5 Worst Graphics Downgrades From Trailer To Release [Part 2]


Some video games don't quite live up to the expectations set when they were first revealed. Here's another video detailing some graphical disappointments.
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  • Osama BinLagging
    Osama BinLagging6 timmar sedan

    The rock looked like vin diesel 😂

  • cbapiaz
    cbapiaz15 timmar sedan

    one thing we can all agree on, companies are getting very good at making trailers.... nothing else. Basically they sell you smoke and we pay for it.

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear Minimum16 timmar sedan

    Not sure the cyberpunk one is fair. The graphics showing off the game was never gonna be based on the base PS4.

  • Lynx Games
    Lynx GamesDag sedan

    Watchdogs is gonna be here somewher... oh there he is

  • moe the gamer
    moe the gamer2 dagar sedan

    The best wwe game is on playsation 2 and xbox 360

  • Artyom
    Artyom3 dagar sedan

    Basically most of mobile phone game ads

  • Rishi Soni
    Rishi Soni4 dagar sedan

    Think about lords mobile gameplay adds vs game

  • honor P20
    honor P206 dagar sedan

    Gta5 looks way better than cyberpunk and its released in 2013 🤣😂when cyberpunk started to work on this game. Rockstar Games really rocks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 R*

  • DevilRedHD
    DevilRedHD7 dagar sedan

    CD project shouldnt have made CP2077 for consoles.. Go full PC and then work downgrade to work well with consoles since they are way less more powerful than PCs It was just bad logic from the start...

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart8 dagar sedan

    I played Cyberpunk 2077 on PC and not only did it look incredible but it also ran very well. I was able to get well over 60fps consistently while playing in 1440p at max quality. I know the console players didn’t have a great time with it in the beginning but I loved it

  • Ehsan Mahdizadeh
    Ehsan Mahdizadeh8 dagar sedan

    I prefer PS2 wwe 2011 Its so cool

  • Liam Gouws
    Liam Gouws9 dagar sedan

    Drinking game: take a shot each time you hear “layered”

    EV1L PASTA10 dagar sedan

    I'm a cyberpunk preorderer...a survivor in other words. Jk I'm literally 90% water melon brain. Smooth and stoopid

  • xidex51
    xidex5111 dagar sedan

    If ypu knw something about hardware and games. Everybody should lnw that cyberpunk would be shit on the previous gen or oj a bad pc. I played it since release on my series x, the graphics where amazing and didn't had any crazy bugs or glitches.

  • Carcoon
    Carcoon12 dagar sedan

    Clickbait trash

  • Mohammed Hanin
    Mohammed Hanin13 dagar sedan

    Admit it CD project red is even worse than ea

  • Bilal Ahmad
    Bilal Ahmad14 dagar sedan

    Extinction 😕 you guys should cheak that trilar and real game it self

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones14 dagar sedan

    Does anyone else notice that Falcon's voice changes pitch between videos?

  • fluffyfeetbmf
    fluffyfeetbmf14 dagar sedan

    Cyberpunk was a good play through, but man did that game really fall short, but I still played the game, and I liked it, but I won’t play it again. I love different endings, and I’m a huge fan of that, but the graphics were really hard to get past. That’s just my opinion. Thanks for another great video.

  • Docente Creepy
    Docente Creepy14 dagar sedan

    This is when they criticize every sony rival and blatantly ignore pathetic downgrades such as with returnal or ratchet and clank both suffering from the excessive amounts of N64 RENDER FOG to mask system render flaws 😷

  • Ryan Myers
    Ryan Myers14 dagar sedan

    Atlas: literally the devs bailed and went back to Ark.

  • mark 154
    mark 15415 dagar sedan

    whats funny is that youtube brands this with the game skyrim

  • Andrew Virtue
    Andrew Virtue15 dagar sedan

    The last wrestling game I played was like 2k16 or something. Even then I still prefer the Smackdown VS Raw 2006/8/9 which i think were late ps2 early ps3 games.

  • Aman Jhariya
    Aman Jhariya18 dagar sedan

    Cyberpunk choose 2020 to release their game so it was a bit obvious

  • CaptainMcShotgun
    CaptainMcShotgun18 dagar sedan

    Cybertrash 2077 is disappointing on every platform. Don't lie to yourself lol

  • ebrahim ghattas
    ebrahim ghattas19 dagar sedan

    Black Desert

  • David
    David20 dagar sedan

    There should be autherized testers that get a copy of the game to see how far away the actual gameplay is from the presented trailers and gameplay

  • Kay Zee
    Kay Zee21 dag sedan

    That Yukes screen is my childhood...sad they did not develop this one.

  • meridias561
    meridias56122 dagar sedan

    grapeshot. Ark, still in early access, sells paid DLC. 'nuff said.

  • Richard B
    Richard B22 dagar sedan

    You are so wrong about Cyberpunk on my PS4 it looks AMAZING. The graphics are literally the best I've ever seen on that console. I think that's part of the reason it crashed so much before the updates. You can criticize the bugs and crashes, but the GRAPHICS are not what you claim they are sir!!

  • GreenYorkie
    GreenYorkie23 dagar sedan

    title: graphics downgrades from trailer to game content: trailers lie

    SIDDHARTHA MAHATO24 dagar sedan


  • M_Ma playz
    M_Ma playz26 dagar sedan

    Hopefully security breach isn't like that, it keeps getting delayed and Scott if you can't make the game to be as good as we're expecting. RELEASE IT! Don't be like those other games.

  • M_Ma playz

    M_Ma playz

    26 dagar sedan

    Those games that keep working on it for a very long time and get are hopes up and in the end it's garbage compared to our expectation, they're good don't get me wrong. But not as good as the time they took to make the game.

  • Robin Brar
    Robin Brar26 dagar sedan

    Idk this channel I just watched this video and he called himself a falcon?

  • 1NQU1S1T10N
    1NQU1S1T10N26 dagar sedan

    I like the story of Cyberpunk 2077 that's about it. I think the graphics are okay and sometimes bad even on PC with maximum/RTX enabled..etc. And I would also say that Cyberpunk 2077 has worse detail than Anthem.

  • diana wong
    diana wong27 dagar sedan

    Which is why I don't buy games according to how the trailer looks. Instead, I watch somebody else's walkthrough on youtube first.

  • Frank Sánchez
    Frank Sánchez27 dagar sedan

    At this point we can only trust Rockstar

  • Deadpool Games
    Deadpool Games28 dagar sedan


  • noraa1
    noraa128 dagar sedan

    So a lot of these trailers seem like concept videos

  • Brent Bliss
    Brent Bliss29 dagar sedan

    Everquest was the ultimate letdown. But it was a simpler time when it was expected

  • Hon Saimon Naron
    Hon Saimon Naron29 dagar sedan

    Possible some of the creators accidentally released it early

  • N30 M4RV
    N30 M4RV29 dagar sedan

    Fool me once. ..fool me twice. I give up😥

  • Doctor Fresh
    Doctor FreshMånad sedan

    Waiting on Part 3.

  • Bender
    BenderMånad sedan

    i think this will happen in black myth wukong

  • Atifurgith
    AtifurgithMånad sedan

    They NEVER watch.

  • Jamih Custodio
    Jamih CustodioMånad sedan

    Baland wonderland......

  • Jake Sherwood
    Jake SherwoodMånad sedan

    You forgot about every single ps1 and ps2 game every released

  • Dhael
    DhaelMånad sedan

    Atlas did not "look" like Ark LUL there was player evidence that there was a hidden option in the atlas main menu that "launched Ark" xD Also dataminers did find models in the game for tanks and some warfare weapons that are not near any of the 2 games theme...so lets wait for the next game (map) with modern weapons. PS: I personally hate Ark devs as I purchased the game on preorder believing on the Dev team promise of optimization...well...after 2 years they did a patch...changed the requeriments on the description...bunch of scammers they are.

  • Robinlisa 2008
    Robinlisa 2008Månad sedan

    Thank god I never got cyberpunk 2077 in 2012

  • Martin Snel
    Martin SnelMånad sedan

    Rockstar is the only company that just delivers IMO

  • derrickmang
    derrickmangMånad sedan

    Like have these guy ever played a game? No its because of emptiness. The bland campaign, ridiculous microtransactions. Not anything to do with the walking through the town where your suit is no one who can't show their face can judge the face of anything else. Rant over shite channel

  • derrickmang
    derrickmangMånad sedan

    The problem with anthem was because the trailer was so good and it didn't compare?

  • derrickmang
    derrickmangMånad sedan

    At least they had the courage to show it. Anthem sucks but the differences weren't that much. At least they had the courage to not hide behind a self made handle and weren't to afraid to show the result. A guy who hides behind a fake handle and depicts every image of himself with a cartoon falcon for a head at this age doesn't have the self esteem or right to judge as at least they showed the product in the end. My auto play brings this channel up and wow. Seeing this falcon stuff sounds awkward and the jake guy is just not meant to be a host. TlDR new hosts needed because everything these guys say is cringe and there are so many big mistakes. Find other sources for reviews because all the ones on this channel are terrible

  • Diana Kurosawa
    Diana KurosawaMånad sedan

    In DMC5, what you see in the trailer, it's so much better in the game~

  • D-Emprah Expects
    D-Emprah ExpectsMånad sedan

    Underpromise and overdeliver, for success

  • Carl Daniel Marzan
    Carl Daniel MarzanMånad sedan

    It's like mobile game ads.

    GALAXVERSEMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk is actually made for PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Xbox Ace
    Xbox AceMånad sedan

    Never give up, never surrender, never pre-order!

  • TheOld PCGamer77
    TheOld PCGamer77Månad sedan

    This should never have been on these god awful machines. PC and next gen consoles only. The ram and 20yr old hard drives are not up to the task to stream in stuff for this game. Because of this the game was compromised big time. Just buy a next gen console to play a new title, enough of this cross gen shite we have nowadays. Too poor, who cares, buy the console and game when it's cheaper like people used to.

  • Jaydon Bradshaw
    Jaydon BradshawMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk actually is not bad at all with the 1.2 patch

  • dameto cosita
    dameto cositaMånad sedan

    Make a trailer vs release video for mobile games.

  • Hakara
    HakaraMånad sedan

    Since I missed I'm still on PS3, cyberpunk looked to HD when I saw it on a ps4

  • kbforme
    kbformeMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk is just the newest entry in a long list of games that should by all rights be a PC only release but was held back to fit on consoles. The game has several problems not related to this issue but the less than stellar graphics are 100% the fault of the console market.

  • Arjentis
    ArjentisMånad sedan

    all that if u have a console yeah but for pc gamers who upgrade hardware all the time not so much upgrade u play hardware you won't face this kind stuff

  • wtfisjuice
    wtfisjuiceMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk isn't a good game, regardless of the graphic issues

  • cruddyboyt
    cruddyboytMånad sedan

    Honestly cyberpunk for me on my PS4 pro looked and played great but it was a lil glitchy in some parts

  • Thelos90
    Thelos90Månad sedan

    NBA got ressources? isnt it the same but just with 7856756 ads and shit?

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark WheelerMånad sedan

    I only have a PS4 pro and was really looking forward to Cyberpunk but seeing the state of it I’ve not bought it and it’s not just bugs it’s the mechanics I hear the world isn’t very interactive and AI is AWFUL! Think I’ll wait until a true next generation version is available and I finally get a new console In future.

    ZPSTORMMånad sedan

    where is rainbow six sige?

  • Paul Bitgood
    Paul BitgoodMånad sedan

    I've noticed that most game trailers have nothing to do with how the gameplay actually looks. Can't trust marketing.

  • TheCgOrion
    TheCgOrionMånad sedan

    In Warcraft III Reforged, can you at least back the camera up to a respectable distance now? It originally released as RTS was changing from sprites to 3D models, computers couldn't handle zooming out, but now there's no excuse.

  • TechnoXander40
    TechnoXander40Månad sedan

    where is shadow the hedgehog

  • No !

    No !

    20 dagar sedan

    How come? The E3 demo wasn't visually appealling even during the time.

  • FlilthyRich GTAV
    FlilthyRich GTAVMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk no more needs be said 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Lukáš Weininger
    Lukáš WeiningerMånad sedan

    Why dont they just shit on consoles and make a good PC games again itd be much better, consoles as PS4 just downgraded games

  • wUnp
    wUnpMånad sedan

    Just to point it out... Cyberpunk is a PC game ported to consoles... same as Witcher... CDPR are PC game makers, not console makers so all this console hate on Cyberpunk just makes me laugh, instead of being grateful it even runs on that crappy HW people always complain... Deal with it, Consoles are not for these games, they are for Mario, Crash, God of War and many other exclusive titles... if u wanna play FPS games with open world, go and buy better PC, Iam sure yall have the money to get a decent PC since you have the money to buy expensive console games... I have just PS4, Switch and PC and I am not a rich guy, I have little bit of money which I save and then upgrade or buy a game... My job is crap aswell... Just freakin learn how to shoot with mouse and how to move with keyboard or just plug in a gamepad to your PC if ur so bad with keyboard and mouse... END of story, consoles are crap...

  • wUnp


    Månad sedan

    Oh and I forgot one thing... CDPR started working on Witcher 3 in 2007 and on Cyberpunk in 2009 where they showed us a short video about what they were doing... so they announced Cyberpunk in 2009, not 2012...

  • Israel Berrios
    Israel BerriosMånad sedan

    Hopefully in this generation of consoles the graphics will be better and expect that the developers use the full array of graphics capabilities on the consoles like RayTracing

  • kartooshasnolife
    kartooshasnolifeMånad sedan

    The only game that resembled the trailer with gameplay is god of war 4.... Oh boy that game is such a masterpiece isnt it?!!

  • Mac
    MacMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk is beautiful on my PC.

  • I Hate Communism
    I Hate CommunismMånad sedan

    It's amazing that BioWare and CD Projekt Red both had 7 years to develop those games, but they screwed around for the first 4 years of development. That tells us just about everything we need to know, lol..

  • I Hate Communism
    I Hate CommunismMånad sedan

    I've got a Ryzen 7 3700X and a 5700xt in my PC, so 'Cyberpunk 2077' looks great on it. However, I've also got a PS4 and it is downright atrocious at times..lol

  • Simplelodon
    SimplelodonMånad sedan

    TF2 is the only thing that didn't disappoint us... Thanks valve.

  • Joe
    JoeMånad sedan

    Cyberpunk looks sound on Xbox One X now 👍🏻

  • Rins K
    Rins KMånad sedan

    Baiting clicks with the one game in this list that actually got a graphics upgrade on launch, fuck right off

  • GM_ 95
    GM_ 95Månad sedan

    Most game trailers have greater realisitc NPCs, but in the game the NPCs are worst.

  • W W
    W WMånad sedan


  • Golbez
    Golbez2 månader sedan

    the ps4 only has 8GB of ram...

  • Jim R.
    Jim R.2 månader sedan

    Antem, I even bought the game way after its release but after finding out about it and due to it being mostly online, I never even touched the game, I just opened my PS4 one and just deleted it altogether

  • Chris Persad
    Chris Persad2 månader sedan

    We need a video for games that came put better than previewed. We need good news in these shit times.

  • MrSpankyTank
    MrSpankyTank2 månader sedan

    Hasn’t Rockstar always been honest about their games like RDR2 and GTA mainly V?? When comparing trailers to gameplay?

  • darkspy666
    darkspy6662 månader sedan

    No one gives a toss about whining console player so suck it up !!

  • Matthew Cardona
    Matthew Cardona2 månader sedan

    It’s ironic- concerning my Xbox version of Cyberpunk, I wasn’t really upset with the graphical issues... it was the game play. It is super laggy and combat is all spray and pray. But the worst part is that the gameplay is repetitive. If you liked Cyberpunk, that’s great and I’m happy for you. I just didn’t have the same experience

  • final fantasy
    final fantasy2 månader sedan

    To be fair , never had any groundbreaking glitch in cyberpunk, day one 1080ti, they should had removed last gen consoles no question, ps the game looks fenomenal in pc

  • omezey
    omezey2 månader sedan

    The comparisons in this video are not even of the same scenes or screenshots. Very annoying.

  • Hadouken OCX
    Hadouken OCX2 månader sedan

    Imagen Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, and then Watching Cyberpunk 2077 its the same Downgrade like Te Witcher 3 From 2014 then in 2016 the game Looks even Worse, thats the same With Cyberpunk 2077 thats the Cd Projekt Red, PR Game Sell Tacticss. And of Corse Cd Projekt RED dosent Like to hear: you guys downgraded the game. and if you say that in face to face to them thats their respon: we dont downgradet the games. and if you talk online with them thei dont respont at all. so dont buy any game from cd crap red :) if you read that

    AHMED ISAM2 månader sedan

    Cyberpunk 2077

  • joe the noob
    joe the noob2 månader sedan

    The thumbnail tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • dwayne fien
    dwayne fien2 månader sedan

    The real problem is that consoles aren't really upgradable a like PCs are. Make a console that can have its ram, cpu and video cars swapped out, and these problems wouldn't exist.. yeah I know I just described a PC.. but maybe that is where the future of console gaming should be heading into a hybrid PC console. Think about loading times on a latest release xbox one vs the day one model. Also consoles should be easier to take a part and clean the dust out of as well... as someone that is/was a PC repair man I still get asked to 'fix' these things and the most common problem is DUST..

  • Abby
    Abby2 månader sedan

    Please guys use dark mode friendly number transitions in between clips, don’t love getting blinded by the light every damn time !

  • Fat DoG
    Fat DoG2 månader sedan

    You sure that isn't WWF attitude?

  • God
    God2 månader sedan

    It’s like someone accidentally deleted their files last minute... for all of those games 🙃