Outriders: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU


Outriders (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is here, and there's a TON to learn thanks to the game's complex mechanics. Here are some beginner tips.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx13 dagar sedan

    here are some beginner tips if you've decided to check out the game (when the servers work)

  • Daniel Eberly

    Daniel Eberly

    10 dagar sedan

    There’s a huge difference between beginners tips and things the game doesn’t tell you

  • Salvatore Liam

    Salvatore Liam

    12 dagar sedan

    @Genesis Vicente Damn! Took roughly 15 minutes but it worked!!

  • Genesis Vicente

    Genesis Vicente

    12 dagar sedan

    not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Find it on google :D

  • Gavin Remi

    Gavin Remi

    12 dagar sedan

    @Da Man right?

  • Da Man

    Da Man

    13 dagar sedan

    How do people still call a magazine a clip in 2021?

  • cobalttyreal
    cobalttyreal8 timmar sedan

    i totally didn't know about the ammo count in the reticle. or the tip about selling commons instead of recycling. thanks for that.

  • Pelufaz
    Pelufaz9 timmar sedan

    I always have my lobby set to open but no one joins :( I want people to join and play with me

  • Ververg
    Ververg9 timmar sedan

    I knew the game would be fun when the enemy dodged the bullet after I shoot it

  • ramere fauntleroy
    ramere fauntleroy15 timmar sedan

    Outriders is the sequel to Anthem but nobody realize it

  • Daf
    DafDag sedan

    For anyone that likes using their special rounds skill, if you mod in a way that causes your magazine to be replenished, you can basically run that skill for the whole game. I run pyromances and my volcanic rounds never run out. Well, unless I forget to take my finger off the trigger before using my feed the flames to refill my magazine 🤣

  • Jordan
    JordanDag sedan

    They forgot to tell us it was boring and filled with bugs.

  • John Hanan
    John HananDag sedan

    What I'd like is a great understanding of the auto-loot system. Maybe it's just a bug, but mine doesn't appear to be working at all, and I've set the threshold as low as it can go.

  • East Tactics
    East Tactics2 dagar sedan

    Whats up brothers... love your channel. Send some subscribers of yours to my channel will ya... lol JK So heres what the game needs, maybe put some attention to this... and get the devs to listen. * Allow us to equip and un-equip items in the modding spec screen. *Allw us to equip and un-equip items in the merchant screens. * Allow us to be able to remove a single class node at anytime without having to respect the whole chart tree. * Either allow us to hover over the details (like attributes) in the main inventory screen, or provide full hover details in the "Details" screen for attributes. * Anywhere the word, Blood, toxic, Weakness, freeze or Ash etc appear... allow a hover over to tell us what the default damage or attributes of said ailment provide. For instance. inficting blood or toxic on an enemy... does what exactly. Cant find where it states what the default damage output is for many of these things. like ash or freeze... whats the base or default freeze time... sure I can increase it with attribute Anomaly status... but whats the starting time, plus 18% is being added to it by many of my armor attributes? * in lou of the prior point... there should a place either in the equipment screen (pressing R trigger twist perhaps) that tell us what our status impacting mods are doing exactly. like what the base damage and times are, plus what they have changed to based of our equipped mods and armor attributes. Or another place they might put this info is simply when hovering over bolded terms (on the skills tab) like Bleed, ash, freeze, toxic and other ailments. it displays what our current thresholds are based on equipped mods, attributes and class tree choices show. * Provide a mark option for a favorited item... that does the opposite of marking an item to be sold or broken down. this prevents it from being destroyed or sold if using the mass mark tool. * Allow us to skip the cg intro * Why isn't the cool down attribute on my equipment, actually showing a reduction to my skills (on the skills page) is it not working I've got cool down reduction on all of my armor yet, if I pull off all my gear the cool down times remained the same on my skills description? what am I missing here? These updates would be well received!!!!

  • BengeJ Uknowit
    BengeJ Uknowit3 dagar sedan

    Here's something the game don't tell you, your gonna be stuck on the signing in screen for the rest of your life! Shocking!

  • J Coorey
    J Coorey3 dagar sedan

    It doesn't tell you its a shitty game.

  • Maerlyn
    Maerlyn3 dagar sedan

    use an auto shotgun with the special rounds, and add Perpetuum Mobile to your weapon and you'll never run out of special rounds

  • Mac sid
    Mac sid3 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of division

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson4 dagar sedan

    I have one mission left and I've never one time seen anything about round skills. You think they'd idk maybe tell you that. You know what else you wont see in this game... legendary weapons! Played on hardest world tier the entire game getting greens and blues til the very end of the game. They gave me one for their shitty launch. I sent them a message about that. Who wants to play 40 hours hoping they get a legendary only to never get one. Not one time seen one drop from an enemy or got one from an box. Those 10 boxes everyone promised legendaries I got all blue and green. Has to be a bug. Thats the worst bug. I'd rather my game not work then play the whole game and get your hopes up entirely.

  • Jay
    Jay4 dagar sedan

    All you have to do is read while you play and you can get all this information 🤣

  • Boomy Fuzzball26
    Boomy Fuzzball265 dagar sedan

    Number 6 isn't entirely true. As technomancer, there's the scrapnel ability where you can place mines on the field, normally you get 1 mine, but at a point I've maxed out at 4 with individual mods that add 1 more mine each

  • Jakob Schmelling
    Jakob Schmelling5 dagar sedan

    Dismantling commons still gets you shards to upgrade your equipment. So it is better than selling

  • grymgryn
    grymgryn6 dagar sedan

    I want to turn off the accolades during gameplay. I use the G button to reload and this gives me hell.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay6 dagar sedan

    Make sure to set up your autoitem pickup to common so you can just press down to autocollect all loot in the field

  • Cricis11700
    Cricis117006 dagar sedan

    In case you didnt know, Gamepass has Outriders for free just go ahewd and download it on your Xbox and have a BLAST!!!!

  • Freedom Davis
    Freedom Davis6 dagar sedan

    Does anyone else think outriders looks like reskinned anthem? Not saying its gunna be like anthem but the HUD and even movement a littlw bit look like anthem to me.

  • Me Tastic
    Me Tastic6 dagar sedan

    Dismantle EVERYTHING, if you don't have the mods. Those mods might be useless now, but you'll be able to create a build late game, easier, if you have more mods. Also, world tier DO NOT affect exp you gain for levels. Play through the story in a lower world tier, to level faster, and then level world tier later on, when you have better weapons, better mods, and all your skills/class points.

  • Kevin Popowitch
    Kevin Popowitch6 dagar sedan

    I got no friends who play this game so who tryna drop their gamer tag 😭😭😭

  • Matty Howse
    Matty Howse6 dagar sedan

    The skill does not replenish your ammo the mods you put on weapons do.

  • I_am _Dusky1
    I_am _Dusky16 dagar sedan

    11. Half the game doesn’t work and you’ll crash everytime you leave a party and lose everything 😂

  • Riccardo Balbina
    Riccardo Balbina6 dagar sedan

    Use mod slots on armor to boost only one specific ability, you’ll melt enemies

  • Chris Schrock
    Chris Schrock7 dagar sedan

    Here is a tip, dont waste your in game currency at the store..save every bit for expensive upgrades later in the game.

  • derga
    derga7 dagar sedan

    I'll pass on this one till I find it used for 15 bucks. It looks like a destiny clone but in 3rd person.

  • Jared Nelson

    Jared Nelson

    4 dagar sedan

    Destiny does not have the skill trees where ya can actually put points into and customize like this game. They both may be shooter RPG but this game seems more advanced than Destiny

  • adam
    adam7 dagar sedan

    I may start again. Im not feeling the trickster. Any recommendations?

  • Tony A
    Tony A7 dagar sedan

    'Clips are what civvies use to hold up their hair... this is called a magazine.'

  • A.C. Slater
    A.C. Slater7 dagar sedan

    Here's the biggest thing don't jump up world tiers

  • A.C. Slater

    A.C. Slater

    5 dagar sedan

    @elusive mg Your gear won't progress enough to be able to fight the enemies especially in solo. You get the same xp on lower levels too. Fighting level 30 enemies with a level 25 gun and like a level 27 ability rating is very frustrating when you die like 8 times and you only just started the mission.

  • elusive mg

    elusive mg

    5 dagar sedan

    Why ?

  • dazhibernian
    dazhibernian7 dagar sedan

    I got burn bullets & bleed damage on a rare machine gun. It's lethal.

  • Heath *
    Heath *7 dagar sedan

    I herd this game is only server disconnect

  • Justin Valencia
    Justin Valencia7 dagar sedan

    I went pyro tank spec and I destroy enemies while healing with leeches.

    LCPL ZERORO7 dagar sedan

    Watching the background footage for the pyromancer, and seeing that they aren't using Feed the Flames hurts me infernally

  • papa scorch

    papa scorch

    9 timmar sedan

    @LCPL ZERORO that's my exact build lol



    9 timmar sedan

    @Pelufaz I'm not the biggest fan of ash blast, I just use eruption, feed the flames, and volcanic rounds

  • Pelufaz


    9 timmar sedan

    I unlocked all the abilities for Pyro and my favorites are the ability that applies ashes in a radius around you, volcanic rounds and thermal bomb

  • papa scorch

    papa scorch

    2 dagar sedan

    Yes! Feed the flames is the most op ability on pyro other than volcanic eruption, with mods it's godlike. By a press of a button you can heal all your health I have a bad habit of relying on this because it's just so good, btw what is your pyro ability build

  • Exjora
    Exjora7 dagar sedan

    Credit goes to the literal tool tip that tells you not to move when bleeding.

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man7 dagar sedan

    Can you turn off blood and gore

  • michael kurland
    michael kurland7 dagar sedan

    There was No b4 u buy

  • Brian Urban
    Brian Urban7 dagar sedan

    I can't use the aim assist in this game. I'm fine without it as I turn it off on a lot of games because it messes with sensitivity and throws me off but it's extra terrible in this game

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones7 dagar sedan

    Press down on the d-pad to auto-loot 👍🏻

  • R. Coşkun Gürel
    R. Coşkun Gürel7 dagar sedan

    Dismantle only blues or purples, and when you mass mark them to dismantle, hover over "dismantle" option at the lower right of the screen. If it shows no mods you can get from the marked items, you really should consider selling them instead. If it shows 1 or 2 mods, you can handpick the ones to dismantle. Most people miss that because they immediately hold "Del" :)

  • Darrell G
    Darrell G8 dagar sedan

    People randomly pop into your game unless you actually try to look for a party, then you can't find anyone. 😂

  • Alien Blue
    Alien Blue8 dagar sedan

    Anybody need someone to play with add my psn alienblufield

  • Tony Yu
    Tony Yu8 dagar sedan

    One thing I know is that they need to fix the DAMN server and crossplay.

  • Tony Yu

    Tony Yu

    8 dagar sedan

    Wait, so this mf game is p2p only?? Then why always-online???

  • Coregno
    Coregno8 dagar sedan

    The Xbox will do keyboard and mouse support. It's just a little oversensitive on the mouse. Also the command prompts don't show the keyboard commands they show Xbox controller commands. So you'll need to do a little bit of guessing with the keyboard mouse controls on what commands are what. It will probably just need an update down the line to fix the issue.

  • petera1117
    petera11178 dagar sedan

    My Pyro has 3 waves. So that mod does stack to a point.

  • Quinten De Vos
    Quinten De Vos8 dagar sedan

    The PS4 demo of this game is laughably bad. I wanted to change up joystick sensitivity more than just 1,2,3... Can't do that. I wanted to sell items, doesn't work. I try fast traveling for the first time and even search tutorials, just doesn't let me. I reinstalled it but had the same problems. I don't know what causes this mess but I'll wait another 6 months untill I've got a PS5 and maybe if the game is still relevant, I'll check it out again.

  • The Derp
    The Derp8 dagar sedan

    This game was released way to soon. Yet again another game that has huge potential that just falls short of literally everything. Clunky and glitch central.

  • Dario Garcia
    Dario Garcia8 dagar sedan

    I just started the other day, but I noticed in this video some of the weapons had different reticles. I hope this is something that comes as you level or get better weapons, because it's tough trying to aim with that practically invisible little dot.. lol

  • Master Pringle
    Master Pringle8 dagar sedan

    I hope this game doesn't add any stupid battle royale mode

  • Twin Archer
    Twin Archer8 dagar sedan

    Aim assist has always bothered me in any game. I always turn it off. I like to aim for myself.

  • elusive mg

    elusive mg

    5 dagar sedan


  • Twin Archer
    Twin Archer8 dagar sedan

    This game reminds me of destiny. Let us hope outrider company won't remove the story from their game.

  • Paymon
    Paymon8 dagar sedan

    Should have used Ash from pokemon at 5:49 instead

  • Infiniti Chico
    Infiniti Chico8 dagar sedan

    How about you tell people how broken the game is and how you have to be connected to the internet to play a 1 player game. You were evil on Cyberpunk and CD Projekt Red maybe a little too harsh. How about you do the same for this crap!!!!!

  • Caner Bayar
    Caner Bayar8 dagar sedan

    How is the performance on One S , and I feel like too much similarity with Gears isn't it ?

  • The Doom Slayer
    The Doom Slayer8 dagar sedan

    Why the hell does the pyromancer take damage from fire? thats what i want to know, he should be immune

  • Slade AF

    Slade AF

    7 dagar sedan

    That’s great point. I’ve been playing this piece of shit pyro class and I fucking hate it. You are useless if playing solo, I’ve never raged as bad as did while playing this class.

  • killerpixel2k3
    killerpixel2k38 dagar sedan

    couple more tips: You can preview dismantling results... mark it and hover the mouse over the dismantle button and it'll show what mats and mods will come from this You can change a weapon type (auto, semi, burst, standard, supression, etc.) via the "change variant" at dr zahedi Raising the level of equipment re-rolls the bonus stats values (not what kind, just the value). So don't waste shards raising them if you are going to raise the level, rather do it after

  • Roy Burke
    Roy Burke8 dagar sedan

    Use auto pick-up in your settings so you don't miss gear.

  • Mario Kallaste
    Mario Kallaste8 dagar sedan

    Dismantling common items also give you shards you can use to increas equipment attributes in crafting

  • Soggy Tatty
    Soggy Tatty9 dagar sedan

    Grenade mods for the technomancer can stack I had 3 for awhile

  • king21 w
    king21 w9 dagar sedan

    the menu cursor thing is annoying... i play on console not pc... LET ME USE THE DAMN D PAD... but other then that the game isnt terrible, movement feels clunky, or its because im too used to the division...

  • Courtz Francis
    Courtz Francis9 dagar sedan

    Technomancers are op😅 use mines to stop flanking, turret to keep health topped up and minigun to clear the zone. If you have the return ammo while status is active mod, you become a god

  • Wicked The Mad Hatter
    Wicked The Mad Hatter9 dagar sedan

    Im at like lv23 and my trickster melee does about 5 to 6 thousand damage My temporal blade can get up to 10 thousand

  • acme3drevit
    acme3drevit9 dagar sedan

    if there is a square icon on the mod that means you already have it. if it does have the icon it's one you don't have. so if you look for those you can get the mods you don't have

  • iH8TrumpTerrorists
    iH8TrumpTerrorists9 dagar sedan

    this game blows

  • Aaron Goman
    Aaron Goman9 dagar sedan

    Another tip. Don’t just let your world tier raise with your level. Guns and damage level weird, it’s best to keep the world tier down to a comfortable level. A tier that isn’t too hard that you constantly die, but not too easy that you don’t have any challenge. Gain a bunch of gear, dismantle them if you don’t like the mods, and wait until you Max level 30, and get a gear and weapon set that fits your play style, then you can start ramping up the world tier. I personally play at world tier 6 or 7. 8 and higher is far too difficult to survive encounters. Once I hit level 30 tho, I’ll get a properly leveled set of weapons and gear with the mods I want, and then I’ll start ramping up the tiers and getting better gear

  • CableG
    CableG9 dagar sedan

    You can change what rarity of items are auto looted in the menu. Pretty nice at the beginning to set it down to common.

  • MainManMorpheus
    MainManMorpheus9 dagar sedan

    Don’t underestimate the AI in this game - like Jake said they will flank and rush the shit out of you and it’s just a bad time. Also, the snipers are VERY good at hitting you behind cover

  • papa scorch

    papa scorch

    2 dagar sedan

    The shotgun dudes just shoot my finger and I just flop cuz pyro is squishy but don't underestimate him

  • elusive mg

    elusive mg

    3 dagar sedan

    @gabrieldarkr yaaaa

  • gabrieldarkr


    3 dagar sedan

    Snipers are fuking robots good lord. You can be flying at 300km/h but if you are on the field of view, yoj are getting shot

  • elusive mg

    elusive mg

    5 dagar sedan


  • T1p3rz
    T1p3rz9 dagar sedan

    Number 6: The game actually tells you to not stack mods, cause they don't stack. It's in a loading screen and I think I saw it at another place aswell but I can't remember where that was

  • Gamer Singularity
    Gamer Singularity9 dagar sedan

    Also, a lot of the cover in the game can be destroyed. The weaker wood cover can be destroyed by players and enemies.

  • Gamer Singularity
    Gamer Singularity9 dagar sedan

    If you start to get frozen - hit Melee to free yourself.

  • Scab5000
    Scab50009 dagar sedan

    This video could have 9 less things and just be summarized in 1 thing... it’s sucks

  • Raoh556
    Raoh5569 dagar sedan

    It's a Division Clone, which is all I need to know. Which is disappointing.

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump9 dagar sedan

    9:57 Emazing!

  • ChongoDaClown
    ChongoDaClown9 dagar sedan

    Pyromancer can heal with skill leach all skills will heal you so you go skill leach then the fire wave get the mods to do 3 fire waves then use your Pyro version of twisted rounds ez life gain with lower damage but the life gain makes up for it

  • joshua williams
    joshua williams9 dagar sedan

    Thank you I really appreciate it

  • Son Fable
    Son Fable10 dagar sedan

    Paid 70 bucks for a working crossplay game, guess crossplay is still in beta..

  • Justin Trotzuk
    Justin Trotzuk10 dagar sedan

    Once you get cyclone spin for trickster, grouped enemies don't stand a chance

  • Aigars Karpenko
    Aigars Karpenko10 dagar sedan

    why they didnt allow char to jump?

  • Hooivo
    Hooivo10 dagar sedan

    man playing with my friend was veryyyy laggy. very, very much.

  • Justin Trotzuk

    Justin Trotzuk

    10 dagar sedan

    I just did a 5 hour sesh with a buddy, aside from frame dips it was pretty solid, and I still have a base model X1 😅 my first time playing the game too, definitely won't be the last

  • Inukrieger
    Inukrieger10 dagar sedan

    i have foudn a good item on low and keept and and craftet it upwards in it was worth it, it cost but you have quick mutch resources that you can afford this. SO when you find a good looking item or a good weapon you like keep it and craft it upwards.

  • Isaac _R_S
    Isaac _R_S10 dagar sedan

    I’ve only got one character right now and I’m at level 18 I think, I’m playing technomancer and if you didn’t know, blighted rounds are a must, I also use scrapnel for interrupting and a quick burst of health regen when I need it but I’m stuck behind cover or getting chased

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller10 dagar sedan

    0:46 clip?

  • bombomos
    bombomos10 dagar sedan

    Most of these Status effects are the same as Monster hunter gaga

  • Michael O'Connell
    Michael O'Connell10 dagar sedan

    The 11th is crashes all the time Muppets😂

  • JDavisOfficial
    JDavisOfficial10 dagar sedan

    Devastator babi

  • D1FF3RENC3 Official Page
    D1FF3RENC3 Official Page10 dagar sedan

    I said to myself I would never played Gears Of War or Destiny.............And Haven’t. But I’m Playing This ! For Sure It’s Good So Far Lvl 14 World Tier 6 Add Me @ d1ff3renc3 I’m on Xbox but Outriders Has Crossplay !!!!

  • Brajh Gaming
    Brajh Gaming10 dagar sedan

    magazine....i believe the word you are looking for is magazine....

  • Wieniet3
    Wieniet310 dagar sedan

    To bat that square enix put this on lazy gamepass. So afraid that this won't sell. That microsoft pays. for a double A game. Well i don`t buy it.

  • Agent Zero
    Agent Zero10 dagar sedan

    I'm loving this game!

  • Jos frost
    Jos frost10 dagar sedan

    Looks like a overrated borderlands

  • RawDawG Williams
    RawDawG Williams10 dagar sedan

    The pyro volcanic bullets work amazingly well on LMG. Especially the one with 150 rounds in the mag. If you have the mods that gives you volcanic bullets twice and one that does extra damage to armor, along with any weapon mods on the LMG that adds vulnerability or stacks burns, you will disgustingly melt any captain or boss monster and some with 300 rounds total.

    DARKESTDREAMS2110 dagar sedan

    You actually can transfer gear from different classes. Just took a Earthquake headpiece out of my storage on my Promancer. I mean I won't use it but apparently you can send gear to lower class characters if you want. Just gotta have the right difficulty setting to equip it.

  • Sleepingweasal
    Sleepingweasal10 dagar sedan

    Ummm.... the game DOES tell you about bosses building interrupt tolerance.

  • Chris Lost
    Chris Lost10 dagar sedan

    Pretty boring game to be real like wtf is the point of this game this story is childish at least lmfao explains nothing

  • Alternate Infinite
    Alternate Infinite10 dagar sedan

    There is an entire guide with all of the information you need in-game. Roll if on fire Melee if frozen Be still if Bleeding Etc, all this information is available in the in-game guide

  • Jérémy Lamarche Richard
    Jérémy Lamarche Richard10 dagar sedan

    About the cover system. Aside from boss and mini boss that seems to always know your position. Smaller insurgents can get confused if you change position while line of sight is broken when they move or get cover. You can get around them and most of the time you can see them do supress fire on your last position. A very small amout of stealth mechanic here. Need more testing.

  • john dewberry III
    john dewberry III10 dagar sedan

    Awesome tips I just played the demo yesterday with pyromancer. All the gears logic lol I felt like you were talking to me. I’m so used to that game and the cover system I see exactly what you mean now. I think if they going to bother putting a cover system in the game though that it should work better. Transitions especially felt clunky. They should have kept the gears method intact in that respect

  • Matt Whan
    Matt Whan10 dagar sedan

    If it hasn't already been fixed on xbox, I had issues connecting this morning despite server status being up. Alternated the MAC address in the network settings, and when my Series X restarted, the game worked and has worked since.

  • nightfallrock
    nightfallrock10 dagar sedan

    Anyone getting a weird HUD glitch on PC? When I start the game, all my HUD is gone. 😒