10 WORST Cash Grab Attempts By Activision


Activision and Blizzard have made some aggressive moves to make you part with your hard earned cash. Here are some of the biggest consumer-unfriendly examples.
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10. The Dawning Gear - Destiny 2
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9. Call of Duty WW2: Nazi Zombies - The Tortured Path
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8. The Demo - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2
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7. The Summer games event - Overwatch
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6. - Skylanders
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5. The Simpsons Wrestling -
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4. Modern Warfare Remastered - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
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3. The Tony Hawk Ride skateboard
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2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - K/D Tracker
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1. The Variety Map Pack - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
ref: dispatches.cheatcc.com/2836

-Crash Team racing sneaking in microtransactions (mentioned this in the 'things activision wants you to forget' video)
ref: www.destructoid.com/stories/activision-s-post-launch-microtransactions-are-the-peak-of-anti-consumer-practices-562857.phtml

-Warcraft 3: Reforged -
ref: arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/01/warcraft-iii-reforged-tops-our-list-of-2020s-most-disappointing-video-games/


  • Fitch Fam
    Fitch Fam11 timmar sedan

    I grew up on sky landers.... I’m fricking mad you insulted it like that by calling it cheap plastic

  • Right Wing Revolution
    Right Wing Revolution12 timmar sedan

    My friends and I were all high level masters in bo4 and would occasionally pick up a few new people off lfg and if they had the dlc maps we kicked them lol, worst maps in the whole game.

  • Yes
    Yes13 timmar sedan

    Activision don’t care about their fans

  • Not Lord Gols
    Not Lord Gols16 timmar sedan

    Warcraft 3? You mean Dota 1 ?

  • Ghost Freak
    Ghost Freak17 timmar sedan

    Activison takes your money. Price is not amused.

  • Jared Silas Magaji
    Jared Silas Magaji19 timmar sedan

    I really thank HACK_LORD11 on Instagram for retrieving my account for me and my friend the guy is damn good fams

  • tichy ad
    tichy adDag sedan

    Sorry but the worst thing Activision did was kick out hundrets of employes while make records amounts of mony and pay ther billionär ceo over 200millions as bonus.

  • Indi FTW
    Indi FTWDag sedan

    Have they never played MW? You don't need the watch to look at your KD in game.

  • Robin
    Robin2 dagar sedan

    Someone forgot CODM

  • Ender Drake44
    Ender Drake442 dagar sedan

    Falcon: SkYlanDerS WaS ChASh GrAb Me: So you have chosen, dislike button

  • Simon Hardy मैं हूँ 永
    Simon Hardy मैं हूँ 永2 dagar sedan

    Don’t forget they’re going to SELL YOU BACK THE ORIGINAL VERSIONS OF THEIR GAMES THAT YOU PURCHASED AFTER “UPDATING” THE SWEET F OUT OF THEM UNTIL THEY HAVE SUCKED ALL FUN AND NEARLY LOST THEIR ENTIRE PLAYERBASE. Don’t forget that they’ll screw their games up over time; you don’t buy a game from them; you buy the idea of a game and have that game progressively destroyed over the course of its lifetime, until eventually they ATTEMPT to RESELL YOU the original version you originally payed for.

  • GhostRunner 27
    GhostRunner 272 dagar sedan

    2:07 uhhh....

    NINOCOCILLA3 dagar sedan

    i feel like a idiot for buying that watch

  • Death, Be not proud
    Death, Be not proud3 dagar sedan


  • Muammar Gibran
    Muammar Gibran3 dagar sedan

    Will you make a "Best Cash Grab Attempts" list?

  • beaawsome 22
    beaawsome 223 dagar sedan

    Luckily though for Overwatch you can just use credits on event skins during the event

  • Sleeper
    Sleeper3 dagar sedan

    first dont be mad at me that i didnt know this but is activision like EA (i never bought an actvision game)

  • Sriyan Srinivasa
    Sriyan Srinivasa4 dagar sedan

    bruh do you even know what you’re saying? you can literally check your kd by clicking tab or whatever, i feel like gameranx doesn’t even play the games they talk abt

  • Foxyplayz139
    Foxyplayz1395 dagar sedan

    Activision? i at least know i'm gonna hear transformers WFC trilogily

  • Tagrix
    Tagrix5 dagar sedan

    Hey, excuse me what about... *COLD WAR*

  • Brady McConnell
    Brady McConnell5 dagar sedan

    Ever since CoD Cold War multi-player [mostly the season pass] I've had a love HATE relationship with Activision

  • Clay Nolan
    Clay Nolan5 dagar sedan


    SIMON RILEY5 dagar sedan

    Nah nah nah tranzit is worse then tortured path

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares5 dagar sedan

    Sky landers spyros adventure hit different, the games after that we’re just half assed. Didn’t stop me from buying them though

  • Random STUFF69
    Random STUFF696 dagar sedan

    I need money money money gibe me moneh What inspired you to make this game?* Activision: MONEY

  • Yo Mo
    Yo Mo6 dagar sedan

    Skylanders was amazing and I would gladly buy the figures again to collect

  • Suagy
    Suagy6 dagar sedan

    You forgot Call of Duty Cold War

  • Chrissko0live
    Chrissko0live7 dagar sedan

    I loved infinite warfare tbh

  • Fionnlagh Wragg
    Fionnlagh Wragg7 dagar sedan

    Me seeing the titanfall2 credits: pointing Leonardo decaprio

  • Dark Sky
    Dark Sky7 dagar sedan

    I loved Skylanders it made me buy most of them to play everything

  • Yero Boersma
    Yero Boersma7 dagar sedan

    I actually have all skylanders games and ninety percent of characters i liked the games but i get what u meant

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris7 dagar sedan

    I think you need to realize that pre ordering helps the company with the game but I can understand why so many people dislike pre ordera

  • Thedevilgoose🌚
    Thedevilgoose🌚7 dagar sedan

    I feel like buying classes in some FPSs is unnecessary. Maybe it’s just me, though, I like having every character in games.

  • The Great Juan
    The Great Juan8 dagar sedan

    I just want to compliment the style of the 'narrator'.. it feels like you're talking to us.. telling us a story Something like that.. and also that youve played all the games you are talking about. Makes it more interesting to listen to. Nice.

  • The Great Juan
    The Great Juan8 dagar sedan

    At first glance i thought the wheel-less skateboard would be for real life skateboarding heheheh

  • Andrei Secan
    Andrei Secan8 dagar sedan


  • Gary Almighty
    Gary Almighty8 dagar sedan

    All games lol

  • InterMob
    InterMob8 dagar sedan

    wow new mic?

  • dfm 1273
    dfm 12738 dagar sedan

    10:01 or you could go to gamestop and get it for 10 like i did

  • dfm 1273
    dfm 12738 dagar sedan

    number one : black ops 4

  • Mr.fukkU InAss
    Mr.fukkU InAss9 dagar sedan

    Honestly the only good thing they ever made was mw2

  • Jack Goodwin
    Jack Goodwin9 dagar sedan

    Well every company does it

  • Mr Frank
    Mr Frank9 dagar sedan

    The fact that COD modern warfare is 200 plus gigabytes , i know its not a cash grab but considering all the money they get from microtransactions they STILL havent fixed that...

  • Angel Kirilov
    Angel Kirilov9 dagar sedan

    Latest one is Shadowlands.

  • KyRo Sparrow
    KyRo Sparrow9 dagar sedan

    skylanders i rlly liked it. it was fun and my mom would take me out to get new characters and we would collect them. but ya it was a huge cash grabs

  • Supreme Bro
    Supreme Bro9 dagar sedan

    I don’t think this is a cash grab but troll and I it is horrible bad graphics,bad controls, and horrible story and they charge you 15$ to buy it and I bought the disc and it was about 9$

  • MemeMann
    MemeMann9 dagar sedan

    EA: *Amateurs.*

  • NaeNae Myers
    NaeNae Myers9 dagar sedan

    Ok I had so many skylanders and I have no regrets

  • DirtySaint22
    DirtySaint2210 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain why so many CoD games that released back before my balls dropped are still 40 to 60 dollars to this day?

  • Joel Minton
    Joel Minton10 dagar sedan

    People hacked the zombies also

  • william munzer
    william munzer10 dagar sedan

    Am so happy to have my Activision account successfully recovered

  • Croissant Lover
    Croissant Lover10 dagar sedan


  • kjtj397
    kjtj39710 dagar sedan

    Infinite warfare had a good campaign on its own

  • MSR_24
    MSR_2410 dagar sedan

    BO3 microtransactions were such a pain in the ass

  • BePee Z
    BePee Z10 dagar sedan

    Most 3D ps1 games were sluggish...

  • Funky R
    Funky R10 dagar sedan

    Me: man I want a shooter. . . Let's look at cod. . . COD: haha 50 dollar for every game haha

  • James T.
    James T.10 dagar sedan

    I love this channel, but this dude just fricked all over my favorite games, half of these decisions on activisions part made sense so idk what he’s rambling about

  • Adam


    10 dagar sedan

    Briefcase full of sand.

  • Dietzel Dominik
    Dietzel Dominik10 dagar sedan

    I know one! Its called Cold War

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card11 dagar sedan

    I bought anthem the week it came out for about £60 and then when I launched it I had to BUY a subscription to PlayStation plus to get past the start screen.

  • Sean Baugh
    Sean Baugh11 dagar sedan

    Activision hasn't been legit since the original Pitfall on the Atari 2600 back in '82. 🤔.... 😳 *"NUFF SAID"™*

  • Edelleth von Hresvelg
    Edelleth von Hresvelg11 dagar sedan

    Activision fraudulently destroyed trek industry

  • Skye 0519
    Skye 051911 dagar sedan

    I got the legacy edition of cod for 7$ with the normal and legacy disc

  • Fernando Brandão
    Fernando Brandão11 dagar sedan

    Talk about Cod mobile loot boxes.

  • AlpacaNotLlama
    AlpacaNotLlama11 dagar sedan

    EA is way worse though.

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf11 dagar sedan

    If Call of Duty Mobile with $500 gun skins is not on here I’ll be mad. They were in lucky draws.

  • Emily N

    Emily N

    8 dagar sedan

    @Beowulf jesus 😂

  • Beowulf


    8 dagar sedan

    @Emily N pretty much. Along with several other lucky draws that amount to $100 each.

  • Emily N

    Emily N

    8 dagar sedan


  • Lil Yuh
    Lil Yuh11 dagar sedan

    destinys entire seven year lifespan could be put on this list

  • Tristan Lake
    Tristan Lake11 dagar sedan

    BO4 BOCW Ghosts voiceover packs Cryptocurrency BO3 BOCW battlepass CoD WW2 CoD WW2 supply crates Infinite Warfare DLC Infinite Warfare voiceover packs BO4 DLC Hmm I see a pattern

  • BraveN
    BraveN11 dagar sedan

    Predicting it now, newest cod will release MW2 remaster side by side. Activision needs to burn, you can see just how scummy they are with Warzone and Cold Wars crap. Worst developer of all time. Easily. No debate. By miles and miles and miles

  • No Name
    No Name11 dagar sedan

    It's almost useless to do this count down cause if you just wait a day EA or Activision will do another horrible cash grab act. You will just end up having to make a new list each week. But still love to see how Greedy this companies can get.

  • Mewtwo TGM
    Mewtwo TGM11 dagar sedan

    Amazed none of them talk about either Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4

  • ebuhkary
    ebuhkary11 dagar sedan

    They got nothing on FIFA Ultimate team

  • FredRated1967
    FredRated196711 dagar sedan

    And this list is why I no longer play ActiBlizzard games. They got enough of my money from my years of playing WoW. Once I got a more powerful system and discovered Skyrim, I handed my Blizzard account over to my daughter. She uses it occasionally.

  • ImaginTale R6
    ImaginTale R611 dagar sedan

    bru i loved skylanders

  • the_guy773
    the_guy77311 dagar sedan

    Number 2 shouldn't be on there that's a pack that your gonna buy for the skin and the blueprints the watch is just a little extra

  • Diego Parra
    Diego Parra11 dagar sedan

    I think we can all agree that bo4 was definitely a cash grab😂

  • Franchise Fanatic
    Franchise Fanatic11 dagar sedan

    infinite warfare is amazing

  • Franchise Fanatic
    Franchise Fanatic11 dagar sedan

    lego dimensions is the only good toys to life game for all ages

  • Evan Adler
    Evan Adler11 dagar sedan

    Random question, what microphone are you using?

  • BOOMHeadshot1006
    BOOMHeadshot100611 dagar sedan

    You forgot them re-releasing all of D1 into D2 as "new stuff" after you bought the game... I guess maybe not a cash grab, but when you advertise it as "new content" It gets frustratingly infuriating real quick.

  • Angery Mechanic
    Angery Mechanic11 dagar sedan

    The most asdhole cash grab I've ever seen is harry pottery mobile game. You could never beat it and it kept asking for money to play it. Basicly EA be like pay to play harry potter mobile pay to breath.

  • Simon Anderson
    Simon Anderson11 dagar sedan

    2 isn’t really a good example, since as you say “can check outside of the match” for what reason would you ever check your K/D ratio IN A MATCH. Gunfire all around you “let me stop and check my K/D” why does that make sense to you? The watch is a cosmetic for the skin, and as much as it is a “simple feature” what purpose would K/D help in a match? Btw you can check K/D on TDM

  • Mister Dude
    Mister Dude11 dagar sedan

    Every though Activion has, is a cash grab. it's all about the motherfucking oil!

  • Careyn
    Careyn11 dagar sedan

    I would argue that Activision is the worst publisher at the moment. Even worse than EA, Ubisoft or Konami. Microsoft should just buy Activision and put an end to that publisher.

  • Đorđe Kaljević
    Đorđe Kaljević12 dagar sedan

    i think a worlds #1 cashgrab was fortnite and everything connected to it

  • smoked buns
    smoked buns12 dagar sedan

    Top 10? More like top 100.

  • - xXx-C17 -
    - xXx-C17 -12 dagar sedan

    I prefer the battle pass system over the paid dlc system

  • MUI Clausi
    MUI Clausi12 dagar sedan

    wana talk about cod warzone selling blueprints with secret stats ? if you happen to buy em you get shadowbanned from mass report by other players for being to good with it ? XD happened to me

  • Classic_Killr2244
    Classic_Killr224412 dagar sedan

    Beautiful video idea.

  • The Doge Slayer#8981
    The Doge Slayer#898112 dagar sedan

    You could've had concluded the Modern Warfare and Cold War thing (basically they took warzone and connected it to cold war, Modern Warfare's multiplayer doesnt have a battle pass, it has Cold War's battle pass)

  • dagar sedan

    Activision treating it's customers like a bunch of addicts. Stopped playing Activision and EA games a long time ago because of this.

  • Blake Bushroe
    Blake Bushroe12 dagar sedan

    Wow, can’t you tell the difference between Activision and Blizzard. Don’t say that’s not true cause that would make you stupid.

  • vincent ebanks
    vincent ebanks12 dagar sedan

    Cod mobile and cod online are there biggest scams

  • Dominic Reames
    Dominic Reames12 dagar sedan

    If everyone just stopped buying cod points and didn’t even bother to look at their packs then Activision would be forced to stop fucking over pricing them but that will never happen

  • Curtis Bennett
    Curtis Bennett12 dagar sedan

    Modern Warfare Remastered was the first COD game I purchased.

  • Snapdragon 9600
    Snapdragon 960012 dagar sedan

    Ah. Microtransactions for starwars battlefront 2 deserves a mention. Also eye of judgement card game on PS3 predated skylanders. Hundreds of cards to collect our of packs that were mostly common card characters. And a camera with the poorest of tracking that made placement of characters a hit and miss. I wasted hundreds on that game.😡

  • Tru Reaper
    Tru Reaper12 dagar sedan

    I believe there was also an snow boarding game with the board controller as well, I dont know if it was from Activision or not

  • willian beck Ribeiro
    willian beck Ribeiro12 dagar sedan

    I love the Destiny saga, but those Dlc with skyhigh prices made me get out of the game...

  • Crazy Ubiquitous
    Crazy Ubiquitous12 dagar sedan

    This video just hit 434,343 views!

    JOHN KABOOM12 dagar sedan

    At the same time EA is worse in every way

  • Fernando cadena
    Fernando cadena12 dagar sedan

    It's not fair to just blame activision I have this problem at work were there's a budget per site certain hours allocated and I'm starting to realize that by the time I actually see my equipment and material including consumables 5 -10 people have already touched this particular site