10 Games Where You Ended up Being The BAD GUY


Some games surprise you by making YOU the bad guy, villain, or something else you weren't expecting. Here are our favorite examples.
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  • Mr Eboric
    Mr Eboric7 timmar sedan

    It was kinda the same with the original ff tactics as well. Ramza and Dalita do some pretty messed up shit fighting Zodiarc. They both willingly sacrifice lots of innocent people even down to thier own family members and in the end impose the same brutal rule that they fought against from childhood neither of them facing any repercussions for thier actions.

  • Fire The Truth Marcus Carroll
    Fire The Truth Marcus CarrollDag sedan


  • GeraldTheGenius
    GeraldTheGenius2 dagar sedan

    Bruh...Shadow of the Colossus was one of my favorite games!! I never thought that I was the bad guy till this video. Now I'm contemplating my existence.

  • Exotic Pudding
    Exotic Pudding2 dagar sedan

    Kinda wanted to see Danganronpa 2 on this list, lol

  • Kelvin Higgs
    Kelvin Higgs2 dagar sedan

    Escapism is stupid. Just having fun isn’t escapism. People trying to escape should find another way to heal themselves or create a better life

  • eFlex
    eFlex2 dagar sedan

    The Last Of Us

  • Angel
    Angel3 dagar sedan

    I loved bioshock infinite

  • Apollo yeet
    Apollo yeet3 dagar sedan

    You know who is a good guy in dark souls... That fucking wolf dude, he da best in da world.

  • Hallbjorn The Fire Breather
    Hallbjorn The Fire Breather3 dagar sedan

    I think borderlands 2 deserves and honorable mention

  • Prabin Magar
    Prabin Magar3 dagar sedan

    What about far cry 4?

  • The H0rny Cpt. Price
    The H0rny Cpt. Price4 dagar sedan

    Prototype 2: I don't know what i am. Hero? Villain? Who knows?

  • P-A Luneau
    P-A Luneau4 dagar sedan

    Every Metal Gear Solid game

  • vanLouw
    vanLouw4 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the spoiler in the thumbnail! Guess I don't need to beat Bioschock anymore..

  • Ryzzhan
    Ryzzhan5 dagar sedan

    how did Prototype miss this list ? :/

  • Gudmund
    Gudmund5 dagar sedan

    What about Assasins Creed three ...you know being the assassin templar for the first half of the story...

  • Venele
    Venele6 dagar sedan

    Why does this guy sound so fucking high

  • ethan
    ethan6 dagar sedan

    Plot twist this video is actually a bad video

  • ComprehensivelyAmbigous😉
    ComprehensivelyAmbigous😉7 dagar sedan

    6 out of the 10 has to be the God of War© series because Kratos is a real asshole. I still love him, though. ❤️🌹

  • V
    V7 dagar sedan

    Note that all these games are 5-8+ old, games really have lost all brain racking twists...

  • GastNdorf
    GastNdorf8 dagar sedan

    Dude, this was a poorly made video... it feels like you read all those games summury on a wiki page and never actually played it. You completely missed the point on Shadow of the Colossus, same with Bioshock Infinite to an extent.

  • xXRisenEmpireXx Joins The Fight
    xXRisenEmpireXx Joins The Fight8 dagar sedan

    Honorable mention: Borderlands 2.

  • Dustin ash doringo
    Dustin ash doringo8 dagar sedan

    Everyone who lighted the fire is techically the villan everytime you are just extending a dying flame that has no fuel anymore

  • kaikudo2
    kaikudo29 dagar sedan

    Infamous second son, always made me cry the choice to destroy everything at the end when you meet up again with the community

  • Jason Simon
    Jason Simon9 dagar sedan

    "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

  • light819
    light8199 dagar sedan

    When it comes to bioshock infinite its more like a game where it turns out i wish it had never existed

  • Caleb Kaunda
    Caleb Kaunda10 dagar sedan

    hey you fogot gta v

  • Akira


    5 dagar sedan

    But you knew you were a bad guy from the start... you missed the whole point of the video

  • Silis West
    Silis West10 dagar sedan

    Does undertale count? Well you do kinda choose if you wanna murder everyone and die rapidly to a dank skeleton

  • Havoc
    Havoc10 dagar sedan

    So pretty much most these games are, you either die a hero or see your self become the villain.

  • megapro125
    megapro12510 dagar sedan

    I think the Spec Ops: The Line twist would have had a lot more impact if there were hidden choices that allow the player not to do all the evil things and figure out alternative solutions. If the game forces you to do all these things to progress in the story with the only alternative being to quit playing the game and then tells you to feel bad about it it doesn't really work (for me at least).

  • chpsilva
    chpsilva10 dagar sedan

    Prototype is another game where you kinda is the bad guy, too, since you spread the black water virus thru New York.

  • Joshua Boam
    Joshua Boam10 dagar sedan

    hell even GTA everyone is evil

  • Joshua Boam
    Joshua Boam10 dagar sedan

    what about devil may cry ?

  • Quintin Janse Van Vuuren
    Quintin Janse Van Vuuren11 dagar sedan

    Manhunt. You were just fighting for your freedom, man.

  • Mr. Kurby
    Mr. Kurby11 dagar sedan

    In the Lion, seeing the rook get brutally bashed by a mob was terrifying

  • Rainse16
    Rainse1612 dagar sedan

    hmmmm...... spoiler?????

  • Rage Quit
    Rage Quit12 dagar sedan

    Sif's boss fight in my first playthrough made no sense. The second playthrough I had played through and met Artorius at that point and its like a gut check.

  • Me Alexander
    Me Alexander12 dagar sedan

    The undead guy is not bad for killing the grey wolf, he was just defending himself.

  • Me Alexander
    Me Alexander12 dagar sedan

    He was not the bad guy in bioshock, he didn"t do anything wrong ,yet .

  • αλεξανδρος σαχινιδης
    αλεξανδρος σαχινιδης12 dagar sedan

    "You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain"

  • Onyx Heart
    Onyx Heart13 dagar sedan

    So this is the top 10 "Turns out I'm the asshole" moments in games?

  • RenSucksAtGames
    RenSucksAtGames13 dagar sedan

    wheres a way out:(

  • hidden one
    hidden one13 dagar sedan

    yeah biut unlike the others revan repented and saved the galaxy after turning good again

  • fly
    fly14 dagar sedan

    What game is in thumbnail? I see that char everywhere but dont know the name

  • CoopTheWalker
    CoopTheWalker14 dagar sedan

    What about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Black Ops 1

  • lapis wolf3
    lapis wolf314 dagar sedan

    Honestly I’d go with the game Nefarious I mean, it’s literally the plot, you’re the bad guy trying to capture all the princesses. Even if you change your mind in the good end and stop your evil secretary from using your evil plan to take over the world, you’re still the bad guy kidnapping princesses, one of which you kidnap far too often for her to become hilariously used to it and even consider you a friend of hers. Plus, the bad ending was also memorable because it basically the depicted the outcome of the main character’s motives, like taking over the world, the princesses are sealed in crystals, you’re the worlds scummiest villain.

  • Dazza
    Dazza14 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what that song in the background of the spec ops the line is?s

  • Tamás Dócs
    Tamás Dócs15 dagar sedan

    And where is Might & Magic Dark Messiah? :-) Ireally liked that game.

  • asombrosas invenciones
    asombrosas invenciones15 dagar sedan

    Atttack on Titán

  • Ladislav Kesar
    Ladislav Kesar15 dagar sedan

    Where is Far Cry 5

  • Joseph Hurst
    Joseph Hurst15 dagar sedan

    No offense but your observation of #1 can be said about all HERO games. because in all hero games your basically looking for the best possible outcome for Your Hero. don't give a darn about the other people in the world, He/She is the only one who matters.

  • Robert Andrews
    Robert Andrews15 dagar sedan

    I like being the bad guy because you get a different taste in the game and you can understand why they become evil or understand they didn't know they were.

  • frostkingification
    frostkingification15 dagar sedan

    so... where's warcraft 3?

  • christophr tempone
    christophr tempone15 dagar sedan

    At first I honestly thought KOTOR wasn't going to be on the list but I am happy it was.

  • Mike_Gusta
    Mike_Gusta15 dagar sedan

    I know it's really obvious from the start but I would still put Kratos in this list. He started as a good Spartan warrior so its not like he was evil from the very beginning.

  • vagrantmessiah
    vagrantmessiah16 dagar sedan

    I watch videos like this just to see where they put Spec Ops & Braid.

  • Nooblings
    Nooblings16 dagar sedan

    He should have put little nightmares 2

  • Chia Lee
    Chia Lee16 dagar sedan

    Big boss and venom snake : are we a joke to you?

  • P 50 Dive Bomber
    P 50 Dive Bomber17 dagar sedan

    call of duty black ops cold war is also one of the games that should be here

  • TerminalBoneCancer
    TerminalBoneCancer17 dagar sedan

    I just want a AAA game where it’s not really a choice or it doesn’t shames you for being the bad guy. I want to be the bad guy where I have no choice but to be the bad guy, obviously if I could have been good that’s inevitable and it would even shame you for being bad.

  • AliG Zvonkov
    AliG Zvonkov17 dagar sedan

    You guys missed a great game, Metro 2033, it should have been no1 on this list.

    EXTREME GAMIEST17 dagar sedan

    You should change your thumbnail for this kind of video as the thumbnail and title already gave away a big spoiler.

  • Maguis
    Maguis17 dagar sedan

    I'm fairly surprised that the first lord of shadows game didn't make it on this list!

  • King Travis
    King Travis17 dagar sedan

    I hated the sif fight especially as a dog person

  • slavic gaming
    slavic gaming18 dagar sedan


  • James Brooks
    James Brooks18 dagar sedan

    damn how did lisa the painful rpg not make this list

  • Vin Ellis
    Vin Ellis18 dagar sedan

    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Underrated RPG game on the Wii with an awesome story. SPOILERS It turns out the unassuming teenager you’re playing as, Emil, is actually Ratatosk, basically this world’s version of the Devil.

  • Subzero of Hell
    Subzero of Hell18 dagar sedan

    So any opened ended game

  • BB&Aron
    BB&Aron18 dagar sedan

    you should have done little nightmares 2

  • DJ Kale Eat
    DJ Kale Eat18 dagar sedan

    All i knew was that in Bioshock Infinite when your health drops to zero and you're like "fuck not like this smh" and Elizabeth first aids you back into existence, i was swooning, the game designers made the best NPC ally ever !!

  • Darred Williams
    Darred Williams18 dagar sedan

    Haven't watched the video yet, guarantee #1 is Knights of the Old Republic

  • Darred Williams

    Darred Williams

    18 dagar sedan

    Dang, I was wrong... it was #9

  • Lovely Smiles
    Lovely Smiles19 dagar sedan

    Her outfit was so disgusting, like wow would never bother with that junk in a million years.

  • Valentin Otto
    Valentin Otto19 dagar sedan


  • Walter
    Walter19 dagar sedan

    What about COD ghosts cause at the end Logan bet brainwashed by rorke and defeats the ghosts team.

  • Manny Salazar
    Manny Salazar19 dagar sedan

    Pokemon, I mean you basically knock each other's pokemon unconscious and bully people out of money.

  • TheKrakenSasquatch
    TheKrakenSasquatch19 dagar sedan

    Where is far cry 4 in the list? It has to be included.

  • Lopi_LP
    Lopi_LP19 dagar sedan

    The Shadow of the colossus is pretty obvious from the start that you're im the game are not good and selfish, that's why i don't understand why you even put it here

  • NailedIt TV
    NailedIt TV19 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the spoiler im playing bioshock rn on switch😢

  • zertaIN_
    zertaIN_19 dagar sedan

    what about little nightmares 2? nvm

  • Mort Grim
    Mort Grim19 dagar sedan

    My favorite "you're the bad guy" moment was from the first Tales of game Tales of Phantasia. Even though that had grey in it. You find out the main baddy only did what he was doing to prevent mana abuse, which would lead to the destruction of the planet.

  • Xero
    Xero20 dagar sedan

    Wait booker was comstock? I beat the game so many times to understand the story and I never knew that!

  • Eeetheedit
    Eeetheedit20 dagar sedan


    NANODANOS21 dag sedan

    No call of duty cold war?

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo21 dag sedan

    I think a good one would be Assassin’s Creed 3. It had you play as the main villain the first few memories, then you switch to the real protagonist which ends up killing his father the old protagonist turned antagonist

  • Uriel Gtz
    Uriel Gtz21 dag sedan

    Hhhhmmmm I think minecraft would be in this list you can both do bad and good things

  • Paras Bhardwaj 3520
    Paras Bhardwaj 352022 dagar sedan

    Prototype 1 was also a great type for this one

  • Salman khadr
    Salman khadr22 dagar sedan

    How about Silent Hill 2 ?!

  • Абуталиф Акылбеков
    Абуталиф Акылбеков22 dagar sedan

    Prototype. You are basically a source virus, that assumed Alex Mercer identity. And in the course of the game you only become stronger. Heck, the prototype 2 straight away tells you Alex is a bad guy)

  • Joe Salvador
    Joe Salvador22 dagar sedan

    I was expecting Prototype to appear here, because you control Alex Mercer who had amnesia and find out what happened to himself and the city of manhattan, until at some time later, you are the reason why there is a virus outbreak in the city

  • Patchouli Knowledge
    Patchouli Knowledge22 dagar sedan

    just this ????? and you never mention God Eater ?

  • Ralfarios
    Ralfarios22 dagar sedan

    Man, #1's sequel even worse.. Poor heartbroken beautiful robot..

  • William Weaver
    William Weaver22 dagar sedan

    What about undertale

  • Bead Loco
    Bead Loco22 dagar sedan

    Why ain't mono on here

  • sesu horu
    sesu horu22 dagar sedan

    Far cry 3 is missing I'm sad

    DE FAGAN22 dagar sedan

    Awesome job... but i think you forgot GTA 5

  • John Crimmins
    John Crimmins22 dagar sedan

    Why yes, I am a daemon

  • Bioshockaholic
    Bioshockaholic22 dagar sedan

    Ya know....most content creators usually avoid making spoilers within the dang title/thumbnail ITSELF...

  • Aoyama
    Aoyama22 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: this entire video including the title is literally a whole big spoiler to those games itself

  • yuer alician
    yuer alician22 dagar sedan

    You can be both the protagonist and antagonist in skyrim its kind of a love hate relationship

  • dante
    dante22 dagar sedan

    I am a bad guy in every fallout I've played

  • ItzMeHalo
    ItzMeHalo23 dagar sedan

    UNDERTALE?!? Talk about being the villain