10 SADDEST Easter Eggs That Hit You RIGHT IN THE FEELS


Easter eggs are often fun, but there are a few that will tug at your heartstrings. Here are some sad Easter eggs and references in recent games.
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twitter thread: RamblingCameron/status/1196841022715678721

9. Gears 5 - Tomb of the Unknown
ref: gearsofwar.fandom.com/wiki/Easter_Eggs#Easter_Eggs_in_Gears_5

8. Hitman 3 - Agent 47 erases his memories
ref: hitman.fandom.com/wiki/HITMAN%E2%84%A2_III/_Easter_eggs

7. Just Cause 4 - Hidden Memorials
ref: justcause.fandom.com/wiki/Easter_Eggs_in_Just_Cause_4#Memorials

6. Hollow Knight - Dung Defender's Secret
ref: hollowknight.fandom.com/wiki/Dung_Defender

5. Spider-man (PS4) and Spider-man: Miles Morales - Uncle ben's grave and The stan lee Statue

4. Paper Mario and the Origami King- The Secret ending
ref: seblack.info/world/p4mSsIV_sayceMg/video.html

3. Celeste - Reversed Audio in act 5
ref: seblack.info/world/q3ednKGT2Gp9Z9A/video.html

2. RE3 Remake - Kendo's Daughter
RE3 ref: micky.com.au/resident-evil-3-remake-easter-eggs-you-may-have-missed/

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Paying Respects and Bonnie's Ex
ref: reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Paying_Respects
ref: www.gamespot.com/articles/how-to-find-this-very-sad-red-dead-redemption-2-ea/1100-6462967/?ftag=GSS-05-10aab8e&Anthem:+New+Content+(Feed)&Anthem&


    FUSION FERRARITimme sedan

    12:39 the marriage proposal is the saddest easter egg

  • murasame
    murasame3 dagar sedan

    Just Cause 4 made me cry by making me remember of my deceased dog without having even played the game at all. Damn that game sucks

  • SahPearah X
    SahPearah X5 dagar sedan

    Plays the reversed audio: Also talks over the audio trying to explain what the audio is saying instead of letting us listen:

  • Yang
    Yang7 dagar sedan

    The pay phone in Disco Elysium. Especially since it’s one of few fully voiced dialogues in the original release.

  • Lplayz Gamez
    Lplayz Gamez8 dagar sedan

    Do watchdogs2

  • Charlie O'Steen
    Charlie O'Steen15 dagar sedan

    The Just Cause 4 one got me to tear up a bit and I didn’t expect to do that while watching this video. And then the Stan Lee one got me to cry like a baby

  • thefloppingfish
    thefloppingfish15 dagar sedan

    12:37 in Miles Morales, they should’ve put something like “she didn’t” or “never mind” on the same sign

  • scaryninjagamer boy
    scaryninjagamer boy18 dagar sedan

    Rip stan lee. You will he missed.

  • dieyng
    dieyng19 dagar sedan

    I find it sick to say that the memorial for the dog is sadder than all the actual human beings that people lost. I love animals, but a human life should be more important to anyone who isn't a psychopath.

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell19 dagar sedan

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • fionn hanton
    fionn hanton23 dagar sedan

    Seeing two of the Carmine brothers together and Dom hit very hard. So hard in fact that I'm still trying to hold it together after the video damn I miss them.

  • Cyhunter23
    Cyhunter2323 dagar sedan

    Rest in peace Stan lee we will miss you

  • Jack Penman
    Jack Penman23 dagar sedan

    Car-path-ian mountains. Jesus that’s as unbearable to listen to and he was already bad at narrating you to that point

  • leonel abreu
    leonel abreu25 dagar sedan

    stan lee is a thief

  • Jacob Counsellor
    Jacob Counsellor25 dagar sedan

    Teddy bear island mw2

  • ItsHorizonz
    ItsHorizonz26 dagar sedan

    This video was so so sad I thought I was playing my bag playlist on Spotify 😭

  • norma vicario
    norma vicario26 dagar sedan

    The gears of war one actually kind of made me sad mainly cuz I saw rookie as one of the ghosts or at least I thought it was I find it sad cuz he died on literally his first day 😢

  • Owen Pierre
    Owen Pierre27 dagar sedan

    I cryed

  • Tyler Craven
    Tyler Craven27 dagar sedan

    Nier automata when emil takes you to his home

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm27 dagar sedan

    A bit surprised the extra chat log from the Octo expansion didn’t make it in but eh

  • B.Bội Nông
    B.Bội Nông27 dagar sedan


  • naxotogo
    naxotogo28 dagar sedan

    In vanilla wow, theres a healer spirit (you know the ones that u meet when u die, the angels that can revive u) in the barrens dedicated to a member of the development team that sadly past away. He was really young, its really tragic. the npc is named after him, and is situated above a sort of tomb/decoration.

  • Abraham Aguilera
    Abraham Aguilera28 dagar sedan

    Halo 5 is old to make it into this list but one of the multiplayer map has the names of the deceased daughters of one of the members of 343i written with stars on the sky of the map, this is fuzzy cuz it's been a while since i saw the video so i don't know which map or the names or if the story is right.

  • Aidan Sanders
    Aidan Sanders28 dagar sedan

    actually for hitman 3, you ned to wait exactly 47 seconds

  • Dillon Haggett
    Dillon Haggett29 dagar sedan

    Falcon forgot one more thing about the secret ending of Hitman III, as after injecting himself, 47 wakes up in a white padded room, a callback to the beginning of the first game Codename: 47

  • Nicole Richardson
    Nicole Richardson29 dagar sedan

    Michael mamaril borderlands 2

  • KuilowKey
    KuilowKey29 dagar sedan

    As a parent of 3 little kids, that part of RE:3 always gets to me seeing it now. Was sad before, but just unthinkable now.

  • philxx100
    philxx10029 dagar sedan

    did this man just say axe-wing vs tiefighter? Dude im conviced he says things wrong on purpose.

  • Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Gonzalez29 dagar sedan

    I What's so sad when you show the dog things

  • Applejack Love
    Applejack Love29 dagar sedan

    I’ll tell you stuff funny me and my friends I was going to ask us for a friend this house got robbed so now he can get it I have it for the PlayStation and I’ll be the main story mode and I didn’t know there were monuments in it but now he has an Xbox so he can’t get the game that I have because if he had a PlayStation I could give it to him

    TOM ZOMB29 dagar sedan

    I've really gotta finnish RDRD2

  • Marcus Mührmann-Lund
    Marcus Mührmann-LundMånad sedan

    Nice list. Would've preferred not to have Hitman 3 spoiled, though.

  • mojo studios
    mojo studiosMånad sedan

    honorable mentions the horse god in botw the realm royale tribute to unicorngirl where they basically just put her icon for purchase

  • Rumination
    RuminationMånad sedan

    anyone know the name of the background music at 6:50?

  • Desmond Cook
    Desmond CookMånad sedan

    i love the first game you said i bet it a long time ago

  • aundre3051
    aundre3051Månad sedan

    Damn u Maddie

  • I am the NoX
    I am the NoXMånad sedan

    So there is nothing about Sif and Artorias from Dark Souls 1? That makes me sad :(

  • Friday entertainment
    Friday entertainmentMånad sedan

    you leave Assassin's creed black flag final sentimental touch

  • CCedric GGlenna
    CCedric GGlennaMånad sedan

    tf2 solder stay frosty

    GHOSTMånad sedan

    For me its the cristina missions in assassins creed brother hood

  • Dark Paladin
    Dark PaladinMånad sedan

    Mirages Easter Egg in worlds edge in apex legends is probably the saddest I've ever seen, its a call to his mom who has dementia and forgets about him....

  • Kyle Travis Levings
    Kyle Travis LevingsMånad sedan

    So the sad hitman ending is just like most veterans coming home. I know, its pretty sad..

  • kinerry
    kinerryMånad sedan

    How in the holy hell did you make this list and miss Paz in MGSV?

  • Blackthorn
    BlackthornMånad sedan

    In The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild there living 2 young girls in Kakariko Village. Their names are Cottla and Koko. Koko is taking care for her younger sister Cottla after their mom's died but only Koko and their dad knows what happens to their mother. Cottla looks out for return of her mother uphill becouse she believes in return of her mother. Koko wakes up everyday early in the morning to pay respects on their mother's grave.

  • Apex 0
    Apex 0Månad sedan

    That just cause one is freaking cool

  • Braindump .3xe
    Braindump .3xeMånad sedan

    in NieR Automata, you can do the storyline for a character from the original game, Emil, who gives up his physical form up and has spent the last 9000 years defending the Earth his best friends loved, but since he has split his consciousness into millions of clones of himself, after all these years, he forgot his purpose. When you get to the end of the quest to the final battle with him, all you hear is hurt in his voice, for the millenia of lonely torment. But, once you beat him in his crazed form, and as he is drifting away, you hear him utter his last words, but he isn't talking to you; "Hey... oh. There you are. I'm so glad... I got to see you all again."

  • Nihal Seegobin
    Nihal SeegobinMånad sedan

    12:45 The relationship wasn't just over. She left the guy for his brother

  • Allan Leycano
    Allan LeycanoMånad sedan

    That shit with Kendo hit different now that I'm a dad myself...



    Månad sedan

    Yeah, they made his character a lot deeper and tragic. I couldn’t imagine bein’ in that situation.

  • Crylhound
    CrylhoundMånad sedan

    What's the song during the Resident Evil 3 part?

  • Damsel In Distress
    Damsel In DistressMånad sedan

    Dang... I was kinda hoping most of these would be sadder.

  • Damsel In Distress

    Damsel In Distress

    Månad sedan

    It's interesting how different humans are compared to other humans.

  • dany
    danyMånad sedan

    No trevenator?

  • Dragon Sensei
    Dragon SenseiMånad sedan

    Real saddest moment in Hollow Knight: losing custody of the grimchild if you banish the troop (for real tho the entire game is just one tragedy after the other)

  • Andrew Megason
    Andrew MegasonMånad sedan

    I legitimately had to hold tears back while watching this.

  • Adam Nunes
    Adam NunesMånad sedan

    Not an Easter egg, but Bobby in Paper Mario... First time a game ever made me cry!

  • pixieskitty
    pixieskittyMånad sedan

    So much feels. In guild wars 2, in heart of thorns, if you let an innocent die in your personal story, you find the widow of that character, and she will refuse to talk to you. very few games made me feel that knot of anguish down my throat... :c

  • Ronnie Alacre
    Ronnie AlacreMånad sedan

    1:32 what happened there?

  • - Baluta
    - BalutaMånad sedan

    oh god celeste

  • Chester the Jester
    Chester the JesterMånad sedan

    I feel like the hollow knight was more tragic than the dung defender beacuse he tried to give up all feelings to contain the radiance but couldn't.

  • Yandwl


    Månad sedan

    I think it is too, but I dont think that really counts as an “easter egg”

  • Travis Ayyee
    Travis AyyeeMånad sedan


  • Nistor Bogdan
    Nistor BogdanMånad sedan

    I live in romania who likes when theyr country is mentioned somewhere?

  • Vuhkaisu
    VuhkaisuMånad sedan

    What about the one in Overwatch? The astronaut easteregg

  • Dennis Hernandez
    Dennis HernandezMånad sedan

    You forgot cyberpunk 2077. V can call Jackie after his unfortunately passing and the call is just... heartbreaking...

  • modemkabel
    modemkabelMånad sedan

    Me too Falcon, me too.

  • Tyfyh
    TyfyhMånad sedan

    As expected - stupid compilation like "games that I played (that no one may have never even heard of) and i found cryworthy". Starcraft, Encharted, GTA... Terrible job, dude. Or just completely misleading.

  • Ryan Nobil
    Ryan NobilMånad sedan


  • Soul Asia
    Soul AsiaMånad sedan

    *Nier Automata - One Big Feels*

  • Elias Salcedo
    Elias SalcedoMånad sedan

    I know I’m maybe 1 out of 1000 but I watch your videos at 2 am and the bright white blinds the fuck out of me

  • GloomyNasai
    GloomyNasaiMånad sedan

    There's one sad easter egg i found In apex legends, you'll see a picture of a dog with a bag dog food and other stuff. It turns out to be a tribute for his dog On watch dog 2, I don't know if this is a eater egg or not, but you'll get side quests about spying on people houses, in that same side quests, you'll see a guy on a car depress, if you listen to his voice record, it turns out his heavily heartbroken, also the guy died after that I don't know if you could save him or not...

  • Don Italy
    Don ItalyMånad sedan

    Can we please get a falcon only playlist? Like I love the other commentators but sometimes I just want to binge watch falcon vids

  • Polex411
    Polex411Månad sedan

    i'm pretty sure that miles is his uncle too not his father but i'm not sure haven't played the game just in the original story its his uncle.

  • xxSaberWolfxx
    xxSaberWolfxxMånad sedan

    1:32 man said to the bat cave

  • RocLobster
    RocLobsterMånad sedan

    Should do a list about game series that has that one oddball. When they start to change how the game is played and it doesn't work. Examples: a small nitpick one for me is battlefield Hardline just simply because it went from war to cops and robbers. Metal Gear Survive Splinter Cell conviction..

  • Mr.KwamiD - 86
    Mr.KwamiD - 86Månad sedan

    boseman way :(

  • Aaron
    AaronMånad sedan

    Spoilers for hitman 3😥😭

  • Kyomie Games
    Kyomie GamesMånad sedan

    What about Horizon Zero Dawn and going back to Rost's grave throughout the game and she says different things when you go back there.

  • Pr0digyZRX
    Pr0digyZRXMånad sedan

    4:44 all these PEOPLE lost PEOPLE close to them... so the most heartbreaking one is someone lost their dog? How tf is that more heartbreaking than losing a person that was close to them? People lose their minds after losing close friends... children... parents... spouses... who tf really thinks losing a pet is more heartbreaking? Tf is wrong with you?

  • Buzz
    BuzzMånad sedan

    Arthur dying is the saddest shit i've ever experienced in a game. Period. I was devastated for a few days...

  • WoAoA
    WoAoAMånad sedan

    couldnt miss my buddy falcon

  • Gouki JT
    Gouki JTMånad sedan

    RIP Aunt May😭

  • Blake Jones
    Blake JonesMånad sedan

    RIP Dom. You were the reason i fought to be Player 2.

  • walruseater00
    walruseater00Månad sedan

    you talk so weird sometimes, Falcon.

  • AIATI yt
    AIATI ytMånad sedan

    Im crying literally crying

  • Jamie Crocker
    Jamie CrockerMånad sedan

    Farcry new dawn boomers grave

  • Astavicious
    AstaviciousMånad sedan

    Spoiler free names of the games please

  • Kasper Kleij
    Kasper KleijMånad sedan

    If you help an old man near the fishing lake in rdr2 with arthur and return later with John you also see a little tribute to arthur

  • Helf
    HelfMånad sedan

    How about Mordhau having a grave with a top hat as a tribute to TotalBiscuit?

  • Dylan Voigt
    Dylan VoigtMånad sedan

    Description doesn’t include no. 10 so beware of spoiler

  • grim
    grimMånad sedan

    only reason why i didn’t watch this video passed 10 seconds is because they had Falcon do it.

  • The Gamer Gaming
    The Gamer GamingMånad sedan

    Rdr is so depressing

  • Keoratile Kgasi
    Keoratile KgasiMånad sedan

    Chadwick Boseman St in SM : Miles Morales

  • Spiros Google
    Spiros GoogleMånad sedan

    The runners and hunters in the last of us scream "help me" or "NO" and sometimes don't attack right away which means deep down they are still human.

  • Lobster513
    Lobster513Månad sedan

    one thing i heard that was cool about the marriage proposal one is that the devs asked the fan if he wanted it removed but he said no i'm hoping someone else can use it. (I'm pretty sure the source was credible at least i hope so because of the positive spin that could be put on that situations)

  • Staf Bomhals
    Staf BomhalsMånad sedan

    I really miss Stan Lee Excelsior😭

  • ExtraShifty
    ExtraShiftyMånad sedan

    Saddest easter egg of all time is when the loading screen turn black and you can see your face in the reflection of the screen.

  • Felix Brand
    Felix BrandMånad sedan

    Shadow of war's Ledgendary Orc slayer dude made for one of the devs who passed away. He's not just in the game but also gets a full memorial video after the credits.

  • JW
    JWMånad sedan

    horizon aloy going to rost grave

  • DJ ProJugs
    DJ ProJugsMånad sedan

    (Old west) get stabbed doc: lay down for 2 hours (Present) Stub your toe Google: you have lung cancer... and aids

  • Jade[d]
    Jade[d]Månad sedan

    Watch Dogs Legion has a good one with Bagley and the girl that made the AI. Really scary spooky reveal.

  • Total Creative Gaming
    Total Creative GamingMånad sedan

    not gonna lie, a couple of these almost brought tears to my eyes, from either how touching or sad they were

  • Total Creative Gaming
    Total Creative GamingMånad sedan

    damn, that first one is such an awesome and both heartwarming & heartbreaking tribute to the developer's dad.