What Made Dying Light A BIG DEAL?


Dying Light (2015 PC, PS4, Xbox One) became one of our favorite zombie games. In anticipation for Dying Light 2, we wanted to take a look back at the OG.
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  • Aidin'
    Aidin'3 timmar sedan

    I've been waiting for dying light 2 since I first heard it was coming. Saw a gameplay trailer and instantly fell in love with the new parkour. I'm glad they aren't rushing it. Don't want another cyberpunk 2077 (Which I bought on release day)

  • Keegan Lee-Newbury
    Keegan Lee-Newbury14 timmar sedan

    have like 150 hours on dying light on pc, also played on ps4, replaying again with some of my budies and it's still awesome

  • Joseph's loop
    Joseph's loop16 timmar sedan

    Played it in 2021...don't think it's really that great...my opinion tho... missions are dumb.. story is meh...super repetitive..only good thing is the Parkour

  • ThrA-X
    ThrA-X20 timmar sedan

    great game, severely marred by lack of controller options.

  • BunnySash
    BunnySashDag sedan

    My only complaint with Dying light was the guns. Like yes I know guns have to have some semblance of balance so that NPCs don't one tap you but how the heck does does a knife do more damage than a assault rifle?!

  • Kevin De Armas
    Kevin De ArmasDag sedan

    I play dying light 3 x already and it is still enjoyable.

  • boblo
    bobloDag sedan

    I still play this game without getting bored

  • dominic patnoude
    dominic patnoudeDag sedan

    Just bought the game the other day and beat the story today, amazing game. I loved every aspect of it, from jumping off tall buildings to getting raped by rais men early game.. truly a master piece

  • Matthew Getman
    Matthew GetmanDag sedan

    Honestly everytime I am reminded of dying light, I want to go play it again. I am super stoked for dying light 2 and will probably start playing the original again before launch

  • Davorin Mlakar
    Davorin MlakarDag sedan

    The fits night in this game was freaking scaryy man :)

    LINCOLN LH 22 dagar sedan

    Hey I was a master with this game, I left the fallowing only bc I heard of the second dying light forevermore ago. The game us the reason I got ps4, nothing can beat it in the zombie aspect an is in the top 500 games of all time. Dying light two should be in the tip top 100

  • Arvind Uppal
    Arvind Uppal3 dagar sedan

    I'm about to play dying light for the first time wish me luck

  • Emilis Gedminas
    Emilis Gedminas3 dagar sedan

    the graphics tho they are the best

  • Tahmas H
    Tahmas H3 dagar sedan

    I’m still playing it 😃 Just started on “The Following”. I love it. I hope DL2 has better stealth aspect though, would be great. And maybe a quick turn button combo.

  • OZmaBoom
    OZmaBoom3 dagar sedan

    Bro dying light gave me my first decent youtube video really helped me learn share factory good game

  • ScopezAG
    ScopezAG3 dagar sedan

    Cant wait for dying light 2 😊

  • GoGecka
    GoGecka3 dagar sedan

    I think it’s better to get an unexpected amazing game than a hyped game that turns out to be pretty okay

  • Craig Lupo
    Craig Lupo3 dagar sedan

    What made dying light a big deal? ITS FUCKING AWESOME THATS WHAT!!! love you gameranx!!!!

  • Jacob Bowen
    Jacob Bowen3 dagar sedan

    I got it in 2020 and love it

  • Marko Bukorovic
    Marko Bukorovic3 dagar sedan

    Big deal? Never heard of the game and I am pretty hardcore SP gamer.

  • Clayton O'Hara
    Clayton O'Hara4 dagar sedan

    easily one of my favorite games of the previous generation. i was absolutely mind blown at the graphics. i remember staring out the tower window in very beginning and being so impressed. probably played it for 2 months straight or more

  • Frostbite Channel
    Frostbite Channel4 dagar sedan

    No I remember the first time it was night time the mission where we had to get the supply crate and we were chased by the night zombies that are hella dangerous that was the scariest part for me

  • mark ramos
    mark ramos4 dagar sedan

    I really enjoyed dying light and so excited for part 2...my leave credits are ready for this...haha

  • LongoTV
    LongoTV4 dagar sedan

    I have put a lot of time into the game simply because there is no other like it. The amount of work the team (Techland) has continued to put into the game for their fans is mind blowing and one reason why I will always support Techland and Dying Light. They never gave up or stopped to make sure they continue to let their fans know they love them. To all the impatient, spoiled bastards out there that gave them hate comments, emails and messages ya'll don't even deserve to play Dying Light 2 when the game releases.

  • sahanaj chowdhury
    sahanaj chowdhury5 dagar sedan

    The grappling hook is definitely needed for dying light 2 cool parkour and combat moves cool advanced Melee weapons and guns also cool stealth takedown

  • SirPotatorito
    SirPotatorito5 dagar sedan


  • Miles
    Miles5 dagar sedan

    Guns are waay to overpowered! I've only played in normal but as soon as i could get a gun and was able to buy ammo i could mow down about 40 zombies with an ar in a short amount of time.

  • Asa_Games
    Asa_Games5 dagar sedan

    Yeah I like how guns are one of the rarest and most double edged things in a game, zombies come flying off of roofs towards you, literally in the first outbreak zone

  • Andrew Speers
    Andrew Speers6 dagar sedan

    Please dont mention the radio towers !!!!!!! It was the worst part ov the game

  • Goki
    Goki6 dagar sedan

    i cant wait for the second game man...

  • bryce3834
    bryce38346 dagar sedan

    I absolutely adored this game !!!

  • Elymas
    Elymas6 dagar sedan

    i absolutely frickin love this game don’t get me wrong. but my main complaint is how incredibly easy it is. even on nightmare mode at night

  • Erica Ramirez
    Erica Ramirez6 dagar sedan

    This was the first game i ever played where my fear of heights was actually triggered and since then it's been in my too 5 favorite games.

  • Steven Kline
    Steven Kline7 dagar sedan

    Bro the whole time he made a point I just kept saying seriously because it’s so true

  • Zapatero17
    Zapatero177 dagar sedan

    easily one of my favorite games of all time. also one that ive put the most time into and bought on multiple platforms. this game was my middle school childhood and im still playing it like what 6 years later? cant wait for the sequel

  • Hunter Guse
    Hunter Guse7 dagar sedan

    I haven't played the first game yet, but I was wondering if I should wait for the next one or get the first.

  • ARGENT 191
    ARGENT 1917 dagar sedan

    I just finished the game and The Following expansion. Holy shit it's really good! Only gripe I have is the Rais "boss fight" and The Following's downer endings. Other than that it's a really good time. I'm looking forward to the sequel now.

  • MiniDogZz
    MiniDogZz7 dagar sedan

    Playing this game coop is a super fun experience, I have some really good memories from just me and a friend playing through the story (which is pretty generic) and having a good ol blast

  • AfterAttackTV
    AfterAttackTV7 dagar sedan

    Dont forget the multiplayer, an invasion-style pvp system where a player controlled mutant enters your world and hunts you down. so many crazy moments like taking out the mutant by throwing my machete at it in mid air, or driving the buggy through the field and hearing it flying after you while you try to avoid the zombies in front of you. Great times

    KENYON WILLIAMS7 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite memories when I found that Mario easter egg in the game

  • Grgic Tihomir
    Grgic Tihomir7 dagar sedan

    Deffo, one of the best games ever made. With a few friends, it gets even better.

  • Jon O
    Jon O7 dagar sedan

    sounds better than cyberpunk 2077

  • Alex van geffen
    Alex van geffen7 dagar sedan

    cd project should take notes

  • Himanshu Dhariwal
    Himanshu Dhariwal7 dagar sedan

    “Pretty Great” is an understatement

  • shadowstorm657
    shadowstorm6577 dagar sedan

    Dying light was one of the most polished games I have ever played, and that has ever been released.

  • F7ling Around man
    F7ling Around man7 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah

  • RyanJ IDGAF
    RyanJ IDGAF7 dagar sedan

    Dying light > Cyberpunk...

  • RyanJ IDGAF
    RyanJ IDGAF7 dagar sedan

    The whole generation was full of open world sandbox titles. Dying light just had such a great movement system, and felt way ahead of its time. The main quest was eh but everything else was perfect.

  • ZeldaZ ZeldaZ
    ZeldaZ ZeldaZ8 dagar sedan

    Can you all believe this, I got a email from you know who, saying the 2015 base game was big it needed internet to update files, and they never put the DLC the following on a disc, also tryd to get a voucher from them because I bought a new copy of dying light anniversary edition, and had no voucher in it for the anniversary bundle / hell raid, but the Xbox version has all DLC on the disk, omg I don't see tech land doing anygood with dying light 2

  • Omellet Boy
    Omellet Boy8 dagar sedan

    The best zombie game for me because i like first person games

  • ItsMixedUp
    ItsMixedUp8 dagar sedan

    DL is up there for one of my favourite all time games, the amount of fun and great memories I had with my mates playing the multilayer campaign was so good. The feeling of having nto get back before dark was intense, the night is so scary lol

  • MC Chubbems
    MC Chubbems8 dagar sedan

    Honestly I’ve played through DL a lot of times now lost count by this point I’ve done every quest over and over gotten all the secrets and weapons multiple times and I’ve loved every second now though my interest has dwindled because ya know I also play other games to but I still hop in a co op game and help out some newer players. That’s always a good feeling when ya help a new player through a hard ass quest and then you just get them used to the game Tbh never had a dull moment in the game always had fun. I’d say the only downsides are sometimes the parkour is glitchy mostly at the com towers god I hate climbing those things but no matter still a fantastic game and I can’t wait for DL2

  • Adrian Vio
    Adrian Vio8 dagar sedan

    IMO, The atmosphere sounds and soundtrack is TOP 5!

  • Adrian Vio
    Adrian Vio8 dagar sedan

    Last night at 1AM I was playing in Nightmare mode and after about one hour i died and lost about 900,000 XP. I wasn’t even mad lol. It was an awesome experience.

  • Prototype 81
    Prototype 818 dagar sedan

    It really wasnt a big deal. It was good but not great.

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R.8 dagar sedan

    Finished this game last week its so fire cant wait for dying light 2

  • Simon Pearson
    Simon Pearson8 dagar sedan

    Dying light 2 should have been cyberpunk

  • Erick Ferrini
    Erick Ferrini8 dagar sedan

    Dude this is the best zombie game to ever exist and no one can tell me anything different

  • leo 1nico
    leo 1nico8 dagar sedan

    The sounds of the game, the gameplay, the history mode, everything on these game is awesome. On my opinion is by far the best zombie game that I have ever played.

  • Jorge Mayorga
    Jorge Mayorga8 dagar sedan

    I get motion sickness from it so I can't really play it for more than like 30 minutes, they're a really good 30 minutes tho

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark9 dagar sedan

    One word for DL, atmosphere. The immersion from this atmos was level 9000.

  • AnotherFatGuy96
    AnotherFatGuy969 dagar sedan

    My main love of dying light is for the developers, the constant updates several years after release! They are kings and queens! Legends for constantly keeping their game and community active with massive updates!

  • LucisZ39
    LucisZ399 dagar sedan

    I couldn't really play the game myself (head trauma and first person perspective don't mix) but I remember a group of us gathering around and playing it in college. It's sucha good memory. I remember liking the game a lot.

  • Juan23
    Juan239 dagar sedan

    The is even more fun now with all the modded weapons

  • Michael Cowans
    Michael Cowans9 dagar sedan

    Still playing it I love the game

  • LT 037
    LT 0379 dagar sedan

    DL is one of my favorite game

  • Denis Dzudzevic
    Denis Dzudzevic10 dagar sedan

    I hope Jade come back in DY2.. I miss her 🥺🙄

  • Diego van Luik
    Diego van Luik10 dagar sedan

    Me and my friend were screaming when volatiles came after us and it was so much fun im really excited for DL2

  • Onur Efe Bozkurt
    Onur Efe Bozkurt10 dagar sedan

    Harran is in Turkey not Iran

  • golden shark gaming
    golden shark gaming10 dagar sedan

    Still play the game till this day I love how they continue to support the game with small but cool packs of gear

  • Zak Mackay
    Zak Mackay10 dagar sedan

    I still play the game I haven’t left it sconce I bought it in 2015

  • Kuru Shimu
    Kuru Shimu10 dagar sedan

    I truly wish there was never modded gear and duplication in this game. Got rid of the fun of looting houses

  • Zack Anderson
    Zack Anderson10 dagar sedan

    I just got this game yesterday. Gonna try to beat it before the sequel comes out.

  • Crusades
    Crusades10 dagar sedan

    It's crazy that they're still supporting the game even now. Things like community events to keep people entertained and give people a goal to work towards.

  • TezxSenju
    TezxSenju10 dagar sedan

    Nahh The first dyling light was amazing and IM hyped for the 2nd one! lets gooo baby!!

  • B G
    B G10 dagar sedan

    Thanks. Just ordered from Amazon & I've never played this game before.

  • 90V 9V
    90V 9V10 dagar sedan

    Iisus Hristos este Domnul amin

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen10 dagar sedan

    I remember the first time a hunter joined my game and pounced on me I almost shut myself and was lost the whole time. This game brings back so many good memories

  • Syed tahir
    Syed tahir11 dagar sedan

    Game interiors are one of the main thing

  • Copy Niinja
    Copy Niinja11 dagar sedan

    I played through the Dying Light campaign a total of 6 times. Other than the first time which I played solo, the other 5 were through 5 different friends of mine. Such a blast every single time I played through the game again and again

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M11 dagar sedan

    The combat against zombies and parkour felt very dynamic.

  • Ívar Gestur Karlsson
    Ívar Gestur Karlsson11 dagar sedan

    I had a blessst playing it

  • The Fortnite OG
    The Fortnite OG11 dagar sedan

    Me wanting to know what made dying light a big deal. Vaping can deliver toxic metals like nickel and lead into your lungs.

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell11 dagar sedan

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • Lucas Villarreal
    Lucas Villarreal11 dagar sedan

    I’ve played through this game 4 times. Once by myself and 3 times with different people and wow it was such a unique experience each time!! Its definitely a top 3 zombie game and possibly top 5 game for me

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat11 dagar sedan

    I play this game for 10 minutes and I get bored, there is actually not enough content to enjoy once everything is done

  • Faceless 870
    Faceless 87011 dagar sedan

    They’ve been adding in mini buyable packs with new weapon types such as a scar-L and they have out weapon challenges for this year’s Chinese New Year one of which gave you a 1 round shotgun like blunderbuss

  • mindless
    mindless12 dagar sedan

    hows the song called at 0:45?

  • Turbo MMA
    Turbo MMA12 dagar sedan

    When’s dying light 2?

  • Big DrewSkii
    Big DrewSkii12 dagar sedan

    We need a dying light 2

  • Josh Hart
    Josh Hart12 dagar sedan

    Is it too old to pick this up for the first time? How has it aged?

  • Layton Keeley
    Layton Keeley12 dagar sedan

    I am 11 now and I have been playing since 2015 Christmas

  • ceede lievensdaal
    ceede lievensdaal12 dagar sedan

    my personal opinion you guys are underselling it. The reason i loved dying light so much is that you could do anything you think of. You will need some skills but there were millions and millions of stuff to do and almost all the things you can come up with were possible. What looks to be with Dying light 2 even more

  • Christian Gaxiola
    Christian Gaxiola13 dagar sedan

    Dying light was super refreshing too when it came out , it was different then all the other games coming out that year

  • Ray Coleasy
    Ray Coleasy13 dagar sedan

    I bought this game 2 weeks ago and just can't get into it idk I want to love it I'm a huge fan of zombies but idk what it is literally 1to 2 hours that's it I hsvnt played again does it get much better as u go on? Or any suggestions?

  • TannerGorman
    TannerGorman13 dagar sedan

    I just bought this game for my pc and me and my friend have been on. Big grind lately I love finding the sleeping beds and turning it might and running away before my friend can switch it back to day and then surviving the night

  • kake sama
    kake sama13 dagar sedan

    the game is so old and it still looks amazing

  • miloinindo
    miloinindo13 dagar sedan

    Dying light kinda came out of now where for me. It is in my top 5 GOAT games. The visuals, the immersion, and the gameplay were fantastic. The store was alright but nothing special. What sold the game was just that it was really fun to play.

  • Boki Prc
    Boki Prc13 dagar sedan

    Dl1 is such a good game with so much content and lovely details in the world. Cant wait for dl2 and i dont care how long it takes to be finished just be good like dl1

  • Will mckean
    Will mckean14 dagar sedan

    I got a bit of vertigo from certain moments in the this game 😅😂😂