Monster Hunter Rise - Before You Buy


Monster Hunter Rise (Nintendo Switch) is the latest monster hunting RPG from Capcom. How is it? Let's talk.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx18 dagar sedan

    thanks for your patience with this one. happy hunting!

  • Gerald Fisher

    Gerald Fisher

    11 dagar sedan

    @Edgar Brady Checking it out now. Seems good so far.

  • Edgar Brady

    Edgar Brady

    11 dagar sedan

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  • Phoenixflars HD

    Phoenixflars HD

    13 dagar sedan

    @gameranx dont forget to keep your sharpness up this will ensure yopu get highest dps possible

  • Bg As66

    Bg As66

    13 dagar sedan

    @E JONE t56g56

  • Jonathan Jollimore

    Jonathan Jollimore

    15 dagar sedan

    @Faptain Cabulous LMAO I have bin PC gaming since DOS slow person. Laptops are just portable PC and they sucks ass to play in public still has to be used like a PC smart person the irony of dumb fanboys

  • Flynn Moody
    Flynn MoodyTimme sedan

    I've never played a monster hunter game. Literally today I found out you can fight with a horn instrument (the hunting horn). Needless to say I'm about to empty my wallet.

  • TNTspaz
    TNTspaz5 timmar sedan

    Feels like a return to form in the best ways possible, while not abandoning the new ideas. World was the experiment. This is the proper execution

  • Kris Q
    Kris Q9 timmar sedan

    I’m still on the fence with buying this. I want to give monster hunter world another try because it didn’t leave me with a good impression in my first few hours.

  • Dungeonmaster8
    Dungeonmaster812 timmar sedan

    There is no “Before you buy” this was my first mh and I have 60 hours in less than a week it’s amazing.

  • LilBit
    LilBit14 timmar sedan

    My first introduction to the monster hunter series was Monster Hunter Stories on my phone and that sucked me into the franchise, can’t wait to buy rise now!!

  • kursna
    kursna16 timmar sedan

    I've played every game since freedom unite. Never going to not buy a new title

  • GamingMaster
    GamingMaster18 timmar sedan

    Do I need to buy other monster hunter games before playing this one?

  • Rae Of Astora
    Rae Of AstoraDag sedan

    I bought a switch for MH Rise :)

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight2 dagar sedan

    Not enough footage of petting the palmute

  • Rachara Takauumu
    Rachara Takauumu2 dagar sedan

    Did this fool really say under leveled? There are no levels, it's all based on armor and weapon. The Hunter Rank is just a title that allows you to fight certain monsters.

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson2 dagar sedan

    So, can this be played purely as a solo game?

  • Sloan Anderson
    Sloan Anderson2 dagar sedan

    How do I get into this series? I played quite a bit of World, but eventually burned out on it. I have friends who absolutely adore this series and I'm jelly

  • Aubrey Surles
    Aubrey Surles2 dagar sedan

    This is my first Monster Hunter game and I am SO glad I got it. I'm hooked, man.

  • BigNobit
    BigNobit2 dagar sedan

    Looking at my wallet Me: Well, freedom unite is still ok i guess.

  • Andrew Baldazzi
    Andrew Baldazzi2 dagar sedan

    I played the 3DS MH games and I’ve been thinking about getting back into the series. This video convinced me I’m definitely gonna get Rise now!!

  • Natsu DraganeelYT
    Natsu DraganeelYT2 dagar sedan

    So I like monster hunter and all. I've been playing the series for roughly 13 years and I'm glad ppl are finally starting to enjoy this game In the west. Sadly I'm starting to burn out on this game in general because I've been fighting the same monsters for so long its not even a challenge at this point along with the quality of life changes the recent new monster hunter has added to the game I can practically be asleep and be completely fine. I just wish capcom would add some new stuff and stop cutting shit out the game to resale it or repackage it in another way like its somthing brand new. I'm still waiting on the weapons we never got and variant monsters that we don't even have. I hope with this flourish of new ppl and fans to the series capcom will maybe put a little more effort into the game and make it worth fans money. Also I'd like underwater combat back but don't take my dog away and for the love of God give me my tonfas lol.

  • Abraham Khafajy
    Abraham Khafajy3 dagar sedan

    about time they added mounts, and why wont they just add cross-platform, mhw was a perfect gem only missing cross-platform

  • Naufal Naufal
    Naufal Naufal3 dagar sedan

    This is not even a critic video lmao. Just "things you should be aware of when playing MH Rise". So yeah, tltw, buy the game.

  • Edwin Guzman
    Edwin Guzman3 dagar sedan

    "Combining some of the simpler aspects of older titles with the more complex ones from world" No The older titles were more clunky and complex, world made alot of things simpler and rise seems extra simplified The only part thats been expanded by both of these last two would be mobility options and weapon moves ...and alot of quality of life, multiplayer & stuff like that

  • franicis yamashita
    franicis yamashita3 dagar sedan

    any new weapon class?

  • MarcelloTako
    MarcelloTako4 dagar sedan

    maybe its just because i hopped on the MH wagon during MHW but this game just has that DS/Switch look, ya know what I mean? It looks a little low quality outside of cutscenes.

  • Mo san
    Mo san4 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to turn my hands into pretzel again.

  • Alusious
    Alusious4 dagar sedan

    My favorite is the Spider, I started in world and never seen a monster like this one and the shock factor of seeing it for the first time and its moves just had/has me pumped to keep going

  • moist pancakes
    moist pancakes4 dagar sedan

    6:50 that’s what sold me on this one. I have a very small attention span. I really thought the investigation stuff was boring in mhw. I’m glad this one is all about the action baby

  • Rebus
    Rebus4 dagar sedan

    Appreciate the bit on the walls of text - I have been hesitant cause I could never get into world, the walls of text just didnt compute with me and I never really got a chance to learn. May give this one a shot!

  • xxblackguyxx4
    xxblackguyxx44 dagar sedan

    lol imagine *not* having this game while everybody in your friends list does lol *cries in broke

  • Acesauce
    Acesauce4 dagar sedan

    I never ever played a monster hunter game,thinking bout picking this up

  • Wb2006xx
    Wb2006xx4 dagar sedan

    This’ll be my first MH game, and I’m watching while downloading. It looks sick as hell

  • Gaël Hervé hiking&birding
    Gaël Hervé hiking&birding4 dagar sedan

    Just get it....the game is amazing.

  • Maddragon
    Maddragon4 dagar sedan

    The only thing i really didnt like was that there were only TWO elder dragons...

  • Sarah Stanley
    Sarah Stanley5 dagar sedan

    no mention of microtransactions = bought and paid review

  • Sarah Stanley
    Sarah Stanley5 dagar sedan

    corporate shills lol

  • Noah
    Noah5 dagar sedan

    Named your palamute Puppo. I see you are folk of culture.

  • Minceraft For nite
    Minceraft For nite5 dagar sedan

    Just got the game and I’m such a noob have no idea what I’m doing

  • Jawbreaker
    Jawbreaker6 dagar sedan

    Looks like this will be my first Monster Hunter

  • Josh Kong
    Josh Kong6 dagar sedan

    Despite its popularity, this series has never caught my interest, am I weird? I like the Japanese style and settings in this game, but I know it is not going to be the biggest part of the game. What remains as the core is the gameplay, the very same factor that I take a dislike to.

  • Baka Turtle
    Baka Turtle6 dagar sedan

    *cries in ps4*

  • Rice5phere
    Rice5phere6 dagar sedan


  • Love Mercy
    Love Mercy6 dagar sedan

    8/10 Not enough anime ara ara (I'm kidding btw)

  • Faerie Knight
    Faerie Knight6 dagar sedan

    So far I'm having a blast with Rise. Using an insect glaive this time around after maining switch axe in 4, Generations, and World.

  • Rexy And Blue
    Rexy And Blue6 dagar sedan

    This game shouldnt have a before you buy video it should have a "definately buy" video

  • Mahuta Hoerara-Smith
    Mahuta Hoerara-Smith6 dagar sedan

    Im definitely gonna dive in

  • Dr.Dull'han Tv
    Dr.Dull'han Tv7 dagar sedan

    I still go IG to fly more around

  • Stefan Avramov
    Stefan Avramov7 dagar sedan

    wtf the guy at 10:50 hunting monsters with emo hair with just one eye

  • Gardiken
    Gardiken7 dagar sedan

    I don't have it, and not sure yet if I will get it, but my favorite monsters are the Zinogre and the Mizutsune

  • Ankarin
    Ankarin7 dagar sedan

    Me who has 90 hours already

  • Fabian Banda III
    Fabian Banda III7 dagar sedan

    Why am I watching this? To justify the fact that now I have to buy a switch just for this game

  • Nightmare King Bakura
    Nightmare King Bakura7 dagar sedan

    The game looks aight, don't own a Switch so I won't get it (Why is it a Switch exclusive again?) and I'll just stay with World for now

  • Patrick
    Patrick7 dagar sedan

    Never play any monster hunter before this. I was always more a relax laid back kind of person that enjoy farming games. But because the Nintendo site kept releasing video's,so i decide to buy it and try it out. All i can say is: worth every penny! Been play it for a week now. Best game i enjoyed for a long time. Couldn't stop hunting. Been playing a very unhealthy amount of hours. lol Sure there is like a lot of text and so many mechanics, but i just ignore like 80% of them and slowly adapt to it through gameplay. Joining discord is definitely gonna help, because the community there is very kind in helping out with answering many questions.

  • Krayzie Stryker
    Krayzie Stryker7 dagar sedan

    I would love to play, but I prefer playing with friends and all my friends either don't have a switch or don't play Monster Hunter. I will wait for the Pc Version and will convince some of my Gamer friends to hop into Monster Hunter again, we played a long time MHW :D

  • Panthakurai
    Panthakurai7 dagar sedan

    I played for hours on original PSP version years back. NEVER COMPLETED IT.. Got bored of the GRIND! 😴 This game is not for the impatient! 😂



    7 dagar sedan

    I mean, this is an entirely different game so I wouldn’t say that experience entirely applies here.

  • Riley Stokosa
    Riley Stokosa7 dagar sedan

    To bad you can't tame the monsters and use to battle other hunters monsters that would be cool

  • 1 2
    1 27 dagar sedan

    I tried out the demo but at the monster riding part I gave up because I didn't get anything anymore :(

  • elizer abeno
    elizer abeno7 dagar sedan

    can you play it offline?

  • Heisenberg5301
    Heisenberg53017 dagar sedan

    There is no feeling in any game quite like the one you get when, after what feels like hours of just chipping away, they finally go down and you can just spam attack them. Very satisfying indeed.

  • Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto
    Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto7 dagar sedan

    im not looking at the screen cuz of spoilers

  • エルーVie
    エルーVie7 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video! I've played a little of Monster Hunter World before and got super hooked, so excited and reaaally thinking about buying this Rise one. Just a question though, to anyone who knows, I heard that Rise can be played multiplayer from cross regions, is this true? For example if I have the EU region, I'll be able to play with someone with US region? My last question before I full-speed-ahead in buying Switch and the game lol 😂

  • Brett Wallace
    Brett Wallace7 dagar sedan

    Hmm, weird. I could have sworn I was subscribed to this channel

  • Nyx Zorander
    Nyx Zorander8 dagar sedan

    I’m happy that gameranx crew got on the monster hunter band wagon. It’s a wholesome community, must have something to do with how hard it is and how it needs you to understand what’s happening for you to progress.

  • lolilol A
    lolilol A8 dagar sedan

    the character s are ugly - the game is ugly

  • Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja!
    Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja!8 dagar sedan

    Me who preordered the game as soon as possible and has 30 hours clocked in so far: **"Interesting"**

  • SourStrawberrys
    SourStrawberrys8 dagar sedan

    There is not enough boobs in this game. 0/10



    7 dagar sedan

    Maybe not. But we got thighs for days, if you like that!

  • Marshmallow Cello

    Marshmallow Cello

    8 dagar sedan

    Are you being ironic?

  • Edward Santiago
    Edward Santiago8 dagar sedan

    was on the fence but I'm in after this and a couple other reviews

  • Monster Hunter Stoner
    Monster Hunter Stoner8 dagar sedan

    I just got it today and im really glad i bought it!

  • Alexandra Madrigal
    Alexandra Madrigal8 dagar sedan

    More accurately - “While you’re downloading Monster Hunter: Rise”

  • David west

    David west

    2 dagar sedan

    I didn’t need this personal attack you heathen lmfao

  • Ostrich King

    Ostrich King

    2 dagar sedan


  • VeeCho


    3 dagar sedan

    in my case is "After you played for 75 hours - Monster Hunter: Rise"

  • ArctosNexus


    4 dagar sedan


  • Wb2006xx


    4 dagar sedan


  • Beastobitchio
    Beastobitchio8 dagar sedan

    Who the he’ll unsubscribed Gameranx from my account! I thought you guys weren’t making videos

  • Back Throw
    Back Throw8 dagar sedan

    Okay but did they bring back Chris?

  • Troy McGuffey
    Troy McGuffey8 dagar sedan

    Looking to game with others. SW-0214-7761-0820

  • Jake Brady
    Jake Brady8 dagar sedan

    This game is just full blown amazing!

  • Kat Isabella
    Kat Isabella8 dagar sedan

    Being a long time monhun fan I’m very please with this one! My main ones were on the 3ds and psp so to me it’s always felt as if it should be a hand held 🤷‍♀️

  • Rodney Horsley
    Rodney Horsley8 dagar sedan

    I'm 50 hours in, can never go wrong with MH. Delete this.

  • SwetPotato
    SwetPotato8 dagar sedan

    I worried about if it could run smoothly on the switch. Seems it looks just fine! My wallet is ready

  • Your Boy Yamchu
    Your Boy Yamchu8 dagar sedan

    Great game but short as hell compared to the other MH and even God Eater.

  • Sunbro Solaire

    Sunbro Solaire

    8 dagar sedan

    God Eater is a whole different series.

  • Orange Juicy Animations

    Orange Juicy Animations

    8 dagar sedan

    the game technically isn't complete yet, the first two titles updates were supposed to be a part of the original game but covid and the data breach complicated things.

  • Alphenhous plays games!
    Alphenhous plays games!8 dagar sedan

    everytime someone says one of the following it fills me with a feeling of needing to bonk. a)the attacks are clunky! b)the monsters are strong c)there is nothing to do except hunt monsters

  • Gross Little Goblin
    Gross Little Goblin8 dagar sedan

    Why it looks so dated?

  • Orange Juicy Animations

    Orange Juicy Animations

    8 dagar sedan

    its running on a small handheld.

  • Blackbox Kt
    Blackbox Kt8 dagar sedan

    Monster Hunter Rise: you can literally drift while you riding your dog Nintendo Switch: you can literally drift in every game if you bought me

  • Aziez Nugroho
    Aziez Nugroho9 dagar sedan

    mainstream game journalism can just die. i am completely reliance on gameranx now

  • ShillaWolf
    ShillaWolf9 dagar sedan

    I sucked at mhw xD i had friends who were big fans of it dragged me through the game which also made me feel like i missed out on a lot. So i might give thise one a try

  • Le Bro
    Le Bro9 dagar sedan

    Couldn't the thumbnail if its intentional or not for tigrex suit

  • RC
    RC9 dagar sedan

    First time playing monster hunter and I cannot stop.

  • TRM


    8 dagar sedan

    Glad you are enjoying it 😃

  • N Hale
    N Hale9 dagar sedan

    My first MH game and I've had a blast. My computer couldn't run MHW well at all. Super portable, easy to dock for the full screen experience. I took my time and learnt the combos for the switch axe. I was so afraid I'd completely wipe out like my experience in world, but gameplay was smooth and I knew my weapon enough to carry it out. I've also connected online via discord with another switch axe user, who coached me on how to use some advanced tech, and joined me on hunts. The monster telegraphing is so amazing. Few minutes into the hunt for a new monster, I could start to tell what was going to happen. Side stepping the monster as it charges me, then laying in some juicy damage, amazing. Yeah i'm just here for confirmation bias lol.

  • TRM


    8 dagar sedan

    Glad you are having fun, nice to be having you

  • N Hale
    N Hale9 dagar sedan

    Holy moley, that hitbox at 4:05 . Beautiful.

  • MJ Habada the car kid
    MJ Habada the car kid9 dagar sedan

    Youve been a persistent great judge of games, and this is a very positive review! Awsome job man.

  • Jaray Maldonado
    Jaray Maldonado9 dagar sedan

    My learning curve was switching from dual blades to long sword as I transitioned from low rank to high rank on MHGU.

  • InfiniteSkiegh
    InfiniteSkiegh9 dagar sedan

    Monster hunter rise is my first monster hunter. I love the game. I'm a bow main, longsword, greatsword, switch axe, charge blade sub main (in that order).

  • TRM


    8 dagar sedan

    Always great to see a new hunter, hope you have fun

    CCBAZ9 dagar sedan

    Magnamalo fight is just exiting!!

  • Aaron Westley
    Aaron Westley9 dagar sedan

    You are always my first stop before I buy a game. Our tastes are pretty similar so what you like I seem to like. Easy win.

  • Shearluck
    Shearluck9 dagar sedan

    7:03 I know what is behind that cut

  • Yugo
    Yugo9 dagar sedan

    I love playing this game

  • M WM
    M WM9 dagar sedan

    There is a time limit? The only time I feel a quest is dragging so long is I am paired up with 3 other people with non-asian user names...

  • C G
    C G9 dagar sedan

    I’ve never played monster hunter, is this game worth it?

  • JGuy97


    9 dagar sedan

    @Laxus Poldish Honestly, the demo will probably keep him from buying it.

  • Laxus Poldish

    Laxus Poldish

    9 dagar sedan

    There is a demo. Try it first, but dont go in with a hack n slash mentality. It is more of a methodical combat system. Also try out multiple weapons to see which one fits your playstyle.

  • Fisnik Xheladini
    Fisnik Xheladini9 dagar sedan


  • Clayton
    Clayton9 dagar sedan

    Love the game, and can't go back to World after using the wire bugs and palimute, you feel fat like you're a darksouls tank in World, that is not the case in mh rise and you feel like a super fast agile hunter. The only issue I have is that they pretty much released 1/3 of a game with us having to wait for the next 2 big updates that will finish the main story.

  • auear
    auear10 dagar sedan

    re engine = Reach for the moon engine

  • Animated Psycho
    Animated Psycho10 dagar sedan

    Best game switch without a doubt. Brings the fun and excitement back into video games.

  • Mateus Favarin
    Mateus Favarin10 dagar sedan

    no ps4 version...WHY?!

  • Orange Juicy Animations

    Orange Juicy Animations

    8 dagar sedan

    this game was made for the switch by the portable team.

  • Erik Wiley
    Erik Wiley10 dagar sedan

    Best monster hunter game ever. Can’t wait for G rank and new monsters

  • dragon gamer
    dragon gamer10 dagar sedan

    You were saying your were a big noob and well you mean I mean rookie I've had 125 hours of gameplay in the world base game so with the ice board stuff and why are bugs how much time do you think I'm going to be here about 200 hours

  • Erik G
    Erik G10 dagar sedan

    I’ll save you the time just buy it