Many games try to capitalize on the success of Grand Theft Auto and GTA Online. Here are some of our least favorites.
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  • Tyler Larsen
    Tyler LarsenMånad sedan

    I kinda wanna play the one game, just to be chewbacca

  • Sharon macfarlane

    Sharon macfarlane

    Månad sedan

    @Default yes

  • Hmm


    Månad sedan

    Agreed, came here to make the same comment.

  • Thiago Lanni

    Thiago Lanni

    Månad sedan

    **Me, who haven't watched it yet** Chewbacca??? GTA?? what???

  • Chase pitcher

    Chase pitcher

    Månad sedan

    Saints row 3 and 4 , watchdogs 2 , just cause 2 and 4

  • FalloutBoy Gaming Channel

    FalloutBoy Gaming Channel

    Månad sedan

    chewbacca is the realest 🔥

  • Zack TV
    Zack TV10 timmar sedan

    try lac its fun its android gta 5 pls try it

  • Loni Pen
    Loni Pen16 timmar sedan

    I wish raw was a thing it looks cool

  • RedNToxic
    RedNToxic22 timmar sedan

    Why do you all call every crime game " GTA copy " I bet u call sleeping dogs a copy of GTA too

  • Art3mis
    Art3misDag sedan

    imo, saints row is the best grand theft auto alternative, and i also really enjoy sleeping dogs.

  • LOR3X
    LOR3XDag sedan

    10:47 block city wars is an old mobile game released in 2013 that the version 1.10 don't have any bugs but now it's just a ghost town, many hackers,many bugs,the original creator of the game left the chat,it's over for the game to update it's just gone all over the place

  • Ren Zo
    Ren Zo4 dagar sedan

    You forgot Payback2

  • yusuf Nafiis kelanit
    yusuf Nafiis kelanit4 dagar sedan

    gameranx, please stop putting mobile games into one of your videos, you don't deserve to do something that low, you deserve better.

  • S12GAMES
    S12GAMES4 dagar sedan

    gta is a clone of driver games lets not forget

  • I Am Toast
    I Am Toast4 dagar sedan

    Wow taking a dump at some games I really loved as a kid xD LMAO actually only two (Driv3r and Crime life)

  • I Am Toast
    I Am Toast4 dagar sedan

    I actually had lots of fun on Driv3r it was lots of fun when I was younger, don't hate on it too much it actually didn't totally suck @Gameranx It wasn't any fantastic game or anything but It was fun I got a good laugh at the clunky enemy AI and stuff. Now I do respect that everyone got their own opinion of the game and all which Is why I'm not "offended" lol but I liked Driv3r a lot actually It was just your fun kinda game you could snicker at It and I liked the soundtracks of the game

  • ElishaCodes
    ElishaCodes4 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one to notice the HDFC Bank Logo @ 14:02

  • TheDevilsDarkness
    TheDevilsDarkness5 dagar sedan

    Me: let's play gta Bro: ok what gta Me: GTA 5 Bro: Grab The Auto 5 Doesn't Have Online Me: -_-

  • Crimzen Woffinden
    Crimzen Woffinden6 dagar sedan

    Payback 2? Anyone?

  • Matome i
    Matome i6 dagar sedan

    I get there are alot of GTA knock-offs out there.... But you make it seem like any open world game based on urban city crime is automatically copying GTA. This is why it's taking so long for real GTA competitors to come in. Everyone is too afraid of being called a copy cat.

  • Joshua Hagon
    Joshua Hagon7 dagar sedan

    4:51 Audio: Aight imma head out

  • Grant
    Grant8 dagar sedan

    That guy from DMA Studios WAS the maker of GTA... js, they're Scottish (we're proud of that here, and hey it's maybe the best we've done since like the phone or TV, soooo let us have this one eh?)

  • Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari Enzo9 dagar sedan

    Dammit I loved APB THO😭

  • Clay Kinser
    Clay Kinser10 dagar sedan

    Bonus: Does anyone remember State of Emergency or True Crime: Streets if LA? Both bad but really good at the same time.

  • reifukaiyukikaze
    reifukaiyukikaze10 dagar sedan

    Your voice sounds different....

  • Hacklin
    Hacklin11 dagar sedan

    Driv3r was a great game i dont know what you’re talking about

  • Hacklin
    Hacklin11 dagar sedan

    Bruh you gotta tell me why Driv3r was bad, everything was good about it at the time

  • Sebastian Roberts
    Sebastian Roberts12 dagar sedan

    who is `Michael Scorsese' fitting mistake for the video subject

  • ninjalemurdude
    ninjalemurdude12 dagar sedan

    9:49 This looks more like a rush to compete with Urban Reign which was released around the same time.

  • Tio Ganso
    Tio Ganso12 dagar sedan

    “Driver: Parallel Lines” wasn’t bad.

  • Jim Fixx
    Jim Fixx13 dagar sedan

    I was an early beta tester for APB, it was halph done, when they decided this game is going to bomb let's stop putting money into and cut corners and finish the game ASAP. So at launch there was almost no interior of buildings etc. Other then a social hub. Sadly when a game is released that badly it's never got a chance. I never stuck around for the ownership change but yea more time and energy was put into customization then many other features. The game had no headshots extra damage feature and it's a shooter 🤷‍♂️

  • locksmithmuggle
    locksmithmuggle13 dagar sedan

    APB was awesome.

  • Suicide Sheep
    Suicide Sheep14 dagar sedan

    gameranx thinks apps are games lmao

  • YesImRobbie
    YesImRobbie14 dagar sedan

    oh god why did you have to remind me of troll 2

  • XegaVega
    XegaVega14 dagar sedan

    Driv3r.... ahhhhhh... so mesmerized

  • Mac
    Mac14 dagar sedan

    “Driv3r” was one of the biggest disappointments in gaming for me

    THE EUPHORIA GUY15 dagar sedan

    Disclaimer:- the game admited in this video are those games whose company's owners are still eating 1-10$ meals Everyday

  • Psychokiller Gaming
    Psychokiller Gaming16 dagar sedan

    True crimes series was crap you could've added that on this list

  • Psychokiller Gaming
    Psychokiller Gaming16 dagar sedan

    Driver 3 was great but not as great as gta but the one which could compete with gta 3 or vice city is driver parallel lines that's the BEST driver game❤️❤️ Driver parallel lines does deserve some credit

  • JovialDaze
    JovialDaze16 dagar sedan

    Driv3r and Narc were dope at the time.

  • fastn't boi
    fastn't boi16 dagar sedan

    4:53 i completely forgot about that one!

  • Shawn Webb
    Shawn Webb16 dagar sedan

    I cant believe 50 cent bulletproof wasn't on this shit list

  • Musty
    Musty16 dagar sedan

    You forgot Cyberpunk 2077

  • bart man
    bart man17 dagar sedan

    now we need 10+(not age) GTA Clones That are ACTUALLY GOOD

  • NotKornel
    NotKornel18 dagar sedan

    Ok sorry but no, Driv3r was a really good game. Sure the mechanics were a bit clunky, but it was a good game.

  • The Impaler MMA
    The Impaler MMA18 dagar sedan

    Crime Life Gang Wars was awesome my guy! It had nothing to do with GTA! You don't even drive in the game! Yes, the camera angle wasn't good but overall the game was fun af! For 2005 it had good fighting animations! I wish they made a game like that now! Sleeping dogs was the only game that came close to it!

  • EpicBongZilla
    EpicBongZilla19 dagar sedan

    The snowball southpark game was fun as fuck.

  • T Jc
    T Jc19 dagar sedan

    Idk about you guys, but I definitely remember loving Driv3r as a youngin lol

  • Hamadpro 12
    Hamadpro 1219 dagar sedan


  • Carlo Ambrosio
    Carlo Ambrosio19 dagar sedan

    A top 10 good gta clones would me great!

  • ConstantBit9
    ConstantBit919 dagar sedan

    The Kickstarter RAW could've been something beautiful if they would've put some amount of passion and work AND NOT RUN AWAY WITH THE CASH.

  • 黒 の 契約 者黒 の 契約 者
    黒 の 契約 者黒 の 契約 者19 dagar sedan

    Radal join the chat

  • 6stringshredder
    6stringshredder20 dagar sedan

    Whats up with the narrating for #7? Sounds like it was recorded on a cassette recorder, was he doing it from home because of covid?

  • Alberto ManMan
    Alberto ManMan20 dagar sedan

    i loved driver 3

  • arPos Kraft
    arPos Kraft21 dag sedan

    @3:35 try and compete yes, whofully fail yes, but it was developed before gta III , noone knocked off things really it was more a case that then open worlds became a "Hot topic" , i still own a copy of driv3r its unfinished, its buggy its bland, so rightfully failed but it's not a gta clone as such

  • Onderdaan Zwabbah
    Onderdaan Zwabbah22 dagar sedan


  • Deadpool Games
    Deadpool Games22 dagar sedan


  • onimu$ha
    onimu$ha22 dagar sedan

    Driver 3 is a actually good It has everything GTA always had, but more straight to the business, it was fun

  • cyphonicc
    cyphonicc23 dagar sedan

    apb was released before gta

  • Lloyd Frazier
    Lloyd Frazier24 dagar sedan

    Ok. The southpark game you have on here. Is actually two different southpark games. I know this because i had a nintendo 64 and my buddy brought it over. Its STRICTLY 1ST person action. Thats it. You cant steal cars, and its not open world its linear. The other is a strictly racing game. They are not the same game.... The first one is about aliens invading southpark and the boys trying to save it. Ot was one of the first if NOTH THE FIRST southpark game EVER made..... I remember whoever you pick they cam pee on snowballs to make them stronger🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohamed Thanoon
    Mohamed Thanoon24 dagar sedan

    7:10 Name of the girl? anyone

  • Chad Oleszczuk
    Chad Oleszczuk24 dagar sedan

    did he say "Michael Scorsese"?

  • jayive34
    jayive3425 dagar sedan

    The GTA Clones on the mobile app have decent gameplay, but they have ads literally every 30 seconds.

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice25 dagar sedan

    The Simpsons: Hit and Run was an absolute banger.

  • Tom Danks

    Tom Danks

    20 dagar sedan


  • Lucas Locust
    Lucas Locust25 dagar sedan

    14:22 jecent job

  • Mr Smiley
    Mr Smiley25 dagar sedan

    I remember playing narc on the ps2 except I actually enjoyed it

  • Jeredin Stormblade
    Jeredin Stormblade25 dagar sedan

    I liked Driver 3. Of course I was like 10 years old at the time

  • William M
    William M26 dagar sedan

    I had that south park game!

  • Obese Borks
    Obese Borks26 dagar sedan

    Block city wars: pixel shooter with battle royale 11 year old me: ill take your entire stock

  • Kamorus
    Kamorus26 dagar sedan

    The south park one looks like your showing 2 different south park games. One with the snow balls, pretty sure thats the south park game on the Nintendo 64. Not sure if on other consoles. I dont recall any driving on that game.

  • BlickInMyBoot
    BlickInMyBoot26 dagar sedan

    This is what little kids mean when they ask if we got games on our phones

  • Mr. Boone
    Mr. Boone26 dagar sedan

    Don't shit on Driv3r. It's one of the best games from that time and much better than any GTA game until San Andreas.

    SIDAFEK26 dagar sedan

    I can't believe I've gotten so bored with games these days that I'm watching videos about games that sucked.

  • in4mus85
    in4mus8526 dagar sedan

    I don't think it should be on this list but I've love a new version of the getaway

  • Wyllym Wolf
    Wyllym Wolf26 dagar sedan

    When you used South Park as an example, you used two different games. South Park Rally and the first person South Park game are two different games. And to call the one that is first person open world is a stretch. I remember playing it and beating it all the way through. A frustrating game, but very linear and not really that open world. So hardly comparable to GTA. And South Park rally, was just a racing game with a South Park theme, again, hardly trying to copy gta. I think you just needed another entry for the list and threw this one in. 😂 Because neither game is even remotely close to Grand theft auto. 😂

  • Faseehul Lissan.P.I
    Faseehul Lissan.P.I27 dagar sedan


  • Kraig Young
    Kraig Young27 dagar sedan

    When I played narc all I did was do drugs in the game.

  • DarkGamer
    DarkGamer27 dagar sedan

    Anyone knows the name of the game in the intro of the video?

  • Ectos
    Ectos27 dagar sedan

    Wow, what a shocker, its like making a list of "murderers that were no good people" so all of them

  • WebbanationX
    WebbanationX27 dagar sedan

    Number 3 seems more like a Warriors rip than GTA

  • Mahmud Alvi
    Mahmud Alvi27 dagar sedan

    How about gangster Vegas?

  • Megan Barham
    Megan Barham27 dagar sedan

    APB came out before gta 5 online so actually gta 5 online copied APB.

  • yung mouss
    yung mouss28 dagar sedan

    Grab the auto 5🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Crows Wit
    Crows Wit28 dagar sedan

    What was that game that looked like GTA but copied the gameplay of SOCOM multiplayer?

  • FlaMango_G
    FlaMango_G28 dagar sedan

    Parallel lines was the best driver

  • Scotty Falcon
    Scotty Falcon28 dagar sedan

    9:09 Tom DeLonge

  • Jaxx Bronson
    Jaxx Bronson28 dagar sedan

    Man. Gang Wars was awesome. Come on!

  • edubbykc
    edubbykc28 dagar sedan

    I see you left out the True Crime series thankfully, I think those were decent.

  • Arjun Satheesh
    Arjun Satheesh28 dagar sedan

    So the number 1 asset flip game mentioned here has a section of gameplay shown where I saw the logo of HDFC Bank (in-game) which is a real big bank in India. Now all I am curious about is. if the "publishers" "outsourced" it to some Indian guys or if some Indian guys actually made the knock-off. I'd be happier if some Indian guys made the knock-off 🤣🤣🤣

  • Santhush PlayZ
    Santhush PlayZ28 dagar sedan

    Anyone remembers Total Overdose

  • Jose M
    Jose M28 dagar sedan

    Apb should have went big, by far the best decal, character, & car customizer ive ever seen

  • ChiefKeefSosa
    ChiefKeefSosa29 dagar sedan

    Nothing but a bunch of Chinese fake copies as usual.

  • Striker
    Striker29 dagar sedan

    The best award that an Indie Open World Game Developer can get is get included in a Gameranx Video

  • Fat DoG
    Fat DoG29 dagar sedan

    That Southpark game was amazing as a kid tbh. With the Terrence and Phillip fart bomb dolls

    PR3D4TOR EL1TE29 dagar sedan

    Driver parallel lines was good

  • ahmad taleb
    ahmad taleb29 dagar sedan

    my pi network invitation code ahmadtaleb1

  • LEUT
    LEUT29 dagar sedan

    APB used to be really fun with friends until it went Pay To Win

  • Bruce Jamison
    Bruce Jamison29 dagar sedan

    Saints Row, not GTA like enough?

  • Lemon Cat
    Lemon Cat29 dagar sedan

    You should do the top best GTA clones.

  • De_ Britishman
    De_ Britishman29 dagar sedan

    Used to watch radal About this and yeah these are circus hehe

  • Subordinant
    Subordinant29 dagar sedan

    The title says actually but no one expected them to be good

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson29 dagar sedan

    I'm almost done making a game myself. And it's way better that these turds. Granted, I am using the RPG Maker MV software package on the Nintendo Switch, so that makes it a lot easier.

  • TheDamnWinner
    TheDamnWinner29 dagar sedan

    That “Raw” game catching on is so weird to me. Why are games like that always so appealing to everyone?You know games that are advertised as a game where you can “live a life, go anywhere do whatever, get married, buy a house, get a job”... do you know there’s a thing like that that exist called.....life? Real life is boring as fuck I play games to get away from real life why the fuck would I wanna sit down to play a game and have to work out the mortgage for a house or get a job? That’s got to be one of the weirdest technologically dystopian things I’ve ever heard. Fleeing the real world to do real world things digitally? Weirdos dude

  • Abhijeet Beniwal
    Abhijeet Beniwal29 dagar sedan

    2:25 wow those r legit graphics lol

  • Energy_Outlaw
    Energy_Outlaw29 dagar sedan

    I forgot about APB I now remember I had a shit ton of fun with it