10 UNSCRIPTED Video Game Moves Discovered By Fans


Some game moves were never directly designed by the creators. Here are some cool moves and tricks invented by video game fans.
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  • Gothamite
    Gothamite6 timmar sedan

    The DOOM console gameplay is borderline unwatchable. FPS on consoles LOL

  • alex sapsarras
    alex sapsarras8 timmar sedan

    back when arkham games didnt exist, I used to work my way through batman begins gun fights, but instead of using gadgets(and fear which was the game's main way) I'd use the dodge above a gunners head , which resulted in a jump higher than any jump in game(hopefully) dodging most of the firearms& then knock em out. Not sure it counts though.

  • Nusret_br020
    Nusret_br02011 timmar sedan

    They missed RL

  • Aldo Anom
    Aldo AnomDag sedan

    The Backdash Cancel?

  • inphact
    inphactDag sedan

    Honestly, did a 10 year old edit your video?

  • The Cedric
    The CedricDag sedan

    Ace Combat 7's PSM trick.

  • Dreadhead669
    Dreadhead669Dag sedan

    When you play coop in octodad and you sit on/in something, both player grab one side of the thing you're sitting on and pull up. Done right, you start to fly.

  • Set Abominae
    Set AbominaeDag sedan

    Nobody mentioning the slide sprinting in Titanfall 2?

  • Octavian Roman
    Octavian Roman2 dagar sedan

    No Tekken? ... Bruh...

  • Ronnel Marck Estrella
    Ronnel Marck Estrella2 dagar sedan

    Haven't you watched GBG broke God of War 4?

  • Nasarex
    Nasarex2 dagar sedan

    no bhopping/bunny hopping ??? *H E L L O, E X C U S E M E*

  • Chi_squared
    Chi_squared2 dagar sedan

    So *that's* why I never won at MarioKart when I played in my friend's systems.

  • SavageSage
    SavageSage2 dagar sedan

    Wave dash is basically a built in feature for Brawlhalla...a free to play knockoff of Smash Bros that does it better then they have...go try for yourself 👍

  • NG 4769
    NG 47692 dagar sedan

    I'm genuinely upset that the infinite flight from Jak 3 wasn't included but wall jumping from Gears / combos from Street Fighter was. Cmon Jake.

  • Agbahizzal
    Agbahizzal2 dagar sedan

    Lol combos in a fighting game.... As if fighters only throw on shot at a time irl.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro2 dagar sedan

    What is with video game reviewers completely butchering anything Doom Eternal..?? First you show off the Combat Shotgun when talking about the Super Shotgun and then proceeds to show the weakest most pitiful meathooking footage I've ever seen. Wrap the chain around a pillar... what are you talking about??? C'mon Falcon, you're killing me Smalls. Don't forget ballista-boosting which is in my opinion much more skill-based... just watch some speedruns and come back to laugh at this meathooking.

  • MrNuwbies
    MrNuwbies3 dagar sedan

    you should google more, Gunz: The Dual will be the top 1st unscripted game moves, after a years game released, the whole game fights turn into whole new level of intended fighting skills

  • Tarek Said
    Tarek Said3 dagar sedan

    You mentioned snaking in Mario Kart, but F-zero GX has a LOT of these "advanced techniques" discovered by players to reach incredible speeds. One of them involves a tricky, precise (almost pixel-perfect), sliding in and out of the track that allows to go way above the vehicle's speed limits. But if you miss the timing, your vehicle explodes. These techniques all have a similar risk vs reward aspect to them that I find very interesting. I actually wish they did what Capcom did with Street Fighter and incorporated these fan discoveries. That way, we could have F-Zero as the "easy to play, hard to master" racing game and Mario Kart as the fun, free-for-all, arcade racing mayhem... Sadly, Nintendo seems to have abandoned F-Zero and doesn't intend to release a new one anytime soon :(

  • polo2005
    polo20053 dagar sedan

    if k-style(gunz the duel) isn't in the video i'm going to be disapointed.

  • Oskars Ostrovskis
    Oskars Ostrovskis3 dagar sedan

    In Battlefield 3 you can snipe down pilots in plane. DICE sad, it wasn't planned to do so, but it looks cool, so they left it in the game.

  • Blaster
    Blaster3 dagar sedan

    "you know what combos are, right?" Laughing in Killer Instinct

  • DisgorgeX
    DisgorgeX3 dagar sedan

    No Skiing from Tribes? WEAK. Was so popular and used it was added as a feature after the first game, lol.

  • KGaming
    KGaming3 dagar sedan

    Strafing in Tom Clancy’s the division (1).

  • Ádám Csányi
    Ádám Csányi3 dagar sedan

    Why Counter Strike hopping isn't here???

  • Paskaloth
    Paskaloth3 dagar sedan

    1:21 Yeeeeah, he had no idea about Wave dashing, this just sounds like a Dev who doesn't want to admit there was an aspect of his/her creation they were not aware of. "uhh yeah! I knew that! Of course, I even discovered it before you, cause im the dev and I know everything, thats why im going to remove it from all my future games!" xD

  • 🍕
    🍕3 dagar sedan

    Warthog jump!

  • Chevaughn Bennett
    Chevaughn Bennett3 dagar sedan

    8:42 Swoozie? Is that you?

  • MrModavs
    MrModavs3 dagar sedan

    Tiny's Q and E skills from Dota had a hidden interaction, and were first abused by fans, then legitimised by devs.

  • Gaming Dreamer
    Gaming Dreamer3 dagar sedan

    Shell jump in mario

  • Starch
    Starch4 dagar sedan

    pissed that Titanfall 2 slide hopping/grapple slingshot/grenade boosting/EPG boosting/Air strafing/satchel boosting isn't here

  • MByte
    MByte4 dagar sedan

    Trimping in doom eternal

  • David
    David4 dagar sedan

    Half life: pallet + jump Untitled Goose: soda can + bite Skyrim: wooden plate + shove yourself into it against a wall

  • NotASpyReally
    NotASpyReally4 dagar sedan

    can you make a video with more details about the street fighter thing?? I think that's super cool and would love to hear more

  • pookim kutsel
    pookim kutsel4 dagar sedan

    Devil may cry 4's inertia jump cancel combos anyone?

  • cloudonpot
    cloudonpot4 dagar sedan

    Gears wall dance is the best

  • Jovax 04
    Jovax 044 dagar sedan

    KBD in tekken

  • Always28
    Always284 dagar sedan

    1:33 clean ur controller breh :/

  • YoOtakuLuv24
    YoOtakuLuv244 dagar sedan

    Korean back dash. 🤔

  • Mohd Syazwan
    Mohd Syazwan4 dagar sedan

    DeSinc is watching you

  • I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.
    I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.5 dagar sedan

    You forgot Bunny Hopping in Halflife and Korean Backdash in Tekken

  • Kas V
    Kas V5 dagar sedan

    The the mgs 5 dolphin dive not in here I gonna cry. I'm crying 😢 😂

  • Nicolas San Juan
    Nicolas San Juan5 dagar sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about how he explained snaking in Mario kart was wrong ,and that that Mario kart DS footage was him hoping around and not snaking, and that snaking isn’t as easy as they say it is .

  • Nicolas San Juan
    Nicolas San Juan5 dagar sedan

    It hurts my soul to tell everyone , snaking as shown in the video,is not snaking what so ever . In the old Mario karts building boost required pushing left and right twice in quick succession to build max boost, that’s why your able to pull it off on straight aways if you where quick enough. Another thing , Snaking is not easy what so ever , hitting every drift boost in the shortest time is hard to keep going and pull off smoothly . You should have done a bit more research before adding it in , and at least learned how it actually works .

    CHUBBS VLOGGS5 dagar sedan

    i already know whats number 1 because of the word "unscriped"

  • chaoticsavior84
    chaoticsavior845 dagar sedan

    N64 Mario kart super jump anyone ?

  • Deadweight
    Deadweight5 dagar sedan

    What a bad video... none of the example gameplay show the "moves" in full effect

  • Fede Calero
    Fede Calero5 dagar sedan

    what about the copter with melees in warframe? that s*it be flying

  • Gakusangi
    Gakusangi5 dagar sedan

    "Super" and then shows a mushroom, and not a Star...

  • riddell26
    riddell265 dagar sedan

    Competitive Smash Bros Oh you mean infantile drains on society

  • ethan •
    ethan •5 dagar sedan

    what about Cod Zombies slide jumping. everybody uses that one

  • Spladam
    Spladam5 dagar sedan

    You didn't even demonstrate how manual combos worked in street fighter 2,. That's what folks wanted, not that combos became common, everyone knows that.

  • Coolffee
    Coolffee5 dagar sedan

    4:34 "they see me rollin'..."

  • mumu faultless
    mumu faultless5 dagar sedan


  • Koala
    Koala5 dagar sedan

    Did Melee developers not play their own game enough? I only had one friend to play SSBM with growing up and we discovered the effectiveness of that wave dodge thing out pretty quick in our 1v1s

  • Godlysunfury
    Godlysunfury5 dagar sedan

    8:26 wait wtf did that girl just make out with sanic 🤣 my how times have changed.

  • Lemongrvss
    Lemongrvss6 dagar sedan

    Bro why the hell wasn’t Destiny in this? This is basically all the raids were lol

  • Jayce Hachero
    Jayce Hachero6 dagar sedan

    Kstyle and d-style from Gunz: The Duel...

  • blankill 22
    blankill 226 dagar sedan

    Doom wasn't made by developers the developers came from the slayer of the icon of sin

    VJ FRANZ K6 dagar sedan

    Castlevania SOTN: Backdashing repeatedly is faster than walking forward! So speedrunners do it

  • PanDeGaming
    PanDeGaming6 dagar sedan

    How about Bunny Hop on Counter Strike.

  • john paul
    john paul6 dagar sedan

    what game is in the thumbnail?

  • Alexander Ryu Fenando
    Alexander Ryu Fenando6 dagar sedan

    Whats the game name at video thumbnail, ive seen it before but just cant remember it

  • Avoidedcoast
    Avoidedcoast6 dagar sedan

    What was the thumb nail from

  • Cory Allen
    Cory Allen6 dagar sedan

    On the Mario cart for GameCube me and my friends found that if you go into a drift and then push the analog stick all the way to the L->R->L->R (by which I mean you must push the stick all the way to the left and then right where the stick actually hits the end of the plastic ring that holds the analog stick) or the other way around and you can do this as quickly as you can get the stick to do these inputs you will almost instantly turn the drift color to blue which triggers the boost. I’m not sure if anyone else has ever discovered this but I ended up playing some other friends of mine who lived another city over and I lapped them quite easily. If I remember correctly I could actually finish all 3 laps before the computer could get to 1-1/2 laps while playing on 150cc. It pretty much breaks the game.

  • Dragonmist19X
    Dragonmist19X6 dagar sedan

    "Wave dancing"

  • Ian Christainson
    Ian Christainson6 dagar sedan

    Just remember you may enjoy something and it may be widely popular challenging and viewed positively by the majority of people. The Creator on the other hand really doesn't like the fact that you're playing his game in a way that he didn't intend so he's going to strip all that out in the future. You're a bad awful terrible person for having fun the way you want to and not the way they want you to.

  • Simon W
    Simon W6 dagar sedan

    I used to dominate in red orchestra ostfront by using a move that would let you bring iron sights up faster from a prone to crouch position. I didn't even realise it was a bug because it was very organic for me. basically moving forward when going to crouch and hitting iron sights. if you don't move forward you would have to wait for the crouch to finish before you could go Iron sights. Pretty much every game i was top leaderboard.

  • Simon W
    Simon W6 dagar sedan

    they didn't even mention bunny hopping in cs:go

  • ShotJon 2
    ShotJon 26 dagar sedan

    Please hire someone to get gameplay for you.

  • Daniel Sprouse
    Daniel Sprouse6 dagar sedan

    I was a god at wall bouncing. No one could beat me in 1v1, not even MLG gamers. Ah... those were the days.

  • Joel Pettersson
    Joel Pettersson6 dagar sedan

    Wavedashing isn’t explained close to good here. When you dash in melee you limit yourself on what types of moves you can do. For example you can’t up tilt while dashing. Wavedashing allows you to move around the stage while still being considered by the game as standing and when your standing still your able to do all of your moves. It helps with so much more like, grabbing ledge, edge movements, confusing movement and so on. Only 2 characters use it for speed as well as the things I listed above and those are Luigi and ice climbers and that’s because they’re traction is weird compared to all other characters in the game. Mario might get a slight movement speed increase from wavedashing as well but if so then it’s not major like Luigi.

  • Cheezeyman
    Cheezeyman6 dagar sedan

    no skiing from tribes?

  • Diego Fernández
    Diego Fernández6 dagar sedan

    Easily could make a second part to this video! Dew it!

  • Ori
    Ori6 dagar sedan

    Where's bunnyhop lol

  • elgatochurro
    elgatochurro6 dagar sedan

    One issue... Wave dashing isnt a skill

  • Ranch It up
    Ranch It up6 dagar sedan

    It’s called wall dancing not wall bouncing.

  • Roberto Lopez
    Roberto Lopez6 dagar sedan

    The dmc 4 dante bouncing like a fucking pinball

  • ValorX
    ValorX6 dagar sedan

    What is the game in the thumbnail?

  • ᄋᄉᄋへま
    ᄋᄉᄋへま6 dagar sedan

    "Wave Dancing" lol 2:55

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer6 dagar sedan

    fallout 4 turn animation that clips through torso it's not scripted it was todd himself

  • Collin Anderson
    Collin Anderson6 dagar sedan

    So let me get this right. You have a list of things developers didn’t know about and LITTERALLY the first thing you talk about breaks that mold. Low quality

  • Furebel
    Furebel6 dagar sedan

    Warframe used to have two moves - blade jump and coptering. Basically slashing while in air gave you a small dash, so if you pointed upwards, you'd have double jump. Coptering was spamming mid-air slash to glide for a distance. Both of these were removed, HOWEVER, entire mobility was remade, they added an actual double jump, even more effective bullet jump, and short hovering mechanic.

  • Asad Baig
    Asad Baig6 dagar sedan

    K-Styling in GunZ

  • Harley parkin
    Harley parkin6 dagar sedan

    The meat hook actually isn't a mod its a part of the gun but it works as a mod though

  • Garrett Ord
    Garrett Ord7 dagar sedan

    It's interesting that "combos" in Street Fighter took #1 without explaining what a combo is (specifically, that it stun locks or juggles the opponent so they can't react during the combo)

  • XCAL 345
    XCAL 3457 dagar sedan

    My dude in the cover page just caught a fuckin kick ,now no matter how strong you its rather stupid to catch any kick, its not a punch, the already momentous leg meat traveling from below can fracture ur fingers easy.

  • PrismZet
    PrismZet7 dagar sedan

    I feel like the sonic boom infinite knuckles jump should split with sonic 06.

  • Chase Austin
    Chase Austin7 dagar sedan

    Batman: peace bitches, im out

  • Gaiacrusher9fan2
    Gaiacrusher9fan27 dagar sedan

    Air swimming is actually in Spyro A Hero's Tail as well. You can even use it to get the water breath and open realm number 3 the moment you enter the second one.

  • You Name It Gaming
    You Name It Gaming7 dagar sedan

    Things I used to use all the time were strafing in goldeneye 64 and perfect dark, in goldeneye single player I'd use the dual wield swap glitch to run around in single player with combinations such as KF7 Soviet and Klobb to enable aim magnification and improve lethality, I would also use the back and forward weapon selection in perfect dark multiplayer with dual wield charged maulers in order to reload the pistol in the off hand fully whilst maintaining a full charge. Sure, it only gives you an extra 4 rounds to put down range before reloading in combat, or a single half charged projectile, but it does give you an edge nonetheless 👍

  • light819
    light8197 dagar sedan

    Thankfully we got red vs blue what a wonderful thing

  • The Redditor
    The Redditor7 dagar sedan

    Do u like original doom

  • TheFooledGhost
    TheFooledGhost7 dagar sedan

    No trimping in TF2. Demoknight is basically all of the physics bugs in one playstyle.

  • Tubecensoredmycomment
    Tubecensoredmycomment7 dagar sedan

    Thumbnail info please! Who is the blonde??

  • Warren Lam

    Warren Lam

    7 dagar sedan

    Leaving a comment to get notified if anyone answers

  • Ratchetti
    Ratchetti7 dagar sedan

    C'mon spyro games aren't glitchy xd maybe enter the dragon, but can you even call it a game

  • Mukar
    Mukar7 dagar sedan

    The kick glitch in mirrors edge is a game changer too.

  • Inthesmoke !!!
    Inthesmoke !!!7 dagar sedan

    I have one of the most powerfull move for you ...: In just cause 2 .... You just have to roll and you are literally imortal...watch this 👇🏽

  • Giuseppe Jan Jaguar
    Giuseppe Jan Jaguar7 dagar sedan

    5:56 Batman Arkham City's Ice Grenade I never thought it would be included in this video Edit: I am not sure if it works in Batman Arkham VR.

  • Apexgamer83
    Apexgamer837 dagar sedan

    9:53 proceeds to insult doom XD