10 UGLIEST Breakups in Video Games


Some video game romances are filled with betrayal and disappointment. Here are the dumbest examples. Happy April Fool’s Day!
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  • lonewolffang
    lonewolffangDag sedan

    Also Michael's wife had an online accowhere she soliciting herself to anyone interested. And joke's on Fable, I adopted.

  • stainedboxerz
    stainedboxerz5 dagar sedan

    damn, forgot about NIKO in GTA IV

  • Rafael GFP
    Rafael GFP5 dagar sedan

    What about Persona 5?

  • BossLogo 69
    BossLogo 695 dagar sedan

    Kinda wanted to GTA San Andreas Catalina on here. That crazy woman put CJ through some stuff.

  • Kio
    Kio5 dagar sedan

    To be fair John wife slept with all his friends

  • Josey Duckworth
    Josey Duckworth5 dagar sedan

    Too bad triss in the Netflix series ugly af lol

  • noTmiZ
    noTmiZ6 dagar sedan

    regarding crusader kings, nah, there's no need to tweak the cheating bit. I mean, just look at reality, we aren't even in the medieval ages but cheating is pretty prevalent in todays age.

  • PsyFi
    PsyFi7 dagar sedan

    Did Falcon just say Trish.... In the immortal words of MoistKritical... I'm not mad, I'm just pissed.

  • Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
    Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee7 dagar sedan

    In GTA 5, if you actually go online on a dating website inside the game, you have a profile for Michael's wife. Basically wants to have sex with anyone athletic, lol.

  • Cliche 2020
    Cliche 20207 dagar sedan

    I would like to see a list of bosses that looked cool and cocky but were as weak ashell

  • iguzman83
    iguzman838 dagar sedan

    I just beat persona 5 and was surprised it wasn’t on here !

  • Short Fuse
    Short Fuse8 dagar sedan

    7:53 damn...never seen a bitch storm INTO a car

  • ArchAngel121996
    ArchAngel1219968 dagar sedan


  • ArchAngel121996
    ArchAngel1219968 dagar sedan

    DeadPool is that you

  • Ryan Brooks
    Ryan Brooks8 dagar sedan

    In persona 5 royal when the main character romances more than one girl and they all show up to valentines day realize you have been seeing more than one of them and they all beat you up.

  • Ryan Brooks

    Ryan Brooks

    5 dagar sedan

    I never finished the original. Started it but didn't want it to end so I stopped playing before the end. Then picked up royal and decided I was going to beat it. Such a good game.

  • noTmiZ


    6 dagar sedan

    original persona 5 is the same

  • Seb
    Seb9 dagar sedan

    approaching WatchMojo levels of list topics

  • some internet weirdo
    some internet weirdo9 dagar sedan

    ... do people really not understand that a man cheating on his partner is equally as bad as a woman cheating on hers? did we really need a gender-specific justification of why a man (being John Marston) was on the list? yikes, gameranx. all male staff, huh?

  • Nagarani K
    Nagarani K9 dagar sedan

    You guys forgot about San Andreas, kingdom come deliverance

  • Richard Small
    Richard Small9 dagar sedan

    Surprised you didn't put Catherine on this game. Where you have the option of choosing to be with a demon dedicated to destroying your soul for all eternity. In return, you see the breakup with your wife and whoa boy .... they literally mean break up.

  • Eric Mosqueda
    Eric Mosqueda9 dagar sedan

    I hope you get to play as Dutch in RDR3 with the O'driscolls as the antagonists

  • Vincent Lupo
    Vincent Lupo9 dagar sedan

    Anyone remember how bad the main character of LA Noire, Cole Phelps messed up his own relationship?

  • The Puffin
    The Puffin9 dagar sedan

    Wait. Why wasn't my ex on this list?

  • Kenneth Webb
    Kenneth Webb9 dagar sedan

    Anything video who's #1 on the list is UAKM is alright by me. Have a like!

  • Kenneth Webb
    Kenneth Webb9 dagar sedan

    The careless whispers excerpt in the intro was a nice touch.

  • HelperIndieGames
    HelperIndieGames9 dagar sedan

    G. Dark fantasy ARPG - She Will Punish Them (Beta HD)

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony9 dagar sedan

    Cool video! I was expecting Dutch Van Der Linde and Molly O’Shea breakup to top the list as UGLIEST breakup but it seems this video focused on the CHEATING aspect of a break up.

    MUSTANG BOYYY9 dagar sedan

    You actually forgot L.A. Noire

  • Not Nice
    Not Nice9 dagar sedan

    Anyhow,he divorce rate in USA is almost 50%...

  • Warrior J Gamer
    Warrior J Gamer10 dagar sedan

    Lmao the yoga guy from GTA5?

  • Juli Gjoka
    Juli Gjoka10 dagar sedan

    At nr 3 what music is that?

  • Werf TV
    Werf TV10 dagar sedan

    Tex Murphy was the real deal...

  • Lucian
    Lucian10 dagar sedan

    Watching your Sims cheat while you regret downloading whicked whims

  • ExodusGaming
    ExodusGaming11 dagar sedan

    Far cry 3’s ending

  • Juggtacula
    Juggtacula11 dagar sedan

    The Yennefer/Triss thing made me mad. The both of them spent MULTIPLE years screwing around with Geralt's head and toying with his emotions to get him to essentially do their bidding while he was under the influence of amnesia, before he had it, AND after. But he who has been mentally tossed about for essentially a decade or more, can't genuinely love two women who have both loved him the entire time?

  • LongLash CoffeeCat CoffeeCat for short
    LongLash CoffeeCat CoffeeCat for short11 dagar sedan

    Witcher 3? What about KingSim, where if you cheat on the wrong woman, she begins burning the whole Kingdom. No really, she *spoiler?* turns into a dragon and all you can do is watch her fly around as you save the little that you can.

  • JOhn doe
    JOhn doe11 dagar sedan

    The crazy stick internally glue because brush explicitly stare below a opposite cone. serious, unequaled orchestra

  • Uncle B
    Uncle B11 dagar sedan

    The writing, and delivery of that writing, on this channel is otherworldly!!! My hats off to the entire crew!

  • HelperIndie 0w0
    HelperIndie 0w011 dagar sedan

    G. Dark fantasy ARPG - She Will Punish Them (Beta.HD).

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler11 dagar sedan

    Fallout 4 - my friend is an Indian guy so he made his character a brown guy, he left the wife white, and then the game generated baby Shaun as a black kid. He had zero motivation to go out and track down his wife's bastard

  • Jack Crilley
    Jack Crilley12 dagar sedan

    I really wanted to saw Persona 5 where all the characters (around 7-8) appear in front of your door

  • AZBlue Author
    AZBlue Author12 dagar sedan

    I love that Tex Murphy got mentioned! My dad loved that series, and I’ve dabbled with it some myself. There was actually a new game in the series released in 2014.

  • Piper Hayze
    Piper Hayze12 dagar sedan

    I thought the plot of GTA was odd like all you go through to pay this guy back actually just going to war with the guy would have been easier

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant12 dagar sedan

    I hate Norton way more than DS3's main villain.

  • Ozee5
    Ozee512 dagar sedan

    Title of video reads ugliest breakups. Proceeds to spend the whole video talking about cheating. 😂

  • Killer Gun
    Killer Gun12 dagar sedan

    In gta you forgot the first encounter of Amanda with tennis coach during repossession

  • DuGGarY SkULL
    DuGGarY SkULL12 dagar sedan

    But cheating on on the girls in Persona 5 was funny asf

  • zitadoeza
    zitadoeza12 dagar sedan

    All of these are about cheating, only some on the list actually end in breakups so I don't think the title is right

  • Linda H
    Linda H12 dagar sedan

    Most Kings and Queens do not marry for love. It's to bring 2 nations or kingdoms together. Kings can sleep with who ever they wish and so can the Queen. Most of the Kings and Queen had separate sleeping chambers.

  • Andrea
    Andrea12 dagar sedan

    how is persona 5 not here?

  • ᚻᚻ ᚠᚠCᚱyᚹToᚠᚠ
    ᚻᚻ ᚠᚠCᚱyᚹToᚠᚠ12 dagar sedan

    gta5 is so boring

  • Let's Chat
    Let's Chat12 dagar sedan

    No yakuza mention?

  • íɑʍ THC ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇᴅ
    íɑʍ THC ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇᴅ12 dagar sedan

    I would love to see a list where characters or bosses or both are under the influence In video games

    BAHRAM TV13 dagar sedan

    GTA 5 IS A GREAT GAME, but there is no respect for ladies in Gta 5.

  • AP Graystillplays
    AP Graystillplays13 dagar sedan

    Shit I'd leave amanda...after that bull shit

  • Alborz Shams
    Alborz Shams13 dagar sedan

    I was expacting bully to be on the list cus u r school student but can have gf's and u can cheat on them i was relly expacting bully on this list

  • abcde
    abcde13 dagar sedan

    10 games where your lover BETRAYS you

  • King 595
    King 59513 dagar sedan

    Dude...really with GTA V? GTA III literally opens with your girlfriend shooting you during a robbery

    PRAVVEEN SANCHETI13 dagar sedan

    Did you know? 4 out of 5 people in fable 3 have cheating spouses!

  • villavins8r69
    villavins8r6913 dagar sedan

    I remember looking up a faq about the fable 3 troublesome wife! It said it was caused if you weren't affectionate enough to her so i spent a long time with her, did the deed, and baby wasn't mine. No loyalty

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba13 dagar sedan

    I like the whole he’s not a criminal or anything he’s just a murderer

  • rapthor666
    rapthor66613 dagar sedan

    Dragon Age and Mass Effect? Cheating wasn't as bonkers as Michael's case tho. One of the best characters in the series

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser13 dagar sedan

    This is why in Fable, you should always marry the royalty... Like Lady Gray

  • Cody
    Cody13 dagar sedan

    Mwah! CHEFS KISS!!

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser13 dagar sedan

    3:10 Touchy subject... Witcher series should have had a redhead triss, I find it pretty disrespectful blackwashing the part, same as Fringilla Vigo. It's 1 thing taking a book depiction and casting it, it's another when 90% of the fanbase know the games and the other 10% know it was written in Poland, which doesnt really have alot of black people...

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser13 dagar sedan

    nr 10 is a reason for why you should have the right to just shoot the guy banging your wife if you catch them in the act in your home.

  • Gray Gray
    Gray Gray13 dagar sedan

    Ooft, toiling for content now guys 🤨

  • L.Tjuston Senack
    L.Tjuston Senack13 dagar sedan

    niko so got played boy did keren play him good

  • Ninjhetto NLK3
    Ninjhetto NLK313 dagar sedan

    Cheating and incest was a big thing in the older times.

  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge13 dagar sedan

    I stayed with Yennifer.

  • Z Y
    Z Y13 dagar sedan

    *not seeing Mass Effect on this list* oh

  • Daniel
    Daniel13 dagar sedan

    I chose Trish in the Witcher 3.

  • Vincenzo Santangelo
    Vincenzo Santangelo13 dagar sedan

    How is persona 5 not on this list. I mean you can romance everyone and cheat on them with an ending scene of them all finding out and hanging up on you.

  • Mysteryos Door
    Mysteryos Door13 dagar sedan

    Yanifer for life

  • resist cringe
    resist cringe13 dagar sedan

    Search up the red pill for more info on cheating wifes

  • Frans Indongo
    Frans Indongo13 dagar sedan

    GTA 3, Catalina broke Claude's heart so bad he stopped talking, how can they forget about her

  • Yungfree


    11 dagar sedan

    I think she really cared for CJ throughout gta 3 she was still Calling CJ

  • Dibyam Bhardwaj
    Dibyam Bhardwaj13 dagar sedan

    Thumbnail and title changed.

  • Juan Molina
    Juan Molina13 dagar sedan

    Why was this so funny 😂

  • FirstSwordCorvus
    FirstSwordCorvus13 dagar sedan

    In Fable 2 I had 7 wives and 12 kids on 1 playthrough just for some lolz. And apparently prostitutes don't seem to care that much if you cheat. They'll get angry at each other for a little bit then act like nothing happened, for the most part it's easy to get away with it cause the spouses don't go to different parts of town. Another weird thing was I had an evil son who did nothing but glare at everyone standing in front of the house his mom lived in. Don't think I'd do it again cause it bugged out the game going that crazy. Fable always has lots of crazy stuff to do and try

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes13 dagar sedan

    Sorely missing the Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal valentines day scene if you date all the girls

  • Tae
    Tae13 dagar sedan

    Have you done a before you buy on the naruto games

  • Top Universe
    Top Universe13 dagar sedan

    Did you just change the thumbnail for views

  • AFK
    AFK13 dagar sedan

    There should be more break ups in video games

  • Imp Antique
    Imp Antique13 dagar sedan

    I think you guys need to have something like a dark mode

  • Relyt Xepheres
    Relyt Xepheres13 dagar sedan

    Crazy how no one brought up how JonTron in on Maury lmao 11:34

  • good me
    good me13 dagar sedan

    U forgot about assassin valhalla

  • your fan
    your fan13 dagar sedan


  • Thought Ray
    Thought Ray13 dagar sedan

    TBF, I had a lot of wives in Fable 3.

  • Surfer Dog03
    Surfer Dog0313 dagar sedan

    Never played it, (cause I don’t wanna get in trouble with my wife) but “Cathrine” seemed like a perfect fit for this.

  • itzybitzyspyder tv
    itzybitzyspyder tv13 dagar sedan

    Karen is thicc tho.

  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf13 dagar sedan


  • Daakkuu YRS
    Daakkuu YRS13 dagar sedan

    When Noctis cheats on Luna with pretty much all his party. FF15 was wierd in the relationship with Luna. She was barely shown, and Foursome Yaoi party felt more like the correct option.

  • אראל ברנד
    אראל ברנד13 dagar sedan

    I think the bloody baron’s wife cheating on him is one of the saddest

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian13 dagar sedan

    Watch mojo vibes

  • Rey Perez
    Rey Perez13 dagar sedan

    You’re getting in to watch mojo territory guys lol

  • Diesel Sharman
    Diesel Sharman13 dagar sedan

    Why, the, hell, do we not get into a threesome in the witcher?!

  • K Levi
    K Levi13 dagar sedan

    we running out of stuff to talk about?

  • Daniel JH
    Daniel JH13 dagar sedan

    Wow even cheating in video games.....Real life has seriously seeped in now

  • Yashvardhan Sahu
    Yashvardhan Sahu13 dagar sedan

    What about that stalker girl in GTA 4 man she was pain in the ass lol but made gta4 so realistic 😂😂😂

  • Kip
    Kip13 dagar sedan

    This was upload on March 31st, not April 1st, implying this isn't a joke and some writers at Gameranx have gone crazy!

  • Angrynoob
    Angrynoob13 dagar sedan

    Hey, Maury can be a funny ass show sometimes.