Some awesome user created stuff, big moves for PS+ and Xbox Game Pass, exciting new game trailers, and more in a week full of gaming news.
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Realistic user-made stuff (via BadRobo)
Cool stop-motion game

MLB The Show goes to GamePass
Another delay:

Suez Canal Flight Sim
Narita Boy
More No Man’s Sky
Our verdict:
Village gameplay:

GameStop PC gaming hardware lol
Oregon Trail returns:


  • gameranx
    gameranx12 dagar sedan

    shorter show today - thanks for stopping by! hope you have a good weekend. Plz, as always, let us know what you're playing!

  • Leung Hiu Ching Oriana

    Leung Hiu Ching Oriana

    3 dagar sedan

    Background person is very funny xD.

  • Felix Brand

    Felix Brand

    8 dagar sedan

    Started playing Days Gone for the first time, really digging it!

  • Javier Moreno

    Javier Moreno

    9 dagar sedan

    I been on a ubisoft run with Valhalla and Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Dwayne Seuraj

    Dwayne Seuraj

    10 dagar sedan

    saints row 4

  • Blades 500

    Blades 500

    11 dagar sedan

    I will be playing Google Docs. It's a little indie game from "My College" called "Major Assignment" It's super hard, single payer game.

  • Chris Dorn
    Chris DornDag sedan

    I've never played No Man's Sky but have always been curious once it started getting updated. Would anyone recommend it? Like is it worth jumping into above the games on my backlog? Or is it one I should just add to the log?

  • Darkguyver666
    Darkguyver666Dag sedan

    Yeah I only wish that game developers had the same dreams that they had before becoming a developer actually loving what they do and not pandering to the corporate money hounds. I couldn't even begin to imagine what delightful and fantastic things would come out of the gaming industry if money wasn't pushing or driving it so hard.. gaming designing/and game playing is an art. If you don't like or don't love what you're doing then get yourself a different job. Stop making other people miserable

  • Nasarex
    Nasarex2 dagar sedan

    2:33 literally thought someone was in my house for a second

  • In Yo FACE
    In Yo FACE3 dagar sedan

    Still uh.... Waiting on that pizza 😐

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger3 dagar sedan

    Yeah Narita boy !

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger3 dagar sedan

    Lumino City was a puzzle video game where the background were really build.

  • Gerald Gossett
    Gerald Gossett4 dagar sedan

    Playing No Man Sky, looking for something new to play

  • Jeb Lawrence
    Jeb Lawrence4 dagar sedan

    Need more Jake and way less Falcon. Seriously.

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    GameStock vs GameStop

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    Why old kinds of games

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    I got the Witcher and need to play it soon on my PS4 again

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    Lego Star Wars For PlayStation 4 and then 5

  • Hoshiko
    Hoshiko5 dagar sedan

    I wanna know if Red Faction was as good as i remember? can you do something for those games?

    CAM MAN5 dagar sedan

    even tho i know the script inside out at the end... i always stay for the pizzas on me! ya know jake just hates himself every time and swears off camera lol

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto ///6 dagar sedan

    Also, I've been playing Bioshock for the first time this past weekend. Rapture is suuuuper cool :)

  • GeeMan Gaming
    GeeMan Gaming6 dagar sedan

    06:52 - Das Arsch.

  • Inazuma65
    Inazuma657 dagar sedan

    Please include time stamps for future videos like this.

  • Will Hess
    Will Hess7 dagar sedan

    Getting a PS5 because my PC is still good and RTX cards are going for crazy prices.

  • william hoover
    william hoover7 dagar sedan

    d3 seasons 23 all weekend for our lil clan

  • Derghi Arrinde
    Derghi Arrinde8 dagar sedan

    I skipped through the video whenever I saw your face. And everything non-game related.

  • Ashar Rahman
    Ashar Rahman8 dagar sedan

    When did they stop doing that weekly give away

  • Trevor Reason
    Trevor Reason8 dagar sedan

    Not really anything to do with this vid, but one of your last ones said we should maybe go back and play ff15 and at 4 hours and 20 min promto says nice thought it was funny

  • Zee Bee
    Zee Bee8 dagar sedan

    Days gone was already a ps+ game...

  • Bobby B
    Bobby B8 dagar sedan

    I’m sad Andy is off camera and not in the background

  • Javier Gonzales
    Javier Gonzales8 dagar sedan

    I love the t shirt B2F series is one of my favorites.

  • Zayyy's Things
    Zayyy's Things8 dagar sedan

    Thps 1 and 2 just came out and I'm already foaming at the mouth for the underground games Jake this video didn't help me

  • Christopher Wilke
    Christopher Wilke8 dagar sedan

    Game subscription services will eventually be as out of hand as network TV sub services. Doesn't look like it now but anyone who is old enough to remember air wave television channels, we didn't think TV would ever look like this! Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Disney, Paramount, IFC, and the list goes on.

  • CaptnAro
    CaptnAro8 dagar sedan

    I really hate those developers who make exclusive games, yessss I'm talking about you Sony.

  • Bane STANO
    Bane STANO9 dagar sedan

    I still miss the good ol' ps 2 lego games

  • Bane STANO
    Bane STANO9 dagar sedan

    FUCK ps plus...

  • Yoyo
    Yoyo9 dagar sedan

    make a video just about the delayed video games. Part1, cause more will be delayed later on.

  • Wohl games
    Wohl games9 dagar sedan

    much louder please, you can hardly be heard haha ​​wtf screaming into the mikro doesn't do anything

  • F1reW4llPlaysGames
    F1reW4llPlaysGames9 dagar sedan

    Make a top 20 games we wish hadn’t been delayed or similar list of delayed games! I think a lot of people would love to see a list like that!!

  • BosoxPatsfan 83
    BosoxPatsfan 839 dagar sedan

    Days gone has been on PSN for months

  • Shafi Azgar
    Shafi Azgar9 dagar sedan

    I know we don't get any pizza from him but I get a warm feeling when he says, "pizza's on me".

  • mistrust
    mistrust9 dagar sedan

    Imagine what those graphics would look like on a PC at 4K

  • Farrier the First
    Farrier the First9 dagar sedan

    playing Outriders a lot lately, having so much fun with it!

  • Martii Ryven
    Martii Ryven9 dagar sedan

    Just figured out i can play my partners games with him (that i dont own) on play station, so we been playing divinity 2 together

  • Captain Shmolshtick
    Captain Shmolshtick9 dagar sedan

    I’d spend 5k on a pc before going back to Xbox 🤷‍♂️

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee9 dagar sedan

    "Who cares, its just a baseball game" ... yet is one of the highest selling exclusives on Playstation 🤦‍♂️

  • Gta Grand Club
    Gta Grand Club9 dagar sedan

    I feel clickbaited

  • Ian Beeston
    Ian Beeston9 dagar sedan

    Jake I want that pizza.

  • Shuvendu Bijoy Paul
    Shuvendu Bijoy Paul9 dagar sedan

    Is Jake high or me?

  • Kurt Warren
    Kurt Warren9 dagar sedan

    Playing valheim allllllll weeeeekenddd

  • Killerofcats
    Killerofcats9 dagar sedan


  • PrismSystem Keeper
    PrismSystem Keeper9 dagar sedan

    Obviously, since i have ps5, Sony get most my money!! But i also have a Xbox one so been bouncing back and forth: outriders, Narita boy etc. Game pass. Soul storm and all the other "free" games on Sony. Just need to buy a switch.

  • Lukas Konrad
    Lukas Konrad9 dagar sedan

    As someone who isn’t that into gaming as of lately I do find the Xbox series x to be more appealing and when I do upgrade and get more into it that’s the path I’m personally going to go. Also I’m a halo nerd

  • Michael Xie
    Michael Xie9 dagar sedan

    she thicc

  • ArcherO07
    ArcherO079 dagar sedan

    Gonna try this Dreams game

  • Kai benington
    Kai benington9 dagar sedan

    come check my channel

  • Dieheart
    Dieheart9 dagar sedan

    I’m kind of disappointed they’re pushing a Witcher next-gen release while not updating us on the Cyberpunk next-gen release

  • Antoine Lessard
    Antoine Lessard9 dagar sedan

    Jake Baldino is very great at talking.This is a skill that not everybody have

  • kristian pedersen
    kristian pedersen9 dagar sedan

    1:15 så for satan da

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson9 dagar sedan

    Covid-19 really wrecked the gaming industry in 2020.

  • Olaughalot
    Olaughalot9 dagar sedan

    Does anyone remember when the internet was free for the mind? Who let fascists run the west?

  • ChiSoxsFan4Life
    ChiSoxsFan4Life9 dagar sedan

    Where can I get that shirt from

  • Ryan Windom
    Ryan Windom9 dagar sedan

    Been playing a lot of Apex lately.

  • John Smith
    John Smith9 dagar sedan

    Replaying Subnautica on the Play at home free release. Still one of the best survival experiences out there imo.

  • Nathan Burgett
    Nathan Burgett9 dagar sedan

    Boycott MLB

  • Guru Velu
    Guru Velu9 dagar sedan

    no one had problem when playstation was on full exclusive mode. after gamepass platform segregation is a problem. this is a sony created problem and xbox gonna master it.

  • كريم سنوسي
    كريم سنوسي10 dagar sedan

    talk about hellblade 2

  • Shayan
    Shayan10 dagar sedan

    Imma be playing rayman origins this week lol

  • shadow13azul
    shadow13azul10 dagar sedan

    Ff7 remake since it's free now

  • Marufi Mahmud
    Marufi Mahmud10 dagar sedan

    playing terminator resistence.

  • Kurniawan Adhi
    Kurniawan Adhi10 dagar sedan

    His name is Jack Baldino.. but he isnt bald and he isnt a Dinosaurus

  • Lobstercoco
    Lobstercoco10 dagar sedan

    can you put news video like this with a label * gaming news* i always miss these stories over the weekend :)

    MMNITEMM10 dagar sedan

    Any No Man's Sky players ? Any1 having a wsod when lauching the game and giving this error 71106_0xC7F4E_ST76561198051952052 ?

  • Robert Rankin
    Robert Rankin10 dagar sedan

    The new camera looks really good.

  • spamuel98
    spamuel9810 dagar sedan

    Gameloft actually made some really good mobile mmorpgs, take a look at Order and Chaos Online sometime.

  • Wannabe Slav
    Wannabe Slav10 dagar sedan

    Can they please bring Ghosts of Tsushima over to xbox lol

  • Kurtis Lawler
    Kurtis Lawler10 dagar sedan

    Why the hell can't I get PS5 games added to my library, even though I have a PS4. I'm going to get a PS5, just no one can right now! Xbox let's you get both new and last gen. I know when ever I do get a Xbox One, I'll have lots of games to play, out of box. Just feels like I'm getting ripped off.

  • Alex Worman
    Alex Worman10 dagar sedan

    Ah! Please update on if that Oregon Trail game gets an Android release!

  • Leo H
    Leo H10 dagar sedan

    Great video!

  • Dat_bois1
    Dat_bois110 dagar sedan

    It would be cool to see actual good mobile games

  • Mello Racks
    Mello Racks10 dagar sedan


    F9ZERO WINNER10 dagar sedan

    Aside from that I actually hate stop motion

    F9ZERO WINNER10 dagar sedan

    Looks bad to me

  • Edon Elis
    Edon Elis10 dagar sedan

    any of the gameranx guys on podcasts?

  • John Marfal
    John Marfal10 dagar sedan

    We need sponsors!

  • Peter Bingham
    Peter Bingham10 dagar sedan

    Because Gamepass, I am playing oblivion

    WOLF GAMING10 dagar sedan

    Days gone doesn't get enough love

  • Christophe Jergales
    Christophe Jergales10 dagar sedan


  • Samurai
    Samurai10 dagar sedan

    Who ever is this mans name is, I’m taking him to develop my game.

  • Quinton Poitras
    Quinton Poitras10 dagar sedan

    I’m in need of a console giveaway. But ill see ya next week

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face10 dagar sedan

    Can curse gets censored. 🤣

  • GBoutt
    GBoutt10 dagar sedan

    You had me at..."We're not affiliaed with them or anuthing..." .....Bye!

  • Drew of Earth
    Drew of Earth10 dagar sedan

    This episode is bright to you by Viewers Like You. (PBS music plays)

  • Combat Psychology Evolved
    Combat Psychology Evolved10 dagar sedan

    If microsoft gets ninga theory to make a heavenly sword sequel I'll buy an xbox.

  • Lou R
    Lou R10 dagar sedan

    MLB the show on gamepass day one is friggin awesome!!!

  • filypefx
    filypefx10 dagar sedan

    remember when we had "only" steam? or only netflix? its less plats but...

  • Boris
    Boris10 dagar sedan

    *Boat, stuck, haha*

  • Axel1790
    Axel179010 dagar sedan

    Something about Jake thanking us is more believable and Genuine unlike most youtubers, you god damn welcome Jake 🥺

  • Miko Jovanović
    Miko Jovanović10 dagar sedan

    i fucking love Jake

  • J Frew
    J Frew10 dagar sedan

    Do you guys have any idea when more PlayStation 5s will become available ?

  • ScaryMutt Studio
    ScaryMutt Studio10 dagar sedan

    I am playing Outriders.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden10 dagar sedan

    Also, i just recently stumbled over this graphics card-scarcity topic. I'm a lifelong console gamer, so i really didn't know, but: WHY? Why do we live in 2021 where there are sought after products (new consoles also) that people just can't buy? It's beyond ridiculous and reminds (again) of South Park where Cartman had his Amusement Park and didn't let anyone in🤔 Sony be like -"here is our new super duper console" -Ok cool, i want to buy it, take my money -"No"

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden10 dagar sedan

    I swear to god, just with PS+ and XBox Gamepass you could play games for 2 lifetimes. I NOBODY has that amount of time. Even you never go to work, have 0 friends & family and dedicate all of your time awake to gaming, you still couldn't play every good game they offer you "for free". Not to mention that one can still buy other good games not included there... It is all sooo goddamn beyond ridiculous these days. The end must be nigh

  • Clifford Johnson
    Clifford Johnson10 dagar sedan

    I want that stop motion game🔥 Takes me way back

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson10 dagar sedan

    1:00 oh my gosh I Loved LuminoCity! GameRanx mentioned it when it came out years ago, but it’s still SO good! I freaking Love stop motion.