10 IMPOSSIBLY Hard Secret Bosses in Video Games


Some of the hardest video game bosses are often completely secret. Here are our favorite examples.
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  • Cameron Rice
    Cameron Rice14 timmar sedan

    #9 LMAO Ok, That's extremely disrespectful.

  • Zoheb Pasha
    Zoheb PashaDag sedan

    It took over 100 tries but I finally beat sigruns ass lol

  • arrownoir
    arrownoirDag sedan

    Fighting Sigrun was bittersweet, because you knew that at one point you'll have to win. I'm glad I never fought her on anything lower than GMGOW...it was worth it.

  • GCProductions
    GCProductionsDag sedan

    I actually had no idea Midir was even in the game, holy shit

  • Ares
    AresDag sedan

    son of crawmerax in borderlands 2 was so cool to see after playing the first game

  • Josh Carrington
    Josh Carrington2 dagar sedan

    The Reaper in Persona 5 was really hard. I know you could fight him in the other games, but to hell with that. One fight against him was more than enough for me.

  • Nasarex
    Nasarex2 dagar sedan

    *"crew-max"* the invincible - Falcon c r a w m e r a x . *it's a CRAWfish*

  • Lewis X- Z
    Lewis X- Z2 dagar sedan

    Lawrence from bloodborne deserves a spot on this list. Imo hes just as hard as midir if not harder.

  • Joe Dollard
    Joe Dollard2 dagar sedan

    I don't think Ozma should be there really, there's loads of different ways to do 9999 damage and after the friendly creature quest he's not that hard. Been a long time since I beat him but it only took a few tries when I was close to max level with the right equipment. Not sure what other ff boss could have been here, maybe Ruby?

  • Vergil the legendary dark slayer
    Vergil the legendary dark slayer3 dagar sedan

    The swamp creature Ratchet & clank 2 Even with the R.Y.N.O II it's a very difficult fight

  • John Wick
    John Wick3 dagar sedan

    My best memory of a superboss is Nemesis from FFX. I think it took me like 40+ min to beat him. That was a challenge for me at least.

  • k k
    k k3 dagar sedan

    I love my Friend Demi-Friend

  • Fallenking
    Fallenking3 dagar sedan

    Kh definitely ain't a game for kids

  • GIRfan24
    GIRfan243 dagar sedan

    "Crewmax the Invincible" 😂

  • Jogn
    Jogn3 dagar sedan

    demi is my friend ^_^

  • Kamiyouni
    Kamiyouni3 dagar sedan


  • PopulateTheMoon
    PopulateTheMoon3 dagar sedan


    FLYCRAYON3 dagar sedan

    Not really a secret but the Demon of Hatred. I still havn't actually beat him without cheese

  • Joe P
    Joe P3 dagar sedan

    So happy mario rpg was on here. First thing I thought about when I saw this headline.

  • Seven Lexar
    Seven Lexar3 dagar sedan

    The mispronounced words made it impossible to take him seriously in any way. Craw-mer-ax and Demi FIEND, not crew-max and demi-friend.

  • Sorsajumala Sar
    Sorsajumala Sar3 dagar sedan

    Bg music is way too loud btw.

  • YM SP
    YM SP4 dagar sedan

    You failed to mention the absolute radiance from hollow knight

  • Oken
    Oken4 dagar sedan

    You left out Nier Automata; The CEOs

  • Broba Fett
    Broba Fett4 dagar sedan

    Seriously? The reverse castle? Come on, every gamer worth their salt knows it’s the inverted castle.

    Da BLAZINGBRYAN4 dagar sedan

    This guy sounds like he’s permanently slightly drunk.

  • afro Jezuz
    afro Jezuz4 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised Ballos from Cave Story didn't make the cut. The Hell run was nuts and you had to juggle a secondary missable questline for the entire game just to have the option to do so with a few seemingly inocuous choices that could lock that chance away. And if you die in the Ballos fight, you have to do the hell run all over again as there's no save point and only a couple 1-use health items, all while racing a 5min timer "Ballos"-deep in bullethell from start to finish


    That valkeryrie is hard to beat on easy too😭

  • AceO Blade
    AceO Blade4 dagar sedan

    i knew it of course ozma is gonna be on it that fight is such BS it dosent matter how strong you are how well you prepare yourself its luck based if you win or not

  • sigma_is_op
    sigma_is_op4 dagar sedan

    I don't get why Sigrun is considered such a hard boss. She's just a discount Dark Souls boss to me. I beat her on my second attempt even though I didn't have good armor.

  • Schizm1
    Schizm14 dagar sedan

    aaaa Midir... I was long 5h you f*cking a**hole but I finally took you down solo!

  • Mr. Lavinder
    Mr. Lavinder5 dagar sedan

    I had no idea Karstaag was a secret boss. I had to cheese him from a distance and heal a ton.

  • Drew K
    Drew K5 dagar sedan

    Even though the channel is called "Game Ranks" I mentally pronounce it "Gamer anx" is it just me?

  • orio jules
    orio jules5 dagar sedan

    All golden sun hidden bosses

  • 312ARTS
    312ARTS5 dagar sedan

    I found Galamoth to be somewhat easy, i had an item equipped and it helped alot. Ozma also, my 1st time i beat him didn't know that "one" character was basically unkillable using it against Ozma.

  • KandidVision
    KandidVision5 dagar sedan

    Sigrun was hard but so much funnn

  • Zane Haidar
    Zane Haidar5 dagar sedan

    What about Mike Tyson in Tyson's knock out? In the level your 1 hit and he's so fast and has a fat HP bar.

  • Mel W
    Mel W5 dagar sedan

    Dang, What about Emrald and Ruby red from FF7

  • DaGateKeeper
    DaGateKeeper5 dagar sedan

    Bl1 cramerax has a weakness. Shoot the glowing bits.

  • Wiseman108
    Wiseman1085 dagar sedan

    Number 1 is the only secret boss I have never been able to defeat.

  • Nik Arato
    Nik Arato5 dagar sedan

    This is the second video I've seen on this topic. Has no one come across The Forgotten One in the 2010 Castlevania Lord of Shadows reboot? That boss totally pwned my ass the first time I came across him unexpected....

  • Jason Barkley
    Jason Barkley6 dagar sedan

    Who the fuck told people that playing on hard is the only way to make beating a game legit? Fuck life is hard enough I dont play video games for a challenge I do it to relax and escape...fuck hard modes

  • SirBuitrago
    SirBuitrago6 dagar sedan

    Man. I'm on a crazy binge for this channel, and I have to say I really love the content you all put out. Keep it up guys.

  • sonicstarfighter
    sonicstarfighter6 dagar sedan

    Yozora is worst

  • Joey idc
    Joey idc6 dagar sedan

    So in Kingdom Hearts 1 + 2 is sephiroth that hard in Final Fantasy 7 because that's some bull crap

  • Joey idc

    Joey idc

    6 dagar sedan

    No money can't buy the Remake didn't play the original No I'm never ever going to try to fight lingering will I'm not that suicidal

  • Taskmaster
    Taskmaster6 dagar sedan

    Castlevaina SOTN.... once you master how to do soul steal the game is fairly easy 🤔

  • Taskmaster
    Taskmaster6 dagar sedan

    Hollow Knight The Grim Nightmare Boss!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • no one
    no one6 dagar sedan

    1:48 meh his kratos he can't die

  • Aanonymous88
    Aanonymous886 dagar sedan

    Finished GOW story feeling strong not knowing about the Valkyries yet. But damn it tested my patience, almost quit even tried easy mode. That forced me to restart and rebuild stats.

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub6 dagar sedan

    This sounds tough.... thanks

  • Matt Hoelker
    Matt Hoelker6 dagar sedan

    Thank you for making demi fiend number 1. Easily earning it. How appropriate they are remaking smtnocturne :) so excited

  • Rider
    Rider6 dagar sedan

    I think Sigrun game me PTSD because watching that then made me feel some type of way.

  • XperimentorEES
    XperimentorEES6 dagar sedan

    I've never played the final fantasy series, but I've still heard the horror stories of ozma, and now that I look at it, kind of has a lovecraftian feel to it; unusual arbitrary method of finding it, yet it's presence can be chalked up to surrounding events, nonsensical form when you face it, and easily capable of leveling the world if it wanted.

  • Ascended High Lord
    Ascended High Lord6 dagar sedan

    The ninja gaiden bosses in Nioh 1/2 kicked my ass so hard

  • Rupin
    Rupin6 dagar sedan

    Wtf? Where is the Demon Of Hatred from Sekiro?

  • Mitchell .Page
    Mitchell .Page6 dagar sedan

    Im sorry I just could not NOT hear it. you sound identical to the burger king foot lettuce kid xD

  • Yousef Elbahnasawy
    Yousef Elbahnasawy7 dagar sedan

    Ok lemme be the asshole here for once, just for once, but why is it so hard to pronounce non-english game things like how they sound in the game? Like why? Why you do dat?

  • Mihindu Wijayaratne
    Mihindu Wijayaratne7 dagar sedan

    You forgot the Demon of Hatred from Sekiro

  • Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker

    5 dagar sedan

    I hate that boss so much

  • SakuraSackboy
    SakuraSackboy7 dagar sedan

    Beating Ozma as a kid is still one of my proudest achievements in gaming. Took me around 3 months of trying every day... God i miss that game

  • Subramanya Kordale
    Subramanya Kordale7 dagar sedan

    nobody talking about demon of hatred from sekiro, on the first playthrough

  • Joost Olinga
    Joost Olinga7 dagar sedan

    what?! No ultimate radiance from hollow knight?

  • hcpurebreed
    hcpurebreed7 dagar sedan

    my man said "crew-max"

  • Shane Cross
    Shane Cross7 dagar sedan

    The Nameless King. Suspicious Beggar/Abhorrent Beast

  • wolfpacknight2
    wolfpacknight27 dagar sedan

    Can we just talk about how he said Crawmerax's name🤦‍♂️😂

  • Gengar Lavender
    Gengar Lavender7 dagar sedan

    It's Demi-fiend, not Demi-Friend.

  • Trevor Furst
    Trevor Furst7 dagar sedan

    As soon as I saw the thumbnail I thought of Karstaag

  • Reapersans
    Reapersans7 dagar sedan

    I beated the vailk on normal and its ez the queen

  • Jacob McQuaid
    Jacob McQuaid7 dagar sedan


  • Hakelous-reviews
    Hakelous-reviews7 dagar sedan

    the trick is get good. with my high level quest gear the ice giant thingy in skyrim game me few issues

  • Jade Nind
    Jade Nind7 dagar sedan

    Isn't there that "true"/secret final boss in octopath traveler? Not sure if he's impossible though - just felt like it xD

  • Tim Jørgensen
    Tim Jørgensen7 dagar sedan

    You don't need to 100% Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix to fight Lingering Will. You just need to beat the game and then when prompted at the end of the game to save, save the game and he's there waiting for you.

  • Nexus Genesis

    Nexus Genesis

    4 dagar sedan

    Thanks dude, I was looking for this comment

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger8 dagar sedan

    😮 And I tought that Sephiroth was the most difficult in kh2

  • solocani
    solocani8 dagar sedan

    Sigrun in 'Give me God of war' difficulty level is the best boss i've ever beat in a video game :)

  • Enjoy
    Enjoy8 dagar sedan

    Not even a single Sekiro boss was mentioned that day...

  • Barn M.M
    Barn M.M8 dagar sedan

    Add bioshock infinite's last battle in chapter 39😩

  • Archduke Crunch
    Archduke Crunch8 dagar sedan

    Crawmerax 5:10 "Many other raid style bosses have appeared in various sequels, but many fans still consider him to be the worst of them" bruh. Voracidous is infinitely worse.

  • Michael Stringfellow
    Michael Stringfellow8 dagar sedan

    And not really a secret, but fusion dragon from Golden sun was a MONSTER 😭

  • Michael Stringfellow
    Michael Stringfellow8 dagar sedan

    Um dark aeons FFX???

  • Nigel John
    Nigel John8 dagar sedan

    Beating the queen valkarie in gow made me break my controller and took me 1000 years.

  • Mustafa Bashar
    Mustafa Bashar8 dagar sedan

    After sigrun I hated two things Heels and valhalla😂 I mean i went axe to wing with her on gmgow and ng+ And man oh man In this difficulty she does that attack 5 times You think you dodged the first or second one Nope she flies again and again till she put that flipping heel on your throat and scream valhalla Gosh damn i didnt know how i beat her She is the worst and most difficult i have done in any game my whole life

  • XD ŁĘM
    XD ŁĘM8 dagar sedan

    Crawmerax on tvhm is busted bro

  • Renaldo Olson
    Renaldo Olson8 dagar sedan

    The Omega and Ruby weapons from FF7 are up there for sure

  • Michael Stringfellow

    Michael Stringfellow

    8 dagar sedan

    Thank you!

  • Hodor
    Hodor8 dagar sedan

    This made me miss SMT: nocturne so bad :'(

  • Lümmelmann
    Lümmelmann8 dagar sedan

    M. Bison from Street Fighter 2 is the hardest enemy bro.

  • Mike Dropped
    Mike Dropped8 dagar sedan

    Sooooo no yozora?

  • Rohan Cook422
    Rohan Cook4228 dagar sedan

    Was literally wondering if Darkeater Midir qualified and he said it not 10 seconds later 😂😂

    {BLANK} {BLANK}8 dagar sedan

    On the bonus I’ve been fighting sans for so long I almost given up though time to time I will play undertale fight him but by god he is so hard the secret flowy is so much easier than him

  • Nerd Outreach Program
    Nerd Outreach Program8 dagar sedan

    I have an honest question - should I play dark souls? I haven’t played any of them but I’m a glutton for punishment any game that has a difficulty setting I always play on the hardest skill level. I’m not always good at it but I feel like I’m cheating myself if I don’t. Side note, I’ve been stuck on a fight in doom eternals first dlc for 3 weeks, finally beat it last night.

  • Situated Stokes
    Situated Stokes8 dagar sedan

    ♻️ vid

  • Cecil Boyd
    Cecil Boyd8 dagar sedan

    I find it insulting to even suggest lowering the difficulty to defeat Sigrun. I didnt put in hours of getting my ass handed to me, learning her combos and the change ups to not murder her at the highest of difficulties. If you did, ur no God of War at all!

  • Cecil Boyd

    Cecil Boyd

    7 dagar sedan

    @Michael Stringfellow I understand the temptation. I couldn't beat her on my first hard run when the game first came out. I had to do it during the new game± hard like 2 years later with the best defense/vitality build I could make. Still took a stupid amount of tries!

  • Michael Stringfellow

    Michael Stringfellow

    8 dagar sedan

    Bro I beat that game to 100 percent and I'm not ashamed to say I eventually had to lower the difficulty. I could only take 99 ass whippings. I couldn't take 100 lmfao

  • Matty B
    Matty B8 dagar sedan

    I always feel like Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2 deserve a spot on a list like this

  • Just Swift
    Just Swift8 dagar sedan

    Crewmax? Crew...max. It’s Craw-mer-ax

  • IcyLucario
    IcyLucario9 dagar sedan

    I mean Darkeater Midir is hard, but he's certainly exaggerating the boss a bit. But hey, Dark Souls is a weird series in that players have vastly different experiences with bosses based on their playstyle and weapon use. The same guy using the same equipment as you might have a much harder time on a boss you didn't have much issue with. But I guess there aren't *too many* secret Dark Souls bosses too so..

  • Greasy Controller Gaming
    Greasy Controller Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Ozma at number 2? That was one of the easiest bosses ever. Took like 1hr to beat him.

  • Chris Not Nice
    Chris Not Nice9 dagar sedan

    Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1.

  • Snoofles
    Snoofles9 dagar sedan

    Sigrun really isn't a secret...

  • Air Force
    Air Force9 dagar sedan

    Hidden bosses can be fun I guess.

  • Darke Buddha
    Darke Buddha9 dagar sedan

    The Secret Boss from KH3 Remind: "I don't lose."

  • sonicstarfighter


    6 dagar sedan


  • callum3069
    callum30699 dagar sedan

    yo sigrun was hard on easy too....

    ODETHIOUS9 dagar sedan

    I had to grind Segrun on the highest difficulty for days with my nephew telling me to git gud and l2p half the time. It was painful to say the least.

  • Thousand Cuts
    Thousand Cuts9 dagar sedan

    I just came here to see if the demon of hatred was #1 on this list.