robbed a stagecoach for the gang. Where was GladOS as the potato?

  • UltimateSenshi
    UltimateSenshi6 dagar sedan

    I need the option for the Handler to just not exist or be game ended pls.

  • Sibusiso
    Sibusiso6 dagar sedan

    Before I even watch the video....all you had to do, was follow the goddamn train CJ

  • Adalwolf Wolfy
    Adalwolf Wolfy6 dagar sedan

    you did not mention Final Fantasy XV Ignis Scientia (That's it! I've come up with a new recipe!) I truly love this game but that line suck the soul out of me while playing it I even took a break or two weeks

  • vargen1414
    vargen14146 dagar sedan

    Preston Garvey is bugged to mention settlements all the time

  • vargen1414
    vargen14146 dagar sedan

    I appreciate that there was some Zootopia footage in this video

  • The Music Heart
    The Music Heart6 dagar sedan

    If those halo1 ai and Ashley weren't on this list then they must be in some whole other dimension of crazy. Or your all just idiots with high tolerance masochism.

  • Benjamin Hamrick
    Benjamin Hamrick6 dagar sedan

    which follower in skyrim do you hate? me: yes...

  • mikee cl
    mikee cl6 dagar sedan

    oh my god! the HANDLER!!

  • zJoriz
    zJoriz6 dagar sedan

    Lamar from GTA5 and GTAO. Everything he touches turns to gold. Wait, did I say "gold"? I meant "an aircraft carrier-sized gut-inversing hydra-knitting brain-melting blood-splattered train wreck which he then proceeds to blame you for".

  • cormanda
    cormanda6 dagar sedan

    How did we forget about the "HEY LISTEN!" Navi

  • ExGamArs
    ExGamArs6 dagar sedan

    Fallout 4 - Nah there is a way to escape the "Settlement in Trouble" crap. 1. Never enter the building they are in, you can complete the game without ever meeting Garvey. OR 2. Meet them, get the Power Armor, exit town, never come back. You don't need them to build up settlements and you'll be notified about the ones you have discovered an made your own settlements if they ever get in trouble. The other ones? Settlements you haven't discovered? They'll stay inactive til you encounter them & make them your own. The only real benefit of having Garvey an company? You're interested in curing the chem lady or feeding her addiction. Other than that? They're totally useless.

  • Lytherael
    Lytherael6 dagar sedan

    No Rosh Penin from Jedi Academy? He's cocky, insolent, stupid, you have to save his butt, during which you find out he's fallen to the dark side, then you have to save him again, because Kyle isn't the protagonist anymore so he has to do stupid things, so you go do that, at which point he pussies out, begs for his life, and if you do the sensible thing and put him out of the galaxy's misery, you're instantly evil.

  • Paulo Dragnell
    Paulo Dragnell6 dagar sedan


  • 13_211 Narachpong Vier Sangkaha
    13_211 Narachpong Vier Sangkaha6 dagar sedan

    I think in far cry new dawn the peggies new edeners and joseph seed him self are incredibly annoying like the AI in the game are already a bit stupid but the peggies are incredibly stupid and also the fact that they are the antagonist and villian in the previous game and even your ally would said that too like if you talk to jerome there is a chance that he will talk about what joseph and the peggies have done after you met them for the first time you would have to go north to find joseph then you would have to walk with him and at that point you can't use your weapon you can run but joseph walks incredibly slower than other ncp in the game and you would have to listen to him talking nonsense the whole way and even other peggies are also the person that you don't want to be ally with they use only a filthy stick some use bow and have cougar but still they are stupid I remember one time there's an ethanol car I want to tank it but the peggies with a bow shot an fire arrow at the car and it explode there is also a time that I see one hitting the merchant and they are everywhere even more than the scouts did

  • Billy Joel Baguio
    Billy Joel Baguio7 dagar sedan

    And with ashley u can get the armor right?

  • Sakkarin kaeoli
    Sakkarin kaeoli7 dagar sedan

    Next video: AI partner we loved Ellie from TLOU1 is my top 10