CYBERPUNK 2077 BIG Update 1.2 - Is It Fixed?


Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox) has received a massive 1.2 patch update. Has the game improved? Problems solved? Let's dive in.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx15 dagar sedan

    plz def let us know your experience if you tried the 1.2 update 👇

  • Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez

    Dag sedan

    Mm. M@MR.C&A Video911Game m

  • Cari Jackson

    Cari Jackson

    Dag sedan

    @Roland Deschain at least I got one 🤗😁

  • Daniel Spottl

    Daniel Spottl

    2 dagar sedan

    Even on xbox series x its garbage I'm so tired of have all the character go silent even before act 2. Its my third play though and I have had to go back and loading to when they were talking again 5 times already. Honestly the only time I got through with full audio was the first time before they started doing updates.

  • Mormon Shaggy

    Mormon Shaggy

    2 dagar sedan

    No, and I don't intend to play this game at all until crowds no longer disappear, cops use vehicles and flying is a thing.

  • capin cam

    capin cam

    4 dagar sedan


  • Lorenzo Bizgau
    Lorenzo BizgauTimme sedan

    Ama play this game in a couple of months

  • Mayukh Chaterji
    Mayukh ChaterjiTimme sedan

    *Cyberbug 2077*

  • Michael Suarez
    Michael Suarez6 timmar sedan

    I just feel bad for whoever wasted their money on this

  • PowerPlayGoal
    PowerPlayGoal9 timmar sedan

    Welp I finally bought it, let's see how it goes 🤣 didn't pay full price and can't wait to laugh at horrible bugs 😂

  • Demonitization
    Demonitization12 timmar sedan

    i plan on forgetting about this game for 2-3 years, then randomly remembering and going back to a not bad game

  • deadlyvexx99 TV
    deadlyvexx99 TV14 timmar sedan

    GTA: *exists Cyberpunk2077: I’m about to end this man’s career

  • Gamer Halim
    Gamer Halim14 timmar sedan

    I hope 🤞 the games fix 100% but much better then before.

  • Avengedsevenfoldxfan
    Avengedsevenfoldxfan16 timmar sedan

    I see this video as a win. It gives them more to work off of to understand what else it is that needs fixing! :D

  • Starguy 1o1
    Starguy 1o117 timmar sedan

    I just wanted to wear a cool helmet that's all I wanted

  • Irgendein Junge
    Irgendein Junge18 timmar sedan

    Take it easy it's got lumbago.

  • inside down
    inside down19 timmar sedan


  • Glaskruset
    Glaskruset20 timmar sedan

    They should have made a fantasy rpg instead of sci fi. Take Witcher, its big and kinda empty but doesnt feel like it is. Then we have this, its full of stuff but it feels empty

  • I believe
    I believe21 timme sedan

    New patch dropped today. Keep them coming. Those that love the game want you to succeed cd PR. Good video

  • Jorge Duran
    Jorge Duran22 timmar sedan

    They should probably remake the game.

  • XionosOrigin
    XionosOrigin23 timmar sedan

    Yeah. I will wait until next year.

  • Cats Eleosida
    Cats Eleosida23 timmar sedan

    This game cannot be fixed. I want a whole new Cyberpunk game with a whole different story line(s). Better yet, developed by Rockstar games for over 8 years.

  • Haywood_Floyd
    Haywood_Floyd23 timmar sedan

    i love the fact that police chaes were so bad and devs disnt fix it that one dude made a tiny mod that fixes the entire deal even adding police chaes to the matter

  • Dugin
    DuginDag sedan

    not coming back until they fix the messed up looting system

  • Meka Birb
    Meka BirbDag sedan

    I can say you still can use double jump to see the reason for why wall climbing was removed.

  • Nerd insomnia
    Nerd insomniaDag sedan

    A game delayed then released in pandemic to please people and still people unhappy well let's hope The new wwe2k and fifa 22 don't get the same treatment cyberpunk did

  • Jussainwuturthinkn
    JussainwuturthinknDag sedan

    Sigh. Just update Witcher III for next gen

  • 0604 kevin
    0604 kevinDag sedan

    5:27 correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see any spelling mistakes

  • John Doe
    John DoeDag sedan

    "Reflections look a little better". Oh great so now it's a downgraded unfinished piece of garbage with reflections that look a little better. Wow!

  • Enigma 47
    Enigma 47Dag sedan

    No, it’s not. Don’t need to watch this video now.

  • UnsealedWings
    UnsealedWingsDag sedan

    Nah fam. I loved this game. Beat it 3 times so far on PC. and the worst offender for my game was the Framerate. Bugs were very minor. Nothing game-breaking. Cyberpunk may not have been what it was hyped to be, but it's still a damn good game. And if you like games like this and you disagree, then your head is really far up your ass. These people worked really hard on this game. it's not entirely their fault it runs bad or has all these bugs, I barely experienced. This patch shows that they're trying really hard. and if we don't cheer them on, they might abandon the game. Remember that when you're overly dogging the game because you have no idea what it takes to make a game like this.

  • Alex Roxburgh
    Alex RoxburghDag sedan

    As a player of fallout and Bethesda games i’m Used to glitches but cyberpunk struggles to fit into any one genre and kinda just sucks at most of them. It’s an interesting game but it’s definitely missing something gameplay and story wise.

  • theinfideluk
    theinfidelukDag sedan

    Looking forward to picking this up in 2023 👍

  • koofdome
    koofdomeDag sedan

    How the fuck is this game still not properly done

    ZBYCHUDag sedan

    That’s what people get for over hyping every “big” game

  • Christopher Haden
    Christopher HadenDag sedan

    Where's the typo in, "Allows you to preview your bullets' ricochet trajectory."?

  • holdmebackbrah
    holdmebackbrahDag sedan

    I knew this game was gonna be a shithole

  • Blue Clown
    Blue ClownDag sedan

    After playing on release, this game needed another year, if not 2 (with a better leadership team). I truly hope they make it the game they promised, but that'll take a long time and a lot of money to do that. I still have hope, but my faith in CDPR is definitely shaky, at best. I won't touch this hot garbage of a game in a long time, if ever, depending on what they do with it.

  • Imaminimonstertruck
    ImaminimonstertruckDag sedan

    Inshort the game still broken.

  • JJ Bates
    JJ BatesDag sedan

    5:26 "We saw some typos that maybe we didn't notice before on loading screens" I don't see any typos in the example you provided...

  • Little_Foxy 911
    Little_Foxy 911Dag sedan

    Couldnt they fix them before releasing smh

  • Eastin Su
    Eastin SuDag sedan

    let rockstar make the cyberpunk game

  • Maul.E Mal
    Maul.E MalDag sedan

    Thus game is fun play on stadia if you want the game to work

  • Bernard Wallace
    Bernard WallaceDag sedan

    No one's is going to talk about how you can't hear them talk to you anymore sense the update

  • Media Promedia
    Media PromediaDag sedan

    Dudes you're way too positive, even with products that doesn't deserve it. "Far from perfect"/"decent" is way too generous. The game is a mess, give it a year or two and THEN, it may become "decent".

  • Zafaran Malik
    Zafaran MalikDag sedan

    Is it worth £27.99? Thats the question. 🤔

  • Razor Raiden
    Razor RaidenDag sedan

    We buy early acces game

  • Yggdrasil Reviews
    Yggdrasil ReviewsDag sedan

    Well hopefully the beta is now done. And Next year cyberpunk 2077 will be officially out....

  • Denis Liber
    Denis LiberDag sedan

    i played the game when it came out, didnt touched it since...nor i plan to, i just want to know did they fix driving AI? or cars still get stuck on the road behind your car?

  • Oswaldo Montes
    Oswaldo MontesDag sedan

    Should i buy for $30?

  • Corrupt Shaolin
    Corrupt ShaolinDag sedan

    Panam and that juicy ass is the only thing they did right in cyber punk.

  • The new Order of the ages

    The new Order of the ages

    Dag sedan

    I’m fucking laughing my ass off

  • Jack Prince
    Jack PrinceDag sedan

    16x the patch notes

  • Luka Pobe
    Luka PobeDag sedan

    10 years from now Cyberpunk will get an award for best RPG of 2020

  • Mantealis
    MantealisDag sedan

    Like developers I didn't finish the game

  • somePersn
    somePersnDag sedan

    at least the game runs on console without having a stroke

  • etz molch
    etz molchDag sedan

    It wont even start anymore at version 1.2.

  • Sandapak Putin
    Sandapak PutinDag sedan


  • Jason B
    Jason BDag sedan

    i wish they would fix the npcs and how they drive and respond.

  • Fofo
    Fofo2 dagar sedan

    I still got a lot of crashes on ps5

  • player tomek
    player tomek2 dagar sedan

    What about the Mike Pondsmith....Did he ever said anything about the shape the game was in on a release...what a bunch of liers and thieves.

  • YS Entertainment
    YS Entertainment2 dagar sedan

    I'll wait until they release a remake on ps7, hopefully everything will be fixed.

  • Volodya Hutsuliak
    Volodya Hutsuliak2 dagar sedan

    does anybody else has that bug when the sniper scope dot just disappear forever?

  • Colin Clement
    Colin Clement2 dagar sedan

    Haven't played it yet....ill check it out in a year or so

  • Kevin William
    Kevin William2 dagar sedan

    The fps is lower from 50 fps become 40ish fps

  • carrying ii
    carrying ii2 dagar sedan

    this shit breaks my heart man

  • Mormon Shaggy
    Mormon Shaggy2 dagar sedan

    I have lost faith in them at this point. This will change how I buy games in the future.

  • DeAndre Holland
    DeAndre Holland2 dagar sedan

    Seems like we'll need to wait a year or two to play a game after it's been released just to have a no bugs.

  • Gist432
    Gist4322 dagar sedan

    Major update my ass, they haven't fixed shit. People still disappear when you turn around. They have on the other hand fucked it up even more. Now I suddenly drive through completely empty streets from time to time (possibly not something new, but new to me). I also managed to park my car on top of another car during a stop light... I half expected the car to drive off with my Caliburn on top, but it just created congestion. I don't know why I even bothered, CDPR don't give a shit, they met their quota. I hope they go bankrupt. I'm glad I didn't play the epilogue of RDR2 yet, and no matter what people might think of it, it must be better than this piece of crap.

  • Power Armor
    Power Armor2 dagar sedan

    I can’t even progress in the story cause it won’t let me in the building 😑

  • dsrijon
    dsrijon2 dagar sedan


  • Allias1121
    Allias11212 dagar sedan

    Is it fixed? No. No, it is not.

  • Benji
    Benji2 dagar sedan

    One of the best games I played, I was one of few who had very few bugs when I played at launch. Feels bad man, such a great game spoiled for many.

  • BarakIII
    BarakIII2 dagar sedan

    I play it on pc and haven't had that much difficulty even before this patch. My biggest complaint was all the perks and weapon or cyber mods that didn't work.

  • Sony Harmuji Aprianto
    Sony Harmuji Aprianto2 dagar sedan

    Anyone feel the town and npc...lifeless?

  • Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight

    2 dagar sedan

    GTA San Andreas is more interactive than this shit The NPCs are non existent in this game and it lacks a lot of immersion

  • Stank
    Stank2 dagar sedan

    I feel like half of that "44 gb" update is just txt files that say the word "FIX" in them and nothing else.

  • naippes
    naippes2 dagar sedan

    i still expect to play it eventually... not gonna buy it now, but in the future i will most definetly... if they fix it, great... if don't, i'll just wait for a really cheap price

  • Mr. Incredible
    Mr. Incredible2 dagar sedan

    Last gen still looks like a Switch port.

  • Hide
    Hide2 dagar sedan

    I've started playing the PS5 version, and after the update it's working well for me. Ran into about 3 glitches in the 5 or 6 hours I played, and crashed once, which considering how bad it was at launch, is a huge improvement. Not to mention the game looks really good now with amazing graphics.

  • tricksebas
    tricksebas2 dagar sedan

    I will never buy this game, not only for the quallity of the product (i mean, come on, the least of the problems are the bugs, beacuse the game doesn't offer nothing original and nothing interesring in terms of story and gameplay), but also for all those really bad practices in the company, all the lies before the launching, hidding the wellfare of the employees exploited in the crunch. And that's really important because if it takes the healt and wellfare of a person as a sacrifice just for me to enjoy a game, it's simply not fair. And cdpr as well as many other AAA studios need to learn that.

  • Dino Squirrels
    Dino Squirrels2 dagar sedan

    Has the framerate been fixed yet?

  • GTA IV
    GTA IV2 dagar sedan

    Where the fucks the AI update

  • Marty Mcfly 88MPH
    Marty Mcfly 88MPH2 dagar sedan

    Give branching mission choices like advertised. That's all people want. Give us a reason to replay the game

  • Cammie Racing
    Cammie Racing2 dagar sedan

    Looks like my wait to purchase it continues.

  • thunder prince
    thunder prince2 dagar sedan

    And this was meant to be a open world mmo

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone2 dagar sedan

    10 years to make this? lol, come on

  • aditya kurnia
    aditya kurnia2 dagar sedan

    this are actually 0.2 patch. 1.0 coming when its ready 😂

  • Zoubeir Faouzi
    Zoubeir Faouzi2 dagar sedan

    Hahaha I remember when I complained about the game not having third person view. Now I'm just laughing knowing that was going to be the least of our concerns. What a joke this game was, big budget marketing and low budget game development. They should have learned from Rockstar games. Still much love for Keanu Reeves. You can't blame him for the creation of this abomination. 😂

  • Zoubeir Faouzi

    Zoubeir Faouzi

    17 timmar sedan

    @Denis Liber hahaha welcome to Glitch City. 😂

  • Denis Liber

    Denis Liber

    Dag sedan

    ''big budget marketing and low budget game development'' best description of the game

  • Anthony Tomason
    Anthony Tomason2 dagar sedan

    I'll buy cyberpunk but won't play it until the game is fully fixed

  • Ryan


    2 dagar sedan

    Then why buy it at all? I bought it in December and haven’t touched it since. Sunk 25 hours into it but the game was completely lifeless. I even got it 20% off with my employee discount and it still wasn’t worth it.

  • Fizzbatt
    Fizzbatt2 dagar sedan

    Remember mafia 3? Me either, that’s what this game will be

  • oof


    Dag sedan

    I actually remember Mafia 3... Nice try buddy.

  • Jackson Davies
    Jackson Davies2 dagar sedan

    19 of the broken perks in the various perk trees still aren't fixed. They did fix about half of the broken ones from launch.

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy3 dagar sedan

    I just need car and body customization and i will be pleased.

  • T Mac
    T Mac3 dagar sedan

    My cyberpunk experience has been ruined...very disappointing

  • Bgdn Gbrl
    Bgdn Gbrl3 dagar sedan

    The game they promised : NIKE The game we got : MIKE

  • eaglerabbit89
    eaglerabbit893 dagar sedan

    Think I'll just wait for the PS5 version.

  • Ricardo Ricardo
    Ricardo Ricardo3 dagar sedan

    I like the game but I just can't handle all the bugs. It's crazy, I have never ever in my life experience so many bugs, even sonic 06 wasn't this horrible. I was at least able to finish that game, cyberpunk 2077 literally corrupted my game save... I can't play it anymore, I was able to ignore most bugs, but I experienced so many game breaking bugs to the point were my save died. I tried to ignore others ad just play the game, but it eventually died on me. I didn't even get half way through the game and it died! A lot of missions were so bugged out that I didn't even know what was happening and what the objective even was I had to follow the minimap because the game wa so glitches out I couldn't see anything. But yeah my save eventually got corrupted to the point were I'm just going to wait to play it. No more cyberpunk videos for me, I'm setting my own release date, and that's in 2023 January 1. I'll go play other games till then.

  • AmazoX
    AmazoX3 dagar sedan

    Glad I sold Cyberpunk 2077 to get Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Vincent Keith
    Vincent Keith3 dagar sedan

    Win 10 64b - Ryzen 2700x, 1080Ti. Very few graphics glitches - but I had very few on day 1. I do get (and always did) a lot of floating crosswalk signs. Feels like a missing asset. Driving is better. Crafting has significantly improved - new prices are maybe a bit low, which is much better than insanely high. Still, it's a VAST improvement for those of us to don't use exploits. Shops still need work - particularly crafting specs. Legendary specs still only show up the first time you use a shop - what's worse is that they now only show up in 3 of those shops. On the upside - they made inexpensive max slot legendary items permanently available - that change is so nice I might end up not caring about the crafting specs.

  • bloody wolfie
    bloody wolfie3 dagar sedan

    GF- baby why can't you give me attention? My mind- thinking about how CD project fucked us over this game...and we've been waiting for this shit biscuit?

  • Ace Drawler
    Ace Drawler3 dagar sedan

    800th dislike I’m sorry but it’s just I couldn’t just let the 799 be like it

  • TheStruggle IsReal
    TheStruggle IsReal3 dagar sedan

    I don't see the typo here... are we saying bullets' is a typo? Plural possessive so that's definitely correct. I mean it's a typo if you presume they were talking about a single bullet I suppose. Maybe I'm an idiot and I'm missing something obvious sorry.

  • koi koi
    koi koi3 dagar sedan

    Short answer: No Long answer: Noooooo

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson3 dagar sedan

    Damn it prolly needed another year from the date it was released

  • Will Williams
    Will Williams3 dagar sedan

    Once they give what we saw in the demo I’ll go back and when we get to go into buildings like they said

  • Beaver 314
    Beaver 3143 dagar sedan

    i was so looking forward to this game and i'm still not buying it until i can guaranteed immersion.

  • u12uNiiGuNx
    u12uNiiGuNx3 dagar sedan

    I started playing again on Xbox one s, not the series, and it looks worse still crashing, worse texture pop in than at launch IMO