10 Things Only STEAM Users Deal With


If you're a PC gamer and you use Steam, you'll probably understand a lot of these problems and common experiences.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx27 dagar sedan

    pc people let us know your favorite thing AND your least favorite thing about steam

  • Greg G

    Greg G

    Dag sedan

    I love the deals on steam and how many games they have! I hate that steam doesn’t have sequels to a lot of games

  • Jonathan Moody

    Jonathan Moody

    5 dagar sedan

    @Sinister Puppy All of GOG's games are DRM-free

  • Jacob Houston

    Jacob Houston

    11 dagar sedan

    @Leonidas Zane wow! It took roughly 10 mins but it worked!

  • Leonidas Zane

    Leonidas Zane

    11 dagar sedan

    Not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it :)

  • Piehigh


    21 dag sedan

    If a game is on multiple platforms giving it its own launcher means that the devs can update all versions all at once. So steam launching launchers is a good thing over bad...

  • Ethan ##*#*##*
    Ethan ##*#*##*7 timmar sedan

    I only buy games on sale

  • Ethan ##*#*##*

    Ethan ##*#*##*

    7 timmar sedan

    Which I already planned to buy

  • Nicholas Garrett
    Nicholas Garrett11 timmar sedan

    LONG LIVE GabeN !!!!!!$%@&^%*(#^%&

  • Alicia Shepard
    Alicia ShepardDag sedan

    Long live Steam

  • daniel hearn
    daniel hearn3 dagar sedan

    How can you have TOO MANY GAMES MAN? You my friend are a jaded sarcastic person.

  • Adam Fergie
    Adam Fergie4 dagar sedan

    I couldn’t actually tell you the last time I used steam. I always just play stuff on Xbox game pass now on my pc

  • Brandon Barnette
    Brandon Barnette4 dagar sedan

    Ubisoft... For real tho

  • michael mancour
    michael mancour4 dagar sedan

    Steam told me it would take 3 hours to download fable …its 7.5gb and i have 1gb internet lol. was done is under a minuet XD

  • Brady McConnell
    Brady McConnell5 dagar sedan

    Terrible download estimates are a problem on Xbox too

  • Puppy King
    Puppy King5 dagar sedan

    the loading bar/time estimation is a thing that was once done away with on pretty much all things but then consumers said well I wanna know how long it will be when it has so many factors such as internet speed location. etc and it makes the time take longer so yeah its consumers fault for those bars.

  • dinosirgames
    dinosirgames5 dagar sedan

    5:26 good description "great wall of china" ima gonna remember that one!

  • DakalaShade
    DakalaShade7 dagar sedan

    My big one that really annoys me: I click on the game using my desktop shortcut (if you're having a hard time choosing games, putting them into a folder on your desktop, possibly categorized by type, it helps), and instead of my game starting up, Steam throws up the "This game needs to update before you can play it" message. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to sit around waiting for Steam to download that update right now, I want to play my game. Nope, sitting there for 30 minutes waiting for an update. I remember ages ago, it was actually an option, an actual option, to choose, "Never update this game." WHY DID YOU GET RID OF THIS!? I want to play a game, and if that game isn't "Game Update Simulator 2021," I don't want to sit through an update! The best part is, when it finally finishes plonking the update in place and lets me play, I'm usually no longer interested in playing that game because I found something else to do while Steam wasted an hour of my gaming time.

  • wjw0084
    wjw00847 dagar sedan

    Always enjoyed messing with the AI in the SIMS, but the whole launcher launching a launcher thing is enough for me to skip the title even though it's 88% off right now. Totally agree with #8, peak idiot crap cash-grab nonsense indeed!

  • Tioxly
    Tioxly8 dagar sedan

    i love how this is just a falcon rant

  • Beau Brandon
    Beau Brandon8 dagar sedan

    steam controller was actually great if you took the time to get used to it and set it up for the game you are playing

  • Cameron Draskovics
    Cameron Draskovics8 dagar sedan

    steam sales are blursed

  • Kulik 1
    Kulik 19 dagar sedan

    I end up never playing the game I bought in sale. Idk why

  • Abhijeet Bharadwaj
    Abhijeet Bharadwaj9 dagar sedan


  • Rendor Williams
    Rendor Williams9 dagar sedan

    That's a weird feeling to have, when you have more games than you can play, and you have 4 new games that you own, and want to try out, and you're there at the store, thinking about buying another one.

  • Manvendra Singh
    Manvendra Singh10 dagar sedan

    Can you publish a list of your owned games?

  • Papa Putin
    Papa Putin10 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who knows not to buy Ubi and EA games from Steam?

  • Dark Dusty
    Dark Dusty11 dagar sedan

    I actually got a lot of free fames and tbh i didnt play any of them hahaua

  • Angry Reaper
    Angry Reaper11 dagar sedan

    I think I may be the only one that doesn’t hate all the launchers. Lol. They are annoying, sure. But they don’t anger me.

  • Im Not A Geyser Im A Gey-Ser
    Im Not A Geyser Im A Gey-Ser11 dagar sedan

    Looks at watch dogs 2 on screen Thinks about watch dogs legion a Ubisoft exclusive Huh *Its time for war*

  • mambo sk
    mambo sk11 dagar sedan

    well if you a GO player you would probably hate steam XD😂

  • YoOtakuLuv24
    YoOtakuLuv2412 dagar sedan

    I don't understand why they support games made by freaking complete amateurs... 🙄

  • Kolljak
    Kolljak12 dagar sedan

    usually if a game goes on sale within a few days of a purchase you can contact the devs and they will refund you the diffrence.

  • MrYlijumala
    MrYlijumala13 dagar sedan

    Download estimate works good. It's sad you can't have a proper connection in 3rd world countries so it fluxuates

  • JediPeaceWalker
    JediPeaceWalker13 dagar sedan

    Not being able to put exact value into the Steam Wallet is quite dumb. Hate having money left over.

  • smooth collision
    smooth collision13 dagar sedan

    yeah avoid the alternative launchers as well. I also have that "too many games" does makes me even more indecisive lol. but i do enjoy steam better than the others

    ILIYA LESANI13 dagar sedan

    Launch Steam, Launch Battlefield 3, Wait for Origin to launch, wait for Battlelog to open up, wait for the game to open up oops the game crashed, do everything from the top

  • The Enraged Bull
    The Enraged Bull13 dagar sedan

    The first one in the list feels a bit personal. Like falcon actually had it happen when he went to buy watch dogs 2

  • Vintage GameRoom
    Vintage GameRoom13 dagar sedan

    Falcon my dude, by now after all these years I consider you and everyone in Gameranx pretty much family. But the way you pronounce "gaem" is infuriating

  • robin virk
    robin virk13 dagar sedan

    Its like hurting your self . Dont buy games u dont want to play . It takes second to login another launcher. Its ohk to buy game at full price if u enjoying it.

  • Rocco Mastrangelo
    Rocco Mastrangelo13 dagar sedan

    Long live Gaben, Lord of the Launchers

  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai13 dagar sedan

    When the answer is simple but contains 10 marks

  • kevin krebs
    kevin krebs14 dagar sedan

    I miss the days when the only 4 necessity programs you needed on your PC besides the drivers for the hardware was steam Google Chrome java and seven zip. Now you need that plus all the Gillian launchers plus all the Specialty software that your hardware uses like aura sync, razer synapse, GeForce experience etc.

  • Arjun
    Arjun14 dagar sedan

    Rockstar sale going on at -70%

  • Space Elf
    Space Elf14 dagar sedan


  • JackOfAllRAIDs
    JackOfAllRAIDs14 dagar sedan

    EA has their own launcher for games like Need For Speed. Problem is, that means that both Steam and Origin both have to be up and running perfectly to play.

  • Goddess Ahri
    Goddess Ahri14 dagar sedan

    I just started playing pc 2 days ago for the first time ever.

  • The_Lame_Ghost
    The_Lame_Ghost14 dagar sedan

    Regarding n°1 : download GOG galaxy, link your other accounts, and let gog do the work. I was reluctant at first, but once you get used to it, Gog is a better plateform than steam. Oh, and the games they sell are DRM free.

  • The Spartan
    The Spartan14 dagar sedan

    Why do you keep showing a "GOG" library in an exclusively Steam related video? And why is the audio quality so horrible at 10:00?

  • Matt Huck
    Matt Huck14 dagar sedan

    Solution to buying a game at full price only to see it on sale a little later: Never buy a Steam game at full price.

  • Omkar Vedpathak
    Omkar Vedpathak15 dagar sedan

    Why people hate another launcher? Before steam and other launcher exist we have to install each game individually, with their copy of Microsoft visual, Direct X, etc. 😅😅

  • Commander Red
    Commander Red15 dagar sedan

    3:08 ubishit and EA moment xD

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly15 dagar sedan

    What about how steam kicks you offline at least once a day for several minutes?

  • Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz
    Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz16 dagar sedan

    LOL I've never bought a game at full price. If I want a game I'll always wait for it to be on sale

  • Raditya Rakha
    Raditya Rakha16 dagar sedan

    I only used Steam to play Destiny, so, this video is useful to me, and not just entertainment purpose

  • James Kurker
    James Kurker16 dagar sedan

    Stupid launchers. YOU'RE TOO LATE. You're never gonna happen. Go away! But leave your games tho, those can stay.

  • Mr. Songib
    Mr. Songib16 dagar sedan

    All I can say is. True.

  • Niek H.M
    Niek H.M16 dagar sedan

    what if a game is put on a launcher and then they put the launcher with the game on another launcher etc....

  • Daniel Larson
    Daniel Larson16 dagar sedan

    You know with the download timer it's not just the downloading, but installing to the hard drive

  • jackmcnooget
    jackmcnooget17 dagar sedan


  • AnUglyOldGranny
    AnUglyOldGranny17 dagar sedan

    Gotta disagree with you on number 3, Falcon. I love my Steam controller and it's my go-to controller. Part of that small community wishing Valve would make a version 2 of it.

  • Mennenth
    Mennenth18 dagar sedan

    Steam Controller best controller.

  • 1God1Fury
    1God1Fury18 dagar sedan

    I have other problem: *I can't find any game to buy that interest me*

  • Quinton Tucker
    Quinton Tucker18 dagar sedan

    I love the steam remote I still use it

  • Joseph Mcqueen
    Joseph Mcqueen18 dagar sedan

    This video is the reason I went with console , no launcher , all the games in one place and not whining about specs and my build is such a relief. Things just work on console. Download a game , play a game , keep the controller down and go to sleep

  • Austin Foster
    Austin Foster18 dagar sedan

    I've bought nba 2k at full price for 2 years now. Next week it was half off...2 years in a row...

    S M TASHDID HASSAN Tashdid18 dagar sedan

    Once I bought halo master chief collection. A week later it was on sale.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side18 dagar sedan

    never hear falcon so energetic ahah

  • Chris Burrow
    Chris Burrow18 dagar sedan

    I think you need to watch Tom Scott Loading video...

  • L.Tjuston Senack
    L.Tjuston Senack19 dagar sedan

    i bought nuka world for 50% off or for 11.99 and fallout 4 exits unexpectedly and i want on utube but noones posted a video about how to stop fallout 4 from exiting randomly and i still can't figer out y fallout 4 is doing it all i no is everytime i load up fallout 4 it exits so after i click on it and load the game up it close shortly after

  • Kajo Kaiju
    Kajo Kaiju19 dagar sedan

    Only dumbasses have a huge Steam library and only play free-to-play games daily. I am that dumbass.

  • Gokul Viswa
    Gokul Viswa19 dagar sedan

    No:2 mic bad Solution to this problem: Just Play Minecraft jk

  • Seth Trimble
    Seth Trimble19 dagar sedan

    You now what's worse than ubisoft connect The xbox launcher/Microsoft store look at any game and there is always atleast one review saying the game will not launch I have had it happened twice and the customer service sucks dont buy from them

  • cincinnatixd XD
    cincinnatixd XD19 dagar sedan

    Steam sales are huge part of steam. As a steam user best tip i can think of is don't buy a game unless there is a steam sale or it is a very new title. Never buy an old title for like 30 for instance because it will likely be 50%-75% off on most old titles. As long as your patient being a steam user really pays off.

  • ASAD
    ASAD20 dagar sedan

    I have like 200+ games in my library and I only played 40 of them

  • Y RB
    Y RB20 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one bothered that every time he said his favorite launcher was Steam and to see his game library was nice on Steam, all the video shots were for GOG Galaxy...???? Hmmmm....

  • Jandy
    Jandy20 dagar sedan

    Yes. That feel. I have about 1700 games. Played like 30% of them.

  • onion_aim
    onion_aim20 dagar sedan

    having so many games is so relatable

  • jhayvie_tero
    jhayvie_tero20 dagar sedan

    I used to think that a Launcher for Launchers was a funny joke. Now its looking to be quite a good idea O__O

  • Noah Bekx
    Noah Bekx20 dagar sedan

    I waited 6 years to wait for raven field and I got it for 1.49 and steel raven still monthly updated

  • Edward
    Edward20 dagar sedan

    That double game launcher is legit pain in ass🥲

  • CyborgGoat
    CyborgGoat20 dagar sedan

    im really confused why their dumby download speed isnt on this list, ubisoft connect i get like 35mb/s while steam i get like 3

  • Zihe Gu
    Zihe Gu20 dagar sedan

    the second one is so fucking true

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones20 dagar sedan

    It is funny how you literally can not complain much about steam like it is so good.

  • Elaine Wang
    Elaine Wang20 dagar sedan

    “You have so many games that you feel like you have nothing to play” is the same with “you have so many clothes that you feel like you have nothing to wear” Constant struggles of my life 🙃

  • Jack Kenseng
    Jack Kenseng20 dagar sedan

    I have a rule. Never buy a Ubisoft game.

  • An Apple.
    An Apple.20 dagar sedan

    This video is so dumb🤦‍♂️ Do people not have self control? Also the download thing is wrong

  • Kokonut_man
    Kokonut_man20 dagar sedan

    Just refund the game when it goes on sale

  • Juzimaster


    18 dagar sedan

    There is always a chance you passed 2 hour limit or you had the title over 14 days. No refunds.

  • HeavyDirtySoap
    HeavyDirtySoap20 dagar sedan

    eyy 4:11 The Binding of Isaac

  • cincinnatixd XD

    cincinnatixd XD

    19 dagar sedan

    One of best games I've ever played.

  • Muhammadim Yusoff Jamaluddin
    Muhammadim Yusoff Jamaluddin20 dagar sedan


  • Helder Pereira
    Helder Pereira20 dagar sedan

    When there is a connection issue, and you start to creep out: " oh no someone stole all my pennies games Oo" AND YES DEFINITELY DOUBLE LAUNCHER SHOULD EXIST AT ALL ON STEAM !

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N20 dagar sedan

    So...nothing about them Steam points, eh? XD The fact that with every. literal. purchase. you get Steam Points. Why? What for? Just to be there, of course! 🤣 I have like 98k of those Steam points. lmfao

  • Chess
    Chess20 dagar sedan

    It's because PC players spend so much on their overpriced PC parts they can't afford to pay for games, lol.

  • Matthew Sheedy
    Matthew Sheedy20 dagar sedan

    bruh steam sales go crazy tho

  • The wishful Thinker
    The wishful Thinker20 dagar sedan

    90% takes 3 seconds 8% 30 seconds, 2% 12 minutes. 🤬

  • Amazing Cyan
    Amazing Cyan20 dagar sedan

    steamunlocked : hold my virus

  • Frederic Remata
    Frederic Remata20 dagar sedan

    Yeah that 1 time I bought titan fall 2 from origin? But when it was released in steam you HAVE to buy the game in steam? Like seriously?

  • The wishful Thinker
    The wishful Thinker21 dag sedan

    You bought full price watchdogs 2, I’m so sorry that happened to you falcon.

  • David Hawthorne
    David Hawthorne21 dag sedan

    I have games i want on my wishlist. I refuse to buy them anywhere below 80% off. Willpower-255. Picked up borderlands sequel and other borderlands games as a bundle for $5. Do I play borderlands? No. Will I ever play it? Only time will tell.

  • Sepehr Ebrahimi
    Sepehr Ebrahimi21 dag sedan

    Although I'm a fan of steam, this video kinda looks like sponsored XD (joking, neither of these two sides need sponsorship)

  • General Hayes
    General Hayes21 dag sedan

    ahhhhh other launchers fucking burn them

  • Porakiya Draekojin
    Porakiya Draekojin21 dag sedan

    to add onto the launcher one, how about when you need a SUBSCRIPTION for another launcher in order to get complete access to the game you are trying to play, otherwise, you are locked out of multiplayer and who knows what else. I'm talking about you EA! I mean, I got the EA triple star wars bundle while it was on sale, only to find out that I have to pay a subscription (5.99) in order to use the multiplayer features, not to mention that they also do this for PS4 and XboxOne supposedly, where you are probably already paying for their online services just to use your own internet to play with her friends online.

  • EyesFullOfWonder :O
    EyesFullOfWonder :O21 dag sedan

    Falcon rants are the best!

  • efelk103
    efelk10321 dag sedan

    steams sale today... I bought the entire just cause series with all dlcs, turing test, and had to stop myself from buying call of the wild 2021 edition rather than the base game, full far cry series and half life alyx ( i dont even hae a vr headset but it was 35 bucks D: )

  • PladdyPunk
    PladdyPunk21 dag sedan

    Pro Tip(for the first one)-Just buy your games quarterly unless it's something you NEED to play. I promise you'll save at least $500 over the year minimum (naturally depending on how many games you buy in a year) also i'm talking CAD as i'm in Canada where AAA games are $80.

  • Harry Mcdowell
    Harry Mcdowell21 dag sedan

    le sigh 500 games and I've only played 5 of them