8 UNUSUAL Real-Life Predictions Made By Video Games


Some video games have managed to predict real life things either completely by accident or with some good reasoning. Here are some wild examples.
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  • ssbrosking36
    ssbrosking3613 timmar sedan

    1 kind of proves we are in a simulation.

  • Jonathan Jack Goodman
    Jonathan Jack Goodman14 timmar sedan

    I know what's in that chamber. It's packed wall to wall with stale mummy farts and golden apples.

  • J G Gerhardsson
    J G Gerhardsson19 timmar sedan

    What if Elite: Dangerous' algorithm just altered reality itself.

  • Geo Jōshin Verge
    Geo Jōshin Verge2 dagar sedan

    You had me with "lava snail" :) (that alone was the coolest thing in this video) ........ I want one :(

  • Ó Néill
    Ó Néill2 dagar sedan

    3:53 Jesus christ you realise conceptual design and permission was sought for years before the game right?

  • NotASpyReally
    NotASpyReally3 dagar sedan

    About the sonic mania thing: Imagine you make a game, and then you hire people to make more of it and they include something you scrapped beforehand. You'd be like "wtf how do they know about this?? Who told them about this??" lmao that must have been so confusing for the Sonic Team

  • Azazel Azure
    Azazel Azure3 dagar sedan

    A muon is a subatomic particle with more mass than an election with an incredible short halflife. Long story short.

  • Black Owl
    Black Owl4 dagar sedan

    Deus ex 2 towers

  • Runny Szanboti
    Runny Szanboti4 dagar sedan

    Are like six of them from Metal Gear?

  • Sarah Fisher
    Sarah Fisher4 dagar sedan


  • Norok Vokun
    Norok Vokun5 dagar sedan

    In terms of the Elite Dangerous thing, well what do you think will happen if you hire a (if i remember correctly) particle physicist from a organisation simmilar to CERN to make your stellar forge (the galaxy generation tool they use/used). Plus the generated galaxy ingame is based on our actual scientific knowledge about ozr own galaxy, so I assume that there are maaaaany simmilar "predictions" in that gamemap somewhere, with some players gametag on it

  • Terra
    Terra7 dagar sedan

    What do you mean sonic 3 beta was largely unknown? I literally replayed it for years and years on my old PC. DAAAAAAAAAMN. I did not even know it was a beta. I loved that game.

  • Iseeyou
    Iseeyou10 dagar sedan

    0:23 what the name of this song please

  • Lonewise Creatives
    Lonewise Creatives11 dagar sedan

    So there really is a final fantasy character imprisoned??

  • Just a Guy That Doesn't Look Suspicious
    Just a Guy That Doesn't Look Suspicious11 dagar sedan

    Didn't you know? Game developers are time travellers.

  • The Doge Slayer#8981
    The Doge Slayer#898111 dagar sedan

    Battlefield 3 also predicted a time square bombing

  • Fortnite Tactics 420
    Fortnite Tactics 42012 dagar sedan

    Destiny predicted the golden age which hits after the greatest war.

  • josh Soulless-Games
    josh Soulless-Games13 dagar sedan

    Damn I never beat the earthbound

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H13 dagar sedan

    Yo where's BF4 predicting the Arecibo Array collapse in 2020!?!?!?

  • Caner Bayar
    Caner Bayar13 dagar sedan

    Sonic must be not count as prediction

  • Gameplay Channel
    Gameplay Channel14 dagar sedan

    mgs2 predicted air

  • Sareseras
    Sareseras15 dagar sedan

    Funfacts: Echolon was utterly useless against criminal organizations since most of them relied on mechanical, non-electronic and often direct personal messaging, even for cryptic and hidden interactions. Number 3: Was also predicted by several other games like Divinity Original Sin Number 2: Unboiling might unlock unfreezing, which culminates into cryostasis possiblity Number 1: Good incentive to make a video listing top video games that make you consider reality to be a form of The Matrix Number 0: Command & Conquer got orbital lasers right, but it's not like evidence would be shown on public mass media for long before being edited/censored or taken out of context. On a same note, ask any creeptic person who watched livestreams and camsharing if they ever could tell the difference when a guy was genuinely using technology to disguise as a girl. It's fascinating what one can find out simply through memes these days.

  • Required Particular
    Required Particular15 dagar sedan

    Seriously??? Richard Dawkins is not only responsible for the word “meme” (a well known fact) it was well before anyone was aware of Hideo Kojima. The Selfish Gene was in 1976; a full decade before Kojima’s penguin game.

  • Profesor Major
    Profesor Major15 dagar sedan

    Archeologists have known about the chamber in the pyramid since 1980s...

  • SirGouki
    SirGouki16 dagar sedan

    "The developer of Sonic Mania wasn't affiliated with the original sonic team" Except this is partially incorrect. Sega gave the Sonic Mania "team" access to assets and some Sega developers to help make Sonic Mania.

    CHEM TRAIL16 dagar sedan

    2:57 that was just Biff with the almanac

  • dubforster
    dubforster16 dagar sedan

    its called predictive programming the Simpsons and others have been doing it for years

  • Meatbob
    Meatbob16 dagar sedan

    None of these are predictions, they are all coincidences

  • Omar Gutierrez
    Omar Gutierrez17 dagar sedan

    What if the fallout series predicts the future 😱

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi17 dagar sedan

    What is the song called in Number 8 ?

  • Y A
    Y A17 dagar sedan

    5:10 OMG!!!

  • Y A
    Y A17 dagar sedan

    Cool 👍

  • John Reedy
    John Reedy18 dagar sedan

    The Origins one didn't predict it. They have ancient roman texts about the room from the time of Caesar. While it hadn't been found, archaeologists pretty much knew it existed for 2000 years.

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger18 dagar sedan

    10:08: Falcon: "basically" image: a bicycle ...

  • Golbez
    Golbez19 dagar sedan

    Did assassins creed predict a hidden chamber in the pyramids or was there speculation about a hidden chamber for like ever? Is it really amazing that madden predicted that the patriots would win and that Tom Brady would be the MVP or was that the obvious favorite since even before the season started? You know the architect who designed the shard started in 2000 so it's likely that one or two years before construction there was bussle about a new building project called the shard in London... Seems like eschelon is an old conspiracy theory that existed long before metal gear The Sonic thing really isn't a prediction... Kind of grasping at straws with the Pokemon one...

  • Daan Offline
    Daan Offline19 dagar sedan

    Well now you can add battlefields suez maps to it. They also have a boat stuck in the canal in bf1 and 4

  • Cadillaxxx
    Cadillaxxx19 dagar sedan

    Listening to these videos is like hearing a kid with adhd tell you about a bunch of random shit without taking a breath. Gives me anxiety.

  • Cadillaxxx
    Cadillaxxx19 dagar sedan

    Super Mario bros predicted that I would eat a bunch of shrooms and stomp on a turtle. Creeeeeeepy

  • MoreThanJustASloth
    MoreThanJustASloth19 dagar sedan

    The fact that Deux Ex was never mentioned is a sin.

  • Vasil Jambazov

    Vasil Jambazov

    13 dagar sedan

    @MoreThanJustASloth I agree... again ;)

  • MoreThanJustASloth


    13 dagar sedan

    @Vasil Jambazov People like to talk about how Deus Ex predicted 9/11, but what was really shocking was how they predicted the reaction surrounding it, the entire war on terror.

  • Vasil Jambazov

    Vasil Jambazov

    13 dagar sedan

    I agree

  • Sriram R
    Sriram R19 dagar sedan

    No Dues Ex in the list, waste of time

  • WildBill22360
    WildBill2236019 dagar sedan

    S T R E T C H

  • Christoforos Paphitis
    Christoforos Paphitis19 dagar sedan

    what??? We all knew about the Echelon system since long time ago. I remember as a child my father pointing at some radars on the mountains and telling me these are part of the echelon system. That was 25- 30 years ago

  • Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke19 dagar sedan

    The giza pyramid rumour was rumoured for decades. It was basically known. Same as under Sphrinx The shard plans were public records for years.

  • tom whowas
    tom whowas20 dagar sedan

    MGS predicting fake news. lol News have been faked since forever.

  • EnderPyro7010 TR0N
    EnderPyro7010 TR0N20 dagar sedan

    I Always have good hopes for the Halo saga😇

  • Shamudude20
    Shamudude2020 dagar sedan

    They forgot to add Jurassic World Evolution predicts cloning dinos

  • Jolly-commando87
    Jolly-commando8720 dagar sedan

    I mean Hitman predicted Covid

  • Christopher Foreman
    Christopher Foreman20 dagar sedan

    I like all of these except the Pokémon and the sonic one were really really reaching . The sonic one is like saying oh this game has a kick and they designed a a jump kick but never used it and after like 6 sequels or whatever they made a jump kick 😑

  • Christopher Foreman

    Christopher Foreman

    19 dagar sedan

    @Pax Humana yeah sonic was definitely reaches for the reason I explained earlier

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    19 dagar sedan

    @Christopher Foreman, the Pokemon one was not reaching, and neither was the Sonic one, as there are two different species of snail that are literally known to not only live near volcanic areas, but also that have shells that are made out of literal rock, most likely, volcanic ash, and the Sonic one, in case you were too stupid to comprehend it the first time, was literally from a prototype of a game that had a feature that was pretty much like the one that would be made in Sonic Mania.

  • StoneAgePig
    StoneAgePig20 dagar sedan

    They are called archaeologists, historians,anthropologists or any number of types of scientists not explorers dumb ass

  • pacd61
    pacd6120 dagar sedan

    If the game took a theory from an expert. They didn't discover it.

  • Korvus23
    Korvus2320 dagar sedan

    We are living in a simulation. CONFIRMED

  • SirUncleDolan
    SirUncleDolan20 dagar sedan

    The first time he says that sonic mania discovered something sonic three had already discovered, skip at least thirty seconds. He repeats it like three times.

  • Robert Burik
    Robert Burik21 dag sedan

    "They managed to beat science by less then a week" ... Ehem. Does anyone have no clue how scientific research progress and publishing works?... Scientists were probably searching and scanning for those chambers maaany years before the game even started taking shape. Coincidence only, that the publishing of their findings came a few days after the game released.

  • Meatbob


    16 dagar sedan

    @Pax Humana You realise this whole video is coincidences not predictions

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    19 dagar sedan

    @Robert Burik, so, where is the rest of your body? I guess that your head is big because your ego is in there, right? Just because you have a big head does not mean that you are smart, rather, it means that you have a lot of missing space inside of your skull, just like Beavis and Butt-Head.

  • Zaid
    Zaid21 dag sedan

    1:48 he said pyramid head 😂😂 got silent hill vibes

  • AstroTibs
    AstroTibs21 dag sedan

    A dwarf star at the center of a system is so incredibly ordinary that it's not worth a mention.

  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown21 dag sedan

    unboiling an egg has been around for a LONG time lol it's just urea or something to reverse the denaturing that goes on during the cooking

  • UnBearified Bear
    UnBearified Bear21 dag sedan

    _10 Times the Simpsons correctly predicted games correctly predicting the future_

  • Ebomb Bombarder
    Ebomb Bombarder21 dag sedan

    I hear falcons voice and auto know the video gonna suck. Team Jake

  • Jared Devil Dog
    Jared Devil Dog21 dag sedan

    The London Shart ?! 😀

  • D Crosx
    D Crosx21 dag sedan

    12:05 a game discovered a planet in its simulator algorithm Me: Does that mean man created the universe? are we leaving in a simulation?! Also me: THE MATRIX

  • No ID
    No ID21 dag sedan

    the first one is wrong, they just repeated a known theory, ergo they themselves didn't predict it

  • Derek Halcon
    Derek Halcon21 dag sedan

    didnt splinter cell predict the chechen wars?

  • Francisco Rebolledo
    Francisco Rebolledo21 dag sedan

    wooo elite dangerous lmfao. loove this game. so underrated

  • Ian Christopher
    Ian Christopher21 dag sedan

    Sweet another video with my jam Elite Dangerous!! And actually yes the stellar forge( the program that made the in-game galaxy) was made by actual scientist and astronomers. And uses real data from NASA to create well everything.

  • Robert Stimmel
    Robert Stimmel21 dag sedan

    Dark souls predicted my hallowing while waiting on the release of elden ring

  • The wishful Thinker
    The wishful Thinker21 dag sedan

    I wonder what the animals on Trappis look like.

  • Marijus Stasiulis
    Marijus Stasiulis21 dag sedan

    "Meme" term was started by Richard Dawkins and he is more popular than H.Kojima.

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    19 dagar sedan

    Actually, the Greeks invented the term far before Dawkins, and Dawkins is an Atheist, a.k.a., pseudo-scientist, so his idiocy is irrelevant.

  • dolphengren
    dolphengren21 dag sedan

    The word meme was Introduced by Richard Dawkins in 1976. Not mgs.

  • Mr Ash
    Mr Ash21 dag sedan

    Considering you say the word 'game' every single day, could you please learn to say it right and not the way you do, like some valley girl from California.... "video gaems"

  • Fábio Pereira
    Fábio Pereira21 dag sedan

    Plot twist, the unboiled egg in the game was what gave those scientists the ideia.

  • casey kuhn
    casey kuhn21 dag sedan

    I’m nervous of the timing of the nuke in warzone

  • Gyo Gamble
    Gyo Gamble21 dag sedan

    I think we need to have a talk on what the word “prediction” means

  • Jacob Hoffman
    Jacob Hoffman22 dagar sedan

    jesus christ..... so dumb...

  • tjakal jakypant
    tjakal jakypant22 dagar sedan

    Holy shit u guys, some random dude named Richard Dawkins somehow predicted Hideo Kojima inventing the meme back in 1976.

  • Kirill Kupov
    Kirill Kupov22 dagar sedan

    The hanging pediatrician traditionally provide because tabletop multivariably try afore a decorous ex-husband. needy, amuck drink

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    19 dagar sedan

    @Kirill Kupov, GET OFF OF THE DAMN DRUGS!

  • R0b
    R0b22 dagar sedan

    Was it a "prediction" or did they know all the secrets of the world 😝

  • Death
    Death22 dagar sedan

    Not Tom Clancy's ghost recon predicting the Russian invasion into Georgia down towalmost the month and day?

  • Gnilretsam
    Gnilretsam22 dagar sedan

    Dues Ex predicting the destruction of the 2 towers by terrorists

  • ryangemini24
    ryangemini2422 dagar sedan

    oh my god when is someone going to finally tell me the name of this 6:42 song already??!! PLEEAASSSEEE

  • Ethan Forsyth
    Ethan Forsyth22 dagar sedan

    I kinda like ea again 😕

  • HOODxPOPE 3259
    HOODxPOPE 325922 dagar sedan

    They discovered that chamber years ago. They only tell the public when they take the relics and immortality potions out first

  • Hehexd
    Hehexd22 dagar sedan

    Falco is incredibly unfunny and boring. Fucking hell

  • Haywood Romero
    Haywood Romero22 dagar sedan

    The true judge anteriorly match because engine simultaneously rely at a safe girdle. ugliest, paltry clave

    PHANT0M WOLF22 dagar sedan

    The planet generating system in Elite Dangerous isn't the only thing that's pretty damn good. The who game is phenomenal.

  • Brayden Neale
    Brayden Neale22 dagar sedan

    What about the division dollar flu and covid 19 prediction

  • Ezio624
    Ezio62422 dagar sedan

    Egypt... Some dude named Jean Pierre... This recalls something

  • Carmine Brothers
    Carmine Brothers22 dagar sedan

    You know what? FUCK IT! *Unboils your egg*

  • CERN
    CERN22 dagar sedan

    lol nr 8 the secret chamber was already known yet not published, there is another one under the sphinx, and it has a energetic tunnel that connects to a area in tibet and one under the Bucegi mountains in romania, and probably one in iraq (main reason of the war) these stuff were known since early 20s on some level, they was discovered due to a satelite with the technology you mentioned in the video, but the first one discovered and the biggest was the one under bucegi mountains, and the fact that it had connections with other chambers,there was extreme political clashes between usa and romania because of it, the sole thing that fast forwarded romania into NATO alliance, iraq wasnt so lucky im afraid... they either didnt want to share or had no idea of it, its uncertain... but the technology discovered in those chambers is...well lets say, incredibly mind blowing..

  • Tyrion
    Tyrion22 dagar sedan

    If Crysis 2 (Ebola in 2011) isn’t in this list, bruh Edit: well

  • ExGamArs
    ExGamArs23 dagar sedan

    The Sonic one just sounds too coincidental. It was made by fans. And fans of games do tend to find new cool things in the things they like. I personally wouldn't count that as a prediction since it's a Sonic mechanic that was later used in another Sonic game. They could have easily discovered it when they were younger and later decided to add it when they made their own sonic game. "Tooting your own horn" comes to mind.

  • Lexi Thomas
    Lexi Thomas23 dagar sedan

    4:41 why bring CNN & MSNBC onto this? Haha

  • Lexi Thomas
    Lexi Thomas23 dagar sedan

    Predictions? *No* Coincedences? *Yes*

  • Matthias
    Matthias23 dagar sedan

    This falcon guy is an absolute moron. The video started of ok but half of these aren't even predictions. This guy just continually hypes things, turns even the most small thing into something amazing, and reaches for the most absurd conclusions. So ffing annoying.

  • Константин Иванов
    Константин Иванов23 dagar sedan

    Some of these "predictions" were kinda... imaginative, but the prediction about the Shard was a just a massive reach. Although I did notice it has 3 edges - HL3 confirmed.

  • Ethan Schend
    Ethan Schend23 dagar sedan

    that random planet generation is good.....like proof we're in a simulation good

  • Marcus Ross
    Marcus Ross23 dagar sedan


  • Bleep bloop Bloop bleep
    Bleep bloop Bloop bleep23 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe they didn’t mention the one game that predicted that the twin towers would be destroyed by a terrorist attack, to be fair it is known that they made that up because they couldn’t add the towers due to hardware limitations but still

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell23 dagar sedan

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    19 dagar sedan

    @Devin Trusdell, thanks, but what does your comment have to do with the content of the video, out of curiosity?

  • Justin Terry
    Justin Terry23 dagar sedan

    From someone who actually worked in the that military field please do not use Snowden as any reference That man was an absolute moron who had basic knowledge of alot of stuff that made him seem like an expert to the media and general population He was a traitor and a fool nothing more

  • Van Steel
    Van Steel23 dagar sedan

    One step closer to the creation of Skynet.