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A new look at the Super Nintendo World theme park, more heavy hitting games join Xbox Game Pass, Sony makes some unexpected moves, and more in a week chock full of game news.
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Halo Infinite updates
Starfield update rumor

Xbox stuffOutriders on Game pass
Xbox event next week (Indies)
Sony buys EVO
Dying Light 2 update:

Square Enix-Life is Strange
-Avengers stuff
-Project Athia is now Forspoken

Fortnite trailer- thing is insane:
Severed Steel:
Super Nintendo World breakdown:

Fan fixes GTA online:


  • gameranx
    gameranx26 dagar sedan

    thanks for stopping by! more game delays rolling in...what do you think is next? 😳

  • mickieg1994


    22 dagar sedan

    Skyrim was released in 2011, 10 years ago, it's oblivion that was released in 2006, 15 years ago and my god do i now feel older, thankyou

  • Lew H

    Lew H

    25 dagar sedan

    I'm not sure what you can find out from this but Anthem is being handed over to another developer. They are keeping it really secret but I'm sure you'd find more on it if you look in some forum somewhere sometime.

  • bob jacob

    bob jacob

    25 dagar sedan

    Reckon Dying light 2 will get delayed later in the year as will god of war until 2022. Horizon forbidden west still no word likely to get delayed. You have to wonder are all games getting delayed due to covid, they are waiting until more get their hands on a next gen console, or is it they are afraid of having their game pulled off the store like cyberpunk as it seems all games are getting a delay now. Only games I'm looking forward to now this year that I know will come out is biomutant and RE8 just hope it's nothing like RE3 and super short.

  • Rickbearcat


    25 dagar sedan

    Star Citizen.

  • Polish Prince

    Polish Prince

    25 dagar sedan


  • Omega X
    Omega XTimme sedan

    WHY HAVE YOU FORESPOKEN ME!....Im finished xD

  • The Creature Called Pete
    The Creature Called Pete15 timmar sedan

    An open world halo game sounds awesome.

  • crossfire
    crossfire2 dagar sedan

    Hi, thanks for sharing Dr. Squatch.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney2 dagar sedan

    You can't play as an Elite? That's so stupid!!!! Good thing there's mods!

  • Lavender Vibes
    Lavender Vibes5 dagar sedan

    This dude oddly resembles Ben Askren.

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    What is with the hot dog

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    You talk too fast

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    Why did you put soap on your shirt too

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream5 dagar sedan

    What about Fallout 5 just like there is a Elder Scrolls 5

  • blastroise hunt
    blastroise hunt6 dagar sedan

    Here you are fighting Jake paul. Why aren’t you training

  • Haven Freeman
    Haven Freeman8 dagar sedan

    I still think its weird that you can play as master chief on PlayStation ever since Fortnite added him.

    MW PLAYER9 dagar sedan

    I swear if halo becomes a openworld looter shooter

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack10 dagar sedan

    Did you know halo 2 was the first halo without an assault rifle

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado11 dagar sedan

    I was hoping it was openworld Not that interested anymore Halo is cool but the open world idea sounded awesome Lore potential

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache12 dagar sedan

    "Skyrim released 15 years ago-" I had to recheck the calendar, you almost got me there

  • Let's Go animate

    Let's Go animate

    3 timmar sedan

    We’re greybeards

  • Nindroid 2012

    Nindroid 2012

    Dag sedan

    Dude you’re literally everywhere

  • UnchartedSky
    UnchartedSky12 dagar sedan

    Subnautica is one of the best games i have ever played and im happy to see that more people will be getting their hands on it.

  • UnchartedSky
    UnchartedSky12 dagar sedan

    Jake showering with his shirt on got me good

  • kyle curtis
    kyle curtis13 dagar sedan

    I think halo should just have a new fresh story. And a battle royal multiplayer on a halo ring. That’s all I want.

  • kyle smith
    kyle smith13 dagar sedan

    I don't hate Bethesda I actually love Bethesda for having highly moddable games. If you have modded their games you will know why you will love them, not many other games from other developers could say they have this many mods as bethesda. I even bought legendary edition Skyrim even though I have special edition already. Sounds kind of pointless but honestly it's nice to have one game where I have a complete set of working mods and another game of the same kind to experiment with so I don't mess up my real progress. Sounds crazy to own two versions of Skyrim but the use of having two versions is very convenient so you don't mess up your game. The only thing that would make me hate Bethesda is if they forced people to use creation club mods and cut out Nexus mods entirely.

  • Schrodinger
    Schrodinger14 dagar sedan

    why are you wearing a shirt on the soap ads? :D

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar14 dagar sedan

    After the poor graphics in the showcase the fact that it's not open world brings my interest down exponentially

  • Terry Lee
    Terry Lee14 dagar sedan

    Jake, is don't say everyone hates Bethesda, it's not true and it's just mean to say. It is true that some people definitely do hate them, but not all. Even Fallout 76 still has a large community who play the game. I personally don't own the game and haven't had the opportunity to try it but I'm aware there are still a lot of people enjoy it. I just love using mods in the single player games myself

  • MrRyebread Game
    MrRyebread Game15 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait for Halo. I always assumed it’s “open world” was going to be more like ODST though. As the story continued, we’d go to other parts in the ring. I hope we can go back to previous locations though. I also really hope that there’s a quarantine zone for flood too.

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson15 dagar sedan

    It's CRAZY how much Super Nintendo World legitimately looks like it popped right out of the opening levels of Super Mario 3. It doesn't even look real.

  • William Atherton
    William Atherton15 dagar sedan

    Dying Light 2! Don't rush it.

  • Franchise Mcjuggernuggets
    Franchise Mcjuggernuggets15 dagar sedan

    You never could play elites

  • Aydan Scott
    Aydan Scott16 dagar sedan

    Man I really really hope Halo Infinite is good

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott16 dagar sedan

    Good bait, you gotta click.

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream16 dagar sedan

    Imagine a Fallout 5

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream16 dagar sedan

    They must have upgraded the story to have different kinds of guns

  • Eliazar Valentine
    Eliazar Valentine16 dagar sedan

    If they’re going to delay the game because it’s not ready , they should do a bundle for next year halo infinite Xbox series X edition like how they did for the Xbox 360 of halo 3

  • Abdul-Rafay-Khan
    Abdul-Rafay-Khan17 dagar sedan

    no one: Jake : *showering with shirt on*

  • Cypher
    Cypher17 dagar sedan

    2022 is going to be jam packed with games.

  • Adam Gonzalez
    Adam Gonzalez17 dagar sedan

    No dual wield, that's crazy

  • Andrew Jazdzyk
    Andrew Jazdzyk17 dagar sedan

    Every time I see gamer related news being broadcast on SEblack by someone talk about Halo Infinite it makes me absolutely cringe how wrong that news usually is. For example, "The one highlighted so far is called Pacific Northwest." NO. That's the general biome they are using for the entire game, NOT a separate area. Also, no they really did NOT say that there is going to be dynamic weather - sites keep saying this - they basically just confirmed maybe some dynamic fog, but that's about it. Not like full out weather. Sigh...I have been seeing this shit everywhere.

  • IllumiNoEye Gaming
    IllumiNoEye Gaming17 dagar sedan

    God I'm really scared for halo infinite. If its not good, halo might die. Starfield also needs to be good considered Bethesdas latest release was F76 and uh that didn't go too well

  • Dustin West
    Dustin West17 dagar sedan

    Lol you guys gotta get the foam on the walls I keep looking behind my back because I keep thinking someone’s behind me with my AirPod pro hahaha

  • GreyGhost Gaming
    GreyGhost Gaming18 dagar sedan

    System of A Down reference lol

  • Ace of Games
    Ace of Games18 dagar sedan

    Kind of sounds to me like Halo Infinite's "open world" will be a lot like Gears 5. Travel around on your own but get to the mission area to follow the story.

  • Jonathan Sroka
    Jonathan Sroka18 dagar sedan

    Yo I love your videos I know that I’ve been watching for at least At least 4 or 5 years keep it up and please heart reply and for others just like and reply thanks:)

  • Mark Kellett
    Mark Kellett18 dagar sedan

    Halo infinite is going to be a 7/10 game. They've never nailed a halo, they've taken forever to develope this one, plus it's been delayed. This spells trouble

    THE-ULTIMATE-MO19 dagar sedan

    Too many games going open world route.

  • teezy13500
    teezy1350019 dagar sedan

    No dual weilding when you had a whole nother year to add the mechanic smh

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios19 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Dylan Passchier
    Dylan Passchier19 dagar sedan

    Cant wait for Infinite

  • Fernando Alves
    Fernando Alves19 dagar sedan

    This hallo looks like in 2000 the trailer very nice after wen u play was boring but in trailer very good.

  • Aksh Sehgal
    Aksh Sehgal19 dagar sedan

    You can make the video better by adding chapters.

  • Shf
    Shf20 dagar sedan

    12:10 more of this.

  • esqueejy
    esqueejy20 dagar sedan

    Halo sounds like it's about to release an answer to Destiny, which is pathetic. I've never even played a Halo game but for Halo to maybe be basically copying Destiny....something seems completely broken and assbackwards about that.

  • burntwoodz


    20 dagar sedan

    bro what

  • Charlie Silver
    Charlie Silver20 dagar sedan

    I happened to just get finished replaying dying light for the 4th time since it launched and you completely caught me off guard with that news about dying light 2. I was absolutely not expecting to hear the game expected to release this year after they decided to delay it "indefinitely" last year. I'm so fucking excited but it sounds too good to be true and I still feel like it's going to be delayed again.

  • Keskinis Chris
    Keskinis Chris20 dagar sedan

    Viper cuddle

  • GB
    GB20 dagar sedan

    Best Halo (nostalgia notwithstanding) was 4 imo. Hoping the dynamics are as good. 5 was good not great.

  • lilrob
    lilrob20 dagar sedan

    Tbh I can’t wait for the next fallout game

    THE ARBITER20 dagar sedan

    Yes people are mad about no duel wielding and playable elites. It's a serious topic for many fans for freedom of expression and shows a focus on fun rather than balancing the game towards ranked modes.

  • Organic Giraffe
    Organic Giraffe21 dag sedan

    hold up, you're telling me I've been showering wrong my entire life? I guess that makes sense, less laundry to do...

    BLACK & WHITE21 dag sedan

    Wow how you gunna make another halo and not have dual wield or playable elites .. what’s next it’s gunna be rated T like the last one ;(

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo21 dag sedan

    Meh I wanted free roam halo

  • GreenMachine
    GreenMachine21 dag sedan

    Old school all the way f&%@ the young kids and buying to win shit

  • AHumanWolverine
    AHumanWolverine21 dag sedan


  • Terraria Toy Terror
    Terraria Toy Terror21 dag sedan

    I hate xbox

  • Tenzen Kai
    Tenzen Kai21 dag sedan

    I hope "Project Athia" now "Forespoken" is as good as it seems it might be. I can at least pretend to be playing The Last Airbender game since the other one was so underwhelming.

  • Blane Nau
    Blane Nau21 dag sedan

    The number of advertisements are pissing me off, so if you want you can skip almost every one immediately by clicking on that “i” button. Click it, then click “stop seeing this add” and click on “return to video” and it will send you back to the video.

  • NedBark
    NedBark21 dag sedan

    Every time I see a dr.squach soap ad I want to hurt myself. They are constant and so annoying.

  • Jay Ray
    Jay Ray21 dag sedan

    M$ needs to move away from Halo and go towards something new. It's destined to be a critical disapointment.

  • Jeffrey Long
    Jeffrey Long21 dag sedan

    "Why have you forspoken me, in your arms forspoken me!?" Hahahahaha!

  • Jeffrey Long
    Jeffrey Long21 dag sedan

    I am saddened by the delay of Gotham, but as long as they use that time wisely & effectively to make a great game, I'm down! Very interested to see more on Starfield! And dude, seriously...can confirm that Dr. Squatch soap is honestly legit, been using since Fall lol. 👌

  • Sarcastic Dreamer
    Sarcastic Dreamer21 dag sedan

    I love the hot dog behind jake!

  • Mirage Main
    Mirage Main21 dag sedan

    is this going to work in a similar way to metal gear solid V phantom pain where certain times were more advantageous

    NABERNAX22 dagar sedan

    That was smart for OUTRIDERS. It should create a solid online player base if its crossplay

  • B Finley
    B Finley22 dagar sedan

    Halo better be split screen co op.

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt22 dagar sedan

    good to know that we both wear plane black tees in the shower lol

  • Scott Schultz
    Scott Schultz22 dagar sedan

    Thumbs up for the "Forespoken" song

  • Homer
    Homer22 dagar sedan

    So is jake a glizzy goblin?

  • Kyle Cronin
    Kyle Cronin22 dagar sedan

    Rather Bethesda than cdpr tbh ps owning evo will end bad and now I kind of want to remove my outriders pre-ordering for steam

  • killwow Esteban
    killwow Esteban22 dagar sedan

    Don’t make a halo player a promise if you can’t keep it 🥺🥺🥺

  • GoldGucky
    GoldGucky22 dagar sedan

    So its open world. Halo infinite isnt going to save xbox. Not everyone has the new xbox, xbox xx SX series, idk at this point.

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba22 dagar sedan

    Holiday 2021 is right now or do you mean winter

  • Ghostuber
    Ghostuber22 dagar sedan

    Day and night cycles npc hmm wonder where I heard that From O wait cyberpunk2077

  • Vaquero Líquido
    Vaquero Líquido22 dagar sedan

    So Halo infinite is going to be like MGS5, but in first person, and dumber, and less interesting, and less complex. OK.

    PHANT0M WOLF22 dagar sedan

    Where the fuck is Xbox Vr?

  • MyzteryMedia
    MyzteryMedia22 dagar sedan

    All the big containers are taking advantage of the smaller companies that took a covid hit

  • NotequaLto ///
    NotequaLto ///22 dagar sedan

    Dr. Squatch soap is actually really nice ngl. I like how the olive oil and oatmeal help so your skin is actually smooth after a shower. My skin used to be so dry and flakey.

  • XelusPrime
    XelusPrime22 dagar sedan

    Honestly, open-world is silly, because the majority of open-world games have nothing to fill that large open space, huge open world, but you still approach everything else in the game in a linear fashion, defeating the purpose of open-world.

  • heartless gaming
    heartless gaming22 dagar sedan

    You need a VR tho

  • heartless gaming
    heartless gaming22 dagar sedan

    Halo will follow there Creator Bungie aka Destiny

  • Manime
    Manime22 dagar sedan

    Jake "yell at me directly" Baldino

  • ImposterMonarch
    ImposterMonarch22 dagar sedan

    Is it out?????

  • Josh Trantham
    Josh Trantham22 dagar sedan

    I think that it sucks that they still don't have playable elites cuz it is just less Variety in the game which is disappointing

  • NotSure SureNot
    NotSure SureNot22 dagar sedan

    SAD! The try hard community sure is fucking this up by forcing the same old halo playstyle

  • Michael McGillivray
    Michael McGillivray22 dagar sedan

    They really trying to advertise soap to gamers 🤨

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez22 dagar sedan

    Bro are you in the shower with a full outfit on just to show us some soap? Lmfao

  • allan farias
    allan farias22 dagar sedan

    9:01 Track your fingers a little better? they couldn't before, so they will be able to track your fingers period :|

  • NORFIE123456
    NORFIE12345622 dagar sedan

    I havent played Halo since Halo 4 when the revenants came about. Can someone explain the story since that game? Looks very confusing now.

  • Sean Riddolls
    Sean Riddolls22 dagar sedan

    Really? Halo is not yet Open World?

  • Margaret Donathan
    Margaret Donathan22 dagar sedan

    Cyberpunk 2077 here we come woo hoo...😐😐😐

  • generalsoul1
    generalsoul122 dagar sedan

    I’ll always remember Halo and I encourage young players to definitely play them for the memories, but I just can’t get back into a halo game. Everyone I played halo with growing up no longer plays them and is grown with children of their own. I’m honestly surprised they even make the halo games anymore. I had good times with halo 1, 2, 3 and halo reach. They all feel the same when a new one is released. Graphics look a little more crisp and maps are different but the feel and weapons are basically the same and majority of players now play COD 24/7

  • Lee Da great
    Lee Da great22 dagar sedan

    Thank god it’s not open world to much driving

  • DaniSpooks
    DaniSpooks22 dagar sedan

    The news that there isn't elites playable in halo and there's no duel Wilding really makes me upset because didn't they says that this halo was supposed to be closer to og halo?

  • Ilay Tabachnik
    Ilay Tabachnik22 dagar sedan

    Trusttttttttt in myyyyyyyyyyy self-righteous suicideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee