Some video games ask you to do ridiculously challenging, frustrating, or tedious tasks for completion's sake. Here are the most demanding in-game quests we've hated.
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  • OnlyOneTyping
    OnlyOneTyping5 timmar sedan

    This whole video is Just Whining and whinging.

  • Roman Solomatin
    Roman Solomatin10 timmar sedan

    My first and only rule of Final Fantasy: I do not play Final Fantasy.

  • simp4drphil lol
    simp4drphil lolDag sedan

    valkrie queen gow.

  • Alexander Howard
    Alexander HowardDag sedan

    sin-der-ion, not sinderton

  • Giovanni Rodriguez
    Giovanni RodriguezDag sedan

    I felt him with Mario oddessy side quests those 2 things took hours of my life from me

  • Keelan Esquivel
    Keelan EsquivelDag sedan

    Whats up with the audio in this video? just came from "8 gaming trends that SUCK" and the audio on this video is like night and day, badly.

  • Erik Aldecoa
    Erik AldecoaDag sedan

    The ill-fated discussion coherently touch because jennifer parallely poke an a unhealthy dry. tricky, guiltless doubt

  • Punksnotdead
    Punksnotdead2 dagar sedan

    When you mentioned the Super Mario Jump-Rope Challenge, it just reminded me of the Jump-Rope minigame on Final Fantasy IX ... which is substantially more difficult in my opinion. In fact I completed the queen of cards from FF VIII with far less difficulty :D

  • Erik Aldecoa
    Erik Aldecoa2 dagar sedan

    The irate reduction maternally trouble because printer pharmacodynamically beg within a daffy bagel. stiff, alike roll

  • Pangsta
    Pangsta3 dagar sedan

    San Andreas RC Plane

  • Steven Mertz
    Steven Mertz3 dagar sedan

    The two in Super Mario Odyssey were really easy and only took like 3 tries each on the first playthrough I did. After that they're pretty easy to do first try. Not really sure how they made it on this list.

  • CamTheKitty
    CamTheKitty5 dagar sedan

    AT least your are going to go to Blackreach to do other things when you get that quest. But yes on all the other ones

  • StephenFlagg
    StephenFlagg5 dagar sedan

    I thought the Seashell collecting in GTA:San Andreas was much more annoying than the Flying Rats in GTAIV.

  • Vayu Asura
    Vayu Asura5 dagar sedan

    4:28 Pff! A hundred jumps in a row in a game where character's schtick is jumping, are you kidding me! You go get that King of Jump Rope in FFIX... Where dreams go to shatter and die...

  • Mat Bee
    Mat Bee5 dagar sedan

    We aren’t going to talk about DOA 6 costume unlock?. You’d need an entire hardware store of grinders to get all one characters costumes.

  • Andrés
    Andrés5 dagar sedan

    Onion Bro quest isn't that hard.. not a FromSoftware true fan I see. May the sun shine upon you.

  • Gabifuertes
    Gabifuertes6 dagar sedan

    What about the survival of the fittest far cry primal achievement? God, that's just awful.

  • Lotus 莲
    Lotus 莲6 dagar sedan

    i just player.additem b701a 29

  • Timothy Stinnett
    Timothy Stinnett6 dagar sedan

    One of the ones for me was to dodge 200 lightning bolts in a row without leaving the area in ffx to get the Saturn sigle for lulu's ultimate weapon. I did it one time it took forever and I broke a controller while doing so. It was soooo hard. And u can make a better weapon for her at this point. But u won't get break damage limit for ixion.

  • Benny Lafell
    Benny Lafell6 dagar sedan

    How many chad gamers can say they've beaten both the near impossible Skyrim quests? I know I can

  • Streaming Jelle
    Streaming Jelle6 dagar sedan

    But what did you get as a reward for doing the final fantasy IIX quest? Leaving me blue balled here.

  • Sachin Govind
    Sachin Govind8 dagar sedan

    For the jump rope challenge.. Felt as if I genuinely had to go ultra instinct to complete it!

    GALTO GALAXY8 dagar sedan

    What's the game name in thumbnail...?

  • Sammy Green
    Sammy Green8 dagar sedan

    11:12 that looks like the start of half-life

  • Haider
    Haider9 dagar sedan

    What's the game with the kites at 0:05?

  • ThinKwiQ
    ThinKwiQ9 dagar sedan

    I beat all the stages and challenges on every difficulty level in Goldeneye 007. It took me about a year, and I think it remains my greatest gaming achievement to this day. The stage where Natalya has to use the computer while you protect her was insane. Took me forever, and I only beat it after taking a shot in the back which pushed me into the elevator to clear the stage. My health was as close to zero as possible. I was so pumped when I realized I beat it. I must've attempted it for weeks.

  • Rennysama
    Rennysama11 dagar sedan

    Seeking your roots is kind of easy though

  • Rob Strange
    Rob Strange12 dagar sedan

    Wow, no mention of Hollow Knight?.?. That game could fill all 7 of your 10 hardest quests. 😂

  • Das Moon
    Das Moon13 dagar sedan

    The AC Unity one was so easy tho, I don’t understand how anyone would have trouble

  • Mohammad Farhat
    Mohammad Farhat13 dagar sedan

    Beating sigurin ( valkiry queen) at give me god of war difficulty is hard as hell. For sure not impossible i have done it myself and many other god of war players but still it is a pain in the ass

  • marksasoldier
    marksasoldier13 dagar sedan

    Most of these are terrible for the list. How about the blitzball tournament FFX. Gwent achievements for the witcher. So many to choose from. The hardest quests were minigames that test a human beings sanity.

  • Unixtreme
    Unixtreme13 dagar sedan

    I did the queen of cards chain back when FFVIII was released and it was horrible.

  • Damian Marques
    Damian Marques13 dagar sedan

    Falcon we all love you

  • JamesRW C
    JamesRW C13 dagar sedan

    Crimson nirnroot respawns just leave and do something else for a bit

  • Derek Rivera
    Derek Rivera13 dagar sedan

    These quests are childishly easy you want a real challenge try completing the hardest platforming or fighting quest in HOLLOW KNIGHT "path of pain" (platforming) and Pantheon 5 (fighting)

  • Nick Fulton
    Nick Fulton15 dagar sedan

    no mention of scarab lord? I guess thats a quest chain?

  • Peter Burman
    Peter Burman16 dagar sedan

    Once the bugs were fixed, assassin's creed unity is actually a good game.

  • NoobGamer
    NoobGamer16 dagar sedan


  • Barry Co
    Barry Co16 dagar sedan

    In AC, i hate timed and race quests than the collection type quests.

  • Exodus
    Exodus17 dagar sedan

    It takes nearly an hour to get all the Crimson Nirnroot in skyrim, the quest is pointless and boring but not nearly impossible, its actually very possible because they are only in one location.

  • The Odd Gamer Family
    The Odd Gamer Family17 dagar sedan

    Oh and I love the rosanne mention lol

  • The Odd Gamer Family
    The Odd Gamer Family17 dagar sedan

    Dude.... You said assassins creed 2... Assassins creed is worse. The first one....

  • Smtrophix
    Smtrophix17 dagar sedan

    What about Flappy goat from goat simulator 😂

  • klose king
    klose king17 dagar sedan

    Helicopter mission

  • michael Hood
    michael Hood18 dagar sedan

    The slot machines in Pokémon yellow or I guess any of its variance

  • darkfalzx
    darkfalzx18 dagar sedan

    Breath of the Wild - getting all 900 korok seeds. It's incredibly tedious and the reward for doing it is literally a gold-painted turd.

  • Joe Manning
    Joe Manning18 dagar sedan

    Can't stand that "Sinderton" or that "Berenzeea" They suck. What game are they in?

  • GloryToBlue
    GloryToBlue19 dagar sedan

    By the way those Crimson Nirnroot ROT in your inventory if you dont hand them into the final lady by a certain time which is just another greeaar addition to the quest.

  • Krushall Kay
    Krushall Kay19 dagar sedan

    Why is Falcon too pu*sy to show his face?

  • Wii hat Mii
    Wii hat Mii19 dagar sedan

    From which game is the Thumbnail?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith19 dagar sedan

    Wow. I haven’t played FF VIII since 1998/99 and totally forgot about the card game. Seeing those cards just gave me a major flashback. 👍🏽

  • Anal Kumar
    Anal Kumar20 dagar sedan

    I want such tasks in all the games. Just to screw up with people obsessed with completing the game 100%

  • Kolby D
    Kolby D20 dagar sedan

    Val2 in bdo should be here..

  • Michael Bohon
    Michael Bohon20 dagar sedan

    Breath of the wild trial of the sword DLC

  • Γιαννης
    Γιαννης20 dagar sedan

    The assassin quest was easy I completed in a few tries when I was about 10 or younger

  • Spartacus
    Spartacus20 dagar sedan

    The Pigeons stuff from GTAIV wasn't bad at all. They are in static spots.

  • stapuft
    stapuft21 dag sedan

    ....i....i didnt even know onion knight had a daughter......

  • Abandoned Wolfe
    Abandoned Wolfe21 dag sedan

    Screw triple triad and that Queen. I'm gunna have nightmares and flashbacks now. XD

  • Nathan Kellert
    Nathan Kellert21 dag sedan

    I must have been a better gamer at 10 because I don’t remember unlocking invincibility in goldeneye hard. Of course I had no job or responsibilities. Yea...now that I think about it. That’s probably what it was.

  • TokiDoki♡
    TokiDoki♡21 dag sedan

    these things always bug me bc the people / VAs reading the script don't even know the games and half the time they'll get facts wrong or even basic names that are *literally on the screen while they're speaking* it's embarrassing lollll

  • xVDRx
    xVDRx21 dag sedan

    "This Assassin's Creed quest is meant to be done in co-op." "Doing this quest in single player is almost impossible" Well yeah, it's not meant to be played in single player. That's like saying Halo 2 is the most frustrating game ever but only if you play on Legendary difficulty and only use melee attacks the entire game.

  • Finn Sander
    Finn Sander22 dagar sedan

    It took me about one week to win "tournament" in AC Unity

  • jojth
    jojth22 dagar sedan

    King of jump rope in final fantasy 9. Dodging lightning bolts in final fantasy 10.

  • farai mudzingwa
    farai mudzingwa22 dagar sedan

    Falcon's voice is very different here

  • Shannon Loyd
    Shannon Loyd23 dagar sedan

    I like his videos

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx23 dagar sedan

    One I wouldn't say as difficult, but I would give as an honorable mention is the Lanica Stratos in TDU2. You have to complete some of the hardest driving missions I have ever tired in order to get that car, but the car is completely useless. there are no races you can do with that car, it's also "undrivable" as Clarkson would put it. Go after this car and you will throw your controller, it's just a question of it will be on the first impossible timed trial where you can't take damage..... or the FOURTH. The Charger on Hawaii is even worse, but at least that car is useful.

  • Argente Lune
    Argente Lune24 dagar sedan

    Getting Excalibur 2 in FF9, which mean getting to CD4 in less than 12hours, so yeah, no thanks

  • Martin Kalalo
    Martin Kalalo24 dagar sedan

    How is Supply Lines not here? That is literally the only mission that I had to do more times than I can remember

  • poisenbery
    poisenbery24 dagar sedan

    0:56 Falcon: Sinderton's Field Journal Text In Game: Sinderion's Field Journal

  • AceO Blade
    AceO Blade25 dagar sedan

    No Jumprope from FFIX?

  • Ravonies Ravenshir
    Ravonies Ravenshir25 dagar sedan

    Wait for the Queen of Hearts.... what was the prize?

  • David Lilley
    David Lilley26 dagar sedan

    Hey basicallyranxs I changing your name ots like the only word you know or depressive or do you likento add extra words unessisary so your sentences last longer thats gotta be it in lovebwith the sound of your own voice I like watching vids but I can't that word is a trigger overuse I'm flinching

  • Nyle Gibbs
    Nyle Gibbs26 dagar sedan

    Any jeager quest

  • Daguru
    Daguru26 dagar sedan

    Queen of Cards in FF8 is actually very easy to manipulate. Celestial Weapons in FFX on the other hand...

  • gamer useless
    gamer useless27 dagar sedan

    every collectible in gta 5 especially submarine parts

  • HollowFlight
    HollowFlight27 dagar sedan

    Regarding Seigmeyer of Catarina, they position 3 demon eaters close enough to the edge that it seems necessary/prudent to use ranged weapons before jumping down. There are 3 more demon eaters in the distance that you CAN shoot but it's a bit cheesy. You have the option to cheese these distant enemies who have no way to reach you, but you would be cheating yourself out of the part of the game where you fight them. So hell yeah I jumped down and fought them together with Seig, and I finished the Seigmeyer quest with the 'good' (titanite slab) ending on my first run.

  • Arthur Pendragon
    Arthur Pendragon27 dagar sedan

    why the hell does he say 10 but the entire video says 7? why oh why do they just recycle old audio recordings.

    AEWWECWW28 dagar sedan

    Impossible and tedious aren’t the same thing.

    VlRGINIZER28 dagar sedan

    The crimson nirnroot isnt even that bad lol. I just explored the caves and pickup every nirnroot i see

  • Jesus Loves puppers
    Jesus Loves puppers28 dagar sedan


  • C. O.
    C. O.29 dagar sedan

    Hmmm, Mario Odyssey jump rope, no. FF7 jump rope.

  • ShockDragon
    ShockDragon29 dagar sedan

    Number 7 isn't so impossible as it is annoying and tedious

  • Jerard Po
    Jerard Po29 dagar sedan

    The 2 Block races in 3D dot game Heroes. Was so hard that they patched the game too make the time requirement easier to attain. Otherwise you couldn't platinum the game since one trophy requires you to obtain every sword and beating those two races best times nets you the wing sword

  • Nathaniel Lufkin
    Nathaniel Lufkin29 dagar sedan

    I don't think it compares, but the taskmaster challenge for Halo 3 to get the Recon helmet.

  • leonard
    leonard29 dagar sedan

    Where is 10 to 8 lmao

  • AB CD
    AB CD29 dagar sedan

    really? the FF8 card quest is number one? dude just get rid of all the useless cards by converting them and then the "random" rule wont be an issue... also stick to placing cards on the corners to avoid the stupid "plus/same" rule doing its crap when the "open" rule is not present... You can also travel to another region and play some matches so the rules will change the next time you face her, specially if you want her to take just 1 card instead of all 5... meh I was expecing something else on number 1

  • Reanu Keeves
    Reanu Keeves29 dagar sedan

    Most painful grind quest i've done was probably getting heir apparent in destiny 2 (first guardian games).

  • Chris Spell
    Chris Spell29 dagar sedan

    What games are the first two scenes of this video from?

  • Zhangchi Li
    Zhangchi Li29 dagar sedan

    1000 fish get it?

  • Bartosz Szczygiel
    Bartosz SzczygielMånad sedan

    I'm sorry. Me and my brother we finished Queen of cards twice. It is not impossible. We both beat this game in 100% in 2005 i think

  • Fatima Castro
    Fatima CastroMånad sedan

    Hey, I did the one first one, yay!

  • Mike crone
    Mike croneMånad sedan

    there is one hell of a mission GTA SAN ANDREAS the repote ellicopter thing

  • Brendon Hall
    Brendon HallMånad sedan

    Ac odyssey the hunting quest to takedown the farting wild boar

  • Jump Man
    Jump ManMånad sedan

    What's the game at the start where boy is running towards mountains.

  • Jump Man

    Jump Man

    28 dagar sedan

    @Jesus Loves puppers Are you God?

  • Jesus Loves puppers

    Jesus Loves puppers

    28 dagar sedan

    Oh, i found it. Its a ue4 tech demo from 2015. So its not a game, unfortunately...

  • Jesus Loves puppers

    Jesus Loves puppers

    28 dagar sedan

    Can you @ me if you get an answer?

  • Boba Fett
    Boba FettMånad sedan

    geology for beginners rdr2

  • Hosea Matthews; The Erratic Outlaw
    Hosea Matthews; The Erratic OutlawMånad sedan

    For achievements: Rdr2 Gold Rush. F u R*.

  • Dangelo Coello
    Dangelo CoelloMånad sedan

    For number 5 for beach hero, play two player mode

  • Dangelo Coello
    Dangelo CoelloMånad sedan

    "This is the top ten side quest" Then say that this is a top seven

  • Reena Pascual
    Reena PascualMånad sedan

    Re: number 1 tho FF franchise love some pointless quests just sayin

  • IsuckAtGaming 1
    IsuckAtGaming 1Månad sedan

    Never heard someone wine so much about video games.