10 INSANE Video Game Weapons We NEVER GOT TO USE


Some awesome video game weapons and items never made it to the game's final release. Here's some cool cut stuff we wish we could get our hands on.
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  • shane hunt
    shane hunt53 minuter sedan

    Im sure someone else has mentioned but you dont need a compressor with all nail guns 😆

  • Tim Brownlee
    Tim BrownleeDag sedan

    AR means ArmaLite not assault rifle. Assault rifle is a term created by people who don't understand guns.

  • CoD Zombies
    CoD Zombies3 dagar sedan

    Me seeing this Video Title. Thinking about PHD Flopper from Die Rise. I know its not a weapon but its very usefull.

  • Gray England
    Gray England5 dagar sedan

    Prey. Didn't even know it existed! Going to go look for it tomorrow. Thanks

  • Derek Summers
    Derek Summers6 dagar sedan

    Gravity is a false concept so much so they can't even make a gun based off of it.

  • Lazurkri
    Lazurkri6 dagar sedan

    "Gas rifle"...? You meant "Gauss Rifle" surely?

  • kenny coty
    kenny coty6 dagar sedan

    Nail guns don't require air hoses no more. Milwaukee has a battery powered one its great

  • Ryan Ko
    Ryan Ko7 dagar sedan

    Some nail guns use gunpowder. Snoop from The Wire turned me on to them.

  • CloakedJ24
    CloakedJ247 dagar sedan

    The cartridge doesn't fire when you shoot........

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell14 dagar sedan

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • Bill O’Brien
    Bill O’Brien15 dagar sedan

    Hey Jake

  • Super_Slav_
    Super_Slav_16 dagar sedan

    That gta programable ar can be added in gta online as grenade launcher mk2

  • Curtis Fleshman
    Curtis Fleshman16 dagar sedan

    AR doesn’t stand for assault rifle

  • Kyle Imough
    Kyle Imough16 dagar sedan

    lmao GAS rifle... my dude, thank you for that

  • Sean Phillips
    Sean Phillips17 dagar sedan

    Programmable AR... Armamite hon

  • Taddy P
    Taddy P19 dagar sedan

    aaaaw man, I LOVE Prey! Fantastic game! How the game didn't do so well in sales beats me. The game was fucking AWESOME! I really, really hope they make a sequel. That ending has a lot of potential. But that atmosphere and mysterious, and well designed space station along with GREAT gameplay mechanics was a BLAST for me! One of the more memorable games I've played this last decade. So underappreciated, which sucks. A sequel seems unlikely due to the numbers it did, but fingers crossed. Weirder things have happened! 🤞

  • Rygar Kritz
    Rygar Kritz20 dagar sedan

    I would have loved to see frostmourne in wotlk.

  • Justice Brown
    Justice Brown20 dagar sedan

    Thermal Katana from Cyberpunk 2077

  • Veer Kolbaker
    Veer Kolbaker21 dag sedan

    You kjow you can get cordless nail guns

    FUBARBARIAN4123 dagar sedan

    Anyone else get just slightly triggered when he called "Halo: Combat Evolved" "Halo: Custom Edition"? lol

  • ShaddyWoohooMan
    ShaddyWoohooMan23 dagar sedan

    First thing that came to mind is the giants club from skyrim. Even your followers can use it but you can't. Its so sad lol

  • Wynonna Scott
    Wynonna Scott25 dagar sedan

    Not only would a nail gun require an air hose but also an air compressor

  • Big Tasty
    Big Tasty25 dagar sedan

    The first mp game of CoD4 I played, I somehow used the brick blaster and thought it was a glitch🤷

  • David Zimmer
    David Zimmer26 dagar sedan

    A. R. Does not stand for assault rifle 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Piano Guitar Trombone Man
    Piano Guitar Trombone Man26 dagar sedan

    Assassin's creed unity lightning sword

  • Gitra Silvermane
    Gitra Silvermane27 dagar sedan

    8:14 Gauss is not said like gas. It rhymes with house. So Ga-ouse.

  • Gian Luca Colucci
    Gian Luca Colucci27 dagar sedan

    the talking weapon exist! just in, borderlands 2 lol

  • Owl
    Owl27 dagar sedan

    Alyx' gun from half-life 2

  • Ryan Jeftha
    Ryan Jeftha28 dagar sedan

    That countdown screen got me blind

  • MoonJung82
    MoonJung8228 dagar sedan

    I thought this was weapons that most people didn't bother to obtain.

  • Bjorn B.
    Bjorn B.28 dagar sedan


  • oreganmike97
    oreganmike9728 dagar sedan

    Clickbait much??

  • Travon
    Travon29 dagar sedan

    Wow. This video was a chore to watch. Not your best gameranx

  • Ryūku Trash
    Ryūku Trash29 dagar sedan

    How can you mention nail gun not mentioning F.E.A.R.? It's so fun nailing enemies on walls.

  • Lord Zudo
    Lord Zudo29 dagar sedan


  • Koichi Bambi
    Koichi Bambi29 dagar sedan

    Soo they ripped a page from borderlands 2... Neat

  • Virtual Stripperz
    Virtual Stripperz29 dagar sedan

    Prey feels like a System Shock game

  • Stryder
    Stryder29 dagar sedan

    My name is Stryder but I ain’t no ugly spider

  • Animationist
    Animationist29 dagar sedan

    The Eye of Helios from Bordlands

  • Just a Random User

    Just a Random User

    5 dagar sedan

    The fighter ships as well would have been cool to play with, also, the powersuit. Sure, Wilhelm becomes a living powersuit, but the blasty gun he uses in FFYL is not that useful, normal guns do a better job at getting you up

  • Eiden
    Eiden29 dagar sedan

    Stop. Saying. Gas. Rifle. Please

  • Dieyson Moitinho
    Dieyson Moitinho29 dagar sedan

    We did get this talking gun in Cyberpunk 2077 tho. Skippy is its name.

  • flash760
    flash76029 dagar sedan

    No time to watch right now, but if the double barreled shotgun from father Grigori in Half-Life 2 isn't on this list, i wont even bother hahah. jk

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B29 dagar sedan

    Falcon: “who ever came up with that idea on the call of duty team, that was a great idea” *shows battlefield 4 map being designed*

  • Henry Quezada
    Henry QuezadaMånad sedan

    I could've sworn the gauss rifle was available in game... Albeit not fully automatic tho

  • BloodWolfGaming92


    9 dagar sedan

    It is. You could easily get the Gauss Rifle in New Vegas. This version though was basically the Gauss Rifle but on steroids, crack, and speed all at the same time.

  • Steven Bobby Bills

    Steven Bobby Bills

    28 dagar sedan

    It was, this is talking about a more powerful version of it.

  • Joshua Stuart
    Joshua StuartMånad sedan

    I enjoyed the video very much I just need to say when he was talking about a programmable AR, AR does not mean assault rifle it stands for ArmaLite. That's my only gripe have a wonderful day- night everyone

  • Brandon Cobb
    Brandon CobbMånad sedan

    This guy's voice is the only one that immediately alieviates my anxiety/ depression! Ozzyman, InTheClutch & InternetToday are helpful too. ✌

  • jason quow
    jason quowMånad sedan

    I loved the talking gun.. That would be really super funny.. : )

  • e - vilmonkey
    e - vilmonkeyMånad sedan

    #1 is just a very young Megatron having an existential crisis

  • SighXXX
    SighXXXMånad sedan

    Dislike just because of the grotesque pronunciation of gauss.

  • TerraDagon 2
    TerraDagon 2Månad sedan

    The way he pronounces gauss rifle.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Teddy Schünneman
    Teddy SchünnemanMånad sedan

    Mmm, If Falcon is the man, we want to see it in the thumbnail so we can easily find his videos. Not cool!! Bruh!!

  • Captain Waffles
    Captain WafflesMånad sedan

    AR doesnt stand for Assault Rifle

  • The Engineer
    The EngineerMånad sedan

    that must a been a hard thumbnail to make

    THE MASTER ACESMånad sedan

    When TF is GTA VI coming out?

  • damien McIntosh
    damien McIntoshMånad sedan

    Do a top 10 vehicles we never got to use but only looked at

  • sanchir otgonbold
    sanchir otgonboldMånad sedan

    Frostmourne better be on this list...

  • Witrom
    WitromMånad sedan

    That is the most disturbing thumbnail I have ever seen, why the hell would you change the Hulk’s skin colour and leave his nails as green... It looks horrifying...

  • noxdraconis
    noxdraconisMånad sedan

    3:00 "Whoever came up with this idea on the Call of Duty team" Proceeds to show a Battlefield 4 map.

  • Steven Bobby Bills

    Steven Bobby Bills

    28 dagar sedan

    The editor also used Glock PNGs during the Cinderblock gun section, despite the model in the game being a USP during the footage used in the same video. Something tells me that whoever was stitching the footage and overlays together wasn't paying much attention.

  • no chance
    no chanceMånad sedan

    9:17 Microsoft*

  • Jason Prosser
    Jason ProsserMånad sedan

    Jesus. This video gave me a headache. Can you tone down the psychedelic colours a little in future videos, please?

  • 23 Savage
    23 SavageMånad sedan

    AR doesn’t stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite. Good video though lmao!

    T0S ALPHAMånad sedan

    "Never got to use" Mods: *i beg to differ*

  • uncleweirdbeard
    uncleweirdbeardMånad sedan

    I want a gun in a game called the "Gas Gun" that gives anybody it shoots gas for a minute or so making it so you can hear where they are and if they stay in 1 spot while effected by it they will start taking small amounts of damage

  • YT Miracle
    YT MiracleMånad sedan

    God of War, Blade of Olympus deserves a spot (I know you can Use in new game+ in gow2 but its not really a wepon we reaally got to use at its full potential as of yet)

  • showbizonastick
    showbizonastickMånad sedan

    hey malcom

  • Callum Golds
    Callum GoldsMånad sedan

    Nothing worse than getting the best weapon in the game after you beat the game

  • Killerofcats
    KillerofcatsMånad sedan


  • Robert Skinner
    Robert SkinnerMånad sedan

    nail guns these days don't need a airline but they have safety mech where you have push the head to surface to fire the nail so you're unable to use them as gun 😪

  • the box
    the boxMånad sedan

    In the original Quake - the Enforcer's Laser Rifle.

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul MechanicsMånad sedan

    I could wield that. With Grace.

  • Ramen Dragon
    Ramen DragonMånad sedan

    I know the mods allow it now, but Skyrim's Giant's club!

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel McleodMånad sedan

    AR doesn't mean assault rifle... It's armalite rifle.

  • jt3000o
    jt3000oMånad sedan

    Not sure if you're aware but AR doesn't mean assault rifle

  • Nicholas Davey
    Nicholas DaveyMånad sedan

    needs to be a counter for how many times he says "hack"

    RYAN PAULMånad sedan

    OMG! That nail gun in quake tho!

  • mew SP_on23567
    mew SP_on23567Månad sedan

    I hope the titanfall 2 autotarget-oneshot pistol is in this. that gun is in one level in one place, and you only use it once, and there is no way to ever use it again; and that sucks.

  • Jimmy Owens
    Jimmy OwensMånad sedan

    No weapons from the Borderlands games?

  • sneakyskunk1
    sneakyskunk1Månad sedan

    Playing around with Cloud's Buster Sword. Tee Hee, that sounds dirty.

  • mizarare
    mizarareMånad sedan

    Never forget the crossbow that was in the trailer for the first assassin's creed but never in the game 😑

  • SnopFop
    SnopFopMånad sedan

    @0:10 - Seizure alert!

  • Dominick Schultz
    Dominick SchultzMånad sedan

    "That gun" from fall out new Vegas as well was freakin nuts.

  • VilkasPilkas
    VilkasPilkasMånad sedan

    So Insane.....

  • bml2200
    bml2200Månad sedan

    Masamune from FF7

  • Just some Guy
    Just some GuyMånad sedan

    It's a gauss rifle not a bloody gas rifle. I want to have a portable railgun, not the fume firearm

  • Jimbrial Innocent
    Jimbrial InnocentMånad sedan

    Why is no one talking about that terrifying thumbnail?

  • Bat VDog
    Bat VDogMånad sedan

    2:27 I love how it in media is hard to get a point across "this is a bullet" unless the casing is still attached. And cyberpunk 2077 they removed a bullet from a head ... made a charm out of it and I think the casing was still attached suggesting the bullet with the casing flew out the gun.

    CAYDES CHICKENMånad sedan

    What about the final sword in fable 1, it shoots LASERS and before the game decides to give it to you the game ends and you've gotta restart, if U reload that save you can't get the sword, it absolutely sucked.

  • Adam Frazer
    Adam FrazerMånad sedan

    Prey was such a love letter to System Shock, love me some Arcane 👍👍👍

  • nintendians
    nintendiansMånad sedan

    10. maybe a new quake is coming?. 9. look odd. 8. sounds like a hack. 7. probably thinking about a hd version in final fantasy x's game engine. 6. might broke the game since noobtubers would have abuse it. 5. be nice to slow them down. 4. sound like one of the weapon upgrades in metroid prime series. 3. sounds like you shoot to lift the enemies or knock them back by force. 2. seem too overpower. 1. sounds like it belongs to a game like borderlands.

  • Adam Frazer
    Adam FrazerMånad sedan

    Cue 'Not for You' by Pearl Jam 🎸

  • Mister Plunderer
    Mister PlundererMånad sedan

    Lets talk about the infamous debug gun in fallout

    LORD BERUINMånad sedan

    "Fully automatic GAS rifle." Gauss is pronounced GAWS or GAOS.

  • Sam Butler
    Sam ButlerMånad sedan

    You don't need an air line for nail guns, cordless ones are totally the norm now

  • BrotherMoonJag
    BrotherMoonJagMånad sedan

    A.R. does not stand for "Assault Rifle" what you're think of is "Armalite Rifle" Though I don't know what they're going for in GTA with the grenade launcher

  • Prestige Gamer
    Prestige GamerMånad sedan

    Number one should be Vergil sowrd, Yamato

  • Dave James
    Dave JamesMånad sedan

    I feel like these 10 videos are so lazy...

  • Prestige Gamer
    Prestige GamerMånad sedan

    Weapon having an existential crisis: what's life

  • ᚻᚻ ᚠᚠCᚱyᚹToᚠᚠ
    ᚻᚻ ᚠᚠCᚱyᚹToᚠᚠMånad sedan

    Doomguy's BFG9000

  • Ran Wolf
    Ran WolfMånad sedan

    Doesn't really count but the Rail gun from Black Ops 2. You can use it in one level in the single player but as far as I know not the Multiplayer

  • Brooksie556
    Brooksie556Månad sedan

    So that programmable AR....... its not Assault Rifle.... its ARmourlite, does it make sense now