Many video games have memorable moments, but only some are accidentally hilarious. Here are some silly examples.
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  • Josh Hidalgo
    Josh HidalgoTimme sedan

    Days gone when you zone out for two seconds and just clip something while driving and Deacon says shit at the exact time you do.

  • Kevin Bulington
    Kevin Bulington2 timmar sedan

    The outriders part is the PC yelling in pain. Because you get hit with some anomaly right at that moment

  • DigitalKid14
    DigitalKid146 timmar sedan

    5:23 "This video could honestly just be a list of things that happen in Kingdom Hearts." Me: **Has flashbacks of Roxas "But who will I eat ice cream with" scene**

  • Othmane
    Othmane8 timmar sedan

    9:29 DaBaby

  • Null Shock
    Null Shock10 timmar sedan

    I don't know about dumb, but the opening line in Silent Hill "I got a letter" made my brother, my friend and myself laugh our asses off. Could have been the cannabis, idk. I just got the game and maybe we were wanting it to be funny as all three of us played the first one. Or, it was the serious the opening, combined with PsOne/Ps2 era voice acting in a lot of dubbed games.

  • Overseer
    Overseer11 timmar sedan

    Where the actual fuck is Goldman?

  • ShadowXBlaster
    ShadowXBlaster18 timmar sedan

    What we just need next? Romance between a Frog and a Princess. Yea, that would definitely prove "Equality for all". Make them stop, someone. Please!! I beg you....

  • Terry Hand
    Terry Hand19 timmar sedan

    Outriders scream... Trust me Falcon, 100x worse playing as the female character!

  • Adarsh Diwan
    Adarsh Diwan20 timmar sedan

    Gandhi: This is not a brutality, THIS IS A FATALITY

  • Jonah Sunshine
    Jonah SunshineDag sedan

    Dababy lol

  • Remy V
    Remy VDag sedan

    Let's gooo!!

  • D3M0320
    D3M0320Dag sedan

    Am I the only who thought the “and then I was a shark” which proceeded to flop down a hill with the sound effects in What Remains of Edith Finch was one of the funniest things in a video game I’ve ever seen that wasn’t a glitch?

  • Luis Arturo Montoya Peña
    Luis Arturo Montoya PeñaDag sedan


  • Deciduous Capybara
    Deciduous CapybaraDag sedan

    When Lydia died: :'( When she starts to breakdance on the floor: :')

  • MadGamer
    MadGamerDag sedan

    How am I funny? Lmao

  • Blaze It Ken
    Blaze It KenDag sedan

    No deadly premonition?

  • Blaze It Ken
    Blaze It KenDag sedan

    Nanomachines, son!

  • ImMadRachett
    ImMadRachett2 dagar sedan

    "Can't you see Liu Kang? This is a trap" Tanya always made me laugh

  • EpicBongZilla
    EpicBongZilla2 dagar sedan

    Think the cringiest moment ever in any video game was borderlands 3. When Ava uses mayas power for the first time and says "maya". Not only is avas entire character so cringy it just makes the game bad. But that "maya" is on some next level cringe. Makes everything on this list look like nothing

  • EpicBongZilla
    EpicBongZilla2 dagar sedan

    Sonic 06 is one of the top 3 sonic games I've ever played. And I've been playing sonic since 1992. I've played every sonic game. Sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, sonic 06. Best sonic games made to this date. And I'm not a casual sonic player. I've 100%ed most sonic games

  • John Cameron
    John Cameron2 dagar sedan

    When a species of absolutely phallic creatures demands in no uncertain terms for your immediate subjugation and surrender to them in Spore. And you're sitting here, laughing at the fact that it's a sapient space-faring penis that's telling you that it and its kind are going to wipe you off of the galaxy.

  • Matthew Falls
    Matthew Falls2 dagar sedan

    8:15 I didn’t think her acting was that bad. The story with the bottle shop and baby stuff was overdone, but I thought everything else was great. It had its issues but I actually really love Other M.

  • Justin Steiner
    Justin Steiner2 dagar sedan

    I feel like the editing in these videos doesn’t get enough credit

    DONALD2 dagar sedan

    for OUTRIDERS i was thinking about the captin we were suppose to rescue when he got shot in the neck

  • Diginix
    Diginix2 dagar sedan

    ' The cringe is strong with this one!' Omg, I can't stop laughing xD

  • mep
    mep2 dagar sedan

    yakuza kiwami 2. the desk slam made me laugh

  • Juan Leal
    Juan Leal2 dagar sedan

    8:54 LESGOO

  • Juan Leal
    Juan Leal2 dagar sedan

    8:54 LESGOO

  • Marc Doesn’t matter
    Marc Doesn’t matter2 dagar sedan

    Da baby. Let’s gooooo

  • Dr _ Nomz
    Dr _ Nomz2 dagar sedan

    Goofy dying was the worst most cringe and off color moment of the series. Like it's supposed to be serious, but that just didn't work at all. Really hope they learned from that one.

  • INikeAir
    INikeAir2 dagar sedan

    How does sonic wink with one eye 🤔

  • Carmines Curse
    Carmines Curse2 dagar sedan

    You're supposed to laugh at Metal Gear. Remember Snake got grabbed by the balls and told he wasn't who he was disguised as.

  • Eazy playzz 69
    Eazy playzz 692 dagar sedan

    Sonic 06 is my childhood 🤣 I found it so fun/funny I played Shadow and my uncle used silver it was to broken

  • ClumsyCaden
    ClumsyCaden2 dagar sedan

    9:02 "Less goooo"

  • cadet schwieg
    cadet schwieg2 dagar sedan

    Try and do a video about the fallout series

  • Billaxle
    Billaxle2 dagar sedan

    Zero in MegaMan X4: "What am I even fighting FOoaRgh~!"

  • Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell2 dagar sedan

    The laughing scene from final fantasy 10 is so hard to watch

  • John Gaming
    John Gaming3 dagar sedan

    9:29 Da BABY 😳

  • Vern Hazzard
    Vern Hazzard3 dagar sedan

    #7 crew member gets incinerated by a bolt of lightning then that shock gets passed into your character then struck again by another bolt. Could see the scream being legitimate.

  • Zachary Becker
    Zachary Becker3 dagar sedan

    For the outriders it was still weird as a female character

  • Menroth
    Menroth3 dagar sedan

    "Era" man not "area" lmao.

  • // august lareyy //
    // august lareyy //3 dagar sedan


  • // august lareyy //

    // august lareyy //

    3 dagar sedan

    Broo I'm ctfuuuu

  • Tristan Walden
    Tristan Walden3 dagar sedan

    In Minecraft Story Mode there is the infamous scene of a pig dying. I haven’t watched anyone play it but it definitely fits the bill for the video perfectly.

  • Purple Slug
    Purple Slug3 dagar sedan

    Isn’t every sonic game a joke tho they all kinda suck besides the old side scroll one

  • Dirge
    Dirge3 dagar sedan

    - Whoo, that Devil May Cry scene never gets old. The absolute poster child for how hilariously bad voice acting was in video games that time. - That chase scene is absolutely Nicholas Cage levels of both insanity and unintentionally hilarious (Which makes that gif completely appropreate), there is no way failing that can be taken serious in any way. And then you guys include one of my all time favorites from my childhood: Jax's MK4 ending. Honestly, the whole cast is just full of some laugh out loud moments (The expressions and overdramatic voices in Quan Chi's are just on another level) but Jax's ending in particular is godlike in how laughably bad it is.

  • Shelton Golden
    Shelton Golden3 dagar sedan

    14:20 2008's Half-Life 2?? Wow, I guess I got the game four years early.

  • OneOf ManyAngels
    OneOf ManyAngels3 dagar sedan

    Im putting myself out here. I enjoyed it..but i was a kid. Seeing it now..holy shit.

  • Frozen_Hot_Sauce
    Frozen_Hot_Sauce3 dagar sedan

    What’s that one Mortal Combat game where you could play as someone and when you would meditate time would go by faster? I can’t remember that game and it’s been bugging me for years

  • Vro
    Vro3 dagar sedan

    *spoilers for Shadow of the Colossus ahead* I remember me and a buddy were playing Shadow of the Colossus for the first time together. We had a bit to drink and we were nearing the end of the game. We laughed our asses off when Agro fell for some reason lol

  • The .Smoking. Cat
    The .Smoking. Cat3 dagar sedan

    Outriders the female isn't much better for the yell

  • Isaac Moore
    Isaac Moore3 dagar sedan


  • chris creger
    chris creger3 dagar sedan

    The Kingdom hearts one I didn’t laugh. I actually took it seriously but I did laugh at the end though.

  • Buff fall guy
    Buff fall guy3 dagar sedan

    Samus is da baby... let's gooo

  • Oliver Hughes
    Oliver Hughes3 dagar sedan

    When a teary eyed Dom decides to put his lost wife out of her misery with a damn hand cannon twice the size of her head.

  • RJ
    RJ3 dagar sedan

    Tidus' laugh

  • Zillity
    Zillity3 dagar sedan

    9:47 let’s gooooo

  • lordofeagles1
    lordofeagles13 dagar sedan

    Rogue Warrior. That’s it. That’s the end of this list.

  • Annika Myren
    Annika Myren3 dagar sedan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 You're really funny !

  • Isaac _R_S
    Isaac _R_S3 dagar sedan

    I’m playing outriders and I chose female, I think the scream part wasn’t too bad but I already expected something like it with the already wonky talking and graphics but that make scream sounds like he’s poopin

  • TopNinja _
    TopNinja _3 dagar sedan

    9:47 DaBaby?

  • Rob Nagy
    Rob Nagy3 dagar sedan

    Why does every sentence you say, drags with sarcasm?

  • pseudo David
    pseudo David3 dagar sedan

    @8:19 OMG THAT VOICE CRACK ABOUT BROKE ME so much so I accidently typed in all caps and i'm not gonna edit it ✧ʕ̢̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩·͡˔·ོɁ̡̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩✧

  • Darlon
    Darlon3 dagar sedan

    "such lust for revenge!! WHOOOOOOOO!?" 🤣

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas4 dagar sedan

    13:26 the sound he makes when he falls LMAO

  • AhandsomeCorn Channel
    AhandsomeCorn Channel4 dagar sedan

    Why is the pig turning into a piece of bacon from minecraft story mode not here, that was a life changing moment for me.

  • ThatBlackNerdGuy
    ThatBlackNerdGuy4 dagar sedan

    Samus loves Dababy

  • Brightly -
    Brightly -4 dagar sedan

    I cried when goofy “sorta” died back then. Shit ruined me.

  • Con5tantine
    Con5tantine4 dagar sedan

    Kingdom hearts is absolutely oil and water to me. I cannot get over the characters, it actually gives me a physical reaction how much I cannot stand it.

  • Riley Murtagh
    Riley Murtagh4 dagar sedan

    8:52 lessgoo

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson4 dagar sedan

    Samus was expriencing baby rabies? Just a thought.

  • Nishido Hellhillsruler
    Nishido Hellhillsruler4 dagar sedan

    I can totally relate to the ending of that Metal Gear game. You would be surprised to know how much of my life is just reacting to a U.S. Senator being a real life super villain. I mean, Marco Rubio, am I right? :D

  • Jason Si
    Jason Si4 dagar sedan

    9:30 nobody: Absolutely nobody: Metroid developer: DABABY LETTTSSS GOOOOO

  • Patrick Arraes
    Patrick Arraes4 dagar sedan

    This was amazing! Hahaha I knew Devil may cry scene would be nominated, plus the Metal Gear Revengence that final boss was a joke it could not be anything else

  • Mojo
    Mojo4 dagar sedan

    I played a female in outriders so I didnt get to laugh at 9 but I did now

  • Verix
    Verix4 dagar sedan


  • Foggy Bummer
    Foggy Bummer4 dagar sedan

    Press f to pay respect

  • Nekksplitta
    Nekksplitta4 dagar sedan

    Metroid: da baby lessssssssss go

  • Victor Alexander
    Victor Alexander4 dagar sedan

    Tidus's fake laugh from FFX. I know it was definitely suppose to be serious and even sad...but God it sounded so awful that it's hilarious.

  • Honoré Cassou
    Honoré Cassou4 dagar sedan

    Chris Redfield punching a gigantic boulder to make it fall in Resident Evil 5 is sooooo funny. The guy has like iron fists

  • Locked_Hydro
    Locked_Hydro4 dagar sedan

    Samas is canonically a DaBaby fan 😭💀

  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter4 dagar sedan

    This was priceless. You guys have to make this a regular countdown series. There's so much good material!

  • Onaterdem
    Onaterdem4 dagar sedan

    Falcon's Sonic 06 hate knows no bounds That game is terrible on so many levels but it is NOT boring, in fact it's one of the most fun Sonic games because of how incomplete it is, the bugs are so much fun to abuse

  • jeremy fincham
    jeremy fincham4 dagar sedan

    That laugh in Outsiders should be used as a music sample.

  • chris carr
    chris carr4 dagar sedan

    I do have to say, that scene in outriders is pretty funny looking at it your way. But when i went through i thought he screamed like that because the storm was fucking with his body from touching someone being taken by it.

  • Silent3Entertainment
    Silent3Entertainment4 dagar sedan

    In my play through of AC Valhalla I just came across a Viking that lost his raid party and his whole family to a plague back in Norway but he wouldn’t weep until he was giving permission to weep. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be serious but it made me chuckle a bit.

  • Silent3Entertainment
    Silent3Entertainment4 dagar sedan

    In my play through of AC Valhalla I just came across a Viking that lost his raid party and his whole family to a plague back in Norway but he wouldn’t weep until he was giving permission to weep. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be serious but it made me chuckle a bit.

  • Gokenshi theReal
    Gokenshi theReal4 dagar sedan

    Lmao y'all gonna leave my Sonic game alone. 😂🤣 It was Not that bad lol. It was different. Platformers are kinda overrated lol.

  • Dylan .T
    Dylan .T4 dagar sedan

    Anyone else forgot that sonic 06 had the background for XP desktop wallpaper

  • Peruna
    Peruna5 dagar sedan

    Half Life 2 was in 2008 huh?

  • Thorin Hanson
    Thorin Hanson5 dagar sedan

    Pretty much anything from Shenmue

  • Chico Bravado
    Chico Bravado5 dagar sedan

    When you die in metal gear solid and the colonel and everyone starts screaming snake in shock, me and my friends still mock that till this day

  • SenseiRaichuss
    SenseiRaichuss5 dagar sedan

    It's supposed to be "bear with me" as in "bear a burden with me" you don't "bare" burdens.

  • Mr. Lavinder
    Mr. Lavinder5 dagar sedan

    We get it Samus. Your biological clock is tickin, and you ain't no spring chicken.

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez5 dagar sedan

    The outrider moment is more of a pained yell as his DNA is rewritten but yeah its awkward but not as bad as so many other moments

  • rapthor666
    rapthor6665 dagar sedan

    No.5...don't kick the baby

  • Edmond Dantes
    Edmond Dantes5 dagar sedan

    Sonic- i find that scene quite pleasant, i didn't laugh about that moment. Outriders- that may be a battle cry, something like going super sayian. Kingdom Heart 2, there would be nice to say spoiler at the begining of the video, but yes, it was funny how he got hit xD Spoiler alert for Devil May Cry, Metroid and Alyx ( i skip this), Please use spoiler alert in the future. I enjoy your videos but i hate spoilers, even from games i completed, is not cool to see spoilers about some games. I don't dislike any video, i never did but i won't hit like on this one xD

  • Alec Zettel
    Alec Zettel5 dagar sedan


  • JUDI 10
    JUDI 105 dagar sedan

    1:05 Windows XP background 🤔

  • Anna Moors
    Anna Moors5 dagar sedan

    Final fantasy 7 remake: the cloud make-over for the don’s audition the whole scene of cloud dancing and then tranforming in to a “girl” at the end is just hilarious

  • Big Banks
    Big Banks5 dagar sedan

    NFS MW 2005: EVERYONE!!!!!!