10 Holy SH*T In-Game Moments of The 2000s


The 2000's was a great time for gaming, and many had huge surprise moments. Here are some beloved crazy moments from that great era.
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  • david aranda
    david arandaDag sedan

    No more old games we do not have money or time to invest in the past . plus i own a n64 wish i had a dreamcast

  • Alex Mac
    Alex MacDag sedan

    Can’t believe that the ending of spec ops: The line isn’t in this list or mentioned in comments. That is number one omg in all the games I’ve ever played.

  • pop2uno
    pop2unoDag sedan

    3:36 And by total nonsense he meant the reality we are technically living right now.

  • Three Cats
    Three Cats3 dagar sedan

    I thik the end of Bioshock 2 was a bigger twist than Bioshock.

  • CamTheKitty
    CamTheKitty6 dagar sedan

    I do like the FFX dropped it all on you since you sort of found out for real when Tidus did. I very much understand his reaction when he does

  • Jared Cullum
    Jared Cullum6 dagar sedan

    I didn't realize until just now that your character in Bioshock is Andrew Ryan's son...

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith7 dagar sedan

    My favorite "Oh Crap moment!" in recent games is when Atreus calls for Jörmungandr in his tongue and the giant snake appears and destroys the resurrected Giant.

  • I am Boozster
    I am Boozster8 dagar sedan

    The introduction to the flood in Halo: CE completely changed how the game felt mechanically and emotionally. I wouldn't rate it it high on the list but I feel its worth mentioning.

  • Veyuslavic
    Veyuslavic10 dagar sedan

    Where's the CoD mission "No Russian"?

  • gleep23
    gleep2312 dagar sedan

    7:27 During Shadow of the Colossus, two screenshots of other games are shown. They each have colossal sized monsters. Cab anyone name those other two games? Thanks!

  • RahimKnicks
    RahimKnicks12 dagar sedan

    When Shepherd betrays you and shoots you in MW2

  • Mark Hawe
    Mark Hawe12 dagar sedan

    The opening of God of War 2 when the Colossus comes on screen and you have to fight him. Blew my mind

  • Dakuu75
    Dakuu7512 dagar sedan

    4:58 Tidus' eye slowly derping ou. Omg, lol

  • Silica Beastmaster
    Silica Beastmaster13 dagar sedan

    1. Mass Effect - The ending. When Shepherd declares this isnt the end; this is just the beginning and there is a whole army of Reapers out there. 2. Persona 5 - The Betrayal. Obviously you know you get betrayed at the the beginning. But finding out who it was and how you get out of it...man, what a f***ing twist. 3. Trails Of Cold Steel 1 - The Revelation. Just when you think you have the world figured out giant mechs show up and then you find out your best friend has been the villain trying to instigate war the whole time. 4. Enslaved - When you find out the whole time the slavers have been the good guys trying to save humanity and bring them piece of mind. And now you have damned them all.

  • Carlo Barbero
    Carlo Barbero14 dagar sedan

    No Russian

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown15 dagar sedan

    First time I ever used a fat man in f3

  • Peewhocantbeaimed
    Peewhocantbeaimed15 dagar sedan

    Where's any Katamari titles?!? 🤨

  • Jeff Ip
    Jeff Ip16 dagar sedan

    Kotor 1: Revan reveal, if you know, you know how crazy this was ⭐️

  • T-Man
    T-Man16 dagar sedan

    Encountering Pokemon trainer Red in Pokemon GSC the first time. I was not using any guides or anything. It felt unreal seeing that same sprite from the old game.

  • Mayte Exxis
    Mayte Exxis16 dagar sedan

    the crysis trilogy was full of 'holy shit' moments

  • Hans Olav
    Hans Olav17 dagar sedan

    I can't say I like shadow of the colossus...it always comes up when I try to find lead to the game I once played where you basically RAN a colossus...and had little people climb up on you to help you beat other ones. or somesuch. all I really remember is seeing this big guy wandering around stomping things with little people all over him. :P anyone got a clue what I'm talking about?

  • Greg Drummond
    Greg Drummond17 dagar sedan

    The Arkham Glitch and Would You Kindly were amazing twists. I would also put Celeste from Mirror's Edge in there too.

  • Joca
    Joca17 dagar sedan

    i played a lot of MOHAA...

  • HiZ RedShift
    HiZ RedShift17 dagar sedan

    The Flood reveal in original Halo was brilliant

  • jdher99jdh
    jdher99jdh17 dagar sedan

    Spec ops the line

  • mipha’s grace
    mipha’s grace18 dagar sedan

    For me it’s the first time I played nier a few years ago. When you learn the truth about shades and who nier truly is. Popola’s “NO ONE STOPS” really hit me and I was like whaaat the fuckkkkk????

  • C wiz
    C wiz19 dagar sedan

    "Come on big smoke, not like this.." I said the same thing man. It hurt

  • Jonathan Jack Goodman
    Jonathan Jack Goodman20 dagar sedan

    D day, yes! At the time that was the most intense sequence I had ever been through. It took me so many tries just because of how overwhelming the environment is.

  • Márk Holderik
    Márk Holderik22 dagar sedan

    now a top 10 holy shit moments just from nier automata

  • A.T. emfinger
    A.T. emfinger24 dagar sedan

    WAIT JACK IS ABDREW RYAN's CHILD!?!?!? i never caught that!?!?

  • Chris Dowdall
    Chris Dowdall24 dagar sedan

    Resistance 2, the whole mission with the leviathan was crazy, even in Fall of Man when you see Widowmakers for the first time..

  • Kyrae
    Kyrae24 dagar sedan

    killing deathwing in Cataclysm WoW. "Holy shit. That was anti-climactic as FUCK"

  • Pnk Jesterz
    Pnk Jesterz24 dagar sedan

    Wow this was a holy shot 0- - -

  • Cody McElroy
    Cody McElroy24 dagar sedan

    MOH: Frontline is the GOAT OG WWII game.

  • Erick Flores
    Erick Flores25 dagar sedan

    Shadow of the colossus was a one of a kind game. It was free on Ps plus a while back and that's how I got into it. Holy hell I can't recommended enough either just for it's gameplay. Although it doesn't hold your hand and you basically have to figure stuff out yourself.

  • rene silva
    rene silva26 dagar sedan

    12:45 the point was that Andrew know he was defeated, he city in ruins, his power shattered, he was done, but he would die only in by his say so. As Noah Caldwell-Gervais said: "Even at the end, Andrew Ryan was a man that could only live by his own terms"

  • Vaas Montenegro
    Vaas Montenegro26 dagar sedan

    the fallout 3 one should have been nuking megaton

  • 636lover1
    636lover128 dagar sedan

    Man, Big Smoke reveal hit me hard. He was my homie.I got chills and my heart just dropped when I saw him talking to Tenpenny. Just couldn't believe it. :(

  • Son Of Paul
    Son Of Paul29 dagar sedan

    When I first played The Forest and accidentally stumbled across the facility is probably #1 for me

    HYVNG LVRDMånad sedan

    Bruh Assassin's Creed was also immediately a holy shit moment for people who didn't know it was actually a sci-fi game that plays out thru historical fiction. As soon as the menu loaded up it was like what am I looking at, and then starting the game and being some dude in a bar who gets kidnapped and put into a machine to become the assassin. I was like wtf is happening but it got me hooked immediately lol. Only ever saw advertising about being Altaïr so I was not prepared for what happened lmao.

  • Aryan Tripathi
    Aryan TripathiMånad sedan

    I liked the video its just it had 999 dislikes so i gave one more to make it 1 k but it was really nice video.

  • Corey Hughes
    Corey HughesMånad sedan

    Biggest downfall about Bethesda games. If you fall in love with one, you'll only enjoy that on your first playthrough. The second time around just isn't the same

  • Jerome Mbeche
    Jerome MbecheMånad sedan

    "Ice cold baby oooh I knew I was the chosen one!"

  • Joseph Pasquini
    Joseph PasquiniMånad sedan

    The first call of duty when you attack Stalingrad with nothing but a stripper clip of ammunition and the reveal of the flood in Halo CE

  • John Cameron
    John CameronMånad sedan

    I think the holy shit moment in the original Bioshock is, rather than the reveal at the end, the first like half hour of the game. You have no weapons, you're in a dark space, you have no trust that it's not going to just fall down and drown you out of nowhere, and then before you get anything even resembling a way to defend yourself, you have to watch splicers and daddies doing their thing and it's just... It's terrifying. It made me holy shit.

  • Amazing Adventures
    Amazing AdventuresMånad sedan

    Oh my gosh you forgot portal 😱

  • IronVonz
    IronVonzMånad sedan

    Ffx was fantastic so many emotions my favorite and first game to draw me in knowing tidus wasn't real!

  • Dmitrisnikioff
    DmitrisnikioffMånad sedan

    what? fallout 3? jesus christ the people making this are young

  • Tino Provenzano
    Tino ProvenzanoMånad sedan

    No Russian is the undisputed number one I’m sorry. That pushed the boundaries of the entire entertainment industry

  • Shusix
    ShusixMånad sedan

    injustice joker finisher

  • Wiseman108
    Wiseman108Månad sedan

    The end of Valhalla was a pretty big Holy Shit moment.

  • N1ght44
    N1ght44Månad sedan

    3:53 "wtf was the ending of euphoria" men of culture know

  • beardedearthworm
    beardedearthwormMånad sedan

    I know I'm months late on this video but it's borderline offensive the Revan reveal from KOTOR isn't on here

  • Tom
    TomMånad sedan

    all of Shadow of the Colossus is just Egg Golem From Sonic Adventure 2.

  • Fayaz Anwar
    Fayaz AnwarMånad sedan

    My first time holly s...t moments was kratos father was Zeus and kratos had a brother in God of war ghost of spartan

  • iris punt
    iris puntMånad sedan

    My 2 biggest wtf moments are probably first in Max Payne with the blood trail and the baby crying when you OD and the ending of the first COD Blackops when you find out you were hallucinating half the game and you are a sleeper agent who even assassinated JFK!

  • Cinamyn
    CinamynMånad sedan

    One moment I remember, was when I was young and played through Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on DS. That ending really smacked me up

  • Alexzander Lexa
    Alexzander LexaMånad sedan

    Assassins creed story telling is very ambitious. I love the blend between Real world and animus. The historic story telling is really good. However feels like the Real world just feels more forced in everytime recently. It doesn't feel as natural as it did through the Desmond Saga. I wish they continued that in some way. It would make me care abit more In The story. However I feel like the Assassins creed story is due an end at some point. This game has gone on for a while and I believe assassins creed should have the finale in the real world. Collect all the pieces of Eden or the ones that matter and then either Templar win or the Assassins win.

  • Isaac
    IsaacMånad sedan

    I felt personally betrayed by Big Smoke also. I was an 11 year old thinking "damn you can't trust nobody in these streets"

  • casey o'gorman
    casey o'gormanMånad sedan

    Silent Hill, so many moments. I remember a group of us were playing...and at a point, I think after getting past the nurses...we had to stop playing, for the night. agree with alot of your picks.

  • Elijah Blosser
    Elijah BlosserMånad sedan

    Where the hell is the big Reven reveal in KotoR?

  • Andy's Entertainment Corner
    Andy's Entertainment CornerMånad sedan

    south park stick of truth, when you have to fight kenny, that was a really good holy shit moment


    For me it’s Devil May Cry 3 when you get to that first Vergil fight and he does a judgment cut and you’re like “OH, CRAP”

  • LighterAura 1547
    LighterAura 1547Månad sedan

    I remember playing fallout 3 for the first time, I was left speechless for about 5 minutes running around all giddy and excited about playing my first fallout game, been in love with the series ever since

  • Failedpuberty6x
    Failedpuberty6xMånad sedan

    Legend of Dragoon, when finding out Rose's true identity...

  • Christopher Blucher

    Christopher Blucher

    Månad sedan

    I am still dying for a remake of this game

  • Michael McClintick
    Michael McClintickMånad sedan

    For me it was the 3rd Bioshock, finding out that you were the younger villain and she was your daughter and just watching that scene of the baby going through the warp and seeing that is how she lost her finger.

  • Marionette King
    Marionette KingMånad sedan

    Halo 3: when the flood decides to stop haunting your dreams for a hot second and teams up with Master Chief Or fallout 4 when you step out of your house and see the pristine pre-war environment Or Arkham City when you see Wonder city under the freakin main map Or Assassins Creed Odyssey when you first enter the Petrified forest and see all the petrified trees and people Or Assassins Creed Origins when you first climb the top of the great pyramid of Giza and look out on the vast world

    SUICIDAL MEMERMånad sedan

    titanfall 2 ending

    L3G3ND4RY_ST4TUSMånad sedan

    Ton of raisins

  • Josep Duran
    Josep DuranMånad sedan

    I remember that after hearing Atlas' initial message I thought he would surely betray me, same as happened with Polito and Shodan in SS2.

  • Crescenn
    CrescennMånad sedan

    I think when we opened pandoras box, got giant, faught Ares and used a bridge as a weapon was a pretty holy sh*t moment,

  • aurochtamer
    aurochtamerMånad sedan

    Jade Empire: your teacher was the true villain the whole time

  • Addonexus
    AddonexusMånad sedan

    The end of Nier: Replicant when you realize you've been the antagonist of humanity the entire time. Or that time you realized Comstock is you, in Bioshock Infinite.

  • mipha’s grace

    mipha’s grace

    18 dagar sedan

    “No one stops” that nier moment hit me like a truck the first I played

  • Stupid Gamer
    Stupid GamerMånad sedan

    I’ve noticed a lack of “No Russian”

  • Carlos Rainha
    Carlos RainhaMånad sedan

    The Raiden moment in MGS2 really got me. So much i had to put down the controller and thought: wtf? Who's this guy? And untill halfway of the game i thought that at some point we would start playing as Snake. XD

  • David Albileo
    David AlbileoMånad sedan

    Persona 4 golden (true ending) when you found out who's literally behind all situations the whole game

  • Ashish Mathur
    Ashish Mathur2 månader sedan


  • MW Parker
    MW Parker2 månader sedan

    100% on Assassin's Creed 2. Collecting the glyphs and piecing together the mystery was so cool. And I've yet to see a more jaw dropping ending. I literally said "What the fuck..." right before Desmond says it

  • Colten Franklin
    Colten Franklin2 månader sedan

    Can’t believe “No Russian” isn’t on here. That one really shocked me when it happened the first time.

  • M Gad
    M Gad2 månader sedan

    The maze in Control is definitely one of these moments

  • April Stevens
    April Stevens2 månader sedan

    I believe you missed something in the FFX ending about Tidus. Unless you don't want to spoil the ending. Please send me a reply if you were just not giving up the ending. Thanks

  • M Silver
    M Silver2 månader sedan

    Any given huge action set piece in Uncharted

  • Chezaire Ramirez
    Chezaire Ramirez2 månader sedan

    The ending to spec ops: the line. I had to play it 5 different times to finally understand who the villain really was great game didn’t age all that well tho

  • Brent Legg
    Brent Legg2 månader sedan

    I think Medal of Honor Frontline did a better job with D Day.

  • Konstantin Lesov
    Konstantin Lesov2 månader sedan

    Man, the glyphs in AC 2 and the video were awesome.

  • crzy Fetch
    crzy Fetch2 månader sedan

    Blowing up megaton was also one big wtf moment

  • m clark
    m clark2 månader sedan

    Fallout 4 was such a disappointment for anyone who played 3

  • raven beast
    raven beast2 månader sedan

    BioShock deserves a true remake. Not that janky "remastered" ! That game must be played by future generations. So they know what a story driven game really looks like.

  • Stuart Boudreau
    Stuart Boudreau2 månader sedan

    Medal of honor Frontline also had a great d day mission

  • toby james
    toby james2 månader sedan

    I was 16 when I saw the mw nuke and holy shit I had goosebumps

  • D'Arcy Rix-Hayes
    D'Arcy Rix-Hayes2 månader sedan

    Darth Vader is Luke's father

  • Ugly Echelon Butters
    Ugly Echelon Butters2 månader sedan

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing video game wise has messed with me more then Revolver Ocelot taking a pause and saying Mr. President and the end of MGS. Something my brain was not ready for at that age.

  • GaaraChile
    GaaraChile2 månader sedan

    Where is the killer from Heavy Rain?

  • Rcp153 None
    Rcp153 None2 månader sedan

    First time I saw a thunderjaw in horizon zero dawn.

  • Ed Gaming Zone
    Ed Gaming Zone2 månader sedan

    Big smoke the king of memes

  • raphaeljameslee
    raphaeljameslee2 månader sedan

    No Russian should be on this list.

  • EnforcerX71
    EnforcerX712 månader sedan

    2003, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1, the revelation you've been Darth Revan the whole game.

  • devinbahm
    devinbahm2 månader sedan

    Finding out you revan kotor. When I first played it I assumed I was just getting echos in the force.

  • Brian Tambasco
    Brian Tambasco2 månader sedan

    Spec Ops the line, the final scene is the BEST HOLY SH*T MOMENT!

    RUN ZUMA RUN2 månader sedan

    For those who still don't know about msg2...it was all a simulator..aka a game for raiden...why the calls got weird and always got told to restart the game or turn of the console