10 Illusions Video Games Create to LIE TO YOU


Even the best video games use clever tricks and shortcuts to make the game world more convincing or immersive. Here are more of our favorite developer illusions and tricks.
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  • Ryan Mann
    Ryan Mann2 timmar sedan

    Lmao seriously? I deleted COD mobile because I was disappointed with how badly everyone sucked.

  • Buzzynet beeland owner
    Buzzynet beeland owner14 timmar sedan

    Stop it with the stupid thumbnails

  • 1plus 1equals
    1plus 1equals15 timmar sedan

    Can anyone tell me what game is this from @ 6:22 in the video?

  • THM2008
    THM200819 timmar sedan

    1. When you pop a deal silence on Warzone it alters your fov and makes it look like you're fast as fuck boi haha

  • Kurato
    Kurato2 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what the game at 1:09 is? Also the game at 6:22?

  • Cross Lychgate
    Cross Lychgate2 dagar sedan

    Number 2 is totally true, after I finished story mode on Starwars Squadrons I decided to try online matches, got paired against a full team of veterans and got my ass kicked by a landslide and thought that the community was too hardcore and it was not worth it to make it my main game just so I could kick ass like on story mode, soon after I uninstalled and didn't even realise untill now.

  • Leeds1981ja
    Leeds1981ja2 dagar sedan

    Ahaha I lie to u get clapped hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahahahah

  • cadet schwieg
    cadet schwieg2 dagar sedan

    Try and do a video about the fallout game series

  • The Real Mr. Nixon
    The Real Mr. Nixon2 dagar sedan

    Little late to this party, but in gta online they have a free mode event Top Speed. Same vehicle, depending on where you are in the map you’ll go faster. Big open 6 lane highway not as fast as going through town.

  • n30n_K175UN3
    n30n_K175UN33 dagar sedan

    Didnt Midnight Club Los Angeles also implement number 6 which the camera pans into the view of the city when it loads?

  • RedBerdz
    RedBerdz3 dagar sedan

    One of their best tricks is releasing half a game then selling the rest as "DLC"

  • Neonic Cortess
    Neonic Cortess3 dagar sedan

    Wait in nfs doesn't go faster with turbo!?

    YEET YEET BOI4 dagar sedan

    Does anyone notice that music sounds faster paced in the morning but slower later on in the day

  • Rafael Silva Daniel
    Rafael Silva Daniel4 dagar sedan

    5:24 anyone knows which game this is???

  • Alejandro Palacios
    Alejandro Palacios4 dagar sedan

    8:33 What game is that? Looks so cool.

  • Don Davir
    Don Davir4 dagar sedan

    One I discovered recently is some of the textures on Monster Hunter Rise (and games on the switch in general) An example is the banners/flags "flowing" in the wind. The actual fabric is kinda moving a bit but to exaggerate the flapping to make it more majestic, a dynamic "contour" overlay texture is slapped on top. It's only obvious if you get close to it and examine it.

  • ssbrosking36
    ssbrosking364 dagar sedan

    That's actually hilarious. I only played call of duty mobile two or three rounds. It was too easy and I never picked it up again.

  • Grady Moss
    Grady Moss5 dagar sedan

    The Cake is a lie.

  • Miss Grinch
    Miss Grinch5 dagar sedan

    Absolutely hate #2. This is exactly what turned me away from fps multiplayer games. Once I realized that I was just fighting bots, it just wasn't the same anymore.

  • sans the comic
    sans the comic5 dagar sedan

    why the imp at the start?

  • NewName Pending
    NewName Pending5 dagar sedan

    The final few bullets dealing more damage, is a great way to incentivize people to not reload too often.

  • rawshan ara
    rawshan ara5 dagar sedan

    in the crew2 they put you in a race that has much higher graphics at the start to interest you. and they also have low resolution images on ps4 but you cant tell since your going fast

  • Kristian Kari
    Kristian Kari5 dagar sedan

    i think if you have high difficulty the game doesn't or shouldn't go easy on you anymore, gloves are off like they say

  • Denis Mhango
    Denis Mhango5 dagar sedan

    Number 2 is kinda necessary. The fact that as a beginner you have some extra advantage makes it so much easier and better. And gives me a reason to keep playing till I finally understand how the game works. Which guns I like best. Where to find said guns. How to use the map to my advantage and such. That way if i finally face off an actual player, I know what am doing rather than randomly jumping around and shooting hoping to win the fight

  • chappie boi
    chappie boi5 dagar sedan

    I love the thumb nail so funny lol

  • Avion Murrell
    Avion Murrell5 dagar sedan

    developer ight im a put brid shit right here to tell em where ta go other gamer developers: no no no he might be on to something

  • Avion Murrell

    Avion Murrell

    5 dagar sedan


  • J Infantry
    J Infantry6 dagar sedan

    Division 2 has long hallways and staircases for loading times.

  • Ryan Hastings
    Ryan Hastings6 dagar sedan

    Can you guys make a video about Biomutant? I'm curious if it's actually coming out in May

  • NaySayer _
    NaySayer _7 dagar sedan


  • CSGhost 13
    CSGhost 137 dagar sedan


  • Samer Mob
    Samer Mob7 dagar sedan

    any one know the music from 7:00 till 8

  • P Foster
    P Foster7 dagar sedan

    Know what? As long as the game is exciting and engaging and just, well, fun, I don't care that the devs use tricks.

  • American Indian Games
    American Indian Games7 dagar sedan

    Destiny 2 is like this, the rarest weapon always drops for the ones that played the activity for the first time... It's always like this ;-;

  • Mehmed Cavas
    Mehmed Cavas8 dagar sedan

    Wow these facts are actually really helpful. Me as a gamedeveloper didnt know about some of them. I will definitly use some of them

  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve8 dagar sedan

    9:47 can someone tell me the name of that game? Looks like SH3 or 4 but im not sure.

  • maylia 313
    maylia 3138 dagar sedan

    i dont know what he’s talking about whenever i turn around in cod i get no scoped from across the map by a 12 yr old so

  • Nevereververerr
    Nevereververerr8 dagar sedan

    In Dark Souls and Bloodbourne, I always wondered why my heartbeat was so strong when I fought a boss... I think it is in the audio that triggers a panic effect. It is very quiet, and the background music is soothing, dreamy, harp-type music... then as a boss or battle ensues, the audio is blasted to high levels - like an alarm clock - combined with the weird monsters, it conjures a panic in the contrast.

  • akinkunl3
    akinkunl38 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know what game was shown between 6:22 and 6:25 ???

  • p0Xy G4m3r
    p0Xy G4m3r9 dagar sedan

    The 1 hit sniper in guarma in rdr 2

  • james wright
    james wright9 dagar sedan

    That game at 5:24 can anyone rember the name of i used to love playing it with my brother.

  • Guerrilla Games
    Guerrilla Games9 dagar sedan

    Lag compensation in call of duty is a disgrace

  • Parker Hollingsed
    Parker Hollingsed9 dagar sedan

    Here at 666k views

  • deep mind
    deep mind9 dagar sedan

    No wonder my turbo boost wouldn't significantly help me in some games because the cpu characters would still be right on my tail, and in Mario kart on the harder settings, the CPU is always right by my side, meaning that one hit to me from any single item would make me lose first place, and that's especially frustrating when you're trying to get all the gold rewards for all the difficulties. Your best bet for Mario kart is to allow all the CPU drivers to go first at the start of the race, because if you're in last place , the game gives you the most powerful items, and the CPU drivers will actually artificially slow down when they're in front of you. Then you can save your powerful items and use them on the final lap. This doesn't always work in modern Mario kart because the game can still take away your powerful item with a thunderbolt ( i suspect Nintendo knew people would try this trick, so if you hold on to it for too long, the thunderbolt will often strike you on the final lap), but it increases your probability of getting first place.

  • Spunky
    Spunky9 dagar sedan

    Watch it with captions

  • Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz
    Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz9 dagar sedan

    “Recetera”... Reset Era... Threw me off more than I though it would.

  • D B
    D B9 dagar sedan

    The more you correctly know the better.

  • marjon nuijen
    marjon nuijen9 dagar sedan

    3333 we3333

  • NimbusTK
    NimbusTK9 dagar sedan

    also, miles morales' in game loading scenes were a nice way to hide it

  • NimbusTK
    NimbusTK9 dagar sedan

    definitely gonna need a longer video for number 2

  • Tom Collins
    Tom Collins9 dagar sedan

    In defense of Titanfall's notorious Smart Gun: A lot of the best players *hated* it and wanted it removed. It removes skill, makes it too easy etc All true but a god send for the likes of me (registered blind). It helped me learn what to look out for and identify grunts and pilots. Plus made it easy to mow down the bots so I was at least able to help the team before I got good enough at taking on human players.

  • xd_AIM_ASSIST891
    xd_AIM_ASSIST8919 dagar sedan

    Did you know the more you search for a solo public session in gta at some point you auto maticaly get solo public sessions

  • Sunman
    Sunman9 dagar sedan

    I knew the number 1. I has happened to me.

  • Mehga
    Mehga10 dagar sedan

    Dante’s Inferno is one of my favourite games, I really wanted to platinum it but it’s too hard to get the multiplayer trophies now.

  • shoot my boot
    shoot my boot10 dagar sedan

    The thumbnail is what brought me here.

  • 02091992able
    02091992able10 dagar sedan

    COD trick to higher difficulty the Ai just throws more grenades. Probably one of the laziest ways to trick the player into the game being more difficult.

  • 02091992able
    02091992able10 dagar sedan

    Loading screens, whirlwinds in the original Spyro the Dragon for Playstation they where there to give the console time to load assets into what would be displayed onscreen.

  • Joel Minton
    Joel Minton10 dagar sedan

    Hey how was your night going my night ok I just lost my grandpa 👴 last night at 2:34 am

  • Alientcp
    Alientcp10 dagar sedan

    Borderlands 1 and 2 have a subtle aimbot includedoryou can clearly feel when you aim at someone without shooting and following along. The aim stick to the enemies within certain distance.

  • Jake P
    Jake P10 dagar sedan

    I learned about the lighting trick a long time ago. Whenever I'm lost I just look for what area is more illuminated.

  • Jake P

    Jake P

    10 dagar sedan

    It's also a great way for devs to subvert expectations since it's getting more common knowledge now.

  • hurktang
    hurktang10 dagar sedan

    Those boosts in videogame are all meant to accelerate faster, not to increase your max speed. You don't use a mushroom in mariokart when you are at full speed, you use it when you crash or want to skip a mudpit. That,s not really a lie, it's just common knowledge right ?

  • Owen Leitch
    Owen Leitch10 dagar sedan

    Its been talked about before, but the fog trick in Silent Hill was great

  • Tom Bautista
    Tom Bautista10 dagar sedan

    @9:03 is that ProZD? Where is that from?

  • Agent BlackArrow
    Agent BlackArrow10 dagar sedan

    Mass effect Elevators Took 10years To Go from Main Lobby to The 2nd Floor 😭

  • Dragan Petrovic
    Dragan Petrovic10 dagar sedan

    For number 1: in real life you can not feel speed while driving, you only feel torque and G force so if they can make you feel torque by visual effects they did a damn good job of it.

  • Rolence Basco
    Rolence Basco11 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the knowledge my friend, I'm thinking of developing a game but don't know where to start. Thank you

  • Nuka Dash
    Nuka Dash11 dagar sedan

    the loading screen was supposed to be gone by the ps 2 they literally made that promise but sadly it quickly failed

  • Rick Hamilton
    Rick Hamilton11 dagar sedan

    Im spending all my available free time disliking every video you have put out. I like your content but there is an ad before every video.

  • Blaze Infernus
    Blaze Infernus11 dagar sedan

    Sprint features that don't actually work during a boss fight aren't fun, they're bullshit. People watching this video are having difficulty understanding what an illusion is.

  • vermanshane
    vermanshane11 dagar sedan

    One of the best examples of extreme coyote time is from the original Turok. You have to use it to complete a jump in the tutorial.

  • Draeas
    Draeas11 dagar sedan

    3:26 - So let me get this straight. I pay £50 for a game and when _they've_ screwed up and a coding error occurs, *_I_* am the one left thinking that I am shit at the game? Ok. 🤔 Edit: Well screw you guys, I'm going home.

  • Adam Furik
    Adam Furik12 dagar sedan

    I don't think that with Dark Souls the doors signal loading, considering those doors stay opened on subsequent visits to the area.

  • Gift Horse
    Gift Horse12 dagar sedan

    Like the fallout games having a decent game engine, it runs fine for everyone with a powerful pc but everyone else is screwed.

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes12 dagar sedan

    Which game is that at 6:22?

  • travis360ish
    travis360ish12 dagar sedan

    That thumbnail made me think this was going to b more upsetting than it is

  • ay2dakay
    ay2dakay12 dagar sedan

    Should do a top 10 loading trickery vid with snake eater ladder scene at #1

  • Blackout Lol
    Blackout Lol13 dagar sedan

    One interesting thing I learned a while ago is that in horizon zero dawn to make everything feel more fluid if you try to chain moves together it will usually end one animation and start another halfway through but still fulfil its purpose e.g. if you load multiple arrows and then fire really quickly the game will sort of blend the animations together to make it feel faster and more satisfying. (Sorry if I got anything wrong I’m just speaking from memory also I’m not a game dev)

  • Hype 4 Gunz
    Hype 4 Gunz13 dagar sedan

    Dark Souls: They make phase 1 bosses easy so thier phase 2 can destroy you.

  • Parzival
    Parzival13 dagar sedan

    My favourite thing that I learned about in gamedev school is affordance which you touched on, where they give you a subtle visual indicator on where to go and what to do.

  • Parzival
    Parzival13 dagar sedan

    Ha! Making the health bar longer also gives the added illusion that as you progress the enemies are dealing even more damage.

  • n1s0
    n1s013 dagar sedan

    That NFS Heat intro mission with pointless nitro boost left me with bad taste in my mouth straight from the beginning.

  • Thomas Colin
    Thomas Colin14 dagar sedan

    Fallout 4 uses the elevator trick for certain interiors.

  • Lilian Jeantou
    Lilian Jeantou14 dagar sedan

    What's the name of the racing game at 12:07 ?

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White14 dagar sedan

    There was a game I had on the NES called A Boy and his Blob where if you stopped running right before the edge of a cliff you would slide off with the momentum but then hold in mid air. The character would then look at you before plummeting! You could sometimes turn around and your legs would flail nineteen to the dozen and sometimes you’d make it back!

  • Dominic Andrade
    Dominic Andrade14 dagar sedan

    The hidden difficulty stabilizer in re4 was pretty interesting . I don’t know of any other games that have done this.

  • James Cavin
    James Cavin14 dagar sedan

    Postal 2 had perfect mirrors

  • Omgilovesteak
    Omgilovesteak14 dagar sedan


  • The Infinite Mag
    The Infinite Mag14 dagar sedan

    You should see CSGO reload animations in max FOV it's all a lie

  • bigtpsychoboy
    bigtpsychoboy14 dagar sedan

    What game is that at 6:22 with the Elf lady walking across the beam?

  • DM
    DM14 dagar sedan

    I always wondered how I managed to win my first Fortnite game even so I never played something like that before, now I know.

    TGK TGK14 dagar sedan

    The kinamotion affect

    NITORO14 dagar sedan

    6:21 name of the game?

  • Abílio Costa
    Abílio Costa15 dagar sedan

    That COD mobile bot thing made stop playing the game. I felt tricked in an awful way.

  • Crow Rising
    Crow Rising15 dagar sedan

    I think my favorite trick is how surprisingly low poly some 3D models can be, hidden through texture detail, lighting, distance, etc. For example, if a game is designed for a character to be viewed from a certain distance, sometimes that character will be made with a few less poly's than you would think by looking at it. Rockman X DiVE is a great example of this. The models look really smooth and high poly in game, but take a look at them in a model editor if you get your hands on them and you'll see they're not actually all that high poly, it's an illusion. Many, many games do this, to the point where if you've played lots of games, you've probably played quite a few that do it.

  • Great Sol
    Great Sol15 dagar sedan

    That's part of the reason I hated CoD and the newer BF games- You could near make yourself invincible by just looking away, making it ridiculously easy.

  • Ashton
    Ashton15 dagar sedan

    You mentioned the most obvious things,or maybe its just obvious to some people who have played since atari.

  • Quentin Wade
    Quentin Wade15 dagar sedan

    12:23 Christopher Walken: “and gives you that sense”

  • Steven Gomez
    Steven Gomez15 dagar sedan

    I knew I was too lucky playing COD mobile the first time. I’m terrible on the console, so I was just like, there’s no way... 😂

  • BrotherGrimmy
    BrotherGrimmy15 dagar sedan

    dante's inferno was one of my favorite games on the ps3. was a top 5 for me. I was so bummed when a second was made impossible :-/

    KING DAVID15 dagar sedan

    Nothing on scripting......! 🤷‍♂️

  • Shashlik 79
    Shashlik 7915 dagar sedan

    Illusion of happiness most notably