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Xbox's Phil Spencer outlines Bethesda exclusivity (sort of), a crafty modder makes an insane water-cooled PS5, new game trailers, and more in a week full of gaming news.
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Xbox Boss Gives Update on Bethesda Exclusivity


Square Enix event
Japanese playstation event
Rust server devastation

Outer Worlds DLC
Apex on Switch



  • gameranx
    gameranxMånad sedan

    happy weekend! thanks for stopping by. what are you playing?

  • William Stanley

    William Stanley

    29 dagar sedan

    Yakuza 0, making my way through the series now.

  • Frank Tenpenny

    Frank Tenpenny

    Månad sedan

    Demon Souls

  • Kaloderma


    Månad sedan

    nothing, I have no time atm :(

  • Kenny L

    Kenny L

    Månad sedan

    I have been playing Elite Dangerous for about two months now and since I can’t travel with my PC I have it on PlayStation 4. I can’t say anything in 2021 has grabbed my attention like Dying Light 2 which fingers crossed it is making good progress and FF7 remake the only thing I hope to see come to console is the Elite Dangerous Odyssey upgrade that looks astonishing.

  • Bet Nimrod

    Bet Nimrod

    Månad sedan

    @Djepsi Trophy hunting = waste of time. Worthless achievement, akin to receiving a participation trophy.

  • Daniel Hartness
    Daniel Hartness20 timmar sedan

    Hopefully this will be the revive Bethesda desperately needed.

    THESHAYMAN952 dagar sedan

    You move like 5 times a year hahaha

  • zZOdysseus Zz
    zZOdysseus Zz5 dagar sedan

    I hope to all things good in the world that elder scrolls 6 isn’t going to be an Xbox exclusive. If I waited as long as I have for a new elder scrolls only for it to be in an expensive console I’m not going to buy or only have for elder scrolls than i will vomit

  • Rachniax
    Rachniax6 dagar sedan

    Does that mean that Bugthesda won't be relying on modders to fix their crap??

  • Prawn Star
    Prawn Star10 dagar sedan

    xbox sux

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell11 dagar sedan

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson12 dagar sedan

    I don't have a mind for the business speak of these big-companies. But as a simple man, I don't trust anyone who can't simply be honest and say yes or no when asked a simple yes or no question. That being said, I don't have faith that the next Elder Scrolls, Fallout or (if they're willing to resurrect the franchise) Dishonored will still come to other platforms. And that's heart breaking for people like me who love these titles but are on a budget. I don't what to buy an entirely new system just to enjoy what are objectively my three of my top five favorite franchises. But on the up-side, maybe now Elder Scrolls and Fallout can start using the Unity or Unreal Engine architecture like the rest of the world. Or, at least, something better than Creation.

  • Piranha X
    Piranha X12 dagar sedan

    Ps5 already an ugly pos, why waste the time n money

  • Crack Of Thrawn
    Crack Of Thrawn13 dagar sedan

    So I need to get an Xbox for the Bethesda Star Wars game. “Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in”.

  • Listening noob
    Listening noob14 dagar sedan

    Account was hacked on roblox and support did very little. Still do not have it back.

  • ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*
    ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*15 dagar sedan

    people modding there extra ps5s and i cant even get one

  • Taylorsmsmith
    Taylorsmsmith16 dagar sedan

    Literally the first time I have seen your face... Great channel bro. Keep it up!

  • YeWords
    YeWords17 dagar sedan

    still 20-19

  • VilkasPilkas
    VilkasPilkas17 dagar sedan

    New room, nice i like that 🌹❤️

  • NorthernN54's
    NorthernN54's17 dagar sedan

    anyone saying PlayStation will continue to get games from zenimax is a total fanboy and they need to realize that Microsoft/Xbox have already specifically stated they do not need to keep creating games for other platforms to make there 7.5B purchase worth it. get it through your head. elderscrolls? its ours nau:3 you getting games? issover.... issdone...

  • SEAL
    SEAL18 dagar sedan

    microsoft overpaid

  • Alex Furry
    Alex Furry19 dagar sedan

    I have over a 100h in Rust, thankfully I don't playing a lot or play in one of those servers.

  • Serachja
    Serachja19 dagar sedan

    I would love to get a PS5 and put it on water. I did it with my PS4 and I think it would be easy to do it with the PS5 as well. Congrats to the guy doing it looking great.

  • KomradKyle
    KomradKyle19 dagar sedan

    FF7 remake is soo good, Outriders is great for gamepass super happy with square now.

  • AveToAve
    AveToAve19 dagar sedan

    Lookin good boys

  • Yoyo
    Yoyo20 dagar sedan

    I hope exclusivity will become extinct. Us, the customers, fans, the ones that provide to them have to suffer the most. It is just wrong. It should be exclusive for a maximum 6 months or so, then released to everyone.

  • gel blaster guy
    gel blaster guy20 dagar sedan


  • Morgan Yuan
    Morgan Yuan21 dag sedan

    The power of cash and daddy Microsoft

  • DreadedCity OverEverbody
    DreadedCity OverEverbody21 dag sedan

    Like I own madden, can I play madden on my ps5 and he play on ps4 at the same time or would it say another account is using this content?

  • DreadedCity OverEverbody
    DreadedCity OverEverbody21 dag sedan

    I'm about to get my ps5 I'm giving my bro my ps4 Can we still play the same game, on different accounts? Or would I need to purchase all my games again basically

  • ashen always

    ashen always

    21 dag sedan

    @DreadedCity OverEverbody dang, I'm sorry. I'd ask reddit!

  • DreadedCity OverEverbody

    DreadedCity OverEverbody

    21 dag sedan

    @ashen always all good I came here cuz google hasn't been asked that question apparently

  • ashen always

    ashen always

    21 dag sedan

    Same games, on same accounts. If you or your brother makes a new account, you'd have to buy again I think. But that's only if they don't out your account as the main console thing or something. I think google or other browsers might give you a clearer answer then me😅 so sorry bout that

  • Veer
    Veer22 dagar sedan

    I'd buy the ps5 watercooling parts to mod it myself

  • Timmy Turnner
    Timmy Turnner22 dagar sedan

    Rip Bethesda

  • Raven Playz - Tutorials, Gameplays and more!
    Raven Playz - Tutorials, Gameplays and more!23 dagar sedan

    The only reason i clicked this video is because I saw Roblox.

  • Audaces Fortuna Iuvat
    Audaces Fortuna Iuvat24 dagar sedan

    🤨 It's not "Bethe*Z*da" it's "Bethe*S*da"!!! (Smh...) Stop pronouncing the "s" as a "z". Learn to ENUNCIATE! 😒 It's like when Americans pronounce "ASK" as "AXE". Like I'm gonna "AXE" you a question... Same with the word "WHAT" when Americans pronounce it as "HUWAT"... Like wtf ughhh... 😑

  • Niek Lubbers
    Niek Lubbers24 dagar sedan

    But there is no game Bethesda makes that anyone cares about.... try to proof me wrong

  • Tim M
    Tim M25 dagar sedan

    If xbox full exclusive with Bethesda games I'll never play another fallout or elder scrolls games again lol. I love those games but oh well.

  • Victor E Gonzalez
    Victor E Gonzalez25 dagar sedan

    What game is on 3:25 please and thanks!

  • First Name, Last Name
    First Name, Last Name26 dagar sedan

    Where my Stock Market Boys at!?

  • JBrandonMercer123
    JBrandonMercer12326 dagar sedan

    Imagine thinking that Microsoft paid $7.5 billion for Bethesda and isn't going to make all possible future products exclusive.

  • NoobersTube
    NoobersTube26 dagar sedan

    Whoa, I didn't know there're a lot of Mod for PS5

  • Coalescence
    Coalescence27 dagar sedan

    You guys are my number 1 game news source. Better than IGN! Keep up the good work.

  • matteo spencer
    matteo spencer27 dagar sedan

    can you gift me star wars on ea plz

  • loony dan
    loony dan27 dagar sedan

    Bethesda makes and ships out unfinished buggy games, who actually cares about that company

  • Somnia


    27 dagar sedan


  • Schmee Ghoul
    Schmee Ghoul27 dagar sedan

    I was in the hospital at 7yrs old in the 80s for a literal month (severe burns) the only thing that got me through the pain and boredom was the cart with an NES and a VHS that they would wheel into the room. I watched Indiana Jones over and over again too. I definitely will support this organization. I love you guys and all of your content, I watch it on repeat even when not listening. Jake and falcon have semi soothing voice cadences

  • [TOPC] The Pain clan
    [TOPC] The Pain clan27 dagar sedan

    20k for a gaming setup 🤭

  • endorbr
    endorbr27 dagar sedan

    Still not buying an Xbox

  • it's me
    it's me27 dagar sedan

    Only poor people buy consoles

  • gavinwhitman


    26 dagar sedan

    Idk man some people just want a simpler experience that's more accessible I doesn't necessarily mean they're poor they just don't want to spend that much money on their gaming experience specifically

  • Danny the Dan Man
    Danny the Dan Man27 dagar sedan

    You know the ancient gods part 2 announcement came out of nowhere when they don’t even mention it here.

  • 77 dead
    77 dead28 dagar sedan

    Sony comes down on dope moders but not scalpers smh

  • killakali3000
    killakali300028 dagar sedan

    Believe it when I see it..Xbox has always promised games

  • SCP-096
    SCP-09628 dagar sedan

    it says at the description apex legends lol

  • Aiden bubbles
    Aiden bubbles28 dagar sedan

    Too bad I can’t play the first iteration of persona 5 cause it’s only on ps4

  • Somnia


    27 dagar sedan

    yeah consoles should be like on pc, i can still play persona 5 and it will stay no matter wich parts i buy

  • Ripper
    Ripper28 dagar sedan

    Poor bethesda, they have to go to Microsoft I feel bad

  • the unknown
    the unknown28 dagar sedan

    If they try and make elderscrolls exclusive it will be the backlash of the century

  • Derkeethus the Argonian
    Derkeethus the Argonian28 dagar sedan

    That custom ps5 looks hella ugly

  • long here
    long here28 dagar sedan

    My second favorite type of amateurs

  • Kenneth Baker
    Kenneth Baker28 dagar sedan

    Lol the next bethesda game coming for Xbox 720

  • Valion13
    Valion1328 dagar sedan

    I feel like over the last few months Jake's hair has been getting crazier, and crazier, and crazier.

  • Nikolas NunnFears
    Nikolas NunnFears28 dagar sedan

    bethesda is going downhill anyway

  • shane morrow
    shane morrow28 dagar sedan

    Wow........ I didn't think it was possible to find another reason to hate Microsoft even more.

  • MRSketch09
    MRSketch0929 dagar sedan

    You know... as someone that owns a PS5. I got lucky. But.. I'm really concerned about the memory available... REALLY CONCERNED. Like I've already filled it up & that's with a new 1tb external drive from samsung. So.. a water cooled ps5 is awesome.. probably quiet to. But.. that's all it is at this point.

  • Mr.T-Sprinkles
    Mr.T-Sprinkles29 dagar sedan

    Hi key would also love to buy a ps5.

  • Maniacal Nut
    Maniacal Nut29 dagar sedan

    I am thinking that games currently in development with Bethesda will of course come to all systems as they have in the past (or most systems) HOWEVER, later installments, I 2ould say like 2023 and above, will go xbox exclusive. Which sucks for me personally, but I mean that is something cool for them to have since Playstation has so many exclusives compared

  • Ghost Gameplays
    Ghost Gameplays29 dagar sedan

    Im SO glad Persona 5 Strikers is #3! In my opinion, it should be #1. But i REALLY hope its one of the Nominees for GOTY! Yes. Its THAT GOOD!

  • TechNewb
    TechNewb29 dagar sedan

    Why does Jake look like he's wearing a toupee?

  • Jeff Butler
    Jeff Butler29 dagar sedan

    I have a PS5 and I have a Switch. I just bought a series S because of this acquisition. I don’t wanna miss out on all these games. Series S is a decent deal and I can do multiplats on PS5

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige29 dagar sedan

    So ps players wont get any more bethesda games....... greeeeeaaat

  • Martii Ryven
    Martii Ryven29 dagar sedan

    Think majority of dedicated players own both a console of choice and pc, so i wounldnt say its gonna affect people that much. It would be interesting to see them use their partnership beyond xbox pass. Like, make a decent game thats gonna blow our minds

  • Naddii TheQueen Holler
    Naddii TheQueen Holler29 dagar sedan

    Damn Jake, can you please cut your hair or do something so it doesn't look like your hair has a life of it's own. 🤣😂

  • Thou Art But Dust
    Thou Art But Dust29 dagar sedan

    Jake. Gimme that shirt.

  • M H
    M H29 dagar sedan

    If I don't get the new elder scrolls on playstation... I'm going to cry

  • dave wheels
    dave wheels29 dagar sedan

    Bethesda would lose most of their player-base if this was microsoft exclusive, the numbers simply don't line up versus sony units. They might be trying to follow suit with playstation..but bethesda? I do not think they can deliver like sony does.

  • Umbrella2906
    Umbrella290629 dagar sedan

    This Watercooled PS5 looks ugly, i'm serious :(

  • Delicateninja567
    Delicateninja56729 dagar sedan

    That thing on the image doesn’t look cool

  • Kamikaze Hound
    Kamikaze Hound29 dagar sedan

    Phil is legit xbox Jesus. They are now planning on buying Konami and Sega. I rather buy the custom for more than a scalped ps5

  • Bad H2o
    Bad H2o29 dagar sedan

    Hot dog studio

  • Ryan Sell
    Ryan Sell29 dagar sedan

    "AMAZING" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shai Glatshtein
    Shai GlatshteinMånad sedan

    damn bethesda keep blocking me from the last main wolfensteins on PC :(

  • Javier Carrasco
    Javier CarrascoMånad sedan

    69 (nice) 🤣

  • Maebus Gaming
    Maebus GamingMånad sedan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA I am still going to buy a modded playstation 5. Becaause its obvious they still dont give a fuck about scalpers. So why should we care that you are but hurt about us redesigning the PS5. If you can't honestly answer that. Then we shouldn't care.

  • Isaac La Vina
    Isaac La VinaMånad sedan


  • Davis Deadly
    Davis DeadlyMånad sedan

    I'm a Playstation fanboy. BUT... I'm kinda hoping some of the big hitters are Xbox only. Why? So they are optimized for the Series X/S. Cause I feel that is when a game truly shines. Prove me wrong.

  • Durkey
    DurkeyMånad sedan

    imagine Sony buys rockstar would never happen but would be funny

  • Rey Serrato

    Rey Serrato

    26 dagar sedan

    If Sony did, there would be no doubt about it, they would make all the games exclusives. Thank God Days Gone is finally coming to PC tho lol

  • Quincy D
    Quincy DMånad sedan

    You look like the micheal lemmo of gaming

  • Zoidberg brbrbbrbr
    Zoidberg brbrbbrbrMånad sedan

    It just looks stupid. Both designs.

  • person person
    person personMånad sedan

    I think star field and TES6 will be exclusive (triple A games), but smaller titles that are like $45 and cheaper will be on all platforms

  • Jerey Alvarez
    Jerey AlvarezMånad sedan

    Too me, I think Microsoft has been bleeding $$ on original gaming console titles, so they have to fork out more $$ on big-name company with big projects to pull to their side more. So not enough IP, so they bought out others.

  • VenomX987
    VenomX987Månad sedan

    Bethesda will make more money selling games to other consoles.

  • Kaleb Dombeck
    Kaleb DombeckMånad sedan

    I am so incredibly excited for Dying Light 2. I hope to see some gameplay, the first iteration had some of my favorite graphics from last gen :)

  • CascadeJenkins
    CascadeJenkinsMånad sedan

    That Turles game is bought the first day! I'm 40 now but I don't give a shit! Turtle Power!!!💙💜🧡❤

  • Jose Aviles
    Jose AvilesMånad sedan

    Looking forward to those large grains of salt and that free pizza as usual brother 😎 👊.

  • Rynn21
    Rynn21Månad sedan

    I doubt Bethesda's games will be any less buggy with this deal though.

  • Cody Burnett
    Cody BurnettMånad sedan

    Here I am still waiting for a chance to buy a PS5 lol.

  • Ddarke11
    Ddarke11Månad sedan

    Gotta touch your chin with a pinky when you talk about all those billions.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMånad sedan

    The guy that made the custom PS5 should do them to order, have people ship their ps5 to them and then watercool it for them and ship it back

  • james w

    james w

    28 dagar sedan

    Watching him build it was amazing, so much work went into it

  • axeltank06
    axeltank06Månad sedan

    Even if they're probably 100-200 dollars more (I have no idea how much a mod like that would be but 200 is my limit), I'd sooner go for a water-cooled PS5 provided if they're easier to get a hold of. Probably not tho. Its still better than paying $700+ to a POS scalper.

  • D. Scott Castle
    D. Scott CastleMånad sedan

    I can't stop looking at that peppermint patty on top of your head lol

  • Ocean1cbanana2
    Ocean1cbanana2Månad sedan

    My favourite Xbox character is the airplane

  • animal tramposo
    animal tramposoMånad sedan


  • spiny mold
    spiny moldMånad sedan

    That custom PS5 is sooooooo sweet

  • 01Master ofDisaster
    01Master ofDisasterMånad sedan

    I say this with love, but it always looks like you are filming in a shelf storage locker, moving or not.

  • Hermann Göring
    Hermann GöringMånad sedan

    The hospital can be a scary lonely place for adults... I can't imagine being a kid and stuck in there for months... Go support gamers outreach

  • James
    JamesMånad sedan

    You know what Xbox are gonna be pushing for? Getting gamepass on Playstations

  • Fatsackafat
    FatsackafatMånad sedan

    Ghost of Tsushima on PS5, 60FPS, loving it.