10 Problems ONLY 2000s Gamers Faced


The 2000s were a golden age for video games, but the hobby wasn't without some annoyances. Here are some gaming problems we don't miss.
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  • E J
    E J13 timmar sedan

    man those were crazy times

  • chris whittington
    chris whittington18 timmar sedan

    I still use wired controllers, because I don't trust rechargeable batteries and I could eat non rechargeable batteries for breakfast

  • Sunyan Pirzada
    Sunyan Pirzada22 timmar sedan

    Why was X:Men 2 Wolverine's Revenge was there ? It was amazing I loved it on my pc.

  • spino
    spinoDag sedan

    Rental places never have the right game and are expensive Amazon sealed new disc cost me less than gamestop used discs

  • spino
    spinoDag sedan

    9:08 somebody said italy?

  • spino
    spinoDag sedan

    Wait, do you play with your console on wifi? Seriously?

  • Andreas Beaverman
    Andreas BeavermanDag sedan

    Do anyone remember when a disc did not wanted to read properly on ps2 games so took toothpaste then wash it of. Did work for while but then have to do that again

  • Tim Campbell
    Tim Campbell2 dagar sedan


  • Burd Burd
    Burd Burd2 dagar sedan

    We stole so many games from our rental shop

  • mark 154
    mark 1543 dagar sedan

    no no overwriting save files are still a problem

  • Raz MaTaz
    Raz MaTaz4 dagar sedan

    But can it run Crysis THREE!?

  • Shanna Semenza
    Shanna Semenza5 dagar sedan

    I miss being able to rent games to try them before spending money on them to buy.

  • Craig Robertson
    Craig Robertson5 dagar sedan

    RIP Game crazy, way better than gamestop

  • DeejaychrisEdit
    DeejaychrisEdit6 dagar sedan

    This video is so nostalgic wow! thank you gameranx for taking me back to memory lane even despite the problems we faced back in the days. I'm very grateful for some parts of gaming how is wayyy better then before but that even came with a cost because in a way gaming doesn't feel as exciting as it used to be that i stay getting excited playing retro games instead.

  • Blaze Infernus
    Blaze Infernus7 dagar sedan

    "So many less." - Falcon, 2021. Yes! And I miss rentals, because game demos aren't a thing anymore. They're not, they're just not.

  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson8 dagar sedan

    Pre internet gaming was a pretty magical time that can't be emulated. No one to bail you out if you got stuck in a game and a much greater overall feeling of exploration. No day one patches and couch co op was actually a thing. Getting my own crt tv from goodwill was still to this day one of the happiest days of my childhood. The excitement of nintendo power magazines and 4 player mario party is something that didn't quite make it to 2021. Modern gamers do get 4k unreal engine 5 and emulation so I'd say it's an overall fair trade.

  • nasim karimi
    nasim karimi8 dagar sedan

    holy shit i'm crying believe it or not in my country these stuff still exist and your internet speed 🤕🤕i'm living with 500kb and 1mg per sec net speed where is justice? 🤕

  • Raziel Plisken
    Raziel Plisken10 dagar sedan

    A friend once let me check his old GBC with a Pokemon Yellow cartrige in it, as soon as I turned that thing on his save data got deleted... Sorry I guess

  • trickster3009
    trickster300912 dagar sedan

    If your in australia we still have realy bad internet

  • B0sstones
    B0sstones13 dagar sedan

    Having to use GameSpy to play online games

  • Partygnom
    Partygnom15 dagar sedan

    weirdly one major thing for me was always ... Being unable to look up any help, mainly because of two reasons. 1. My english was garbage 2. My preffered Medium for watching internet videos was Fishclip ... not youtube. There were so many of these websites that were actually larger than youtube for a long time, before youtube just became the juggernaut it now is.

    GENERAL YOUSIF16 dagar sedan

    Lol I never had a memory card back in the day So finishing a game back in the day was rare for me

  • Tyler Hassey
    Tyler Hassey16 dagar sedan

    Dude fuck that,building a PC now is child’s play I built my first pc after I sold my PS3 and ps4 to get the money for it and it was so easy, I think I really only needed to look up where all the PSU cables plug in and looking back on it it would have been pretty easy to figure out anyway,it’s literally just insert everything into the motherboard,screw the mobo into the case,plug in the cables,and start

  • Xi ng
    Xi ng17 dagar sedan

    what? gamers nowadays use wifi?!

  • Jay GC
    Jay GC17 dagar sedan

    “Much more bad” I think going back to all of these traumas broke Falcon

  • DarkFlame2525
    DarkFlame252517 dagar sedan

    "Building your own PC" Me, with a Dad who works in IT and who built my computer for me: Heh...

  • Ja Bacon
    Ja Bacon18 dagar sedan

    When you mentioned memory cards and Jedi power battle, I got a hot white flash of anger. Trigger warning next time, please!

  • L.Tjuston Senack
    L.Tjuston Senack19 dagar sedan

    i new it i new u were older then most games

  • L.Tjuston Senack
    L.Tjuston Senack19 dagar sedan

    i rember i almost broke my first ps2 which was already broken it fall off a dreessr it was on top of in my basement and it was dangling from the power cord hooked into my broken ps2 the sacend time was in my parents trailer my sister was walking by my sacend ps2 and i was using the wired controller and she walked into the wire and knocked my ps2 off the tv stand it was on and again it was dangling by the power cord plugged into the ps2 and the outlet in the wall

  • Warren Mazengwe

    Warren Mazengwe

    19 dagar sedan

    Was it the first edition with the big ass fan in the back, before they came with the slim version?

  • Kevin Baumhoer
    Kevin Baumhoer19 dagar sedan

    Back then the first COD patch took my parents and me 12h to get ist

  • I Hate Communism
    I Hate Communism20 dagar sedan

    I'm not entirely sure that our internet infrastructure will ever be all that great in rural areas. The United States is just soooooo big. I feel like a new technology will already be out by the time they build up the infrastructure outside of the big/major cities..They will eventually get it in most areas, but the big cities will always be 10 years ahead of the rest of the United States.

  • I Hate Communism
    I Hate Communism20 dagar sedan

    We had one of those gigantic 52" big screen TV's when I was a kid. The things was a straight up UNIT. It was as big as a dang China Cabinet and it took a few people to move it around. On occasion, I would get to hook my Sega Genesis up to it and I didn't think it could get any better than that!! I remember my uncle buying one of those ridonkeylously overpriced "Plasma TV's". He paid $6,500 or something ridonkeylous like that. TV prices and quality have come down sooooo much in the last 20 years..

  • welchnome
    welchnome20 dagar sedan

    I still remember the megapog upgrade from F connector to RCA connector for N64. My family lived heavily in the past. Although I was born 2001, we were still returning to somebody else's "garbage" VHS tapes. Renting a dvd in 2014 was still a rare treat.

    SYCORAX20 dagar sedan

    I still use a CR TV lol

  • Eisendrache2
    Eisendrache220 dagar sedan

    You lost a memory card? How the Hell did you managed this?! I only had one and it was enough for me. Never lost it either, since I never removed it. And NEVER let my friends borrowed it too

    STEVEN BURNETT20 dagar sedan

    Back in the day just go to a computer lab those guys know everything

  • KerenskyTheRed
    KerenskyTheRed20 dagar sedan

    Remember when games had only 3 save slots? A bit of an issue when you have 3 brothers...

  • Ryan Westfield
    Ryan Westfield20 dagar sedan

    I only use a wired Razer Raiju controller on the ps4. Best way to game without any lag and 4 extra repogrammable buttons.

  • Ralith
    Ralith20 dagar sedan

    To build on the blockbuster stuff, another thing that'd sucked was if your video rental place had the game and it was already rented out by someone else. I had a streak once where I said "ok well i'll get this instead" for 5 games. All of them. gone. Then you have to go over to the side of the isle that has all the games that usually are always available and have to pick from one of those. Maybe check out the isle for a different console and see your game is there for the console you don't have.

  • ZlotyWest
    ZlotyWest20 dagar sedan

    Me and my two brothers had to use one playstation. Everybody had their own memory card always plugin it out when done playing and putting it in the box for the card.

  • Gary Saini
    Gary Saini21 dag sedan

    0:28 what is the game on the right?

  • Siddakid
    Siddakid21 dag sedan

    I was born in 2001. I’m just old enough to have seen and witnessed these things from my dad and even partook in some of them. I’m also just young enough to have experienced them while also not having dealt with them for long. I was an up and coming youngster who came of gaming age as these things died out. Perfectly timed. I know of them, have experienced them, and appreciate the convenience of the modern all the more for it. Fortnite generation kids don’t get it. Golden age right there. Born 97-03... really great time ngl.

  • J. Roman
    J. Roman21 dag sedan

    I remember using the rental store to fix my damaged modern warfare 2 disk that got damaged in my xbox 360. Im glad disk trays don’t exist anymore!

  • Zak The Ghost
    Zak The Ghost21 dag sedan

    Ethernet cord is still better than Wireless Wifi.

  • Stanciu Octavian
    Stanciu Octavian21 dag sedan

    The 2000's were the golden age of pirated/cracked games!!!

  • No_nameElite [no]
    No_nameElite [no]22 dagar sedan

    little comrade/brother: *rages at 239 fps because it isnt 240 fps* me who had to deal with 30 fps back then: w e a k n e s s d i s g u s t s m e

  • No_nameElite [no]
    No_nameElite [no]22 dagar sedan

    even to this day i still dont trust the "autosave" feature from games

  • Warren Mazengwe

    Warren Mazengwe

    19 dagar sedan

    Never. Because either you want to re-do a level that you already beat because you forgot something, or you play to a certain point in the middle of a level, turn the game off thinking that you will start right there, but then have to start back further before the hard part. Getting prompted to save or pushing pause gave a sense of an accomplishment.

  • DragonMaidens
    DragonMaidens22 dagar sedan

    2021, we still can't run Crysis on max graphs without some fps drops

  • SleeplessGamess
    SleeplessGamess22 dagar sedan

    oh gosh, i remember playing on the old big white family computer and having to use dial up or when a little rain came, we couldn't even be on the computer because it would just crash. I'm only 21 and this was when I was 5/6 but this is why I spent so much time outside then inside playing games because dial up or memory cards were shit

  • Graham Gilmore
    Graham Gilmore22 dagar sedan

    Microsoft points. They weren’t great.

  • Soulbearer
    Soulbearer22 dagar sedan

    I remember I finished 2nd in a gaming tournament an won the 4 way controller adapter for nintendo. Was better than 1st place winning a free game. Extended my controller wire to 8 ft+ an could sit anywhere. Was amazing not having to sit in a chair right up on the t.v.

    PEANUTBONE22 dagar sedan

    How do you lose your memory cards I still have mine

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight22 dagar sedan

    I know this is sort of backward, but I honestly preferred lower resolutions. Not so harsh on my eyes. The first time my father turned on a channel in HD I felt nauseous.

  • Walid Mc
    Walid Mc22 dagar sedan


  • Rick Vice
    Rick Vice22 dagar sedan

    I used to play Starcraft in the late 90’s on dial up using my new Sony vaio. I lived like a half a mile from the phone company so my connection was a full buttery smooth 56k. Those were good times.

  • Wim Berkers
    Wim Berkers22 dagar sedan

    Where is inverted camera controls biggest 2000 problem by far

  • Life Box
    Life Box22 dagar sedan

    A game crashing when the game have no auto save. Oof

  • Beks Beer
    Beks Beer22 dagar sedan

    I Remember renting a disc from blockbuster then make a Copy with my PC and boom free games

  • Majora's Covid Mask
    Majora's Covid Mask23 dagar sedan

    I had a 40" CRT. Holy mother of fck that thing was heavy. I didn't get a flat screen until around 2014.

  • Adonis Anglade
    Adonis Anglade23 dagar sedan

    steam still suck slike i cant get good deals like 80% off so bad

  • Jorge Lourenço
    Jorge Lourenço23 dagar sedan

    Kids will be pissed with this video, for not understanding the struggles

  • Bionic B
    Bionic B23 dagar sedan

    The biggest problem I'd say I had, as a gamer born in 2000, is the PS3 download speed. Like the internet wasn't too crazy back then so download speed where slow but the PS3 is just stupid with it's download speed still to this day. If you want to download a small game from the store that like a whole day endeavor and if you wanted to download an update then good luck. As a kid I didn't understand what updating a game was so I basically always played the version a game was released in because updating was just impossible. I think I'm gonna look up if there's something to do to increase the download of a PS3. Also to anyone thinking "Downloading still takes all day." yeah but now a days games are pretty big while back then games were not, for example the game that took the longest for me to download recently was Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and that game is only 16 GB.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson23 dagar sedan

    I refuse to play a single player game that requires to be online... when the servers shut down I wanna still be able to play the game years down the line

  • James C
    James C23 dagar sedan

    I remember most of these issues. Money was pretty tight in our household growing up, but I remember when we got a Commodore 64 with game cartridges that plugged into the old CRT TV... and with ridiculously short cables for the controllers. When the Amiga 500 came out we were blown away by the cool graphics... and even more so with the 1mb Ram upgrade! Then PC's became all the rage starting with Windows 3.11 and (pre-pentium) 486dx cpu's. Since then it's been an ongoing issue to have the largest amount of storage, fastest CPU and latest/greatest graphics card. Probably wouldn't have it any other way, as I just never got into disposable consoles.

  • 油Giygas64天
    油Giygas64天23 dagar sedan

    Ah, nostalgia. The biggest problems we faced was not having a memory card or the save file corrupting its own data for absolutely no reason. That was a huge problem on the GameCube and PS2.

  • L.Tjuston Senack
    L.Tjuston Senack23 dagar sedan

    in the elry 2000s u had to connect yr phone line to the internet in order to use the internet u couldn't use yr phone line whale using the internet and the chatbot was vary small i rember my older brother at the time Chating with someone that i think i rember him saying was in a other part of the world

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt24 dagar sedan

    Dial up was surprisingly good with Final Fantasy XI back then. also surprisingly good on satellite before they downgraded the servers. “And changed the latency tolerances”. Still don’t get why they downgraded the servers instead of doing a server merge so they had one or two servers with enough players to be fully populated.

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt24 dagar sedan

    Personally i prefer the corded controllers tho in honesty its partly just because of the annoyance iv had in the past with some wireless ones. though I wouldn’t touch those controllers with the tiny cords. Most of my console ones have been more then long enough “not that the consoles are typically that far from me anyhow.” Also i would take ethernet over wifi but thats more because of the frame in my house is prone to causing signal issues at times.

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt24 dagar sedan

    I actually found it easier to build pc’s back then. Though i was lucky in that a repair department for a local franchise let the end user order parts though their channels back then. Also it was mostly easier because i had better sight. As good as glasses are there useless when dealing with most pc parts. Also was a lot easier when you could see examples of products in store for example, cases. I still need to rebuild my pc sometime since my motherboard has a fault and as good as my case is its one fault is not one im dealing with again once i pull everything out. Theres a metal bar blocking access to the PCIE screw area and with a massive case it’s impossible to screw them in or out. The case came with a little 90degree screwdriver but even if i found it, it doesn’t fit when theres a actual large card in the way. Sad since other wise its a perfect case since its only other potential issue isn’t one for me since i built my desk so it can handle the weight. probably more then half its price in metal in it.

  • grape boi
    grape boi24 dagar sedan

    I actually miss block buster.

  • I didn't do it
    I didn't do it24 dagar sedan

    I wish they would remaster motorstorm who would buy it and play it in 2021 i would buy it

  • Liquid Acid
    Liquid Acid24 dagar sedan

    Forget losing memory cards remember trying to move to a new PC and keep your saves? Especially since every god damn game seemed to wanna save shit in a different place.

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson24 dagar sedan

    I live 7 miles from a 15k population town and have satellite internet

  • Cyhunter23
    Cyhunter2324 dagar sedan

    YASS APEX! sorry die hard apex fan here lmaooo

  • Bell Idrael
    Bell Idrael24 dagar sedan

    I'm only 3 in and this is just another stupid gameranx 'top 10' list. 1: This is not an 'ONLY' thing, it's a 'not to the same degree' deal. You still have people playing games on low resolution TVs and monitors and aren't at even just quad HD. 2: ... what? This is still a problem today. Every week you hear news of terrible ports. 3: Ever heard of Ark Survival? My dude games still exist where you can melt your computer trying to max the graphics on them. Oh but you're right, only 2000s gamers had to deal with a game that was in fact only hard to run in the 2000s. God what a bad list.

  • edrew 99
    edrew 9924 dagar sedan

    Lol, slow Internet speeds plague me in 2021. Had a 16 GB update estimate to 42 days

  • Map Room Gaming
    Map Room Gaming24 dagar sedan

    2000s gaming was the best gaming... PS2 and Early PS3 were full backwards compatible. Rental stores existed to try games before you bought them, a variety of gaming magazines were still published, and best of all, for most of the 2000s, consoles didn't have online features. Really I would say the internet has been the worst thing ever to happen to gaming

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x24 dagar sedan

    9:35 , where all the water go if it floods? seems like apoor place to make computer part... i'd be on a hill ( not in a underground USA City )

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x24 dagar sedan

    thumbs up if ur a, SOCOM or SOCOM 2! - (* if ur a player.) 7:50

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x24 dagar sedan

    yes , yes , yes and ,yes!

  • Moon Wolf
    Moon Wolf24 dagar sedan

    I was dumb little kid who didn’t know about memory card and also lived in a developing country with shit electricity that would go out every 3 hours. So I unintentionally speed run every single game I played, so I wouldn’t want to start over again, until I know about what memory card is.

  • syi666
    syi66625 dagar sedan

    just a headsup to all the console players. use a wire. wifi sucks for latency

  • EshoGames
    EshoGames25 dagar sedan

    8:42 the true charm of this channel is the humor and included clips 🤣🤣😂

  • murruelaflaga
    murruelaflaga25 dagar sedan

    Oh how I miss the old blockbuster days. You could literally rent and finish a game in a single weekend and never have to spend a dime. Great considering I was a kid and had to beg my parents for the latest games back then. Course if they didn't have it, you had to wait forever for it.

  • Warren Mazengwe

    Warren Mazengwe

    19 dagar sedan

    A single weekend? Games used to be much longer than that back then.

  • Dennis Francois
    Dennis Francois25 dagar sedan

    Imagine using memory cards in 2021

  • John Billson
    John Billson25 dagar sedan

    Trying to play World of Warcraft on a dial-up connection.

  • Travis Brown
    Travis Brown25 dagar sedan

    I have gone through two PS2 memory cards and they have their saves corrupted

  • Vivek Phil.
    Vivek Phil.25 dagar sedan

    HAHA, I had a widescreen Hitachi CRT back in the day!

  • I HaveNoGunGame
    I HaveNoGunGame26 dagar sedan

    Hello boomers and old people 😂

  • 0pTicaL
    0pTicaL26 dagar sedan

    7:53 WiFi still ain't a thing, only n00bs game on WiFi

  • Chris Amaro
    Chris Amaro26 dagar sedan

    My back was hurting when you were talking about the wired controller

  • akash chaudhury
    akash chaudhury26 dagar sedan

    I always use to play pirated games... So I was short of few problems 😹

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri26 dagar sedan

    Early Steam reminds me of GameSpy. I used that before Steam. GS shutting down is how I found out about steam. (I didnt have a great PC lol) Also, remember IDE/Ribbon/Molex cables? For EVERYTHING?

  • MrPsycho667
    MrPsycho66726 dagar sedan

    I feel and remember all of that. The installation of a game on PC was sometimes really a pain in the *ss. Let´s remember.... GTA 4 on PC. After the installation of the game, you need to install 7 or 8 (!) Patches. Even after the 7 or 8 patches, the game has still some bugs. One of the worst one was for me the helicopter-bug, where Niko needs to get in the chopper. But you could smash the button as hard as you want, Niko couldn´t climb in. And if you failed that, you must replay the whole mission to this point again. No checkpoints then! And this was not a easy mission. That was really a pain in the *ss.

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas26 dagar sedan

    Whoa whoa whoa! I ONLY use wired devices

  • Tiago Oitaven
    Tiago Oitaven26 dagar sedan

    OMG mate, saw myself on every point 🤣 My first PC I had 9y old and built it all by myself. It was a pentium mmx 233mhz. Good old times 🤣

  • Fox Mind
    Fox Mind26 dagar sedan

    This video makes me feel old af, and I love it

  • Gregory Ross
    Gregory Ross26 dagar sedan

    Games for windows 💀

  • Invertus
    Invertus26 dagar sedan

    I will never forget the first time I played the Counter-Strike Mod. (WON servers, before steam) Me and my friends were hooked. Then it became an official game, and my parents eventually had to buy 2 phone lines, because they could no longer get their phone calls because I was on the internet playing CS all day...but this was before voice chat was even popular, so me and my best friend had headsets that we connected to our home phones and used as our personal "voice chat" line....ahhh the good old days

  • Guttamowf
    Guttamowf26 dagar sedan

    Being someone who’s lived in the Appalachia region my entire life I don’t know where you get we don’t have broadband but that’s completely false. In Southeastern Kentucky where I grew up we had it since the early 2000s. Smh........C’mon bruh