Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2021


The zombie game genre is going strong with these new 2021 releases on PC, PS5, Xbox, Switch, and more.
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#10 Evil Dead: The Game
Platform : XSX|S XBOX ONE PS5 PS4 PC Switch
Release Date : 2021

#9 Ill
Platform: TBA.
Release Date : TBA

#8 A Way to be Dead
Platform: PC
Release Date : TBA

#7 SYNCED: Off-Planet
Platform: PC
Release Date : TBA 2021

#6 After the fall
Platform: PS4 PC
Release Date : TBA 2021

#5 The Last Stand Aftermath
Platform: PC
Release Date : Coming Soon

#4 The Day Before
Platform: PC
Release Date : TBA

#3 Resident Evil Village
Platform: PS5 PS4 Xbox One XSX|S PC
Release Date : May 7, 2021

#2 Dying Light 2
Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S PC XBOX ONE
Release Date : TBA 2021

#1 Back 4 Blood
Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S PC XBOX ONE
Release Date : June 22, 2021

Days Gone
Platform: PC
Release Date : Q2 2021

Resident Evil RE:Verse
Release Date : TBA 2021

The Red Solstice 2: Survivors
Platform: PC
Release Date : June 17, 2021

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine
Platform : XSX|S PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS5
Release Date : TBA 2021

State of Decay 3
Platform: PC
Release Date : TBA


  • Mr. Demon
    Mr. Demon13 timmar sedan

    Uhh State of decay III? Really? Not gonna mention it? Wow, okay... wow... wow... Shame on you, wow...

  • B Mobile
    B Mobile15 timmar sedan

    State of Decay is one of my favorite franchises and I’m super excited for the 3rd one to come out eventually.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay22 timmar sedan

    Number 7: Oh looks good..... and there we go, Tencent. Fk me

  • OngBOBO31
    OngBOBO3122 timmar sedan

    I'am waiting for Day Before (and Hope i can it play without PvP) also waiting for SoD3 but i think that Game will take a lot more time to come out, maybi 2022 or 2023

  • EasternBlack
    EasternBlackDag sedan

    The games that i am most excited is sons of the forest and black 4 blood

  • pedro taco
    pedro tacoDag sedan

    Why play a zombie game when you can just go to downtown Seattle.

  • D4nkFo3tu5
    D4nkFo3tu5Dag sedan

    God I'm sick of these straight to pc games

  • Kayla Heard
    Kayla HeardDag sedan

    I’m so exited for Back 4 Blood

  • Trace
    TraceDag sedan

    Jesus I havent heard "The last stand" since I was like 8. Im gonna go play all three of them real quick.

  • Luis Fernando Caiguaraico Cordero
    Luis Fernando Caiguaraico CorderoDag sedan

    well i prefers days gone

  • Niel Alabata
    Niel AlabataDag sedan

    Zombie games in android

  • Niel Alabata
    Niel AlabataDag sedan

    How about in Android cellphone

  • Ser Edimond IV
    Ser Edimond IVDag sedan

    All this tiem and still not a new game where you play as a zombie. Fuck me up, fam. Come on.

  • Adym Maris
    Adym MarisDag sedan

    imo zombie games will never "die" or get old. there's just something about that type of apocalyptical world and exploring it, for me personally it's my favorite.

  • B4p_ Tzy?
    B4p_ Tzy?2 dagar sedan

    Jezzzzz,can’t wait for the dying light 2, Wat ‘bout u guys?

  • L1X0N
    L1X0N2 dagar sedan

    Where's son's of the forest? Lol

  • Nicolás Zan
    Nicolás Zan2 dagar sedan

    The Day Before looks like the perfect opportunity for a Watch Dogs or Cyberpunk scenario, where what we are advertised is a LOT better than what we get. Specially for a multiplayer game, the idea and the graphics just look too good to be realistically true.

  • unknown guy
    unknown guy2 dagar sedan

    no days gone 2 :(

  • BlackWaterPirate
    BlackWaterPirate2 dagar sedan

    SOD 3 is slated 2023. Legit insider info.

  • Cheator Completor
    Cheator Completor2 dagar sedan

    In my opinion, the words "doing the right thing" and "microtransactions" can never be used in the same sentence

  • ドラコイアント-日本ではない
    ドラコイアント-日本ではない2 dagar sedan

    The day before is the one i wait, seem fun

  • Remo Gen
    Remo Gen2 dagar sedan

    The Day Before had me until MMO, just not my thing.

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox3 dagar sedan

    They better make Days Before for PC and Console fast

  • Russ Green
    Russ Green3 dagar sedan

    Are there any open world zombie games that are truly open world, free to roam, scavenge, full customization, Base Building without too many crazy zombie types. Just a classic zombie apocalypse?

  • Lucifer Leviathan
    Lucifer Leviathan3 dagar sedan

    How did you completely miss state of decay 3....

  • hcaz
    hcaz3 dagar sedan

    I just got dying light this week, and hot damn... can't wait for 2

  • Efe Sarıkaya
    Efe Sarıkaya3 dagar sedan

    l4d is still the king ngl (Im not a boomer)

  • JoE_MoMMA_227
    JoE_MoMMA_2274 dagar sedan

    As much as I hate to say it there is no way ILL is gonna be a game

  • Pan Malpa
    Pan Malpa4 dagar sedan

    Dying Light the best game what im played, im cant weight for. DL2.

  • Alfredo Perez
    Alfredo Perez4 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know where 0:07 is from? Was kinda creepy. Thanks in advance.

  • Ride the Gamer
    Ride the Gamer4 dagar sedan


  • marcin togeldon
    marcin togeldon4 dagar sedan

    This is how we gonna evolve after taking the vaccine??

  • Joseph Marano
    Joseph Marano4 dagar sedan

    I want a zombie game where I play as the zombie and try to devour survivors or other zombies.

  • Nikkou Kanuaki
    Nikkou Kanuaki4 dagar sedan

    So I've been driving myself insane trying to find this one zombie game that I heard of I think-- at least a year ago. I've been scouring youtube and google to try and find this out but for some reason the only thing I can remember of it was when there was a new zombie that seemed to have a straightjacket on along with syringes maybe? And I think it was either like a Japanese game or maybe the setting of it was based in the continent of Asia, I'm not sure but I was interested in it, all I remember of it was what I put, if anyone has an idea of what I'm talking about all the help would be appreciated.

  • Gamer_Memer 1234
    Gamer_Memer 12344 dagar sedan

    Hopefully, dying light 2

  • NC Pantherology
    NC Pantherology5 dagar sedan

    I hate first person shooting games

  • Sammy Boi
    Sammy Boi5 dagar sedan

    "Hot vampire ladies." Noooooo!!! Not you too!! This...this is getting out of hand!

    WXOLF5 dagar sedan

    Days Gone 2 hope they make this

  • Sameh Aladdin
    Sameh Aladdin5 dagar sedan

    Days gone included as a free game this month for PS+ subscribers, already downloaded it 2 days ago and already halfway through it. I think it might be the best Zombie game ever. I'm loving the the horde chaos, enjoyable AF!

  • Richard Fitzwell
    Richard Fitzwell5 dagar sedan

    Last Stand, jesus, I remember when the first one game out. Was small, but damn it was fun. It's insane how far that developer has gone with just a cheesy flash game.

  • Omar
    Omar5 dagar sedan

    Gameranx obviously know what games are good since they added days gone

  • Sun家轩
    Sun家轩5 dagar sedan

    dying light 2!!!

  • Tadak marging
    Tadak marging6 dagar sedan

    Fuck i have ps2 on 2021🤣🤣🤣 Never mind😎

  • tchrono12
    tchrono126 dagar sedan

    WOW Days Gone comin pc! woho!! :3

  • joseph pardue
    joseph pardue6 dagar sedan

    i dont think anyone cares bout back 4 blood as much as dying light 2 we only been waiting like almost 10yrs

  • Mcdannt Gaming
    Mcdannt Gaming6 dagar sedan

    You didnt show project Z

  • Brandon yeet
    Brandon yeet6 dagar sedan

    You sound like Columbus from zombie land 😹

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman6 dagar sedan

    No More Room in Hell 2 is flying under the radar for so many people, please cover that!

  • JoopPlays
    JoopPlays7 dagar sedan

    might have to dust the oculus off for After The Fall!

  • Barclay's and HARD PLAYS
    Barclay's and HARD PLAYS7 dagar sedan

    Rdr2 undead nightmare should of been a thing

  • Michael Herauf
    Michael Herauf7 dagar sedan

    how's the dev behind Project Ill?

  • Silver Tora
    Silver Tora8 dagar sedan

    Interesting - I'm only interested in Dying Light 2, Days Gone for PC and State of Decay 3

  • Asian Man
    Asian Man8 dagar sedan

    All about dying light 2 and back 4 blood

  • Vaughn Prince
    Vaughn Prince8 dagar sedan

    Or A Remake

  • Vaughn Prince
    Vaughn Prince8 dagar sedan

    We need Stubbs the Zombie 2

  • Mr Grey
    Mr Grey8 dagar sedan

    State of decay 3! All others are trash!

  • Crusader
    Crusader9 dagar sedan

    where is days gone 2?

  • KuplungTV
    KuplungTV9 dagar sedan

    Back 4 Blood got delayed

  • Aiden V
    Aiden V10 dagar sedan

    I literally just want dying light, that’s it

  • james murphy
    james murphy10 dagar sedan

    vr is getting cool but i cant wait till it is full dive like soa

  • david corodeanu
    david corodeanu10 dagar sedan

    dysmantle it's a really good game also

  • Ivan Georgiev
    Ivan Georgiev10 dagar sedan

    What about state of decay 3 ?

  • Adrian Amurki
    Adrian Amurki10 dagar sedan

    None of these look really good...... I mean The Last Of Us & Days Gone Was Really Good.................... I'd Like For Someone To Make Games Like Those..

  • grimsoul 101
    grimsoul 10110 dagar sedan

    he 'said right up your ally' wanna know what i heard

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama11 dagar sedan

    Why is state of decay not there cmon man that game is so underrated. Nvm didn’t fully watch video

  • Keisha Bautista
    Keisha Bautista11 dagar sedan

    I want gloco to play these

  • poging michael
    poging michael11 dagar sedan

    the ill game i thought it was fake they said

  • Asa_Games
    Asa_Games12 dagar sedan

    God if that creepy crawly crawled onto me while I was on the ground I would just off myself, no thank you Also Crane, why did you have to go through the sewers and infect the child? Thanks for getting me a new game almost 5 years after The Following dlc, but like........ THINK BOUT THE CHILDREN MAN

  • krkn 2003x
    krkn 2003x12 dagar sedan

    Dayz and division

  • Spencer
    Spencer12 dagar sedan

    I’m playing dying light 1 right now and I’m exited for dying light 2

  • aciu66
    aciu6613 dagar sedan

    1. Dying light 2 !!!! 2.------ 3.------

  • PolarMetroGames
    PolarMetroGames13 dagar sedan

    Dying Light 2 is the only game I'm going to buy as soon as it releases. I'm going to go install the first game again because I'm that stoked.

  • Michael Life TV
    Michael Life TV13 dagar sedan

    Resident Evil Village awesome game 😀

  • Nguyễn Necro
    Nguyễn Necro14 dagar sedan

    I build a new pc to play Dying Light 2 3 years ago and right now Dying Light 2 still not released !

  • Ghosttraining101
    Ghosttraining10114 dagar sedan

    Thnx for the video but what about state of decay 3?

  • Alexa Morrisey
    Alexa Morrisey14 dagar sedan

    Back 4 Blood was moved to Oct 11 /:

  • It’s Dukes
    It’s Dukes14 dagar sedan

    Damn I miss the last stand

  • Nathan Solberg
    Nathan Solberg14 dagar sedan

    Do more research on Project Ill, it's not a normal dev making this game. It's done by a 3D artist who's known for making very gorey movies and that kind of stuff. Might be worth a video, but from what I've seen it's still very much up in the air.

  • Oliver Grant
    Oliver Grant14 dagar sedan

    How is B4B above dying light 2?

  • Telo
    Telo14 dagar sedan

    state of decay was the closest thing to a really good survival zombie game but still wasn't great in my opinion

  • Wicked LC
    Wicked LC14 dagar sedan

    Zombie game is life

  • Hayden TGW
    Hayden TGW14 dagar sedan

    What's funny is that back 4 blood comes out 5 days after my 18th birthday I can't wait to have this pre-ordered

  • Mary Brandal
    Mary Brandal15 dagar sedan

    How many times did you just giving say the weird zombie.

  • ImTragzii Grt
    ImTragzii Grt15 dagar sedan

    Cant wait for "The day before", Its going to be legend wait for it . . . DARY!!!

  • allan allen
    allan allen15 dagar sedan

    Zombies are old news 😵

  • Blackbox Kt
    Blackbox Kt15 dagar sedan

    wow a lot of zombie games this year and they all look great

  • kendoka
    kendoka16 dagar sedan

    yo i can't wait for dl 2 im a HUGE fan if the first one i even played it on day one and i played the demo when it first came out.

  • Luga Eoa
    Luga Eoa16 dagar sedan

    Out of a list of ten there’s only three of these that are coming out for xbox

  • MRriNICKulous
    MRriNICKulous16 dagar sedan

    Dying Light 2 is going to blow people’s minds when it releases!

  • Ptolemy336VV
    Ptolemy336VV16 dagar sedan

    Resident evil + back for blood. That's what I want

  • Vampire Money
    Vampire Money17 dagar sedan

    Excited for no more room in hell 2

  • Davut Sabır
    Davut Sabır17 dagar sedan

    Nice video

  • Rory Morrissey
    Rory Morrissey17 dagar sedan

    Ah #7 published by tencent eh? Guess I can knock that one off my list since it'll be absolute garbage.

  • hello50881
    hello5088117 dagar sedan

    Resi is life

  • Samuel Colton
    Samuel Colton18 dagar sedan

    What about state of decay 3 🤔

  • bruce jones
    bruce jones18 dagar sedan

    Fantastic. Thanks fellas.

  • statutoryape90
    statutoryape9018 dagar sedan

    That back for blood looks awesome 😎

  • Marco Nadal
    Marco Nadal18 dagar sedan

    And S.C.U.M.? The Survive Zombie Game, number one today.

    JOPLAY X18 dagar sedan

    state of dacay 3 é de xbox/pc

  • wolololer
    wolololer18 dagar sedan

    I dont get whos the moron that think sligthly change zombies like Synced did. is an original and apealing idea. All i see in those "original" twists is a cheap game that is a complete copy of what already exist "BuT It hAs A NeW tWisT". I dont have a problem with the zombies idea but atleast make the game diferent from other games, dont just change one minor aspect of it and call that a new game

  • wolololer


    18 dagar sedan

    To me an original idea would be something like these type of games but instead of zombies it would be like "rise of the planet ape" where the mobs would be the apes and "we" would try to survive or stop the apes or something like that. Apes can have many features since they could chose multiple species diferent abilities and they could be sligtly inteligent while some could still be dumb as a zombie So many possibilites and always focus on this uninspiring adn boring cash grabs all the same